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Wish list for 2014 (Marvel edition)

1. Fantastic Four

Writer: Grant Morrison

Penciller: Philip Tan

I would love to see Grant Morrison bring his quirky off the beaten path style to a book that almost necessitates that. Imagine giving Morrison free reign on The Microverse, The Negative Zone, Celestials, Counter Earth(s) and all sorts of psuedo technology and imaginative things he can come up with. I think Hickman's run is the gold standard of the modern age but if any one can bring it back to that level Morrison can.

2. Eternals

Writer: Paul Cornell

Penciller: Carlos Pacheco

This is probably the most underused part of any of the mainstream universes. The Eternals is the happy medium between The Inhumans and The New Gods. For me I love the Eternals more than almost any other Kirby solo creation. They just scream "KIRBY!!!!". I think since they are so isolated within the Marvel Universe that a good writer can really dive head in and create something stand alone that wouldn't have to be bothered by outside events and bring an almost indy flavor to the mainstream.

3. Dr. Strange

Writer: Neil Gaiman

Penciller: Mico Suayan

I wish Marvel had something like Vertigo. This for me would be about as close as possible to having that. Neil Gaiman could write characters like Strange with minimum effort and Suayan is vastly underrated as an artist. I could see this as a title that would climax early in terms of sales but consistently be one of the more highly reviewed and critically acclaimed titles in the Marvel stable.

4. Namor

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Penciller: David Finch

Quick quiz: You know why Aquaman is considered such a B@D@$$ today? Because Peter David decided a couple of decades ago to write him more like Namor! I think that Namor deserves an ongoing with a little push behind it. Now, before you go lamenting the Bendis pick I want to say this; Bendis is probably the best in the business when it comes to character interaction. Namor is one of those characters that Bendis could really thrive on. There's the noble side to Namor that constantly clashes with the prick side. Bendis could actually do Bendis stories with Namor and not miss a beat.

5. S.H.I.E.L.D

Writer: Nick Spencer

Penciller: Stefano Caselli

Secret Avengers is good. Nick Fury proper would be great. I need this in my life and I going to keep trolling to I get it. I love espionage books no matter what publisher, format or era. Why not have comics' premier espionage group get a little shine. Spencer is more than capable and Caselli is criminally overlooked. Make this happen!