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Thinking of trying the Fan Fic section

Okay, so I like to write and try to be creative. But, I'm a little hesitant to have people read my work. Not because I'm afraid of what people will say; but more because I'm a little of a perfectionist. I will rewrite and rewrite until it's nothing like I intended to begin with and then get mad and throw it away. But anyway I'm thinking of trying out the Fan fic section for fun and I'll give you a little insight of my first draft synopsis.

New Warriors


  1. Speedball (Leader)
  2. Moonstone (Field Leader)
  3. Jolt
  4. Erik Josten
  5. Ultra Girl
  6. Thor Girl
  7. Timeslip (Field Coordinator)

The team is basically Robbie Baldwin's attempt to redeem not only himself, but also the name of the New Warriors. By beginning with Erik Josten and Rina Patel he sets the ball rolling to a makeshift team of vigilantes.

My idea isn't about who the team fights but more about how the team interacts. Mind you, I only thought of this about an hour ago so it's still a work in progress.

So what do you think?