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Books I really miss!

This is a blog about the books I really miss. Self explanatory right?

1. Guardians of the Galaxy: Not the Bendis crap we have now, but the "REAL" Guardians that DnA so masterfully crafted. I need my Super base inside the head of a fallen Celestial. I like the telepathic former cosmonaut dog as the head of security. I love the quirkiness of the characters mixed in with unpredictable action sequences. The DnA Guardians/Nova were the most fun books in my pull list during that era.

2. Hawkeye & Mockingbird: Was this the greatest book ever? No. Was this a book that was going to change everything you ever thought about the characters? No. Was it fun? Yes! And totally worth the investment. This book was worth buying for the "& Mockingbird" part alone. It's great to have B-List characters get a spotlight and actual carry a good book.

3. Amazing Spider-Man: I love Superior Spider-Man! I love Dan Slott and what he's doing! I have no problem with whats going on in the world of Peter Parker Otto Octavious currently. But boy!, do I miss me some pre-OMD JMS JRJR Amazing Spider-Man. The organic webbing, the still having a hot Mary Jane the not having a stupid deal with Mephisto forced on us by Quesada. Man! those were some amazing times! No pun intended.

4 Ghost Rider: Johnny Blaze, Dan Ketch, that weird chick, I don't care! I miss Ghost Rider; period! Marvel is sitting on pure creative gold! The image of a flaming skull on a biker with a sick chain itself should keep this book above the red line. Ghost Rider is among my list of a few characters whose image alone sells me on the concept. Punisher and Batman are the others We need more Ghost Rider. Limited series, maxi series, ongoing, something. Give us something Marvel!

5. Pre New 52 DC: I'm talking about everything about DC comics before New 52. I miss the logo, the writers they used to have. The characters that didn't have a face and were really just really cool detectives that asked questions and weren't linked to some kind of trinity of sin in some forced plot to make perfectly good characters supernatural for no good reason. I miss how terrible Countdown was and how unnecessarily convoluted Grant Morrison's plots were. I miss Superman being Superman and not some mix of Superboy/Superman Prime. Do you guys remember Donna Troy? I do, she was awesome! Remember Wally West? Again, awesome...better than Barry Allen even! Gather round kids as I tell the tragic story of a man named Ralph Dibny and the tragic story of his wife's death and his downward spiral of awesome. What do you mean he doesn't exist in New 52!? So did the awsomeness of 52 not count now? I'm serious about all of this. I'm definitely not the biggest DC fanatic, but I did enjoy the hell out of a lot of their books and new 52 really turned me off in a big way.