Jaco Respect/Character Thread

Note: This is a feats thread for the manga character Jaco, from Akira Toriyama's "Jaco the Galactic Patrolman." As such, keep in mind that all pages and panels must be read in the traditional Japanese fashion of right-to-left, rather than the American fashion of left-to-right. Keep this in mind otherwise you will be seeing events out of order and be confused. Scans themselves are posted in the correct order, but pages and panels are reversed. As in, read the left scan first, but read it from right-to-left.

So... who wants to learn about a brand new awesome character? 'Jaco the Galactic Patrolman' is the newest manga by Akira Toriyama, taking place within the same universe as Dragon Ball, 10 years before Bulma and Goku go on their first quest for the titular seven magical orbs. The story is a prequel about an alien named Jaco, member of the Galactic Patrol, who was sent to Earth in order to save the human race from a mysterious incoming threat, only for his ship to crash into the moon while he was distracted (by watching a video, evidently) and malfunction. Now Jaco is trapped on Earth, requiring the help of the brilliant-but-bitter scientist Omori, and the eccentric teenage sci-fi writer Tights in order to repair his ship and get home, but not before dealing with this mysterious threat... (unless it turned out to be too much for Jaco to handle. Then his plan was to make a run for it while the human race goes extinct)

So, who exactly is this elite and righteous totally-not-short hero? Let's get right into it. Introducing...

The Galactic Patrolman

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Jaco is a self-proclaimed "super elite" member of the Galactic Patrol, an organization composed of only 38, hand-picked and privileged members tasked with protecting the galaxy from various threats. Although the Galactic Patrol was no match for Freeza and would often turn a blind eye to his doings, they were still a powerful group of aliens in their own right who were dedicated to upholding peace. They have access to some of the most advanced technology in the universe, and operate directly under the orders of the Galactic King himself, Squidward.


When visiting the East City capitol, Jaco can't help but legitimately laugh at it to which Omori can only reply that humans haven't finished evolving yet. Considering the Dragon Ball universe is regularly shown to be infinitely more advanced and fantastical than the real world, and the very panel where Jaco makes this claim shows a visibly high-tech city in the background, it goes to show just how advanced Jaco and the Galactic Patrol are, not just technologically but in general.


The Galactic Patrol keeps tabs on most inhabited planets in the galaxy and have been monitoring Earth since ancient times. Jaco states that one in every 100,000 flies on Earth is actually a Galactic Patrol scout robot.


As part of his training, Jaco has had every language of the universe implanted into his head.


Additionally, Jaco only requires 30 minutes of sleep per night. Not applicable in most battle scenarios, but again it goes to show how elite he is.


Jaco himself is shown to be much more clever than he leads on, as he was able to easily see through Omori's lies and deduce that he was actually building a time machine, which is against intergalactic law. Omori was one of the most intelligent humans alive at the time, second only to the Briefs, and he compliments Jaco on his shrewdness.


Despite his clearly advanced IQ, Jaco can also be a bit empty at times. By that, I mean he is almost completely merciless against his enemies, if not for Omori he would have gladly blew up all of East City simply because the citizens were rude, and even with Omori there he was prepared to kill a bystander simply for calling him short. Even when Omori told him not to kill anyone, Jaco was fine with blowing a man up and nearly vaporizing him, so long as he wasn't quite dead yet, and he was prepared to use his Extinction Bomb to wipe out the whole human race merely after Omori angrily (but not seriously) stated he hates humans. The story makes it quite clear that without Omori there holding him back, Jaco would have killed almost every character in the story simply for annoying him.


Jaco defeats a group of thugs, and afterwards a group of cops with great skill and dexterity, although they were fodder so there's really nothing much to say. His moves were slick and unorthodox though.


After beating up several police officers, Jaco has become a fugitive. Katayude however is the only one who knows where Jaco is, and takes it upon himself to bring the alien to justice using the Special Police Squad, made up of the strongest members of not only the Eastern Capitol's special forces, but in the entire Government Police. This would make them comparable to special forces in Dragon Ball like General Blue, or at the very least Mr. Satan, but Jaco surprises everyone by completely fodderizing them in only one panel.


The purpose of Jaco's mission is revealed - he was sent to stop an evil Saiyan from wiping out humanity and colonizing Earth. Despite admitting that there wouldn't be anything he can do if the Saiyan turns out to be an adult, Jaco is confident that he can defeat it if it is still a child, which is impressive in its own right.



Jaco is shown easily lifting and hauling his own spaceship on multiple occasions during the first chapters, making him a casual multitonner right off the bat.


The monster shark plagued Omori's island for years, preventing him from ever traveling out at night and even being a threat to the larger ships around. During chapter 2, Jaco went out at night, located the Monster Shark, and killed it in one blow while underwater just so that Omori would "owe him" and be forced to repair his spaceship. The size of the monster shark varied slightly, going from Godzilla-sized in comparison to Jaco, to house-sized, to nearly as big as the whole island, but to Jaco it was less than fodder, killed casually, almost without effort in one blow.


As Katayude's boat is traveling over the horizon, he is far enough away from the island that he needs a telescope just to get a view of Jaco standing atop a mountain. By the time Jaco climbs down and reaches Omori, the boat is completely out of sight, but despite that Jaco still throws a small rock with such pinpoint precision that it reaches the boat, blows a hole into the deck, and sinks it.


Jaco can make leaps hundreds of feet through the air both vertically and horizontally, once going from Omori's house to the island's shore in one jump and landing straight on his toes to strike a pose, and later crossing a whole park and reaching a group of people who were so far away they were portrayed as just little blots on the panel.


Jaco lifts up a giant concrete column and bench presses it with one arm just for fun, then once he gets bored of that he tosses it out into the ocean almost farther than the eye can see.


Jaco kicks a man nearly farther than the eye can see, then explains that this is his idea of holding back so his opponents don't die.


After jumping out of his ship and rebounding off a building, with one kick Jaco is able to send the giant spacecraft freefalling towards the Earth, ALL the way across the entire city and out into the middle of the ocean. A spacecraft that size could have easily weighed 10 tons or more, and Jaco kicked it many miles away.


Not only does Jaco easily jump hundreds of feet straight into the air, surpassing the tallest skyscrapers in the city by a large margin, but he easily survives the fall back to Earth and straight onto solid concrete, so effortlessly that he makes sure to land in a cool pose.




Speed and Agility

Jaco's speed is enhanced similarly to his strength, and he is shown on multiple occasions to be quite acrobatic and skillful. In terms of raw speed, after Jaco crash lands his ship in the ocean, the Godzilla-sized monster shark swims over and tries to eat him, and Omori thinks him doomed immediately. The monster shark made going out at night suicide for any ship, no matter the speed or size. However, Jaco is able to outswim the shark easily and reach the docks before the shark got anywhere near him. The fastest swimming shark ever recorded reached a speed of over 40 miles per hour. The monster shark is vastly more powerful than any real shark to the point where it isn't even a comparison, and not only did Jaco completely leave it in the dust, he had several factors working against him: he was hauling his giant spaceship along with him and relied on pure leg power, the fact that he can't swim even half as fast as he can move on dry land, and most notably, he later revealed that he didn't even know the shark was a threat, he was just swimming at a standard pace. All in all Jaco can very likely move at several hundred miles per hour when on land and at his best, although this is of course just a theory.


Jaco and Omori are in the middle of a conversation when Jaco spots a boat approaching. Omori becomes worried and quickly tries to think of a plan to hide Jaco, but by the time he looks over to the alien Jaco has already left the area, ran halfway across the island, and scaled a small mountain in order to get a better view without Omori even noticing.


Jaco has great jumping capacities, often clearing large spaces of land with a single leap, performing multiple cartwheels in the air, and landing in a pose on just his toes.


After defeating a group of thugs, one thug behind Jaco uses the last bit of his strength to shoot the alien in the back from close range. Without turning around, Jaco reaches back and catches the bullet in his hand.


Jaco disarms and defeats the whole Special Police Squad in a single panel before a single one of them could react, then grabs Omori and travels to the time machine halfway across the island before they could even crawl out of the ocean.


In order to rescue Tights before her malfunctioning spaceship crashes into the city, Jaco matches the speed of her ship with his, and tells Omori to maintain it while he climbs out onto the roof, and while falling at breakneck speeds with the only thing keeping him balanced being the broken antenna, he shoots out the emergency hatch before jumping from his ship into the falling ship. He then grabs hold of Tights and the pilot and jumps them both back to his spaceship, all before they could reach the ground.


In order to stop Tights' spaceship from crashing into the city and exploding, Jaco leaps out of his own ship ahead of it and reaches the city first, expertly rebounding off of a building and transferring all of his momentum into a super-kick which sends the ship flying out into the ocean.



Jaco's standard weapon is his laser pistol he keeps holstered in his sidearm, powerful enough to create massive explosions and incinerate a large concrete column.


Jaco's most dangerous weapon is the Extinction Bomb. It's exactly what it sounds like, a bomb that releases a virus which affects only humans and will wipe out the whole species. Jaco tells Omori a story of the time he accidentally activated the bomb while on another planet, apparently it made his boss really mad.


Jaco claims that his receiver can hear an ant burp from 300 feet away. Sounds like an exaggeration, but he did use it to listen in on Omori and Katayude's conversation from atop a mountain.


While in the middle of the East City capitol, Jaco can clearly make out the sound of Tights being harassed by a group of thugs several blocks away, while later the most Omori could make out in the same position was small murmurs in the distance.


Jaco even has rockets installed in his boots allowing him to fly at incredible speeds, traveling across the capitol of East City while carrying Omori and Tights in mere seconds. However, it is designed for emergency escapes and can only be used once.



One of Jaco's most prevalent abilities is his enhanced eyesight. The first time this comes up is in chapter 2, while in the middle of a conversation with Omori, Jaco briefly looks out towards the ocean and immediately notices four people approaching on a ship. Omori however doesn't even see anything, but Jaco simply tells him not to underestimate the sight of a super elite. After a few more seconds of squinting, Omori is finally able to make out a ship in the distance.


Later as Katayude's boat leaves the island and is traveling over the horizon, he needs a telescope just to get a view of Jaco standing atop a mountain. By the time Jaco climbs down and reaches Omori, the boat is completely out of sight, but Jaco's accuracy is so perfect that he is able to pick up a mere rock and throw it all the way to the ship precisely enough to blow a hole straight through it and sink everyone.


Going hand-in-hand with his senses, Jaco is an expert marksman and capable of nailing targets using his laser pistol from incredible distances away. In this scene he grabs a stone column and hurls it across the ocean at high speeds, than just before the column makes it out of sight, Jaco draws his pistol and vaporizes it with one shot while posing. Unfortunately, he missed his holster and blew the finish.


Omori warns Jaco that he needs to restrain himself and not get into fights no matter what. However, when a purse snatcher speeds by on his motorbike and robs an old lady before escaping into the crowd, Jaco quickly asks Omori if he can go after him, to which Omori responds fine as long as he doesn't kill. Jaco immediately whips his laser pistol out and shoots straight through the crowd of civilians, narrowly missing every single one of them while somehow catching the robber in a massive explosion just precise enough not to kill him, while also not effecting any one else in the area.



Perhaps the greatest example of how powerful Jaco's eyesight is compared to human beings. Jaco's spaceship is made of some of the most advanced technology in the universe, and is designed for intergalactic travel, yet despite that it took nearly 20 seconds for him to reach Tights' spaceship from Omori's island. Obviously the spaceship must have been quite far away from Omori's island, and this is supported by the fact that even with a telescope, Katayude could not see the ship in much detail, yet Jaco with just his regular eyesight was able to clearly make out that the ship's second engine had malfunctioned and was falling. So Jaco's naked eyes are not only comparable to a telescope, they are actually far GREATER than a telescope.


After matching the speed of Tights' falling spaceship with his own, Jaco climbs out onto the roof and uses his laser gun to precisely blow out the emergency hatch from a decent distance away, while balancing and also compensating for the breakneck speeds they were moving at.


After kicking the giant spacecraft miles out of the city and into the middle of the ocean, Jaco is able to quickdraw his laser pistol and land a pinpoint shot to destroy it while freefalling in midair.