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CW Roy Harper/Arsenal - Skills and Feats Evaluation (video)

I made a similar video for Nyssa al Ghul, if anyone missed it they can see it on my channel.

I started work on a version for Roy soon after, thinking it would be a 5 minute long thing I could just knock out.

It ended up being even longer than the Nyssa video.

Frankly I was surprised at just how much there was to say about Roy, and how much material he actually had. Suffice to say, even I myself come away from this far more pleased and impressed with him than I was before.

And like last time, please leave comments ON YOUTUBE instead of here, comments help the video get noticed in search results. EVEN MORE IMPORTANT is retention, please don't click the video then leave after five seconds, that destroys the video's ability to come up in search results. Keep it on mute in another tab if you have to! But DON'T KILL MY RETENTION!


CW Nyssa al Ghul - Skills and Feats Evaluation (Video)

My newest YouTube video. You know Respect Threads? Consider this a Respect Video. The format is so much better and allowed me to really showcase things in a way that isn't possible with text threads.

Please give it a watch. Mute it and let if play in the background if you're not interested, just so long as I get strong retention! And leave a comment on the video too, please. Retention and comments help videos show up in search results.


The Measure of Martial Arts in Fiction and Why I Rank Metal Gear So High

This was a post in response to reaverlation on the battle thread, "which verse is equal to dbz verse in power." I thought it was a good post and explained my positioning well, so I decided to make it into a blog so more people can see it and encourage discussion.

The OP in that thread was asking which verse matches Dragon Ball in power. Reaverlation jokingly stated Metal Gear. Below is my response to that post.




Seriously though. The measure of martial arts in fiction all dates back to classic Asian Wuxia and their tropes of warriors mastering martial arts to the point of surpassing human limits and gaining supernatural powers. Therefore, any human-limited martial artist (Batman) is going to be inferior to any limits-broken martial artist (Iron Fist) and that is why the Dragon Ball franchise consists of the greatest martial artists in all of fiction. They've taken this "martial arts to surpass human limits" approach all the way to f&%$ing universal, effectively omnipotent levels. The Metal Gear series DOES include a couple characters whose skill has reached supernatural proportions; Vamp being the prime example, the fact that he's actually NOT a real vampire and is actually just some dude who's really good at fighting was a plot twist during MGS4. Before that, characters literally thought he was some kind of inexplicable superhuman. So Vamp obviously surpasses the likes of Batman and Captain America by supernatural feats and IMO surpasses the likes of Iron Fist as well (he is seen sitting on the surface of a pool of water meditating, he can read muscle movements, he knows how to bind shadows, he can break steel and fight on par with a Cyborg all without any actual physical enhancements) yet... Solid Snake is still the greatest soldier to ever live in Metal Gear. Not Vamp. When people talk about "the man who makes the impossible, possible", they're talking about Solid Snake, not Vamp. So when it actually came down to a fight between Solid Snake and Vamp... Snake borderline fodderized him. Despite Vamp's skills in martial arts reaching that supernatural-plateau.

Snake doesn't know any fancy skills like chi control or muscle reading. His training is all about incapacitating an opponent, as efficiently as is possible. That's it. When it comes to stealth he's got some of those inexplicable supernatural-level feats, like when he not only casually snuck up right behind Raiden's back, but appeared from thin air in a narrow corridor with only one entrance, and when Raiden turned around, nobody was there, but when he said Snake's name Snake inexplicably materialized from thin air (Snake not being visible isn't a weird programmer oversight, it's a part of the plot. Big Boss has a very similar feat during TPP. It seems that a lot of fans undersell the sneaking abilities of the Snakes due to the fact that we see things from their perspective usually, so we know exactly how it is that they accomplish their tasks, but every single time a Snake is seen from somebody elses perspective, their stealth abilities appear inexplicable and supernatural). But martial arts wise, he's not about that fancy stuff. He's about incapacitating another humanoid opponent. And that is why I rank him as one of the top peak human fighters in fiction, and why I think he can beat guys like Iron Fist, Wolverine, etc.

But compared to Dragon Ball, obviously it's two completely different standards. Dragon Ball martial arts surpassed Metal Gear the instant Muten Roshi got serious. Even though current Revengeance characters have the power to surpass Kame Sennin and possibly defeat him in battle, martial arts-wise, Raiden and Jetstream Sam are nothing compared to him.


My Review of the First Episode of Luke Cage

I decided to make this a blog because I wanted to get my thoughts out there, and I want to see what other people think.

So I finally watched the first episode of Luke Cage. I thought it was good. But not great.

Here's the thing. All these Netflix superhero properties seem to embody some specific atmosphere and set of thematic tropes. This makes them all very distinct, yet they are presented in such a way that makes it feel natural they take place in the same universe. They merely show different sides of the same city. Needless to say, bringing all of these different types of characters together is going to make The Defenders very, very interesting.

However, Luke Cage's tone of blacksploitation, gangsta, ghetto, "tha streets" all comes across as very disingenuous. It's far from being cringey, like I said, it's good, but it's definitely no Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas if you know what I mean. The tone feels very constructed, like the writers and producers are a bunch of rich, intelligent white people following a certain criteria or checklist in order to meet that "gangsta, ghetto, real talk tha streets" vibe. Like, "Okay here's rap music. We're saying the N word. Malcolm X reference. Here's a picture of Biggie. Check check check and check. Atmosphere = reached."

It isn't cringey or even a negative exactly, it's completely fine, it just failed to elevate the episode in the way the showrunners (and we) were hoping. The way it did with Daredevil and Jessica Jones beforehand. This means that the episode had to rely more on its actual characters and story.

With that said, Luke Cage is kinda weird. I haven't decided yet whether Mike Holter is a good actor yet. If I correctly see what the writers and producers were aiming at, than I definitely like the idea. Luke is a very three-dimensional character, it's surprising that he's actually kind of a cheesy dork in a lot of ways and not at all a typical hardboiled Harlem gangster (obviously Luke Cage wouldn't be a gangster because gangsters are criminals, I don't mean it literally, I'm referring to his personality). He doesn't swear, he's quiet, he's gentle, he speaks more intelligently and clearly than any other member of the cast. But he's also kind of boring... he's neither the Harlem gangster you expect him to be, nor the complete antonym of that. He's just kinda milquetoast. Also he just... acts... weird sometimes. I know that's not a very articulated description, but I don't know. I can't tell if it's Mike Holter's acting, or just more of Luke Cage being a lot different than you expect. But sometimes his lines and expression come across as unnatural.

The villain, Cottonmouth, isn't very interesting yet. There's really nothing to say about him. He's not scary. He's not charming. He's not even very competent. He's just a two-bit thug trying to act like the king, just like a million other people.

And I don't even remember any of the other characters.

Obviously all I did was watch the first episode. If it was good than I have no reason to doubt the series can potentially become great. I just remember enjoying the first episodes of Daredevil and Jessica a lot more. I can already feel these Netflix properties becoming formulaic like the MCU movies are. And everybody just keeps eating it up.


Chris Redfield Respect Thread

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Resident Evil is a flagship video game franchise by Capcom. Though not the first video game to revolve around themes of survival horror, Resident Evil codified the formula, perfecting the potential seen in its spiritual predecessors, Sweet Home and Alone in The Dark. It's a revolutionary franchise, responsible first for popularizing the survival horror genre, and then years later, helped to define the third person shooter genre as well. Now, with the recent success of Resident Evil 7, and the upcoming CGI film Resident Evil: Vendetta, it seems like the franchise will be back in the limelight again for quite a while.

With its collection of powerful monsters and macho, action hero-archetype protagonists, Resident Evil has always been a zany, over the top franchise, with respectable power levels. However, since the release of Resident Evil 4, the franchise has gone a much more action-oriented route, and become even more over the top and blatantly action-hero than anybody could have predicted. As a result, the feats in this universe are insane, and the main protagonists more than deserve the respect of being held on the same plateau as high-level comic book street levelers, such as Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and the Batfamily.

This will be the first entry to my tribute to this franchise.

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This will be an extremely in-depth look at several Resident Evil characters, one at a time. As such it has been divided into four sections for each character; Backstory, Skills and Abilities, Good Feats, and finally Battles.

I feel like all sections are necessary to truly get a full understanding of a character's rank on the battle board; lore and role in their own universe, portrayal, battles, experiences, and actual feats are all equally important, thus leading to this massive information-log.

Other characters will be added later. For now, the first entry deals with the original and still one of the longest-running protagonists of the franchise. The original survivor.

Chris Redfield

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History, Training and Accolades

Chris began his military career at the age of 17, when he joined the United States Air Force. Serving for a number of years and seeing action overseas, Chris received high training as a marksman, close quarters combatant, and pilot of multiple different types of aircraft.

"He was once a pilot in the U.S.A.F. and has been rigorously trained in hand-to-hand as well as knife combat."

Chris Redfield Profile- The Umbrella Chronicles

His skills on the battlefield were exemplary, however, for as much praise as he received as a fighter, he received equal admonishment for his temper, and moral sense of justice which often conflicted with official orders. Chris was unable to adapt to the rigid military system and resolve these conflicts, and so, after six years in service, Chris was forced into early retirement at the age of 23.

"Possessing a service record replete with both commendations and disciplinary actions, commanding officers have described Chris as: “uncompromising,” “possessing unwavering dedication,” and having a “high level of adaptability.

It was those traits that saw Chris earn his wings, but also these same traits that brought him into direct conflict with superiors."

Chris Redfield File- Resident Evil 5

"His unwillingness to compromise brought him into direct conflict with superiors. Unable to settle these differences, Chris retired from the Air Force."

Chris's File- Resident Evil 6

Now drifting and without a purpose, Chris was soon recruited by the Special Tactics and Rescue Service, or S.T.A.R.S. team of Raccoon City, an elite special forces division of the Raccoon City Police, meant to try and counter the rise in urban terrorism the city had been suffering.

"'After retirement, Chris was scouted by Raccoon City’s special forces (S.T.A.R.S.) because of his superior firearm and hand-to-hand combat skills, along with his qualifications as both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter pilot.

Joining the S.T.A.R.S. team, Chris was designated as point man (PM) for Alpha Team. As PM, it was his duty to scout and secure positions ahead of the team. His duties required him not only to be a good shooter and fighter, but also be able to use a wide array of weaponry.

It was this area where he excelled, showing the ability to handle anything from small arms to large weapons and the flexibility to use them as the situation dictated. Chris’s performance with S.T.A.R.S. was exemplary."

Chris Redfield File- Resident Evil 5

"his marksmanship is #1 amongst the sharp-shooters assembled in Alpha."

Chris Redfield Profile- The Umbrella Chronicles

In reality however, the actual purpose of the S.T.A.R.S. team was something far more insidious. Rather than being formed as a team to protect Raccoon City from terrorism, the actual purpose of the S.T.A.R.S. was to act as guinea pigs for Umbrella. The world's largest pharmaceutical enterprise had secretly been conducting research into viral enhancement of humans and other beings for the purpose of creating Bio Organic Weapons, or BOWs to be used in warfare. To test the combat efficiency of these monsters required a group of elite fighters, handpicked specialists. Ex-military, the best of the best. That was the role the S.T.A.R.S. were meant to fulfill.

The S.T.A.R.S. were experts, but against the manmade weapons and monstrosities created by Umbrella, they were decimated. Only a select few S.T.A.R.S. members managed to make it out of the mansion, and it was all thanks to the skills, resourcefulness, and unwavering dedication of Chris Redfield, and his partner Jill Valentine, who against all odds, battled their way through the entire estate, disposed of every monster Umbrella threw their way, and uncovered the whole conspiracy. Ultimately they confronted the traitor Albert Wesker, faced and defeated the pinnacle of all Umbrella's Bio Weapons research, the Tyrant, and destroyed the mansion along with all of Umbrella's data.

"Piers talked the other day about Chris Redfield, what the man went up against when he was my age. I gotta say, it's pretty crazy.

When Chris was 25, he was involved in the famous Mansion Incident. He went up against B.O.W.s before they were even called B.O.W.s, and lived! Just that alone is awesome enough. But then 3 months after, he goes on a solo mission to search for his sister at Rockfort Island, which was run by Umbrella. He ran into monsters made from a new virus and even went up against Albert Wesker.

I don't think I could ever handle all that he did at this point in my life. He is one hell of a guy. A legend, even!

I'd want to be just like him. I just don't know if I really got what it takes."
The musings of a BSAA agent, Resident Evil 6

The horrors Chris witnessed on that day scarred him deeply, and he devoted his whole life to fighting Bio Terror. Years of fighting later, after having joined a private anti-bioterrorism unit, Chris and Jill together stormed Umbrella's final research outpost, overflowing with BOWs, and ultimately confronted Umbrella's most powerful creation yet; the Tyrant T.A.L.O.S., a tested, successful, actual one-man-army. Yet once again, Chris Redfield along with Jill was able to surpass the Tyrant, and defeat it utterly. With that, Umbrella fell.

However in the coming years, Bio Terror did not cease. In fact, it became more rampant than ever. Umbrella's fall just led to rival organizations taking its place. Viruses were sold on the black market and improved upon. BOWs only became even stronger. Outbreaks began occurring around the world, the death count was in the millions. Soon, Bio Terror had become the number 1 threat to global safety.

In response, Chris and Jill formed the BSAA, or Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, an organization devoted to ridding the world of Bio Terror. Upon its formation, only eleven elite members were made part of the BSAA. However as the years went on and the need for anti-bioterrorist actions increased, the unit expanded into a global organization with branches stationed around the world. Officially backed by the United Nations now, the BSAA became the world's most elite special forces organization, training soldiers for the sole purpose of combatting Bio Organic Weapons.

Chris Redfield is the most veteran member of this organization, with more missions to his name than any other BSAA member. His resolve only growing stronger, Chris worked like a machine, continued training hard, pushing himself to the limits of man's strength without resorting to viral enhancements. The apparent death of his partner Jill only spurred him to even more inhuman effort.

"No one knows what promises Chris made in front of Jill’s empty grave, but following her loss, he redoubled his efforts to eradicate all bio-organic weapons wherever they may be. Initially stationed at BSAA’s North American Branch, his investigations soon took him around the world. He became involved in so many operations that he soon had more missions to his name than any other BSAA member."

Chris Redfield File- Resident Evil 5
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At the same time however, Chris began to become disillusioned. Although he was adamant on not giving up when he had a job to do, he started to wonder what it was that he was even fighting for.

The realization that Jill had survived and was captured by their greatest nemesis, Albert Wesker, fulfilled Chris with new purpose, and upon rescuing her and finally overcoming his most bitter adversary, Chris began to see hope once again.

"More and more I find myself wondering, if it's all worth fighting for... For a future without fear? Yeah. It's worth it."

-Chris Redfield, Resident Evil 5

"Taking care of Wesker was definitely a big turning-point. I realized what I had been fighting for. But then again, at the same time, defeating a monster like him really made me feel like I had accomplished all I had set out to do.

I have no intention of giving up the fight. But I can't do it alone. There may come a time when someone like Wesker comes around again, and a younger generation will need to carry the torch. So, I'm going to go back to working in a team and teach the younger generation what they need to know. The BSAA will need them."

-Chris Redfield, Resident Evil 6

And this brings us to the current point in the lore. Chris's last appearance was in Resident Evil 6, taking place in 2013. At this point in the timeline, Chris is not only a veteran soldier, but an outright legend. The original survivor, and the hero who has saved the whole world numerous times. He has more than 23 years of experience on the battlefield, and by RE6, it's clear that Chris has surpassed training, and transitioned into the mentor role. He's already the best of the best. His abilities are so honed by this point that even with complete amnesia, he was still able to lead the BSAA and fight BOWs just as effectively, with just his fighting instincts and muscle memory. He's taken on the world's strongest monsters and its greatest villains and defeated them all. None of the world's best fighters can match him, because he's responsible for training most of them. At this point, it seems as if the only man on the planet who can truly stand toe-to-toe as Chris's peer in combat experience, skill, insight, resourcefulness, and conviction, is Leon S. Kennedy. Everybody else, is a tier below the two of them.

Skills and Abilities


Chris was already an elite close quarters combatant by the time of the Mansion Incident. His files mention "rigorous training" in both hand-to-hand and knife combat during his time in the Air Force, and part of his recruitment for S.T.A.R.S. was credited to his "superior" close combat skills.

His melee moves in the "Chronicles" series of games (which re-tell the events of the classic games in a more cinematic style thanks to improved technology) portray a man who has mastered several combat styles, and knows how to integrate weapons into his techniques to make them immediately lethal, even against the superhuman and undead zombies. There's no fooling around or showboating, every strike is meant to kill. He is not only incredibly powerful, but fast, efficient, and precise.

In the 2002 remake of Resident Evil 1 (which is canon over the original version) Chris even proves he has the skill to counter Hunters going in for their death blow, by catching both of their wrists in a flash and defending himself from their giant talons. He wrestles the monster on the floor, before finding an opening and shoving a grenade down its throat just before it can sever his neck. This is impressive because Hunters are fierce, terrifying, evil creatures who move with superhuman agility and cut down everything that stands in their way. They actually possess the ability to jump over bullets, making them one of the deadliest creatures in the franchise. Chris was capable of taking these monsters on with his bare hands at the beginning of the story.

As the series progressed and Chris gained more training and experience, his melee moves continued to evolve, to the point where he's now capable of almost effortlessly counterattacking nearly every BOW he comes across, regardless of their superhuman agility, strength, or combat training. Almost every technique Chris uses is an instant kill, and he can perform these moves with efficiency, showing how utterly deadly he is as a highly-trained soldier.

Able to break superhuman necks in seconds.

Performs a shoulder throw on the P30-enhanced Jill Valentine, who has nearly Spider-Man level agility

CQC counters on Super Soldiers

CQC counters on Super Soldiers (2)

Chris is able to react to a pouncing Bloodshot and turn its own momentum into a devastating body slam, before finishing it off with a stomp to the heart

Notice just how quickly Chris is able to kill these monsters and super soldiers (with the exception of Jill who he was trying to incapacitate without harming). It's almost no challenge to him at all by this point. His level of experience and technique is clearly quite advanced.

From his melee moves alone, we can conclude that Chris is highly trained in or even a master of at least eight different unarmed combat styles, and most likely more; Ninjutsu, taekwondo, judo, boxing, muai thai, karate, wrestling, and kickboxing. On top of that he's a master with knives, and is able to improvise other weapons into his fighting style on the fly, like his gun and even grenades. He's extremely adaptable, and no matter what mutation his opponent appears with and however they approach him, even though these monsters are extremely unpredictable, he is able to counter everything expertly.

Furthermore, in addition to countless BSAA soldiers, Chris is responsible for training two of Resident Evil's greatest fighters; his sister Claire, and his protege, Piers. Thanks to Chris's knowledge, both of them have become deadly fighters, capable of surviving outbreaks in their own right. You can see both of their full sections below.

This all makes Chris one of the greatest close quarters combatants in the Resident Evil series. He has the training, the experience, and the arsenal to get any job done.


Chris was always meant to be a big guy. Shinji Mikami even stated that Chris was originally developed to be the typical "action hero", a tough guy with "big muscles and a big knife." His feats of strength and endurance in the classic era were already nothing short of superhuman, being capable of outright crushing zombie skulls underneath his foot, tanking explosions and fire (1, 2, and 3) and a 100 foot fall onto solid concrete, and resisting many Bio Organic Weapons trying to crush or overpower him, such as Alexia Ashford's tentacles that smash through concrete walls like paper and kill other BOWs, simply smacking them away with his bare hands and also withstanding getting blindsided in his ribs and thrown across the room.

Yet when he met Wesker on Rockfort Island, he was no match for the tyrant's powers. Chris only managed to just barely survive his encounters with Wesker, and so, afterwards he spent more than 10 years intensively training and bulking up, so that next time they met, he would be ready.

Chris returned in RE5 after a long timeskip, and his biceps are now larger than his head. He has become so powerful that he is able to literally punch the heads of lesser BOWs right off. His simple backhand can kill the Big Man Majini instantly, even though the Big Man is able to block point-blank shotgun blasts with his forearms, and even the very strongest of Majini, the massive Executioner, is sent staggering after a simple uppercut.

In the classic era, Chris was already strong enough to fight BOWs with his bare hands. But by RE5 he has now evolved to the point where superhumans can be disposed of with a single punch.

Even the environment can no longer stand in Chris's way, as he shatters stone columns with ease, kicks down steel doors in his way, and punches through bulletproof glass just because he's angry.

Miraculously, it seems as if he did manage to bridge the strength gap between himself and Wesker. Chris was able to tackle Wesker and push him back several meters. His blows are able to hurt Wesker now even though they couldn't before, and a full combination can actually knock the tyrant out cold, although he regenerates immediately. Keep in mind, we're talking about a man who casually punches through steel, and was unharmed after more than 20 tons of steel girders fell onto his head from several stories up.

In RE6 he has evolved to the point where he can literally rip BOWs limb from limb with his bare hands, and then beat them to death with their own dismembered body parts in just mere seconds.

Mounts a BOW and just rips its head off.

Rips a large BOW in half.

Cracks a J'avo's armored claw off over his knee, then plants the claw within that J'avo's skull.

Chris' vast physical abilities work in conjunction with his battle skills to make him nearly unstoppable. He really is something of a one man army, even capable of continuing the fight unscathed after taking an RPG blast.


Don't let Chris's size fool you into thinking of him as nothing but a brute. He's much faster on his feet than most people expect, Sheva even called him out on this in RE5, and among his many skills he is also an adeptly trained acrobat.

Here he shows his great speed by sprinting through a collapsing temple side-by-side with Sheva, while making Olympic long jumps that get progressively wider as he goes on, until eventually one of them reveals a trap door that almost drops Chris into the chasm, but he's able to catch himself and Sheva helps pull him up (it can actually be Sheva who falls into the trap and Chris who catches her, it just depends on which player is performing the QTE better). The two then narrowly make it through a descending door, and escape the collapsing temple.

Here is Chris's greatest showing of speed where he shows that he can actually catch up to a rocket-propelled bomber getting ready for takeoff down a runway on his feet. In fact, he actually does this easily, he leaves Sheva completely in the dust and she only just barely manages to reach Chris's hand, whereas he had pulled himself up.

Chris is even able to perform fast-paced parkour through a research facility, while escaping a Godzilla-sized BOW, complete with jumps, rolls, slides, and even performing some kind of wall bounce to reach Piers' hand atop a 15 foot wall. Even when the BOW lifts the entire platform Chris is standing on and starts rattling it, Chris is somehow able to maintain his position long enough for Piers to force the monster to release him.

As well as his speed on his feet and his very short reaction time in chaotic combat environments, Chris is also fully capable of dodging incoming projectiles, including bullets, arrows, and even missiles.

Chris reacts to a bullet fired by Sheva while struggling against a BOW. Although Sheva actually fired the bullet to help Chris, he ends up dodging it and the round misses, hitting the wall behind him.

Chris and his squad duck assault rifle rounds.

Chris is able to dodge Wesker's gunfire during their battles by performing quick barrel rolls.

Chris is fast enough to deflect crossbow arrows with his knife (there's an achievement/trophy for doing this)

Chris and Piers are trapped in a building that's set to be destroyed by bomber missiles. The first missile is incoming and the two narrowly dodge it by jumping out of the window. The second one is close behind, forcing Chris and Piers to actually outrace it over a short distance, before reaching a corner and barely diving behind just as the missile reaches their position and narrowly flies by.

After activating a trap door and falling into a chasm, despite his size, Chris is agile enough to perform a midair recovery and land on his feet.

And in his greatest showing of acrobatic talents, when suddenly trapped in a corridor with deadly laser beams racing towards him and limited time to react, Chris is able to quickly analyze the paths of the beams, and perform a standing backflip with uncanny precision, that narrowly maneuvers him through all the lasers.


At last, Chris's incredible talents as a marksman and weapons expert are possibly his most notable skill of all. After more than 23 years of training and battlefield experience, he has shown himself proficient to an expert level, with virtually every weapon in existence. He seems to have a preference for pistols, but when the situation calls, he can act as a sniper, heavy-weapons, demolitions, or assault. Chris' exceptional shooting stance grants him full control over his weapon's recoil, enabling him to retarget after every shot and track even Wesker's imperceptible movements with his gun. Wesker is quick enough to react to the bullets in flight, but pay attention to Chris' movements. He's tracking Wesker, retargeting immediately as soon as Wesker teleports to the other end of the room and forcing Wesker to dodge everything.

His superior control over guns can even be seen when dealing with heavy weapons, such as the incredibly powerful Remington 1100 which has a recoil capable of knocking Leon Kennedy backwards with every shot, whereas Chris can retarget almost immediately. And the Hydra SG, which Chris wields by holding straight out with one hand whereas Sheva must hold it in the typical shotgun stance, and Chris still retargets faster.

This near-flawless handling grants Chris impeccable speed and precision. He's able to fire a double heart/headshot into a Majini so quickly that the bullets impact almost simultaneously. They're separated by only two frames of animation. This is far beyond the firing rate of most automatic weapons.

Chris also showed that he maintains his incredible handling even while under immense stress, being emotionally taunted by Carla Radames with his gun pointed at her head, but in a sudden move he turns and shoots the grapple out of her hand instead before she can react. The bullet impacts squarely underneath the handle of the gun, the sudden aim change caught Carla off guard even though she is a bullet timer, showing how quickly Chris retargeted and fired while maintaining uncanny precision.

In addition to being an expert close-range marksman with cutting speed, Chris is also capable of long-distance accuracy, as shown when Irving mutated into a giant sea monster roughly the same size as the battleship. While the monster was laughing, Chris drew his gun and immediately fired into Irving's weakpoint from ground-level, showing immense precision from over 100 feet, without any effort.

Good Feats

To imagine the difference between a character on the spec ops tier who has high training, but is still ultimately human with human limitations mentally and physically, and the next step up in mental and physical capabilities, the super soldier tier, let's examine the very first cutscene of the franchise, and how Chris is immediately setting himself apart from the spec ops-tier and performing more at a super soldier level, by outperforming every one of his teammates at the same time against the BOWs.

Keep in mind, Shinji Mikami stated that Chris was developed to be the "action hero" type, with "big muscles and a big knife." He was never meant to be your typical soldier, background files even stress that his performances in the military and then in S.T.A.R.S. were always a cut above the rest. Basically, remember that the S.T.A.R.S. are an elite squad of specialists and handpicked soldiers, but they are still just normal humans at the end of the day. So against Umbrella's artificially engineered Bioweapons and mutants, they are simply out of their league. It takes a character above the capabilities of normal men to match these manmade weapons.

For example, just take a look at Joseph Frost, who is a highly skilled soldier, but when a Cerberus dog starts ferociously blurring across the 20 meter field separating them in one second flat and then devours Joseph in moments, all of his training seems to be irrelevant. He even unloads his entire shotgun and doesn't land a single hit. This was the same case with several Bravo team members who were killed by these Cerberus in Resident Evil 0.

Even the veteran Barry Burton curses as he fires off his magnum but misses every shot. The helicopter pilot Brad outright abandons his team at the mere sight of the grotesque creatures. And Jill is paralyzed in shock and fear. Just consider these circumstances; an elite squad, highly trained as they might be, are on a mission with almost no intel, underequipped, and isolated in a dark and foggy forest miles from civilization, when a band of demonic creatures suddenly appear and eat their friend.

At some point, sheer skill and training aren't enough to cut it. When the fear and the confusion and the panic hits, training becomes moot. Out of the whole S.T.A.R.S. team, only Chris Redfield was able to keep his head in this situation and react immediately, drawing his pistol when a Cerberus pounced at Jill and killing it in a flash with a headshot. He then runs over, scoops up his partner and runs her to safety. While everyone else is panicking, Chris is the one who kept his head in the chaos and actually spotted the mansion, directing his team towards safety.

This all shows how adaptable Chris is. In shocking and unexpected circumstances, he was the only one who remained tactical and reacted quickly.

His only weakness was briefly letting his temper flare up when Brad the helicopter pilot abandoned them, and becoming distracted enough for a Cerberus to get the jump on him. He was still somehow able to sense the monster pouncing behind his back, and turn around in time to block with his forearm, so even in that scenario he still vastly outperformed the standard spec ops soldier Joseph Frost, who couldn't react to a BOW from 20 meters away. Still, Chris didn't know that getting bit equals certain death, so blocking was not the right move. Only Wesker knew this at the time, so he spun around and saved Chris with a pinpoint headshot of his own. Later on we're going to find out that Wesker is even more inhumanly conditioned and naturally talented than Chris is, and in this battle, he and Chris were the only S.T.A.R.S. members able to land shots on the Cerberus, through the thick fog and pitch blackness.

Most notable of all is that the whole team managed to outrun the Cerberus all the way across the forest and to the mansion in the distance. Not all soldiers would be able to do this, we just saw Joseph get blitzed from 20 meters. These Cerberus are clearly superhumanly fast. Even regular Doberman can reach speeds as high as 45 MPH, and the T-Virus was explicitly stated to amplify their speed and ferocity. Their muscle power was actually mistaken for that of a bear in one file, and even bears have the ability to run up to 30 MPH despite their immense size and weight. Yet Cerberus have that power, in addition to their own, while maintaining the same mass. Logically their speed should at least double.

And this isn't just a short burst or a dodge from Chris. This is long-distance speed, maintained over a prolonged time. His speed, even at the beginning of the franchise, was clearly superhuman. Same goes for the rest of the core four, Jill, Barry and Wesker.

Again this is the very first chronological cutscene in the franchise. Chris only gets better as the decades pile up.

Chris is skilled enough to hear a feather drop;

No Caption Provided

After getting blasted with an RPG while ziplining between skyscrapers and beginning their plummet towards the Earth, while Piers is stunned and dazed, Chris recovers instantly, spotting a scaffolding to land on and reacting quickly enough to then dive to the edge and catch Piers' hand, only for their weight to make the scaffolding collapse, and Chris once again reacting quickly by throwing Piers onto a nearby balcony, while he himself narrowly catches onto a lower pipeline.

This all happens in the span of seconds and shows Chris's uncanny reaction time, recovery abilities, adaptability, and constant awareness of his surroundings as he goes through ALL of these actions and reactions, while Piers, who was also able to survive the RPG, doesn't even get his bearings until after it's all over.

Chris is then fired upon by super soldiers while shimmying across the pipeline. Piers covers him and he manages to make his way all the way to the next building. This all happened while he was still amnesiac and operating solely off of muscle memory.

Chris is captured by the massive Plant 42 and ensnared in its tree-trunk sized tentacles. The house-sized monstrosity ragdolls Chris around while trying to crush him in its grasp, but Chris is able to resist the beast long enough for Rebecca to travel to the chemical room, and synthesize a specialized poison capable of killing it. There are enemies and puzzles along the way that Rebecca must get passed, all the while Chris is suffering non-stop.

For a player who has already played the game, knows exactly how to synthesize the poison, and knows exactly where to go and what to do, 10 minutes is roughly the bare minimum amount of time it would take to do this and travel all the way to the plant's roots in the basement. Meaning at the bare minimum, Chris was still struggling against a giant monster and exerting himself constantly, for a very prolonged period of time. On top of this, after the poison is administered, instead of letting Chris go gently, Plant 42 gets angry and slams him into the hardwood floor from over a story up. The plant then immediately regenerates, forcing Chris to get up and fight it himself anyway. After all that and then killing the massive monster himself, he still isn't even out of breath.

In the climactic final duel against Wesker inside of a volcano, when his partner's life was on the line and it was down to all or nothing, Chris was able to summon the unbelievable strength necessary to attack a giant boulder with his bare hands, and outright launch it several meters and into a pit of lava. This boulder was calculated to weigh roughly 137,383.6kg, or over 151 tons. The newtons of force required to roll this thing would equal over 15 tons, not taking into account friction, or the fact that Chris did a lot more than simply roll it.

Chris didn't do it easily, but he wasn't exactly tired afterwards, either.

The Ogroman is one of the physically largest and strongest BOWs to date with strength said to be "incalculable" (it's at least class 100+) and its armored flesh makes it impenetrable to gunfire. Even artillery fire was only able to sting the beast. Its only weakness was the protruding organ mass on its back.

So, in order to defeat the behemoth, Chris scaled up to its back and used his bare hands to rip one of the monster's own protruding bones out of its body, then used the giant spike to violently impale the organ mass.

Later on the Ogroman's weakness was remedied, and its protruding organs were kept inside of its body by a giant mechanical device. Without any way to harm the creature now, Chris was forced to once again scale its back, and this time, grabbed onto the metal contraption, and with a Herculean effort, ripped thousands of pounds of metal and muscle through solid rock-hard flesh with his own bare hands.

Chris, with Sheva's help, releases the airlock to Wesker's bomber while it's flying in altitude at mach speeds. The rapid decompression starts sucking all three of them out, and even Wesker finds it hard to hold on. He grabs onto Sheva's foot, and the added weight is too much for her to handle. She lets go, ready to face her doom, but Chris isn't having it. Acting fast, he lets go from his own anchor and flies across the room, grabbing onto a lower support beam, and grabbing onto Sheva's hand just in time. Now, supporting the weight of himself, Sheva and Wesker all simultaneously, he acts as the anchor for all three of them singlehandedly.

From a moving speedboat rocking across the waves, and while under heavy fire from a Majini wielding a gun turret on another moving boat at least 100 feet away, Chris is able to draw his pistol and quickly, almost with ease, fire a bullet in between the inch-wide gap between the turret and the armor plating, piercing the Majini's heart and killing it instantly.

While being charged at by the Popokarimu, a horrible BOW that is a mixture of bat and insect DNA, Chris is able to draw his pistol and instantly land three consecutive shots on the creature's vulnerable underbelly, despite that weakpoint being obscured underneath the creature's coiled up tail and inaccessible to the player, and the high speeds at which it was moving, and finally the distance factor on top of all of this, effectively making this an impossible shot, which Chris was able to perform three consecutive times and take the BOW out immediately.

While battling the P30-enhanced Jill Valentine, whose speed and agility are nearly Spider-Man level, capable of flipping through a hailstorm of gunfire, contorting out of a bullet's path in midair, and clearing a 20 meter gap almost instantly in a single jump, Chris is fast enough to not just tag her, but get a perfect headshot off that removes her mask and reveals her identity.

Some people seem to be under the impression that Wesker always curbstomps Chris and that Chris does not possess the speed, or skill, to fight Wesker at all. This is simply not true however, Chris and Wesker have had six battles since the latter became superpowered, and although Wesker possessed the advantage initially, by experiencing the story chronologically you can see a clear progression of Chris's performance until eventually he kills Wesker.

In the first battle, he is no match for Wesker's newly-acquired superpowers. However in the very next battle, his own resourcefulness and strengthened conviction allow him to battle the tyrant on par, without even any weapons, until their duel is interrupted. The fight after that has Wesker taking the advantage again, only for Chris to come back after years of training and hold his own. Finally, in the ultimate encounter, Chris was finally able to overcome Wesker. Although you can get the details on this in the Battles section below.

For now, what's important to understand is that in every single one of their fights, Chris has been able to tag, dodge, hurt, outsmart, or otherwise trouble Wesker in one way or another.

Instances of Chris tagging Wesker and being able to hurt Wesker;

Instances of Chris reacting to Wesker, dodging Wesker while injured and even dodging Wesker from behind without looking;

Wesker throws his sunglasses ahead of him as a distraction and Chris catches them by the handle on reflex;

Chris (with a bum knee) dodges Alexia's fire side-by-side with Wesker. Wesker was struggling to keep up with Alexia's speed and was tagged by the fire several times;

Chris also dodges Alexia's fire again a moment later from point-blank range with his back turned, sensing the attack and rolling out of the way without looking;

Chris is able to catch Wesker by surprise and break his grapple on Jill, then briefly puts him on the defensive with a combination of punches and kicks that actually forces Wesker to use his hands, something he visibly frowns in anger at. Even when Wesker counterattacks, Chris is able to tank the strike and actually use the momentum to power his own kick, which Wesker barely blocks.

Finally, in a quickdraw contest, even though Wesker is physically faster than Chris, Chris proved that he has the superior weapons handling, and was actually able to outdraw Wesker and shoot the tyrant's gun straight out of his hand.

Battles (pre-training)

Vs Tyrant - Chris wins

Wesker called Tyrant the ultimate lifeform. It is the pinnacle of all Umbrella's bio-weapons research. Only one in ten million (0.0000001%) members of the population possesses the potential to mutate into a Tyrant when exposed to the T-Virus, all others will simply die and reanimate as zombies. But when such a host is found, their strength, resilience, speed and agility all increase dramatically. Tyrants are functionally immortal, defeating one will only make it come back stronger, and the only way to kill it permanently is by completely destroying it. It can tank any amount of firepower thrown its way without a stutter, and possesses immense physical power and speed. It's a killing machine, unfeeling, relentlessly pursuing its target until the mission is complete.

This video showcases how fast and ferocious a Tyrant can be in battle. It was Wesker's ultimate trump card; the S.T.A.R.S. were only supposed to test the BOWs' combat capabilities, nobody ever expected Chris to actually get anywhere near as far as he did, and even uncover the whole conspiracy. The Tyrant was released as a last-ditch effort to finish the S.T.A.R.S. off. It was supposed to be a surefire victory, a one-man-army going against just one man? Chris shouldn't have stood a chance.

Yet he shocked everyone by winning, blowing the Tyrant to smithereens with the rocket launcher. Foiling Wesker's plans, and fueling the bitter grudge between the two.

It's even possible for Chris to battle the Tyrant with just his knife, although you need the rocket launcher to finish it off.

Vs Albert Wesker 1 - Wesker wins

Chris's first encounter with Albert Wesker, 6 months after the Mansion Incident. Chris has grown even more badass in that time, but Wesker has returned with super powers. He has basically become the perfect BOW, a Tyrant in human form, reaping all the benefits and none of the side effects.

Chris, not expecting this, raises his gun at Wesker, but the bioterrorist accelerates across the distance between them, and delivers an elbow to Chris's gut that sends him flying nearly 40 feet into a metal wall. Before Chris can rise to his feet, Wesker speeds over and lifts him by the throat, strangling him to death as he laughs maniacally.

Chris doesn't take this sitting down however. He surprises Wesker by socking him right across the jaw, showing his great speed and strength, and when Wesker turns back, he's clearly angry. Wesker continues strangling Chris for a prolonged period of time, before throwing him into a BOW containment pod like he's weightless. Chris's body impacts the container hard enough to break the reinforced glass, and the BOW is released, forcing Chris to rise to his feet and start fighting immediately.

Basically all this establishes is that Wesker is far more powerful than Chris. More on this later.

Vs Alexia Ashford 1 - Chris wins

Alexia Ashford was the genetically engineered child prodigy responsible for creating the T-Veronica Virus, arguably the most powerful virus in the series to date. At age 12, her intelligence was already the envy of William Birkin, and after taking control of T-Veronica, she became almost godlike. Her blood turned to raging fire, she could project her consciousness to the other side of the world, and she was even gifted with clairvoyance. Her sheer speed was more than enough to keep up with Albert Wesker, who could move at speed imperceptible to the human eye, and her simple backhand sent Wesker flying. Claire Redfield, a woman capable of dodging sniper rifle rounds from point blank range, even struggled to keep track of her.

When Alexia reveals herself, it is Wesker who confronts her, intending to take her away for experimentation. He wasn't expecting her to be so powerful however, and a fight breaks out. Chris, who fell from the balcony earlier and injured his knee, is stuck in the middle.

Wesker struggles to dodge Alexia's fire, getting tagged several times, yet even with his bum knee, Chris is able to react to the fire multiple times, even dodging side-by-side with Wesker at one point. Wesker decides to retreat from Alexia, leaving Chris alone with her, to fend for himself.

Chris gets to his feet and picks up where Wesker left off. The game actually encourages you to use the knife against Alexia when she's in her first form. It's not mandatory, and it's not easy, but Chris is still capable of using it effectively and battling her, as the whole environment around them starts going up in flames.

However, even after killing Alexia, as soon as Chris leaves the room, she rises back to her feet...

Vs Alexia Ashford 2 - Chris wins

The true battle occurs later, after Chris has rescued his sister and set the entire facility to self destruct. With less than five minutes to escape, Alexia appears, intent on destroying the Redfields.

Alexia nearly kills Claire, but Chris saves her, instantly ending Alexia with a magnum round through the heart.

However, Alexia merely mutates into a more powerful form! She and Chris go one-on-one, and Chris defeats her once again.

Desperate now, Alexia calls upon all of the insects she controls, and fuses with them, gaining the ability to fly and becoming incredibly fast. Nothing can kill Alexia as she simply adapts to all damage and changes form. That's when the final countermeasure is activated; the Linear Launcher. This powerful anti-BOW weapon fires advanced plasma energy and can eradicate almost anything with a single shot!

Yet Alexia is so fast and maneuverable now that she's even able to react to these projectiles in flight and evade them. The battle rages on, and it is only thanks to his master marksman skill and some tricky shooting that Chris is able to telegraph Alexia's movements, narrowing her in with repeated shots until finally, the Linear Launcher meets its mark, killing her instantly, and foiling her plans of world domination.

Vs Albert Wesker 2 - Stalemate

Even after defeating Alexia, Chris's job still isn't over yet. He finds that Wesker has kidnapped Claire, baiting Chris into following him. The two confront each other on the outside, and Chris tells Claire to leave and get to safety without him.

Now it's just the two of them. Chris's fortitude, adaptability and resourcefulness, against Wesker's superhuman powers and martial arts skill.

The fight begins and Chris surprises Wesker by taking a lead pipe to his face. It seems Wesker is injured, until he suddenly blocks the next strike, smiling, with the pipe actually bending around his forearm. He delivers a high kick into Chris's chest that sends him into the air, and then starts beating Chris around.

Chris is able to block some strikes with his forearms, but it does little to soften the superhuman force behind the blows, and it isn't long before Chris is spitting out blood. Wesker intends to finish things with a strike that craters more than a foot of solid cement, but Chris, thinking fast, spots the construction girders overhead, and traces them to their lever. In a burst of speed, Chris stands up and dodges Wesker's strike, and then drops the entire stack of girders onto the superhuman's head from several stories up.

Wesker is buried under the rubble, and it seems like Chris takes this round. However, Wesker is far more powerful than Chris even thought, and digs his way out of the girders.

Chris isn't afraid. He meets Wesker halfway, and they're both a bit wobbly now, but each are ready to continue the battle. That is, until an explosion suddenly rings out nearby. Chris withstands it, but Wesker has half his face horribly burned. The debris separate the two, and the battle ends inconclusively. Both agree to settle things next time.

Battles (post-timeskip)

(all below feats can be found in the above video corresponding to their timestamp)

Vs Majini - Chris wins

Resident Evil 5 opens after an 11 year timeskip. In that time, Chris has founded the BSAA, and is now pursuing a bioweapons dealer in the West African city of Kijuju. Only after infiltrating Kijuju does Chris find that the entire city has been infected with Type-2 Plagas, a more enhanced version of the Las Plagas parasite Leon Kennedy faced in the previous game, but superior in every way.

They aren't zombies. They are fully intelligent, capable of using mob tactics, ambushes, setting traps, and even utilizing weapons proficiently. They reap all the benefits of infection and none of the side effects.

Stranded in hostile territory, Chris must spend the entire game cutting a swathe through this region alongside his partner Sheva Alomar, and facing off with the entire super soldier army in order to save the world. In RE5 alone, Chris wracks up a body count in the thousands. He literally killed over 1,000 super soldiers in the span of a few days.

This trailer for the game gives a good idea of the intensity of the encounters and the odds Chris was facing.

You can also watch the village battle (11:00 in the above movie) to get a good picture of what Chris's mission entailed. Mere minutes after arriving in Kijuju, Chris and Sheva are swarmed by an entire village at once. Woefully underequipped and caught unprepared, the two must fight for their lives. They barricade themselves inside the house, but the Majini just tear their way inside and come through the ceiling. They pull out all the stops, but then the powerful Executioner shows up. Chris has to think on his feet with almost no equipment, scrounging for weapons, setting traps and using the environment to slowly wear the behemoth down, all the while fending off the swarms of relentless Majini. This montage doesn't show the full village fight and the player was also using weapons you aren't supposed to get until later in the game. In canon Chris only had a pistol and his knife at this point. It's just a concise and cinematic overview of the level, but for a full showcase of what the village battle entails, you can watch this longer walkthrough.

Vs Albert Wesker 3 - Wesker wins

(40:09 in the above video) In a flashback showing Chris and Wesker's first encounter after Rockfort Island, Chris and Jill travel to the Spencer Estate intending on interrogating the Umbrella founder for Wesker's location, but are shocked to run into Wesker himself, already standing over Spencer's corpse.

The two open fire but Wesker dodges every bullet, before closing the distance and utilizing his superhuman strength and martial arts to overwhelm them. Chris's training is still incomplete at this point in the timeline, but it's notable that Jill is able to withstand very little of Wesker's strikes, getting taken out for a few seconds after merely being slammed into a wall, and then being incapacitated for the rest of the fight after a single solid strike. Chris, on the other hand, is beaten by Wesker the entire time but is never off-screen for more than a moment. He keeps coming back again and again, determined, although ultimately Wesker beats him enough to keep him on the floor. Wesker intends to end their rivalry, but Jill saves Chris by tackling Wesker out of a window, sacrificing herself.

Vs U8 - Chris wins

(1:06:50) Facing a building-sized BOW that is also blindingly fast, armored, and spiked, the U8 (or Ultimate #8) is the successor of the U3 Leon Kennedy faced years prior, and was created to hunt down Chris Redfield. Despite its size, the U8 was just as fast as the U3, and in fact its great area of effect and unpredictability would have made it that much harder to battle.

Chris treats the beast rather casually and isn't even caught by surprise when he sees it. The U8's armor makes it almost invincible, Chris has to aim for the vulnerable muscle on its arms and shoot inside its mouth just to damage it. When the beast is stunned, Chris kills it by throwing grenades down its throat.

Even the U8's vulnerable points and insides are incredibly strong however, Chris has to unload an arsenal into the beast just to stun it, and it takes three grenades down the throat before finally dying. Again, keep in mind this is an abridged version of the encounter.

Chris and Sheva vs Wesker and Jill (Chris vs Wesker 4) - Inconclusive

(1:17:48) Chris finally reunites with Jill, only to find that she is being brainwashed and controlled by Wesker to do his bidding.

Now face-to-face with two metahumans, Chris and Sheva have no choice but to run and use ambush tactics to their advantage. Chris obviously does a lot better this time than he did during his and Wesker's last tussle, but it's still a losing battle at this point. It's actually an player-dependent boss, because depending on how well the player performs, Wesker will either leave after seven minutes because he has better things to do, mocking Chris, or he will actually be forced to retreat. Either way the fight does not conclude, and once again Chris and Albert are forced to settle their business another time.

Chris and Sheva vs Jill - Chris wins

(1:21:10) After Wesker leaves, Chris has to figure out a way to save Jill without killing her. Employing such restraint against an assassin as deadly as Jill Valentine leaves Chris in a vulnerable position, killing her is actually fairly easy for Chris despite her superhuman agility and skill, but doing so will result in a game over. So Chris must rely on dodging and restraining Jill while Sheva slowly chips away at the mind control device on her chest. Chris even uses judo throws to incapacitate Jill without injuring her too badly, and again, he proves that as powerful as she is thanks to the P30 serum, she can't really do any lasting damage to him.

Ultimately, thanks to Sheva's help, Chris is able to incapacitate Jill without harming her, and remove the device.

Chris and Sheva vs Uroboros Aheri - Chris wins

(1:31:15) Uroboros is possibly the most powerful virus in the series. Chris encountered and defeated it twice up to this point, however, both of those encounters were skipped because they pale in comparison to the ultimate mutation. Excella Gionne, after mutating, absorbed the corpses of dozens of dead Majini lying on the ship deck, and rapidly transformed into an enormous size, which was Wesker's intention as he was hoping the monstrosity would kill Chris Redfield.

Chris and Sheva can't even hurt the thing, so they have no choice but to run away, showing some impressive agility and quick reactions in the process. Aheri continues to grow to massive proportions as it tears apart the whole ship, and soon, Chris and Sheva have no choice but to fight it head on. Chris wields a prototype satellite laser device, dodging the beast's attacks and targeting it's weak points one by one until eventually, its core is exposed. Taking his opportunity, Chris finishes the massive creature off.

vs Albert Wesker 5 - Chris wins

(1:42:32) At last, after all his training, all his experience, and all their prior encounters, with Sheva's help, the tables start to turn on Wesker. He remains more powerful than Chris, but thanks to the latter's own resourcefulness and foresight, Chris was able to procure a sample of the virus Wesker uses to power himself, with the hopes that an overdose will actually act as a poison. Pulling out all the stops, Chris uses stealth, traps, and every weapon at his disposal. He fires at Wesker's back with RPGs, but Wesker just spins around and catches them. Chris acts quickly and shoots the missiles, detonating them in Wesker's hands to weaken him. Wesker regenerates quickly though and throws Chris off his back. Chris doesn't give up and the intense battle rages on. The battle QTEs show just how far Chris has progressed during his encounters with Wesker. He's able to tag, dodge, and combat the tyrant on much more even ground than ever before, and in the end, he manages to stun Wesker long enough to inject him with the syringe, overdosing him on his own power and torturing him with incredible pain. In the end, Wesker actually tries to run away. But Chris isn't finished with him yet and gives chase.

The next section of their battle takes place on the plane, and Wesker isn't fooling around this time. He's putting his fist straight through steel in sheer anger, but can't seem to keep Chris down no matter how much he beats him. It's in this section, facing a totally bloodlusted Wesker, that Sheva is more invaluable than ever, but Chris himself continues to dodge, shoot, outsmart and overwhelm the tyrant, ultimately ending the battle by dropping Wesker from the plane itself and into a volcano.

THAT is how you win a fight conclusively!

vs Albert Wesker 6 - Chris wins

(1:55:00) Having miraculously survived the bomber's crash landing with minimal injuries, and also withstanding the torturous heat and noxious chemicals released by that volcano without breaking a sweat, Chris and Sheva are ready to engage Wesker in the final battle.

In "The Art of Resident Evil 5" which is an artbook filled with very interesting developer comments and insight into the game, Capcom states that the reason Wesker decided to fuse with Uroboros was out of complete desperation. He's been foiled by Chris time and time again, none of his monsters and enforcers have been able to stop Redfield, and now, Wesker himself is unable to stop him as well.

A lot of people seem to be under the impression that Wesker fusing with Uroboros was actually a downgrade, as he lost his signature speed, and received no new strength feats. However, that couldn't be father from the truth. Wesker might be too bulky to move across the room like a teleporter now, but his actual attacks are faster and deadlier than ever. When fighting Sheva, he launches portions of himself like rockets across the wide gap towards Chris, and one of his moves involves digging his arms through the earth, then popping them up underneath Chris and rotating them like a whirlwind, so quickly that his two arms seem to multiply into a dozen.

As for the not much stronger complaint, I don't even get where that comes from because Wesker literally shatters a small mountain/portion of the volcano when he's attacking Sheva, making him class 100+.

Chris is able to duck and dodge all of these attacks, as he gradually wears the near-invulnerable Super Wesker down. In a fit of determination and desperation, Chris tackles Wesker with his bare hands, restraining him and beating at his chest, before ripping away the Uroboros armor and revealing his vital organ. He orders Sheva to shoot him, even telling her to shoot through him, as the Uroboros virus attempts to assimilate him into its mass.

Instead, Sheva attacks with her knife, dealing massive damage to Wesker's core before Chris is thrown off, but he quickly comes right back with his own knife, dealing the finishing blow. Wesker then sinks into the lava as Chris and Sheva are rescued by Jill.


Wesker is unwilling to accept defeat. He surfaces from the lava, his rage stronger than the heat, grabs the helicopter and attempts to bring Chris down with him. Chris and Sheva both grab RPGs, and deliver a dual-payload straight to Wesker's face, that takes his head right off, and seemingly obliterates his body. For good.

Vs J'avo - Chris wins

The J'avo are the newest and most successful brand of virus-enhanced Super Soldiers in the series yet, with high intelligence, greater strength and agility than the Majini, and the ability to actively adapt to threats and suddenly mutate into stronger forms. Piers states that bullets don't even faze them and they can regenerate an entire brain and skull in a matter of moments, which is why the game needs to be so plentiful with ammo, and why melee is actually the most effective tactic most of the time.

Chris' chapter 2 flashback shows him and his squad suppressing a J'avo militia in some infected country on the brink of destruction. Chris has upgraded from Super Soldier since RE5 into an outright one-man-army.

Chris' story in chapter 1 shows him fighting these J'avo, leading the BSAA and saving civilians in the present day, while amnesiac, through nothing but his training and muscle memory.

By the end of the game, most of Chris' squad have died and the only ones left are him and Piers. The two outright storm Neo-Umbrella HQ and take the fight to the enemy, killing an actual army of J'avo singlehandedly.

Vs Armored Helicopter - Chris wins

Chris battles an armored attack chopper while being attacked by J'avo using a grenade launcher. All conventional weapons are useless against it, but Chris is able to bring it down fairly quickly.

After fighting BOWs and house-sized monsters for so long, a simple helicopter just isn't much of a threat.

Vs Illuzija - Chris wins

Illuzija is a giant snake monster that has been picking off Chris' squadmates one by one. Its scales act as armor and it uses stealth by camouflaging itself into the environment, almost to the point of invisibility. This battle is a true test of senses and observation, as Chris must find the beast and dodge its ambushes, while slowly wearing it down with firepower into its mouth.

At one point, Illuzija strikes Chris, sending him crashing into tables and chairs across the room, but besides a brief stun Chris doesn't seem to take any damage, somehow. The snake then coils around Chris, attempting to constrict him with over 13 tons of force. Chris breaks the constriction with his bare hands and lifts Illuzija straight over his head to escape.

The battle rages on with Illuzija growing more aggressive, but its camouflage simply can't fool Chris. Still, their firepower just can't seem to do enough damage to kill the beast, although Illuzija does try to run away eventually, and Chris actually orders his men to chase it down. Now the hunter has become the prey!

Ultimately, with a bit of environmental use and some sharp timing, Chris is able to electrocute Illuzija into nothingness.

Vs Leon Kennedy - Stalemate

In Resident Evil 6, Chris at long-last confronts the other major protagonist of Resident Evil, special agent Leon Scott Kennedy. And of course they have to fight.

Leon actually ambushes Chris, smacking away his rifle and forcing him to miss Ada (really Carla). Chris reacts quickly to draw his pistol, but Leon reacts quicker and grabs Chris' wrist to force the pistol right back in its holster. Chris uses his free hand to go for a hook, but Leon ducks it and counterattacks with a kick, which Chris ducks in turn. Now Chris does something rather skillful in this next bit, although the fight is so fast that it's hard to see without slowing it down. After ducking Leon's kick, he feints with his left elbow, tricking Leon into guarding his left side when in reality, Chris is spinning around with his right elbow, and this time, Leon is barely able to block in time. You can see by the change in his expression that he felt the force of that blow and is struggling to hold it back, but Chris's attack didn't end there. While elbowing with his right arm, he used his left hand to grab Leon by the forearm, then uses that moment of opportunity to grasp his shoulder as well and gain a dominating position, transitioning into a series of knee strikes. Leon's own training shows when he reacts quickly enough to block the knee strikes, and then breaks out of the hold with an elbow strike, only for Chris to block. Leon follows up with a powerful spinning back hook, but Chris dodges that as well and uses the opening Leon created to tackle him. Leon knows what he's doing however and stays on his feet, as you're not supposed to fall to the floor when someone tackles you, and from this position he's actually able to reverse things on Chris and force him to his knees. Chris smartly abandons the failed tackle and maneuvers around to Leon's back, blocking another elbow strike with his forearm before snatching the arm in a hold while his other hand holds Leon by the waist, attempting to subdue him. However Leon quickly grabs Chris by the wrist and forces his head away from his waist, allowing him to spin around and once again reverse the situation on Chris, putting him in a chokehold. Chris resists however, and from his inferior position, is able to counter Leon with a judo shoulder throw, only for Leon to expertly roll out of it with no damage and rise to his feet. The two react equally and draw their pistols on each other at the exact same time, and only then do they actually see each other and realize who they were both fighting.

This is a very fast-paced battle and at first glance, Chris's fighting style can look rough and brawny. However when you actually break it down, he displayed a fantastic knowledge of fighting techniques and forms, used smart tactics, and blocked or dodged every one of Leon's attacks. The fight ends with neither of them having landed a single blow, and they also match each other on the quickdraw.

Vs Haos

Finally, the ultimate Bioweapon! A Godzilla-sized monster of unstoppable power! HAOS! The creature who was meant to spread infection across the whole globe and bring about the end of the human race. Only Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans stand in the way of this behemoth bringing about the end of the world.

The first section of this battle is nothing but running away. Chris performs fast-paced parkour through the facility to dodge Haos as the monster destroys everything.

Once he has actual ground to stand on, Chris engages the BOW in combat, and actually weakens it enough for the shutters to close and cut Haos in half.

The creature is far from dead however, and now it's angry enough to start pursuing the two soldiers just to kill them. The next section is another escape as Chris and Piers are trapped in the underwater facility while Haos starts destroying the entire place. They have to sprint through corridors and narrowly slide underneath closing shutters to avoid being locked out, while fending off Haos' attacks. At the end of the line, the final platform collapses, and Chris barely manages to grab on before falling into the ocean. He must scale a sheer wall quickly while Piers barely holds up the final shutter from closing with sheer muscle power. Either character can do this however, it just depends on who reached the door first. Here's Chris holding up the shutter while Piers climbs from another campaign.

They then do the exact same thing again although this time, Haos has broken in and is chasing them, and Chris and Piers must outrace the monster while also outracing the water flood.

Haos is furious and won't give up the pursuit. He ends up crashing through the bulkhead and nearly ripping Piers' arm off, before throwing him across the room and onto a spike. The beast crushes the remainder of Piers' arm with a hunk of debris, and then grabs hold of Chris and attempts to crush the life out of him. Chris is unable to break free from the monster's grip, but manages to endure for a prolonged period of time while Piers, in an effort of sheer will and determination, rips off the remainder of his arm, and slowly crawls along the ground towards the final C-Virus vial. After a moment of contemplation, Piers injects himself with the virus, growing powerful enough to finally rescue Chris from the monster.

The two are now trapped with Haos, whose size has reduced even further after being caught in the bulkhead, in a locked down room. The most trying and brutal battle of Chris' life begins, as Chris and Piers repeatedly kill Haos only for the creature to cocoon itself and regenerate moments later. Haos ultimately smacks Chris across the room while Piers puts all of his power into a final struggle with the monster. Finally exhausted and battered, Chris crawls on his hands and knees, still determined to kill the monster, and saves Piers by using his knife to rip out the creature's heart.


Stay tuned for future updates regarding Macho Man Redfield, as he doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Anticipated story DLC for RE7 "Not a Hero", which looks to be teasing a dark turn for our zombie slaying hero Chris, along with the upcoming CGI film "Resident Evil: Vendetta" both look to be jampacked with badass showings and feats.


Dragon Ball, the Great Parody? The Forgotten Genre of Dragon Ball

About two months ago, I posted my first YouTube video on here and it helped me receive a lot of views. Unfortunately it was quickly taken down for copyright not long after, and I've been spending this time battling that.

It's over now though, and I'm back to pimp out my second video. When it comes to discussing a fictional work, knowing its genre in advance is key to understanding it. So, ask yourself, what would you classify as Dragon Ball's genre? Some common answers would be Shonen, or an action cartoon. Well Shonen isn't actually a genre, and action cartoon is pretty vague, to say the least.

Dragon Ball actually does have a genre, one single word that bottles all of its elements together. A genre that's been around for centuries. It's called Wuxia, and it originates from China. Wuxia literally translates to "martial hero" and to summarize, the whole genre revolves around oriental warriors who travel the land, seeking to improve their martial arts skills, saving the day, and delivering flying kung-fu kicks to the face + destructive ki/chi blasts to evildoers all at the same time.

That said, many of you would also know that Dragon Ball originated as a gag manga, and didn't become serious until much later. While the series would eventually evolve into a more straightforward Wuxia tale, I think the first two arcs would be more properly classified as parody material, and this is a very overlooked aspect of the series. So in this video, I wanted to discuss a few elements from those first two arcs that point towards just how straightforward of a parody Dragon Ball really was. I hope you guys all enjoy.

P.S. If you decide to watch the video, please do it on YouTube so I get the view, and also if you have any comments, please leave them on the YouTube page and not here, because comments help videos show up in search feeds and stuff.


Rocky Respect Thread

*Note: Still need to go over the recently released 'Creed' as well as embed videos once Comic Vine fixes the feature which is currently broken. Also, I might be getting my hands on Rocky: The Ultimate Guide come Christmas which I expect to have loads of fun facts. But for now, enjoy the first six films*

No Caption Provided

Rocky Balboa, the 'Italian Stallion.' One of the most beloved and enduring film characters, coming up on his 40th anniversary next year. For too long this guy and his fellow boxers have been underestimated on the battle forums. In honor of 'Creed' and the revitalization of the franchise, I am here to showcase the true fantastic boxing skill and will power, that is possessed by the fighters of this iconic franchise.

Of course, the best place to start is at the beginning.

No Caption Provided









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The undisputed heavyweight boxing champion of the world, with a spectacular record of 46 fights, 46 wins, and 46 knockouts. Throughout his entire career fighting in the heavyweight division, no opponent has ever managed to get passed the 12th round with Apollo Creed. Nobody's ever even been able to so much as knock him down. This is because Apollo Creed was not simply the most skilled boxer in the world. he was, to quote Mickey, "The most dangerous fighter in the world!"

No Caption Provided

Note that Mickey did not specify boxer, he calls Creed the most dangerous fighter, and his use of the word 'dangerous' supports the fact that he was just using the word in general. Meaning this includes not only boxers, but also martial artists, special forces members, everybody. Apollo Creed is the greatest hand-to-hand combatant on the planet, which might come as a surprise to some of you comic book fans, but boxing is in fact one of the most efficient fighting styles that exists.

Apollo was known for his killer speed above all else, as well as his mastery of the boxing style and intelligent strategies. These skills are what made him an undefeated, undisputed, outright unbeatable fighter. He may be flamboyant and arrogant on the surface, but don't let that fool you into thinking he doesn't back it up 100%.

Creed is actually a bit of a blood knight, much more so than Rocky Balboa in fact. Rocky fights because he's a fighter, that's all he can do. Apollo fights because he considers himself a true warrior, and lives for nothing but fighting, as he explains to Rocky in the fourth movie.

One of my favorite quotes comes at the end of Rocky III. Right before the film's iconic ending, Apollo explains why he believes he'll still be able to beat Rocky, even after teaching him "almost" everything he knows about boxing.

Apollo: You gotta remember now. You fight great, but I'M a great fighter.

His son, Adonis Creed, inherited his father's passion for fighting, and is shown to already be one of the greatest boxers in the world before he even receives any training at all. So can you imagine Apollo, in his prime, with all of his natural talent in addition to years of training and experience? It's no wonder that he acts so confident; it's because he deserves to be.


You can see Apollo using his vastly dominant skill and speed to pepper Rocky with blows constantly throughout the fight while literally dancing around him. By the end of the first round alone, Apollo had thrown 49 punches and landed 45, while Rocky had only landed 11. And even those were clearly because Apollo was caught getting cocky. Many people forget that the whole reason Apollo challenged Rocky in the first place was because he had already cleansed the division of any worthy opponents, so fighting Rocky was just a PR stunt, and he wasn't at all expecting this local club fighter to be any sort of challenge. While Rocky trained his heart out, Apollo actually didn't do any training at all. Yet he still managed to go 15 brutal rounds with the stallion, a man who can punch hard enough to break cow ribs, yet never quit or get knocked out and eventually win in the end. That's an impressive feat in itself.

For Rocky's part, people need to remember that the whole point of the first film was that, well, Rocky wasn't actually a good boxer. He's a fighter who doesn't even know what he's doing, just a local club bum and part-time collector for the local loan shark, and he's given a chance to fight the undisputed world champion. Rocky was infinitely less skilled, less experienced, worse trained, much slower, had a much shorter reach, and didn't even possess a weight advantage. He was literally outclassed in every single category, not by a little, but by a mile. Yet somehow, this local club fighter went the distance with the world champ for all 15 rounds, never giving up and never being knocked out, through nothing but sheer will.

By the 14th round, Creed had thrown 139 punches and landed 132, most of which were in the face, while Rocky had only landed 28. Rocky took it all, every bit of it, and never quit. He was knocked down plenty, but kept rising back up over and over like a man possessed. And this is just what we see on-screen, since the fight goes into montage and we only catch bits and pieces. Theoretically, if Apollo kept up the pattern from the first two rounds, he could have punched Rocky the better part of a thousand times throughout the whole fight. But of course, that's just a theory.

Notable instances include Apollo breaking Rocky's nose in the very first round (he was the first opponent to ever break Rocky's nose) and Rocky fighting the entire bout with it, and Apollo beating Rocky's eye until it was swollen shut, with Rocky telling Mick cut it open with a razor while he sat stark still and endured it.

For Apollo's part, it was Rocky's ludicrous stamina that allowed him to finally start taking the advantage in the final two rounds. As Apollo slowed down, Rocky was able to start landing more blows, and as we all should know, Rocky might not be very technically skilled, but when he takes it to the body, he takes it savage.

No Caption Provided

In total Rocky ending up landing about 47 blows on Creed, eventually breaking his ribs and causing internal bleeding. Even one broken rib should be more than enough to totally incapacitate any real boxer, but Apollo states it plural, yet refuses to have the match be stopped and goes out to finish the final round anyway all while coughing up blood.

This is the power Rocky was blasting Apollo with for that entire match. It took until the fourteenth round before Rocky finally broke Apollo's ribs.

The battle ends with both boxers being hospitalized for their wounds, and Rocky's eye never fully heals. The fight is officially designated "The greatest exhibition of boxing stamina, in the history of the ring."

No Caption Provided

The training scenes in the second movie are when Rocky starts to do more impressive stuff.

1:29 - 60 one-armed pushups (Rocky weighs between 190 and 202 pounds during this training)

1:36 - 50 forty-pound curls

1:45 - Duck walk while carrying a huge log over his shoulders

2:34 - Crazy jump rope speed

2:40 - Catches a chicken (chickens can generally run at around 9 MPH, but more importantly they are very small and maneuverable, meaning you've gotta be moving significantly faster in order to catch it. If anyone's ever had to catch a puppy, which is way slower than a chicken, you'll understand the challenge)

2:46 - Incredible speedbag timing and reflexes (I don't know how Sylvester Stallone did it, but if you compare him here to real championship boxers like Manny Pacquiao, he seems to be going as fast or significantly faster and harder. But whereas Pazquiao is a lightweight and sometimes welterweight, specifically known for his speed, Rocky is a heavyweight who has "no speed" by the standards of the Rocky universe)

3:26 - Rocky's famous 30-mile long run, which he begins in the evening with the sun setting, and completes with the sun still at horizon AKA an hour at most (supporting this is the fact that it wouldn't be very beneficial to run any longer than that).

Look at the sky, the lighting, and the placement of the sun

Of course now that Apollo knew what Rocky was made of, he was taking the rematch seriously and doing his own hard training as well. The last time, he didn't train at all and went in completely unprepared, and still won. This time, he gets into the best shape of his life, packing on 220 pounds to maintain his weight advantage over Rocky while simultaneously keeping up his killer speed, and steamrolling through every professional sparring partner put in the ring with him, one after the other without ever even being touched.

Apollo: GET UP... Get me another one!

Duke: Come on you gotta ease up on these guys partner.

Apollo: You just get me another one!

It was said in the first film that Apollo had no more worthy opponents and everyone was too scared to get into the ring with him, which is why he fought Rocky. These sparring sessions seem to remember that fact.


So last time, out-of-shape Apollo beat in-shape Rocky. Now, they're both in-shape, but Apollo still has his natural advantage. As you would expect, the fight doesn't go so good for Rocky. The beginning stages at least are probably even worse than their first fight, with Apollo throwing a colossal 84 blows in the first round alone, and landing 74 of them. Meanwhile, Rocky lands a total of 12.

The speed disparity is on full-display here, and Apollo even finds time to taunt Rocky about it. In this scene, Apollo has just gotten off the ropes, and he calmly stands there with his hands at his sides, and asks a fully guarded Rocky if he's "ready to lay down". In an instant, Apollo brings his fist up and smashes Rocky in the face before he can even make a move. THAT'S lighting-fast strikes.

No Caption Provided

Apollo proves beyond a shadow of doubt that he is the FAR better boxer between the two, as he once again stands by idly, his guard down, and begs Rocky to come at him. Rocky obliges, but throws a surprising feint with his left hand before coming around with his right. Apollo slides around both completely effortlessly and makes Rocky fall into the ropes like a fool, then tells him he's just too slow.

Apollo starts dancing around the ring with Rocky giving chase, literally announcing to the whole crowd that he's about to punch Rocky. He casually winds his arm way behind his back, looks straight at Rocky and warns him "Here it comes!"... then lands his haymaker right across Rocky's jaw with Rocky being unable to react at all. Apollo did all this just to prove how dominant he is.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

The right-feint that Rocky pulled was especially surprising for Creed, because he'd spent all this time preparing to fight a southpaw, or someone who boxes left-handed. Mickey's whole strategy for the rematch was to train Rocky into a right-handed fighter secretly, so that he could surprise Creed and throw him off, essentially throwing all of Apollo's prep down the toilet. The announcers and Apollo's own team were stunned when Rocky started fighting right-handed, but what did Apollo have to say about it?

It didn't bother him. Even though he had spent months specifically preparing for a southpaw, he basically adapted to the new style instantly and kicked Balboa's butt regardless.

There are a lot more highlights from the fight. If you have Netflix, I recommend quickly playing Rocky II and skipping to the fight at 1:41:50 so you can watch it in High Quality, because amazingly enough, the famous fight isn't anywhere on YouTube in half-decent quality. Kids these days amirite? Anyway, you'll see Apollo dancing around every move Rocky makes, throwing sweet combos and overall just devastating the stallion. It's a complete stomp, it's like Spider-Man vs Venom.

...Yet Rocky never stays down.

By the end of the fight, he has taken a total of approximately 243 blows from the world heavyweight champion boxer (out of a total 257), most of which were in the face, and again, that's merely what we see on-screen. We see the first two rounds in full, then bits and pieces of the remaining 13.

By the end of it, Mickey is genuinely fearing for Rocky's life, yet he still refuses to stop fighting. The announcers say they thought he took a beating the last time, but this one was at least twice as bad. Never before have I seen any character defeat such a superior opponent, simply through their endurance. Not Spider-Man, not Batman, not Captain America, never before have they been able to challenge a superior opponent, and defeat them, by taking every bit of their punishment head-on and simply tiring them out. We've established that Apollo Creed is a tough guy, but this makes Rocky exponentially tougher. The only character I've ever seen who can match this endurance... is Superman, during his fight with Doomsday.

For Creed's part, he takes a total of 121 blows, from a guy that can break the ribs of a cow, and again that's just what we see on-screen. The fact that he didn't die is superhuman in itself. In the end, when both he and Rocky fall to the floor, Rocky gets to his feet merely one second faster, a fact that will haunt Apollo and spur him to challenge Rocky to a third fight years later.

Rocky is now the Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World.

No Caption Provided
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Let's talk about Thunderlips. This guy is so underrated, but he was the first instance of clear superhuman strength in the Rocky series, and the way Rocky dealt with him was when things first started to get over the top.

I've always loved this scene. Every time I watch it I remember how bizarre and awesome it is.

Anyway Thunderlips is the 7 foot tall, nearly-400 pound undisputed wrestling champion of the world. Apparently he has the world's biggest arm and is the ultimate object of desire. He also claims outright to possess superhuman strength.

Rocky has a nice little speed feat right in the beginning. I don't know if it's just the camera angle, or maybe some special effects at works, but he is able to dodge Thunderlips coming from behind and move to the other side of the ring like a blur.

No Caption Provided

The match is just for charity though, it's an exhibition, so Rocky isn't taking it seriously and, being the knucklehead that he is, can't pick up on Thunderlips' hostile intents. So without fighting seriously, Rocky is caught off guard when Thunderlips gets his hands on him, and can't fight back through the barrage of pro wrestling moves.

Now, Thunderlips is a guy who can casually throw a 202 pound man across a 15 foot ring hard enough to have him smash into the post, and even lift that 202 pound man straight over his head, and toss him out of the ring, all the way into the fifth row. A whole crowd of cops and civilians couldn't restrain him, he just used his wrestling moves to beat the sh!t out of them all and steamroll through, and when he got angry that Rocky wasn't staying down, he smashed his hands onto the floor and rumbled the entire ring. When Paulie came over and smashed a chair over his head, the chair just shattered against his skin and Thunderlips wasn't even hurt. He also knocked Paulie out cold with one punch, which confirms that he's at least stronger than Tommy Gunn.

So with all that said, how in the world did Rocky take all of these pro wrestling moves and not friggin die?!?!?!? Thunderlips even broke Rocky's back over his knee, we hear the cracking sound for god sakes, but Rocky just gets up like oh no big deal, cut my gloves off so I can completely lay waste to this monster with a couple gut shots.

Although it's arguable that Rocky needed Paulie's help in order to survive, I would say the stallion still hadn't gotten over the ridiculous beating he took earlier. If Rocky were taking things seriously from the beginning, who knows what would have happened, I'm inclined to believe Thunderlips wouldn't have ever gotten his hands on him at all (don't let the Apollo fight make you think Rocky is slow or unskilled. He's clearly not, Apollo was just that much better). Regardless, Rocky shows the strength and skill to lay Thunderlips out, and even get revenge by picking him up and throwing him out of the ring, seemingly without too much strain. That's a pretty decent lifting feat (Thunderlips weighs nearly 400 pounds) but the striking is a lot more impressive.

In the end, the match is officially declared a draw and neither fighter seems to be in any pain whatsoever. They take a polaroid together, which after much detective work I have found is a weird way of saying photograph.

OKAY time for Clubber Lang.

As Apollo Creed later explains, Rocky lacked "the eye of the tiger" during this fight, his will power that makes him unbeatable and allowed him to win the championship in the first place. So this fight was a test of straight up strength, speed and skill, all of which Clubber had Rocky outclassed in.

Clubber might not be a traditionally skilled boxer like Apollo was, he lacks the technical finesse obviously, but don't think that makes him unskilled. He was a hard-hitting brawler with a character that is much like his boxing style: direct, aggressive and brutal. His fighting style and record show a similarity to a young George Foreman, and perhaps even Mike Tyson.

He gave Mick a heart attack by pushing him, and even Apollo Creed admitted that Clubber was way stronger than himself. He was at the exhibition bout between Rocky and Thunderlips and didn't seem at all impressed with what happened, so coupled with the fact that he actually knocked Rocky out, it seems as though Clubber is even stronger than the wrestling champion was.

Instead of a more in-depth analysis, I'm just going to leave it to a YouTube comment I stumbled across that sums it up.

Round 1: Clubber took 14 hooks, crosses / overhand right punches to the face. Rocky received 18.
Round 2: Clubber took 1. Rocky took 11.

No jabs, no partially blocked hits, no glancing blows. All face punches were direct hits, very hard. And this is not even counting the body blows. It seems that about 3 of those hits in a row would have knocked a heavyweight fighter down, maybe out. But Rocky took 29 before he even fell once. The lack of realism drains a lot of the tension out of the scene, and I stopped caring about whether anybody got punched hard. It's like a Michael Bay movie where everything explodes because he thinks anything less would bore the audience to death. It seems that this director was afraid that the audience would get bored with realistic boxing!

So even without his will power, Rocky is still a naturally durable guy as shown in his previous fight with Thunderlips, so Clubber KOing him in merely two rounds goes to show the guy is no joke. That's when Apollo Creed comes back into the picture, and offers to train Rocky to help him get back his Eye of The Tiger. But the training also included Rocky learning Apollo's style, enhancing his speed and boxing technique... It becomes quite clear early on that Rocky isn't very graceful, but he gets the hang of it eventually.

The races are the most notable bit. At first, Apollo is fast enough to leave Rocky in the dust, Rocky can only catch up when Apollo starts running backwards. Pretty impressive for Apollo given Rocky's 30 mile jog feat. This is not their first race, and earlier on Rocky was even less of a match for Creed. But gradually, throughout the course of their training, Rocky eventually grows fast enough to surpass Apollo.

Rocky also displays his newly enhanced agility, dancing around the speedbag and dodging all around Apollo during their sparring session.

No Caption Provided

So with his motivation back and newly enhanced speed and skill, Rocky was ready to take back the title from Clubber Lang.


Round 1 - Speed

Rocky's enhanced skill and speed are on full display here. Watching this, right after his fight with Apollo, is really quite startling. It's almost as if the roles have been reversed; faced with a man who's an even bigger tank than himself, Rocky had to become Apollo. Now he's out there, dancing around every move, almost untouchable, all while virtually blitzing Clubber Lang with jabs and hooks.

Clubber's fists miss, and they audibly slice through the air like a whip. We KNOW this guy is far from slow, yet here's Rocky making a fool out of him anyway. That's real combat speed.

Round 2 - Endurance

Now Clubber is mad. It takes three boxing trainers to restrain him, and when he comes back out, he comes out swingin'. His punches sound like explosions.

At one point, he even punches Rocky into the ropes so hard that Rocky bounces off, and lands all the way in the middle of the ring.

But what happened to all that speed and skill Rocky displayed earlier? Well as soon as he sits down, we find out he might not be utilizing that speed, but he isn't being any less skilled. He's found Clubber's weakness; stamina. The guy relies entirely on knockout punches, so if he can't end his opponent early, he'll lose all of his energy. This is exceptionally clever strategy on Rocky's part, and he manages to make it work, taking every one of Clubber's incredibly strong blows head-on and never giving up. I think the fight is relatively self explanatory just by watching; those are powerhouse blows Rocky is soaking up.

Round 3 - Eye of The Tiger

Rocky knocks out powerhouse Clubber Lang in the third round. Never before in a Rocky movie has the antagonist been defeated so quickly and easily. I mean, Clubber had nearly 40 pounds on Rocky AND a reach advantage, making such short work of a guy like that is unheard of. That is serious skill and strength the stallion must be packing. Nothing more to be said.

In return for training him, Rocky owes Apollo one favor. Apollo confesses that he hasn't gotten over his loss to Rocky, stating that he "lost by one second" and feels he can do better this time, even though Rocky has improved massively and even surpassed his speed. Apollo simply states that he hasn't taught Rocky everything he knows. So, he wants to have one final fight with the stallion, behind closed doors, just the two of them. No cameras, no newspapers, just two warriors. For decades, this iconic ending has been left in the air for movie fans to debate about. Recently, 'Creed' actually revealed who won.

It was Apollo.

No Caption Provided

Time for the big one.

Alright, obviously we'll start with Ivan Drago. Let's see; trained Soviet military Captain and gold medal winning Olympist, standing at 6'7 and weighing 268 pounds with a reach of 80 inches, later defeated every boxer in Russia and became the undisputed world amateur champion, THEN was enhanced by the Soviet government into a truly unbeatable Russian super-boxer with blood doping, anabolic steroids, and the most high-tech training equipment available.

Interestingly enough, Ivan Drago is the only Rocky antagonist to get somewhat of an epilogue, with Rocky: The Ultimate Guide stating that he wasn't permitted to resume his boxing career after assaulting that official during the match with Rocky. However, after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Drago returned to boxing and accumulated an impressive record of 31-0 with 31 KOs while also winning the heavyweight title, possibly defeating Tommy Gunn for it. Although this was after being rejected by the Soviet government, meaning no more blood doping, no more steroids, and no more high-tech equipment. Drago was a champion before his enhancements, and he was a champion after them as well, all through his own merits.

WITH the enhancements though, on top of his already championship-worthy abilities, he became nearly unstoppable. He had a punching power of over 2,000 pounds per square inch (stronger than a point-blank shotgun blast) and trained by running up a near-vertical treadmill. Drago gives a whole new meaning to the word super soldier.

My favorite feat is when he and Apollo touch gloves before their match, Apollo is all arrogant and trying to humiliate Drago, so he smashes his hands over Drago's as hard as he can, and Drago's arms don't even budge.

Although Creed is more skilled, the Russian doesn't seem to be at any disadvantage in terms of actual speed. He parries many of Apollo's blows during the first round, and in the second round after Apollo is injured, he can't lay a hand on Drago at all. Drago's own punching speed is remarkable, with Apollo failing to dodge even a single strike throughout the entire fight.

Of Apollo's punches that DO connect, they don't even harm Drago, and in the end Drago actually beats Apollo to death by just the second round.

For Apollo's part, he's taking barrages of shotgun-punches to the face and refuses to quit. Despite not possessing the strength to combat Drago, Creed is still a true warrior, and would sooner choose to die in the ring than throw in the towel. That's will power.

Of course Rocky's gotta come along and avenge his friend, but everyone needs to consider just how impossible the odds Rocky was facing really were.

Drago was inhuman, he took drugs to enhance himself, while Rocky needed to match his progress strictly through natural hard work... And he succeeded. Rocky goes to Russia, trains with only the bare essentials, and gets stronger than he's ever been before. Rocky essentially matches superhuman enhancements through sheer will power.

1:21 - Rocky pulls Paulie and his sled through the snow on his hands and knees, which would require a LOT more force than just simply lifting it because he had zero traction or leverage.

2:44 - Crazy jump rope speed.

4:42 - Rocky lifts a carriage with Adrian, Duke, and Paulie all piled in it. Estimated weight to be near 800 pounds.

5:11 - Rocky outraces a KGB car, the car eventually spins out and crashes but Rocky keeps going, and instead of climbing the Rocky steps, this time he climbs a whole mountain with just his bare hands.

...And even after all that, Drago is still way stronger than Rocky, as shown when he completely smashes down Rocky's hands during their glove touch... Yeah, things aren't looking good for the Italian Stallion.


I'll just cut to the chase. Drago punched Rocky... well over 200 times. I counted 236, to be exact, but that number probably isn't 100% correct since I only bothered to count once this time (sorry for lazing out). It's in the ballpark though, I'll say I'd be surprised if the exact number wasn't in the 230s. And, once again, this is only what we see on-screen. The first two rounds, and the final round, plus bits and pieces of the rest. Like with Apollo Creed, Rocky could be looking at the better part of 1,000 punches during this fight, all from a guy packing over a ton of force, per square inch of his fist.

Drago's fighting style really is unorthodox. It reminds me a lot of Dolor from Undisputed III, if anyone's ever seen that movie. All the dancing and unpredictability, coupled with such aggression. Drago really is a highly skilled boxer, and his ludicrous stats just put him over the map. He actually had feats within this fight itself.

In the first round, when Rocky went to town on Drago's ribs with his famous body blows, Drago barely even felt it. He pushed Rocky off, only to stand open and goad him to come back, tanking more shots without defending just to prove that he can.

No Caption Provided

At one point, Drago punches Rocky 15 feet across the ring, and he would have gone even farther had he not hit the post. Rocky probably weighs well over 200 pounds at this point like he did against Apollo, since he bulked up so much to fight Drago.

Drago is even able to lift a man, who looks to weigh well over 200 pounds, straight over head into the air with one arm, and then throw him, completely effortlessly.

No Caption Provided

This is probably Drago's least impressive feat, and it's still easy peak human. His next least impressive feat, having his gloves smashed by Apollo without budging, I would consider superhuman. So Drago is very consistently a superhuman.

Yet, what did he have to say about Rocky Balboa?



Anyway, Rocky eventually manages to knock the guy out, like always. It might have taken him 15 rounds, but the striking power to lay out a 6'7 Russian super soldier is nothing to scoff at either way.

When Rocky was so outclassed by this guy that his best combos to the ribs couldn't even phase him, and throughout the whole battle he could only just barely react to Drago's movements, the fact that he stayed alive and even somehow won in the very end is nothing short of insanity.

No Caption Provided

Nobody really cares about this next guy so let's keep it short. If Rocky can somehow beat crazy Russian super-boxer Ivan Drago who's whole thing was that he was meant to be invincible, how do you possibly top it? Simple, you create the anti-Rocky. Somebody who knows all of Rocky's moves, has trained the same way Rocky has, yet has no hesitation or restraints. No morals whatsoever. Oh, and give Rocky severe brain damage that causes him to seize up in agony just by running on top of that. Yeah, great idea. Have the original script involve Rocky actually dying, just so that his supreme will power can be so absurdly strong, it breaks the fourth wall and defies the actual script by having him rise from the freakin' dead after a heavyweight boxing champion smashes him in the brain damage. Yes, brilliant.

This one here was all about skill. Nobody likes Tommy Gunn as a character, but give credit where credit is due. His total annihilation of an undefeated titalist should not be dismissed.

This was Rocky's protege, Rocky taught him everything he knew. Not only was it specifically stated that Tommy was physically superior to the older and out of practice Balboa, but it was proven on-screen when Tommy beat Rocky at a pushups contest and outraced him up the Rocky steps, and while Rocky was doubled over exhausted from it, Tommy was jumping around and doing cartwheels.

Definitely not quite as physically dominant as Drago was, but that's where the deadly brain damage comes in.


From a sheer skill perspective, Rocky proved at the end of the film that Tommy was still like a child to him. His vastly greater experience was just too much. Tommy needed to cheapshot Balboa multiple times just to trigger his brain damage, and finally give himself some kind of an advantage.

Tommy's other feats include tackling Rocky and busting down an iron grate without stopping, and wrecking all the fodder in the crowd who tried to stop him including Paulie.

Yet here is Rocky, literally resisting death itself so that he can stand up and fight the guy with crazy leg sweeps and suplexes. Rocky's skill is supreme.

No Caption Provided

And last, but certainly not least.

Rocky's final comeback. His last big fight. At the age of 60, with arthritis, calcium deposits on most of his joints, bad knees, and, to quote Duke, "no speed", Rocky Balboa comes back for one last hurrah to fight the current world heavywiehgt champion, Mason "The Line" Dixon. A man who began boxing training when he was 10, and possessed crazy hitting power, heart, the speed to throw 7 blows in one second, and, get this, was a very unpopular champion because he would always beat every opponent way too quickly and way too easily, and therefore never had any good fights. Wow. Stuff like this just doesn't happen in real life.

So they got Rocky Balboa to come out of retirement because they figured, even with his age, he'd be the only person in the world who can give Dixon a good fight. The interesting part is that in the film, a group of experts actually compiled data to create a simulation that portrayed a fight between Mason against Balboa in his prime, as ending with Rocky knocking him out in the very first round.

So that's another fantastic skill feat for Rocky. The champion who beats everyone too easily, gets beaten too easily.

Age does a lot to effect people though. Rocky is a mere shadow of his former self, so with Mason being 30 years his junior, he's back to being the underdog.

The entire training was dedicated solely to building muscle mass, because according to Duke, Rocky "already knows all there is to know about fighting."

Most notably, at 2:57 we can see that Rocky's big weights are 45 lbs a piece.

No Caption Provided

That means old man Rocky can lift 270 pounds off the ground, and straight over his head, while at 2:04 when he has a total of 10 weights, he's lifting 450 pounds off the ground and over his shoulders.

Yet when the fight with Mason comes... he loses.

Don't get me wrong, Rocky displays absolutely phenomenal heart and skill, and Mason even comments that "He's got bricks in his gloves." Goes well with Drago's comment that Rocky is made of iron. But even with brick-punches, after 15 rounds Mason was still standing, and won narrowly by points.

Yet prime Rocky lays him out in the first round? This means that prime Rocky is exponentially stronger than old Rocky, so if we take into account old Rocky's feats of hefting 450 pounds and punching like he's got bricks in his gloves... laying out titans like Thunderlips, Clubber Lang, and Ivan Drago becomes very consistent.


First YouTube video - Defending Frieza's Golden Form; Analysis of 'Potential' in Dragon Ball

This is my first YouTube video. I hope it's okay. It's a topic I've wanted to tackle for a very long time now, but I might have gone a little overboard with the length. I'm just trying to spread it around and get some views now, I need those comments and video retention (which means people watching the whole video instead of clicking away) in order for it to show up in a search, so if everyone can just keep it on in the background that'd be pretty appreciated. Alternatively you can also watch the whole thing, that would be even more awesome of you :0

Constructive criticism on my editing, scripting, and speech is also welcome.


About the Goku vs Superman Death Battle...

The following is copy/pasted from a PM conversation. As such it is a little bit out of context, but I felt like I was summarizing pretty succinctly how everybody was feeling about the Death Battle video, and therefore decided to make a blog post to get it out there.

I watched it. I didn't like it. Don't get me wrong, the fact that Goku lost isn't what bothers me. I mean sure in my opinion the mainstream version of Superman tops off at about Freeza level, but that doesn't change the fact that their first video was genuinely entertaining. Their first video was awesome, well worth the 30 or so minutes. Now this one? I really don't even see why they did it. The video was just boring, I'm not sure if it was Death Battle just trying to defend their position or appease somebody or what... but it seemed pointless.

It's fine that Superman won, but I don't like the way they reached that outcome. Instead of going by feats and actual capabilities, they based the whole battle on an extremely subjective interpretation of the thematic elements of Superman, which is... well extremely subjective. I've seen many Superman stories, and their interpretation of the character just isn't who the character actually is. Their reasonings come off as some type of idol worship of an ideal version of the character, when in reality, the fictional character as seen in DC comics, movies, and animation actually DOES have clear limits. Limits which vary from version to version, indeed some Supermen do represent the invincible god, but taking the highest end abilities of every version of Superman ever and calling that the definitive Superman is... again, extremely subjective.

If they were taking both characters at the absolute pinnacle of their abilities, then they should have acknowledged Goku as unbeatable as well, since, thematically, he should always overcome any walls put in front of him, automatically. Batman is exactly the same as Superman, at least, some versions are, so how did he lose to Spider-Man if he too is limitless?

I mean I don't think Wizz and Boomstick have anything against Dragon Ball, it's just that their particular way of judging battles is automatically skewed in Superman's favor. I just don't like how they came off as objectively 'setting the record straight' so to speak, like their video was supposed to put this whole thing to rest and enlighten everybody on the truth. No, your reasonings are more suited for a formal analysis of the character's underlying themes and symbolism, not a 'Death Battle' which is what you claim to be about.

I mean I understand where they were coming from and I can respect that perspective. I just don't think Superman's thematic significance is grounds for him literally being invincible, as they concluded. What would they say if I asked Superman vs Thanos? Or Galactus? Or TOAA?... Or Batman? It's at that point that their logic completely falls apart, because Superman can't be invincible but only to a certain extent. That doesn't make any sense.

I mean I won't rage over it, people put too much stock into Death Battle as an authoritative figure just because they have a popular YouTube show, but at the end of the day, all their research, comparisons, conclusions, and opinions are no different from me when I make a massive post on Comic Vine. The entire Internet didn't get up in arms when I said Solid Snake can beat Batman 10/10 did it? So why should everybody get up in arms that Whizz and Boomstick said Superman beats Goku 10/10?

To elaborate a bit more I do really enjoy the Death Battle's elaboration on the thematic significance of Superman, I think they hit the nail on the head and have a fantastic understanding of the character. Superman is one of my favorite heroes and it rustles my jimmies when people hate on him and call him a boring boycott or Mary Sue; those people just don't understand the depth of his character. I would be extremely interested in actually having a conversation with Wizz and Boomstick about this stuff, they'd be good at actually writing for Superman since they clearly get the point of why he's cool, I just don't think it's applicable to a 'DEATH BATTLE' which is what we were advertised, which should be objective, factual, and analytical.


An analysis on the parallels between Solid Snake and Big Boss

People often say that Solid Snake and Naked Snake are 'basically the same person' and are only separated by timelines and the unique circumstances that each were exposed to. If David had to endure the hardships that John faced, he would become corrupted just as easily, and likewise John shoulda/coulda/woulda/is still a hero.

I feel like such claims are rather ignorant; not that I blame anybody for having these feelings, I myself used to have a difficult time mentally separating Naked Snake from Solid Snake. After all, they have the same face and the same voice, the same mannerisms even, the differences between the two are almost too subtle to detect.

But that doesn't mean the differences aren't there, and they show that despite being clones, the two Snakes are very different people, and it is more than just a set of circumstances that separate the two. Indeed, as this thread will attempt to elaborate on, the two have actually faced extremely similar sets of circumstances and hardships in their lives, and it is not simply that Big Boss had to endure darker and more grueling issues that led to him becoming a villain, while Solid Snake was lucky enough to be squeaky clean, but rather they both dealt with similar issues and it was Big Boss himself who merely dug himself deeper into the rut, whilst Solid Snake, the morally superior of the two, was able to endure. This gives the impression that Big Boss is a tragic hero and had a harder life than Solid Snake, when in reality, many of the hardships that Big Boss had to endure can be traced back to his own actions and gradual descent into corruption, whereas when Solid Snake was exposed to similar actions or given similar choices, he was strong enough and morally just enough to completely avoid the total darkness that Big Boss was exposed to.

First and foremost, I should say that this thread has nothing to do with personal feelings on each character. I am not here to defend Solid Snake and vilify Big Boss, or call Big Boss weak per say. Rather this is my attempt to objectively elaborate on what I think Kojima's actual intentions with each character was. This is not my own, personal view, but rather what I think Kojima was trying to go for. Many people love Big Boss; that's not a problem, I love him too. The problem is those who defend his actions, as well as the actions of Ocelot, and even Liquid and Solidus, as 'heroic' and claim they are the true heroes of the series, and that Solid Snake only ever got used and manipulated and never stood for anything as powerful as what they all stood for. Claims like these are what I find misguided.

A second, but related topic that I will delve into is the personal, characteristic differences between Solid Snake and Naked Snake, and elaborate on the subtleties of the writing and voice acting that portray them as two completely different people, or perhaps more appropriately, twisted reflections of each other. Similar, but with core differences. Liquid's claim of being Solid Snake's "shadow" rings very true, in fact all four Snakes are 'shadows' of one another in unique ways. But this thread will focus specifically on the parallels between Solid Snake and Naked Snake/Big Boss.

Operation Intrude N313 vs Operation Snake Eater:

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These two missions can be viewed as the origin of both Snakes, Solid and Naked, respectively. The details and circumstances of both missions differ quite widely, but the end result and main driving force is the same; both Snakes were betrayed by their mentors and forced to kill them in battle, an action that set the course of their lives, their ideologies and what they would fight for until their respective deaths, into motion.

No Caption Provided

With Big Boss, the story is clear. Thanks to Metal Gear Solid 3's cinematic cutscenes, we get a clear picture of the plot, characters, motives, and emotions. It is evident how much Naked Snake cared for The Boss, and how much it pained him to kill her. Now with Solid Snake on the other hand, his mission took place on an eight bit console with little to no story to tell. His emotions and connection to Big Boss are a lot more muddled, and depend almost entirely on retroactive continuity. The fact that he rarely talks about Big Boss on a personal level even in the later games, doesn't help clarify their relationship. However, I believe that when you listen to his conversation with Naomi, after being tortured in MGS1, everything becomes completely clear.

The reason Snake never talked about Big Boss as much as Big Boss talked about The Boss is because Snake was deeply ashamed by what he did. Big Boss is ashamed to, but Solid Snake has always been a much more private man than his father. That's why Big Boss became a great military leader who commands entire armies with charisma, while Solid Snake, well, kept private. He only opens up on a regular basis to a few select people (Otacon and Meryl), while Big Boss on the other hand doesn't hesitate to pour his heart out to anybody he meets on the street, and then they join his crusade. Naomi is the one exception where Snake willingly opened up, but at that point he was suffering incredible pain, both physical and emotional, and needed something to take his mind off it. Besides that one isolated incident, Snake has only ever opened up to Meryl and Otacon.

So despite the fact that Snake doesn't let it show very often how much killing Big Boss scarred him, I don't believe that means it scarred him any less. In fact, considering how he's too ashamed to even bring it up most of the time, you could argue that it scarred him even more. We don't see many interactions between Snake and Big Boss, but it's evident that the two had a deep connection just like Naked Snake did with The Boss. Big Boss trained and mentored Snake, while Miller taught Snake survival techniques and Gray Fox showed him the ropes of how to operate when actually on a battlefield, Big Boss was responsible for teaching Snake CQC and the importance of having the will to survive, both of which are much more intimate.

When confronting Big Boss in Zanzibarland, Snake even admits that he's been having nightmares over their last encounter for years. This was before Snake even knew that Big Boss was his blood father; at that point Big Boss was just his commander who he viewed as a father figure. Similar to how Naked Snake viewed The Boss as a motherly figure but they weren't actually related. Now to find out that he was related to Big Boss by blood? That would strengthen their connection even further, at least on Solid Snake's end.

No Caption Provided
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The original MSX game had about as much depth as a kiddy pool with a hole in it, but at the very end of the game when Snake seemingly kills Big Boss, we do get this bit of dialogue that can be taken in any number of ways.

"This is Solid Snake. I've destroyed Metal Gear, Operation Intrude N313 accomplished.

"Everything is over now... everything... I'm returning home."

Interpret that how you will. I see it as an expression of Snake's grief.

Even in MGS4, the topic of Big Boss is shown to be an extremely touchy subject for Snake. Otacon stumbles over his words when he accidentally refers to Big Boss as Snake's father, indicating that although Snake is capable of talking about Big Boss from a detached standpoint (in this case they are discussing his creation of CQC) Snake doesn't like being reminded of their personal connection.

In fact, it is this very same conversation where Snake admits that he stopped using CQC simply because it was Big Boss's technique.

Think about how much easier Shadow Moses would have been had Snake used his CQC techniques. Obviously we know that he ended up succeeding regardless, but in the moment, fighting the Cyborg Ninja or fighting Liquid or fighting an army of Genomes, Snake very nearly lost his life numerous times. Things could have been so much simpler if he utilized the absurdly powerful CQC techniques that Big Boss developed, the knowledge and instinct was right there in his head, and yet still refused. He would have sooner died then acknowledged his connection to Big Boss, and only when the technique stops being connoted exclusively to Big Boss, does Snake pick it back up, because at that point he can use it without having to think of his old mentor and the pain he was forced to suffer through. Clearly Snake is deeply ashamed over killing Big Boss, and equally bitter over the old man's betrayal. Snake cared for Big Boss like his father, yet when Big Boss so callously betrayed Snake in Outer Heaven... it was crushing.

The clues are present throughout the games, they are just extremely subtle, Snake is a private man and isn't as overt about his feelings towards Big Boss as Big Boss is about his feelings towards The Boss, but that doesn't mean the feelings don't exist. His conversation with Naomi proved this.

Now what of Old Snake's conversation with Big Boss at the end of MGS4? Well there's a reason that scene is criticized so much by the fan community; it should have had at least a little bit more focus on the two as individuals and their relationship, rather than be a 40-minute long infodump from Big Boss while Snake stays silent. It is worth mentioning however that Snake was rather astonished when Big Boss hugged him, and didn't try to fight it.

Long story short, Solid Snake cared about Big Boss just as much as Naked Snake cared about The Boss. I apologize for the long-winded explanation, but understanding this fact is critical in order to understand the progression of Snake's story arc and his own ideology.

Anyway, to get back to the point, both Solid Snake and Naked Snake were tasked with assassinating their mentor during their respective missions. Not to get too overly metaphorical, but you can interpret both Snakes are 'still being in the womb' by this point, so to speak. The same metaphor is used to describe Sunny in MGS4, and I think it fits Solid Snake and Naked Snake at this time as well. Solid Snake was quite literally a FOXHOUND rookie during Outer Heaven, and even though Naked Snake was far from being green, he was even farther from the legend that he would one day become.

Since the two of them were extremely fresh at this point in their lives, no big losses or any defining moments, no real ideologies yet, it was after killing their mentors that both Snakes were essentially 'born', and the course for the rest of their lives was set into place.

The Zanzibarland Disturbance vs the Peace Walker Incident:

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Parallels: After assassinating their respective mentors, Solid Snake and Naked Snake were both disillusioned and entered early retirement for a number of years. This is where the core characteristic and moral differences between the two comes into play -- As Metal Gear 2 shows us, Solid Snake was pulled out of retirement by the government. He didn't choose to enter the battlefield again of his own will, he was recruited, and only entered the fray once more to rid himself of the nightmares he's been having. Towards the end of the game, he tells Big Boss outright "I'm not like you, I love life!"

These words ring especially true when we find out during Peace Walker that Big Boss's retirement was short lived, as he was unable to ignore the call to battle. Solid Snake needed to be recruited again -- Big Boss was still fighting as a mercenary. Solid Snake loves life and only wanted closure, Big Boss loves war and wants to fight for the sake of fighting. Big Boss doesn't care if he lives or dies. Big Boss allowed the death of his mentor, to effect him much more than Solid Snake allowed the same thing to effect him. This is important, and goes along with the idea that Big Boss's greater hardships are not what caused him to become a villain, but rather his gradual descent into darkness brought greater hardships on himself.

Operation Intrude N313 and Operation Snake Eater were about the strong relationship between the Snakes and their mentors, Zanzibarland and Peace Walker were about the Snakes being fully exposed to their mentor's ideologies and then rejecting them. The difference however, is that Solid Snake rejecting Big Boss's ideology of constant, self-perpetuating war was morally just, whereas Naked Snake rejecting The Boss for putting down her gun is morally wrong.

One of the most prevalent themes in the Metal Gear franchise is war and the negative effect it has on the human race; this theme is, appropriately, most prevalent in Peace Walker itself, and therefore Big Boss's constant choice of pro-war, be it continuing to act as a mercenary after his mentor's death or literally rejecting his mentor's ideology of peace, symbolizes that he is in the wrong, because in Metal Gear, war is automatically on the side of wrong.

Ironically, it was Solid Snake who would inherit The Boss's will rather than Naked Snake, despite the fact that Solid Snake never even met the woman.

The end of Peace Walker, with Naked Snake crying and screaming over The Boss, is clearly a lot more dramatic than Solid Snake's second encounter with Big Boss. You could blame this on the times, after all for a MSX game Metal Gear 2 was exceptionally dramatic and comparing it to a modern game is unfair... or, you can interpret it as Big Boss not only caring for The Boss, but actually being obsessed with her, whereas Solid Snake was strong enough in his morals to flatly reject Big Boss, and although he was still greatly pained by his father figure's betrayal, he got over it.

Basically, the pain that Big Boss suffered at the end of Peace Walker, when he was inside the Mammal Pod, crying his eyes out and screaming for answers... he brought that pain on himself by being obsessed. Solid Snake could have just as easily been reduced to tears and panic when he confronted Big Boss in Zanzibarland, after all, as we went over, he cared about Big Boss just as much as Big Boss cared about The Boss, but the difference is he had too much conviction in his morals for that. He knew Big Boss was wrong and that's all there was to it, he would reject Big Boss and find his own path. Naked Snake however could not be so strong, hence the greater pain he suffered through.

Portable Ops kind of throws a monkey wrench into things, basically there's a reason that Kojima ignores it and created Peace Walker simply for the purpose of replacing it. I admit that I really like the characters in Portable Ops and the fanboy side of my mind likes to consider it canon, even though the rational and analytical side of me knows that it would make no sense. Portable Ops still holds the same parallels as Peace Walker does; Naked Snake encounters his mentor for the second time, however instead of an AI that is actually The Boss, he encounters Gene who can be viewed as a proxy for The Boss. And even though like Solid Snake, he too was drafted back into war after being kidnapped by Cunningham and didn't choose to enter in the first place, at the end, he still consciously chose to stay whereas after Zanzibar, Solid Snake once again chose to leave. So the parallels are still present, they're just a lot tighter in Peace Walker. Although overall I would say Portable Ops actually had better characters and a better story than Peace Walker, on a thematic level Peace Walker does shit on Portable Ops, and therefore it is more important to the grand story of Metal Gear.


To summarize the discussion so far, some fans would say that the reason Big Boss became a villain is because unlike Solid Snake, he had to suffer through the pain of killing his own mentor. We can see the extent of this pain in Peace Walker, when Big Boss is freaking out inside of the Mammal Pod. Since Snake never suffered pain like this, he was never pushed over the edge.

However, a view like this would be missing the point. Snake and Big Boss were both exposed to the same tragedy, killing their own mentor. The difference between the two, is that Big Boss allowed this pain to rule his life. He became obsessed, and obsession only hurts the victim more. Solid Snake had the chance to become just like Big Boss, but he was morally strong enough to, for lack of a better term, get over it. So it is not that Big Boss suffered more hardships than Snake and that is why he was corrupted, but rather Big Boss suffered more hardships because he allowed himself to fall into the corruption. It's a chicken and egg scenario, but basically if Big Boss were truly meant to be the main hero of Metal Gear, that would nullify every theme and message Kojima set out to share. Therefore, an interpretation similar to the one I am presenting is much more likely, as it uses Solid Snake as the symbol of moral justness and Big Boss as the symbol of moral corruption.

The Shadow Moses Incident vs The Phantom Pain:

No Caption Provided

Obviously this is the hardest section to dissect, because Phantom Pain isn't even out yet. We really have no idea what the plot for this game entails, yet regardless, I am confident that whatever Big Boss goes through during Phantom Pain will be the parallel to Snake's mission in Shadow Moses.

This one is fairly cut and dry; the parallel between these two missions is that they are the diverging point for both Snakes. Again I can't get into specifics since Phantom Pain isn't out, but we do know that Shadow Moses was the mission where Snake truly found himself, in a manner of speaking. He found his ideology and became the man that he would be for the rest of his life.

Just from previews, we know Phantom Pain will be much the same for Big Boss. The horn in his head and other demonic-stylings symbolizes his descent into villainy, as we see him during MG1 and 2. Naked Snake is becoming Big Boss, he is finding his ideology, truly establishing Outer Heaven as we know it and fighting the Patriots, and becoming the man who he will be for the rest of his life, the man he is mostly known as... Big Boss.

Phantom Pain is shaping up to be the darkest game in the series, and some would argue that since Solid Snake never had to deal with shit as insane as what Big Boss is going through just from the trailers we have seen, that is the reason Snake was never corrupted. However I feel it is important to keep in mind that just as Phantom Pain is about Big Boss in his darkest place, Metal Gear Solid 1 began with Snake in his darkest place as well. The difference, once again, is that Snake fought to get out of that place and find the light, while Big Boss just dug himself ever deeper in pursuit of pointless revenge.


Phantom Pain and Shadow Moses are the diverging points of Snake and Big Boss's lives, the events in each game begins with the character at their darkest, and shows the course of them becoming the man they would be for the rest of their lives. Snake fought against the darkness and eventually found light, choosing to literally live his life for somebody else. Big Boss reveled in the darkness and chose to live "not for peace, not for ideology, not for love, not for etc, only for REVENGE." This is why Big Boss's mission seems darker and more difficult than Snake's when in reality it was Big Boss's own doing. Perhaps Skull Face will take the role of Liquid, the man tempting Snake into darkness, the shadow of what Snake couldbe. However whereas Snake succeeded over Liquid, we already know that Big Boss falls for the temptation.

Tanker/Big Shell Incident vs Outer Heaven:

No Caption Provided

The parallel between Snake's mission in MGS2 and Big Boss's activities within the first Metal Gear game are as simple as the difference between Philanthropy and Outer Heaven; after discovering their own ideologies in their previous missions and charting their own respective paths, Solid Snake and Big Boss, now both having fully realized the legends that they are most known for, fight independently for their causes. No more missions, no more taking orders. They have both accepted that they love combat and war is there life, they no longer fight on the behalf of somebody else, they fight for their own respective beliefs.

The difference is that, despite accepting his own love for combat, Solid Snake does not fight simply for his own sake, for the thrills. In Philanthropy, he has applied his skills for the sake of the human race. Despite enjoying combat, Solid Snake fights to put an end to all war.

Big Boss is the complete opposite; he fights only for himself, to create an endless cycle of self-perpetuating war so that he'll always have something to do. He does it under the guise of fighting for his fellow soldiers, and undeniably his comrades are a factor in this ideology, Big Boss clearly cares for every fellow soldier, but the cause is not just. Philanthropy is a non-profit organization devoted to the eradication of Metal Gears, while Outer Heaven exists to perpetuate itself and is actually using a Metal Gear to further its own goals.


After finding themselves in their previous missions, Solid Snake and Big Boss are now already on the road. There is no more development, this is the ultimate; they have each become the person that they will forever be known as. One is a selfless hero, the other is a tyrannical war monger.

Liquid Ocelot's Insurrection vs The Zanzibarland Disturbance

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And we finally come full circle. The final mission for each Snake, respectively. Now that they are old and worn out, legends passed their prime and at the end of their lives, the two soldiers must both attempt to pass their ideology on to future hands. This is their magnum opus; but only one succeeded. And that is because Solid Snake was fighting for the right cause. In Zanzibarland, he had the stronger will than Big Boss, and that is how he succeeded. Against Liquid Ocelot, who was fighting for the revival of Outer Heaven, Snake once again had the stronger will and therefore succeeded. Big Boss's own moral bankruptcy is what led to his downfall. His own selfishness and ego, while Solid Snake remained humble.

"Whoever wins, our battle does not end. The loser is free from the battlefield, but the winner must remain there and the survivor must live his life as a warrior until he dies."

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