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What is executive and business coaching and how to use it successfully

According to renowned expert John Whitmore, coaching is about exploiting a person's potential to improve their own performance. The coach is a figure that accompanies the work group throughout the process from start to finish. The idea is not only to improve productivity but also interpersonal relationships between colleagues and with clients

The focus of the coaching is the integral formation of the person, that is, the coach (person to whom the coaching is done or learn you how to write an essay with the help of this page: must first be able to see their strengths and weaknesses, to achieve self-knowledge. In this way, it is possible to analyze what should be reinforced and how to proceed to achieve the objectives.

Benefits of business coaching

According to the American consultancy The Alternative Board, more than 80% of the entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who implemented executive coaching in their companies noticed a positive impact. For those who want to start a business, it is ideal to know in advance any physical, economic or emotional barrier to start on the right foot.

Coaching is so effective because it does not focus on immediate results, but is a long-term plan that encourages not only the development of the company and profits, but also the personal development of each employee. It is an investment in the future that promotes the development of new talents and the use of those already present in the company. This way, problems are solved, costs are reduced and a more efficient division of labor is made among the members of a team.

When business coaching is effectively applied, three things are accomplished: guiding employees and clients through a process of change, understanding the company well, and helping professionals improve and overcome obstacles.

All companies can benefit from coaching, not only when they face difficulties, but anytime they want to increase their productivity, the effectiveness of their leaders, the performance of their staff and teamwork.

Reasons to implement executive coaching

  • To speed up the process of changing a company or employees towards a new role.
  • Create professional growthopportunities for employees.
  • Improve team performance and division of tasks.
  • Generate self-confidence and professional satisfaction in each employee.

Situations in which it should be implemented

  • The work team fails to meet the objectives.
  • There is no good relationship between employees.
  • The division of tasks is not efficient.
  • The skills of each employee are not taken into account.

Steps to follow

A coach must follow the following steps when intervening in a company:

  • Set goals: these goals or indicators will be the working guide.
  • Recognize where the team is with respect to those goals : it is time to see how the team is working, if the division of labor is efficient, if everyone feels comfortable in that work environment, what are the skills of each member, what deficiencies the group has, among others.
  • Understand what changes must be made and design a plan to achieve the objectives: once the goals have been identified and the work group and its characteristics have been analyzed, the coach must design a plan to improve the well-being of the company and the employees.

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