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Does anyone else here sometimes go through this insane period of time where are you do is consume Batman media? Let me explain. For the past month or so, I have been deep into my greatest ever Batman marathon. I have been rereading all my Batman comics as well as some I have not read(Year One, Long Halloween, PRey, Dark Victory, Killing Joke, Strange Apparitions, Knightfall, Contagion, Legacy, No Man's Land, and a bunch of others), rewatching all the Batman movies(excusps tracking ept the ones that REALLY suck), watching Batman cartoons(and the new Harleq Quinn series), watching reruns of the Adam West series, listening to Batman soundtracks, playing t showbox he Injustice, Telltale and Arkham games and I even watched a bunch of amazing fan films (BatinTheSun and Knightmare are really great!)