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Why is JESUS in a Green Lantern Comic?! 0

I didn't want to believe it.I really didn't. But there it was. Jesus. Crucified on the back of a friggin' airplane. Is there nothing sacred in this world? What is WRONG with O'Neil and Adams that they have to resort to the cheapest, most offensive...This isn't even a paper-thin allegory! THERE IS NO ALLEGORY! This is "Avatar" levels of pretentious and preachy, folks! AVATAR-Levels! This is a morality play being told to children by head-up-their behinds liberals who decided to throw in Jesus Chr...

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DC Comics...We Hate Our Characters. 6

So...lemme see if I have this right, DC. Your idea of trying to attract new readers on Free Comic Book entice new not to appeal to those who watched the cartoon shows like Teen Titans. It's not to put out something that is bright and colorful to suck in the younger generation. It's not to show what truly defines your characters and makes them heroic...but to do a Terminator ripoff featuring Batman Beyond, watching the characters we've loved from our childhood suffering...

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The "Superior" Spider-Man my BEHIND! 0

...I cannot even begin to describe my hatred for this comic. But...I'll attempt to do so all the same.Daniel Slott was the current writer of Spider-Man for a considerably long time. And I had really enjoyed Spider-Island. Honestly, I had. It ended the Carlie/Peter relationship. It showed Spidey being APPRECIATED by the people of New York. It took Spidey in new directions, gave him his Spidey-Sense back AND reintroduced Kaine! I liked it a lot!...then this happened. But first, some context. It's...

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What about the RED Skins, Mister Green Lantern?! 0

I am rearin' to go. And what better way to celebrate my return than to talk about a preachingly condescending comic series! No...not THAT. COMIC. SERIES.Although, believe me, I am DEFINITELY gonna talk about it and why I feel JMS completely screwed the pooch in writing for Supes. No. I'm continuing my examination of the O'Neil/Adams run of "Green Lantern" during the 1970's. Now the last time we saw a story that was personal. There were SOME preachy moments, but for the most part, as I ...

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Sally...Freakin'...FLOYD. 3

I've mentioned to others how superheroes represent the way people ought to be. As such, when a superhero falls, it's a tragedy, heartbreaking, even. Be they killed in battle, murdered by a lover or a villain, dying of a disease or turning to evil, seeing them go down is always kinda gut-wrenching. It's such a bitter, bitter disappointment to see them go. With villains, it's different. I EXPECT them to be...well, jerks. I don't have too many standards for them...well, I have SOME, even EVIL has ...

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What about the BLACK Skins, Mister Green Lantern?! 0

This is it, folks. This is THE most preachy run of comics I've EVER freakin' seen! Almost as bad as "Superman: Grounded"! ALMOST! And the worst part is...this is a Green Lantern comic. I pretty much grew UP on Green Lantern.And yet, unfortunately, Green Lantern's given me some of the most pretentious, preachy, head-up-its-ass, morality-play, talking-down-to-you storylines I have ever, EVER seen. And right outta the starting gate is a story run done by the the comic creating dynamic duo of Dennis...

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