The Dream Team?

If I were tasked with assembling a team that would defend earth and beyond from different sorts of threats, this would be it.

List items

  • He's shaped up to be a very capable fighter. The Annihilation war, Conquest, and pretty much everything else he's been through since has forced him to come into his own. I think he'd make a very capable leader.

  • She's a powerhouse. A good powerhouse. Having her on the team would be good. Energy absorption is nifty, too.

  • Like Nova, he's done well with himself. He's been beaten and imprisoned and still managed to survive. He'd make a good well rounded leader if Nova were to be put out of commission for a period of time. Plus, his power set is crazy cool.

  • And here's the military strategist. He's been fighting a war ever since he could walk it seems. His know how in stressful situations is a very good asset.

  • She's the kinda person I'd like to have to keep things organized. Her knowledge of things, know how, and telepathy are essential.

  • His Raptor armor makes him good to have for a variety of situations. We need stealth, he's got it. We need firepower, he's got it.

  • Telepathy, telekinesis, all at omega levels, too? Yeah, that's what I thought. She's definitely on this team.

  • During the Annihilation War, he was good with backing up Rich, so I think he'd be a good addition to the team.

  • If this is supposed to be the Dream Team, made to combat threats of all sorts, a magic user should be beneficial, too.

  • Speaking of magic users, Warlock is definitely up there. Seeing him repair the spacetime rifts that the Annihilation War caused was something of a spectacle. Pretty good feats if you ask me.