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Call me NetSpiker. My real name is not something I will reveal to you. I live in Melbourne and I am currently studying Genetics and Cell Biology and Uni. I started out as a Star Trek fan and Aliens/Predator fan. Then I became a general sci-fi fan and now I'm a comic book fan. Since I haven't been a comic book fan for very long, I'm not any kind of comic trivia expert. Much of what I do know comes from the internet. My comic book collection is still quite small and is mostly Aliens and Predator stuff. My favorite types of comics are intercompany crossovers and movie/TV tie-in comics. Apart from comics, my hobbies include watching movies on DVD and surfing the net. I'm in my 20s, but I guess I'm old fashioned in the sense that I don't have a Facebook account, a Twitter account or an iPhone. Why would anyone care about what I do in my everyday life? I am a religious person but I'm still looking for the right church to join. Most of them are focused on the Bible but I'm more interested in Near-Death Experiences. I'm very lazy, so you probably won't see me update very often. I do plan on making a couple of Lists.