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Melee Specialist

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Darth Deinos - Thresher of Souls

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male (self identifies)

Faction: Sith

Rank: Sith Assassin

Race: Codru-Ji (base form)

Sexuality: Xenophile

Eye Color: Variable

Hair: Variable

Height: Variable

Weight: Variable

Takes the appearance of a Codru-Ji, but hides a more sinister secret behind this facade. For all intents of purposes the being is known as Darth Deinos, and thus has been serving the dark side for quite a while. What makes him unique is his preference for close quarters combat, an aspect in which he excels to an almost uncanny degree. He does not use the force for long range offensive moves at all. He is also dexterously skilled in hand-to-hand combat, using all four arms or just two.

Unlike other siths he cannot do the 'sith lightning' nor perform acts of telekinesis, thus in terms of force potency he became the source of ridicule. However om the other side of the spectrum his combative aptitude is so good that it is a source of envy, he may be limited. But with his limitation comes a series of advantages.

He might not fare well against force users, however when it comes to a one-one-one confrontation the odds are always on his side. More often than not which is why he is a successful jedi hunter, who is famous for capturing Force Warriors. The moment his opponents pick up a lightsaber will be the last action that they take.

He is a high rank Sith Warrior, a position he's gained from his experience as a Jedi Hunter. Mock him in terms of the force usage, he lets it be. Mock him in terms of combat, he acts upon it. Most of his sparring partners ended up as cyborgs.

In actually it is a piece of Nerx that has entered this verse, so far it has assimilated several races. One of each specimen; Gen'Dai, he can regenerate damage at a highly accelerated rate, healing at one speed category faster than other lifeforms (eg to heal naturally from a wound a normal character would have to wait three days, a Gen'Dai would only have to wait three hours). This regenerative capacity allows him to regenerate lost limbs, however this is a slow process and pales into insignificance compared to their ability to re-attach severed limbs by holding them against the stump and waiting for the wound to heal. They can also burn force points to heal one wound category instantaneously, making them capable of incredible feats of healing especially when combined with their ability to re-attach severed limbs. When Mortally Wounded a Gen'Dai can enter a state of hibernation in which they can remain while they heal twice as slowly as other lifeforms. Gen'Dai have no central brain or heart structure making them extremely resistant to damage, Gen'Dai can live for many millenia without physically weakening, however their minds succumb to the years and they find themselves suffering increasing levels of depression, anxieties and insanities until their final years are lost in madness. ; Feeorin, they grow stronger and more powerful until they die, dropping dead of old age. They are also long-lived. Feeorin are massive and greatly muscled humanoids standing over 2m tall. ; Clawdite, traveling the galaxy as anyone he wants to be. Camouflage to approach a mark, neck strike, followed by swift neck snap; Codru-Ji, reasonably human looking as adults--except for the extra set of arms. But as children resemble six legged canines. It wants to devour more.

There have been some rumors within the Sith Order postulating that Deinos is in fact a Sithspawn, or a mutant. As he is very unique, unnatural by definition, seemingly nigh-immortal and violent beyond measure; the ultimate weapon.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

Through passion, I gain strength.

Through strength, I gain power.

Through power, I gain victory.

Through victory, my chains are broken.

The Force shall free me.

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Prior to becoming a Sith, Deinos was a member of the Matukai Order. a group of Force users that have a much different philosophy than the Jedi or the Sith. They strictly use their own body as the focal point of the Force instead of an inanimate object. Through meditative martial arts and strenuous exercise, they seek to strengthen their bond with the Force. Many have found that, even with very weak force sensitivity, they can enhance that sensitivity and become masters though it takes many years of hard work.

The aim of the study Matukai force is perfect themselves and improve their lighting. They care little about the wars between the dark side and the light side at political and military, believing that the real struggle is within every being. His biggest goal is always to improve themselves, body and soul. The way of perfecting mind through the perfection of the body. His skills in both armed and unarmed combat were legendary.

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In between his transition from ex-Matukai to Sith Warrior there is another phase, that phase is the Dark Side Marauder. They combine physical prowess with training in the Force. Unlike Matukai, they bend it to their own violent purposes. These warriors become brutal, living weapons, delighting in inflicting pain and taking lives. The Dark Side Marauder becomes an extension of the dark side of the Force in the same way as his weapons are an extension of his body. He lives in a world where his destiny is entirely dependant on his mastery of his weapons and his strength in the Force. The dark side makes his survival far more likely.

Dark Side Marauders are the ultimate mercenaries. Adventure, pillage, slaughter, and violence define them. They often live for the joy of battle, the test of arms and the tempering that only bloody conflict can provide – but they are hardly above taking pleasure in the spoils of victory. While the adrenaline rush of combat is a heady drug to them, the thrill of the dark side flowing through their veins is far more intoxicating. To feel that thrill again and again, the Dark Side Marauder seeks out any activity that lets him wield the Force against an opponent. Many marauders can be found acting as bodyguards, gladiators, mob enforcers, mercenaries, street thugs, professional soldiers, or simply adventures.

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When he is not pursuing his job as a Sith Warrior Darth Deinos experiments with yet another persona as a member of the Seyugi Dervish, Adaavi. The Seyugi Dervishes were once a fanatical cult of Core-based assassins. Acolytes honed their Force-augmented combat skills to sell their services as professional killers. The Seyugi school neglects most Force theory in favor of developing deadlier, unarmed Force-augmented attacks. Practitioners of this style close quickly with opponents. Once an enemy is within reach of the Dervishes’ smiting blows, the fight is as good as over. A Dervish master surrounded by a throng of equally skilled opponents is capable of slaying them all in seconds.


Even though he is a Sith Deinos does not act in the stereotypical way, he simply joins this side because it offers him the chance to find interesting opponents to hunt. He started as a jedi hunter, even before he picked up his first training saber. He began as an in-betweener but quickly got bored since everything is about the credits, Deinos wanted to live a life full of passion. A divine excess of pleasure and pain, he felt pleasure when he killed a padawan and then met pain when he was struck down by her Thisspiasian jedi master.


A good challenge, training, finding new ways to engage in combat, pazaak (although he is very bad at it). Shock Boxing is his calling, most of the time he fight with only two hands as his lower pair under the armpit are crossed in front of his pectorals. However there are some opponents willing to fight him in Quad mode.

The user wears two gloves that deliver electrical shocks when contact is made, increasing the effect of the punch. Coupled with the impact of the blow, an electrical charge is delivered as well. This charge does not harm the recipient permanently, but it has been know to have adverse effects in those of low resilience. The gloves do not require any external power supply because they are powered using ‘kinetic power cells’ that are self-generating.


Telekinetic lightsaber combatants as he thinks that they sully the ways of the blade, the jedi as even as a Matukai he felt that they are elitist scum, Gungans since he has been known to kill those on sight


  • His skill in the melee department is highly revered by the sith, secretly admired by the jedi alike. There is a reason why they call him the thresher of souls, he constantly trains this aspect against even beasts (rancors, leviathans and the like) and come out on top.
  • He is very close to the force, before his induction of a sith he was a prodigious member of the Matukai order which hones the force by excercise and meditation. In this aspect he focuses solely on the kind of force that augments his own body. This makes him one of the few people who can take down jedi or sith barehanded.
  • There is something 'off' about him, some assume sith alchemy, some assume radiation mutation, some assume generic engineering and others have even assumed that he is not of this galaxy.


  • He has next to no methods to combat force users at a distance, next to no alter type moves of the force. A sufficient group of force adepts may overwhelm him. His first defeat was handed to him by a jedi who had used Electric Judgement. He was surprised.
  • His methods and outlook on life would be considered odd, even by his peers at the Sith order. His pre-existing beliefs have made him an 'outsider' within their order as he is not really interested in the domination and the needlessly traditional aspects of their 'evil'
  • He lives in a path that promotes violence at every turn, he has killed jedi and even fellow members of his own order multiple times before. Alliances are never static as he is the catalyst of change.


Deinos can speak Galactic Basic as well as his native tongue(s)


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His uses the force in more direct applications, preferring to amplify himself rather than projecting energy towards his opponents. As such Deinos prefers to use force speed in tandem with his saber mastery to slice and dice his foes.



  • Force Speed: A very useful technique that augments an individuals speed, inevitably allowing the user to see the world around them in slow-motion.
  • Contort/Escape: Escapes specified bonds by contortion in painful and difficult (but physically possible) ways. By dislocating joints, softening bones, and the like, a Force-user can escape almost any physical restraining device. While this is indeed a painful procedure, Force-users are trained to block out the pain and focus on the task at hand.
  • Reduce Injury: The Force-user may call upon the Force to reduce the amount of injury they suffer.
  • Remain Conscious: Remain Conscious allows a Force-user to remain conscious even after suffering injuries which would knock him unconscious.
  • Force Cloak: Using the force, a user of this technique would bend light around his body in order to conceal his physical presence.
  • Force Concealment: With this technique, one could conceal their affiliation and presence within the force down to a minuscule if not completely. Rendering them impossible to be sensed by other force sensitives.
  • Levitation: Allowed for brief periods of extended flight, and required a fundamental amount of focus.
  • Force Body: Allowed one to push one's endurance past a safe limit, sacrificing health and well being in order to sustain their connection to the force. A useful, but reckless technique.
  • Enhance Attribute: A Force-user uses this power to increase a single attribute for a limited period. A Force-user can only increase one attribute at a time. If a character invokes the power to enhance a second attribute while the first attribute is still enhanced, then the first enhancement fades and the second enhancement receives the increase.
  • Force Deflection: This attack was commonly used to deflect blaster bolts with the adaptation of the force.
  • Force of Will: By using Force of Will, the Force-user uses their Willpower skill to fight the effects of hostile Force powers.
  • Tapas: A power used to maintain warmth in cold environments, using the force as a coating.
  • Doppelganger: An ability that allowed the user to procure a perfect illusion of his being.
  • Breath Control: Allowed the caster to maintain functionality for long periods of time without the necessity of oxygen.
  • Battle Precognition: Allowed for increased reaction time due to the user's ability to anticipate an opponent's movements.
  • Combat Sense: Combat Sense helps a Force-user focus on the battle at hand. Everything else becomes dulled and muted as the Force-user's senses are all tuned to the combat happening around him. All targets become mentally highlighted in the Force-user's mind, aiding him in attack and defense.
  • Force Jump: Augments one's natural jumping ability to extremes.
  • Force Weapon: A weapon in the hands of any Knight could be endowed with the force to the effect of greater damage, and the ability to deflect a lightsaber.
  • Force Absorb: A technique that takes energy and transfers it into the force, redirecting the absorbed attack for retaliatory use.
  • Phase: Allowed the caster to transcend through solid objects as if they were a ghost.
  • Force Kick: Kicks the target and interrupts its current action, preventing that ability from being used for the next 4 seconds.
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Typical powers of the Matukai are similar of some of the powers that the Sith and Jedi use to enhance their bodies. Matukai are capable of jumping higher and moving faster as well as improving their reflexes. They are also capable of reducing damage and even healing themselves to some extent and are masters of their body.


  • Soft to Solid: a Matukai Force technique that made normally soft parts of the body become incredibly rigid and rough for a brief amount of time, giving the user a form of natural body armor. He uses this power to harden his fists and inflict damage with a punch, he was shunned for this by his order.

Those that become masters are able to harden their bodies to the point where they take little or no damage and feel no pain. Matukai are so in tune with their bodies that they become very aware of every illness, wound, and even poisons that have afflicted them. Many have found that they can force the wounds closed or remove the toxic poisons from their body through the Force and their own will.

Sith [Secret]

  • Feed on Darkside: This power allows a Force-user to feed on the fear, hatred, or other negative emotion of others to make themselves more powerful. It does not matter to the Dark Side why the others are filled with dark emotions; the feelings alone suffice.
  • Aura of Uneasiness: This power allows a Sith to project a field of vague discomfort and uneasiness around themselves, to ward off non-sentient creatures or cause extreme discomfort in sentient beings.
  • Waves of Darkness: The user delves into the darkness of their own spirit and dredges up the feelings of hatred, jealousy, greed and rage that linger in shadowed recesses. Using the Force as a power source, they expel these vile emotions in waves of Dark Side energy that radiate outward in an expanding sphere. Anyone caught in the disturbance suffers immediate confusion, and a few seconds later, flees in fear.
  • False Light Side Aura: a Dark Side Force power conjured through Sith Magic, that covers a Darksider's aura with one of light. Using this spell can be enough to even fool Jedi Masters into thinking one is a follower of the Light Side.

Due to it being a ranged-type Force Power, Deinos hides this from the others, for annoyance of being approached by the Sith Inquisitorial.


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His trusty Dual-phase Lightclaws (x4) which had their tales to tell, each bi-sabre attached to his quad gauntlets that have caused many Jedi deaths. Deinos loves to use the blades to pry-off foreign lightsabres off enemy combatants.

His lightsabers uses focusing lens combined with Kunda Stones, to produce a broader, yet still focused beam. They also use the improved fencing emitter which are most suitable for parrying hand-to-hand attacks. His claws also used the silver colored amplification crystal which enhances the core abilities of the main crystal. His lightclaw is for all intents and purposes waterproof as it has a bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse. Woe befall anyone stupid enough to get him doused to null his claws. His main crystal is the Katak Crystal, which is known to drain some of the life force of those struck with the blade, even when the blade dealt no damage.

Combat Style(s)

When looking for a new opponent he would fold his arms on his two pairs of pecs and wait while the audience watched in silence.

all styles modified to his quadbracchalism
all styles modified to his quadbracchalism
  • Makashi: designed for lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat. Makashi is described as being very elegant, powerful and allowing extreme precision. The user is able to attack and defend with minimal effort - often wielding the saber one handed for greater range of movement and fluidity. Makashi relies mainly on parries, thrusts and small precise cuts and requires fluid movement of the blade and body. Makashi users would often use feints to set up their opponents for a trap. precise footwork is needed to maintain proper distance from the opponent. This duelist form adds in techniques learned from fighting other lightsaber wielders concentrating on defense and avoiding disarmament.
  • Fast Style: Fast Style consist of short and quick motions with the blade that could be chained and combined almost indefinitely, this style allowed for multiple attack at an extremely fast pace. Its obvious advantage was that it was efficient in one-on-one combat against slower opponents with lax defenses or multiple opponents who are not wielding melee weapons. Especially when combined with Force Speed would the Fast style be very dangerous to any opponent. Among all the styles, this style provides the best defense against blaster fire. Relying primarily on speed and multiple attacks. There are only so many opponents that can be within his melee reach at one time.
  • Form X: The dual saber, one in each hand. One of the blades in the wielder's hands was used for attacking while the other one was used for defending, such as parrying, or for more offensive power. This balanced form utilizes dual blades, or multiple forms of battle, such as using the Force in one hand and a lightsaber to supplement, or vice versa.
  • Trakata: Tràkata has no blocks, no parries, no defenses. The only time a Tràkata adherent will ignite the blade is to land a killing blow. An adherent will often open themselves up to attack just to lull their opponent into making a move that will leave them open and vulnerable.
  • Trispzest: a type of aerial lightsaber combat originally developed by the airborne Majestrix of Skye, Kharys. It allows the combatant to utilize the advantages of flying in battle against grounded units

The Jedi had trouble with Deinos's defensive style and counter-striking ability. He has the patience to wait and capitalize on mistakes. He accompanies Sith inquisitors on body hunting missions. Although to the uninitiated Deinos was a practitioner of all lightsaber combat forms due to his adaptive combat capabilities.


  • Velanarian Boxing: the full techniques require four arms, but the crosscut style is usable by humanoids.
  • Hijkata: It focused on deflecting and countering the attacks of your opponents, turning their attacks and maneuvers against them.
  • nerve pinch: an unarmed combat technique whose purpose was to render opponents unconscious.
  • Forbelean defense: the defense required the user to maintain a posture that would allow all attacks to be intercepted and deflected
  • Piercing Touch: a powerful punch that was able to penetrate bone, chitin, and various armors.
  • Striking Mist: allowed the attacker to sneak in close to their opponent, so that the hits could not be parried or dodged.
  • K'tara: focusing on stealth by maximizing damage to an opponent while making a minimum amount of noise. The style featured short, quick movements, most beginning from the set position and moving within the small area framed by the target's shoulders and hips. A skilled practitioner could quietly silence an opponent, disarm him, and disable him within a very short period of time. Augmented with the Force there are almost no limits to what can be achieved.
  • Verdanaian: also known as 'sliding hands' in reference to how the art allows a practitioner to 'slide' an opponent's attack into their own defeat. Considered a 'soft' art because it relies more on fluid motions, Verdanaian is far more of a defensive art due to the basic mechanics of the form and the lack of weapon techniques.

The Codru Ji, have the same natural weapons as any other humanoid - they can punch, kick, etc. Essentially an assassin with four arms, who was originally a freelance jedi hunter bent on to murder every telekinetic lightsaber combatant.


He practiced a unique form of unarmed combat. This form focused on heavy use of control through meditative techniques and martial arts. He used his skills to combine the Force with their unarmed strikes to create a form with expert precision and incredible power. Developing his own forms of unarmed combat to customize his combat method, the best weapon is one's own body. Of course, the ability to disable enemies without permanently damaging them (unlike his lightclaws, that disable enemies by cutting their extremities off) really helps - and is more proof that your his body is the best weapon he can get.


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Lightweight is king! Quad forearm vambraces for parrying lightsaber blows, two is the normal number for most unmodified types. He has four.

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Made with micronized Mandalorian Iron, crushgaunts were a trademark of the ethically depraved Mandalorian Mercs. These gloves give wearers the ability to crush and rend objects, including throats, limbs, and skulls, with sickening ease.

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Used by the megonite miners on Phelarion. Freeze boots were equipped with technology that would instantly freeze the megonite in order to prevent it from overheating and exploding when stepped on. The weapon also places a "frozen" aspect on the target on a successful hit. If not removed somehow, then the next exchange it will become a Major consequence.

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He uses his Sith Mask to block outside influences and allow the him to focus without distraction. Cortosis weave/Phrik Alloy. Equipment with this aspect can resist energy weapons. So, physical armor with this Aspect (it can be custom engineered with it), normally incapable of protecting against energy damage, will apply its normal bonus.


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A COO-2180 model. 6 fine manipulator arms tipped with retractable arms/kitchen utensils (exchangeable); Two legs; photoreceptors/audio receptors;olfactory sensors; gustatory sensors; vocabulator; Chemical/liquor drum siphons (allowing it to mix any drink on the spot.); Repulsorlift unit; 1.7 meters. It may look simple but it was modified with a database capable of holding up to a total of 17,000 recipes and a complete food-sampler sensing package for precise adjustments of spices and other flavors, while monitoring the nutritional needs of its master.

In more upscale eateries this droid is used as a sous-chefs under the direction of Deinos, since the COO-2180 is a competent.

Crimson Maelstrom
Crimson Maelstrom

Darth Vertere is his Sith Mentor, an old hermit that taught Deinos in the ways of the lightsaber. A sage of the darkside that knows of its more esoteric roots, to most sith magic and sith alchemy are just rumors. To him it is a lifestyle.

He is 'old fashioned' compared to he rest of his order, yet his methods are effective to say the least. Despite his age he is a very powerful Sith Juggernaut, his disciple focuses on speed and countering. He focuses on brute strength, executed in swift ferocity.

Prior to being a Sith Vertere like his student did not come from jedi roots, rather from the order of Zeison Sha. They use their telekinetic powers to their fullest and are experienced masters of the discblade weapon. The Zeison Sha Warrior’s ability to use telekinetic powers has become a natural process. The Zeison Sha's Telekinetic ability surpass most of Jedi Knight's Force abilities.


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A Sith sword weaved with a cortosis sheathing modelled in the form of the Ryyk kerarthorr, the one that the wookies of Kashyyyk use as their traditional weapon. Instead of having the blade mounted inline with the handle, the ryyk kerarthorr had its handle mounted at a ninety-degree angle to the blade. In this way, a Vertere could wield a pair of these blades held close to his body. Only the most skilled of Wookies get the opportunity to train to use these close in weapons. Few rarely master the weapons. Come as a set of two.Ryyk blades were simple traditional swords constructed by the Wookiees of Kashyyyk. For a non-Wookiee to use the ryyk without earning the right to do so was an insult to most Wookiees.

His blade is composed of exotic materials such as Cortosis, Phrik, and Obsidian enabling the wielder to engage and block a lightsaber blade. A successful parry against a lighsaber-type weapon will cause a short, forcing the wielder to reactivate the lightsaber. He loves the more visceral feel of metal cutting flesh as contrasted to a blade of energy cleanly cutting and cauterizing.

Powered swords, implementing vibration technology, decreased the coefficient of friction of their blades and thus were more dangerous, making even the slightest glancing blow become a gaping wound. Vertere can imbue his sith blade with the Force.

The wielder's hold makes it easier to block attacks, but harder to land substantial blows. The user can attack by spinning the blade, a risky maneuver which throws an opponent off-balance.

Combat style

  • Dun Möch: a form of combat that used distraction and doubt, usually through taunting, in conjunction with lightsaber battle. Dun Möch commonly involved spoken taunts, jeers, and jests that exposed the opponent's hidden, inner weaknesses and/or doubts, which had the end result of eroding the opponent's will.

  • Telekinetic combat: can be used offensively and defensively. Defensively he can use his sith blades having them whirl around himself creating a deadly and effective shield against most physical attacks. For the defensive barrier he uses a maximum of 5 sith swords; Offensively he can wield up to 5 sith swords with the force. The blades can go at most 5 feet away from the controller otherwise they will deactivate.
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The darkstick was designed for hunting, and curved for slicing.


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  • Force Punches: charge his hands up with Force energy for a limited time. Anyone who was punched by the user would be shoved backwards through the air.


  • Kinetite: a glowing ball-lightning manifestation of telekinetic energy that can batter down anything in its path. He can flatten ferrocrete bunkers with impunity. It can be "caught" or reflected back by the same power, but the other force user absorbs a fraction of the energy and can be thrown several feet in the process.
  • Flamusfracta: a severe culmination of the art of telekinesis by which a force user causes objects to explode. The intensity of the blast can injure an entire room of enemies, particularly if the affected object is made of flammable material.
  • Force Destruction: This force power allows one to gather energy into his fists and then release it in the form of a fiery ball of light. The energy concealed in this bolt is very high and can, not only harm or kill an opponent but also make objects around it ricochet because of the explosion caused when contact is made.
  • Deadly Sight: Force Deadly Sight can focus and harm several targets at once only by using this Force Power, focusing the user's hatred into deadly energy. When used, the enemies health will be drained in a matter of seconds, causing a victim's body to burn and smoke as they die. This Force Power is only gained by choosing the grim and Dark ways of the Force. With this power, the user can damage entire groups of foes within their field of vision.
  • Devastating power: an ability drawn of the dark side of the Force. It was used to increase the power of an offensive Force technique either by half of its original power or to double it.

Zeison Sha

  • Force Shield: create a bubble of the Force around yourself that protects him from damage.

The Big Guy

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G'nort Hemm is different compared to other members of his race, unlike other Gammoreans this one has big dreams. Bountyhunting as a method to climp towards superstardom. He aspires to get a big name in his hands, then hitting them with his trusty Adumari Blastsword. He is a bonafide mercenary, yet he keeps this a secret from his mother and smaller siblings. The credits he's earned are given to support his community back at home. Nobody knows what he does back in his neighborhood.


"The six-billion credit Gammorean"

  1. Advanced Combat Implant: an experimental technology, designed to make computer data available to the user. Naturally, one of the first uses for this technology was combat. This implant contains weapons specification, and advanced usage techniques for all known weaponry in the Republic and associated territories.
  2. Advanced combat system: enhances the user's nervous system. It allowed the impluses to travel faster and farther along the nerve system, quickening reaction time. This implant also improved fine motor control which resulted in increased accuracy, most notably seen with the use of ranged weapons.
  3. Advanced sensory implant: enhanced the sensory-interpretation areas of the brain, thereby heightening the user's awareness and analysis of their surroundings, as well as spatial perception. It augmented the mind's natural ability to process visual data, enhancing the user's ability to perceive targets under difficult conditions.
  4. Advanced Alacrity Implant: This detailed micro-computer analyzes the contents of the user's circulatory system, as well as surges and drops in nerve transmission rates. It attempts to stabilize the user's system, and remove undesirable elements from it.
  5. Biotech implant: relatively new and experimental nano-technology to bolster healing, the device based most of its therapeutic system on the more traditional coagulants and solid doses of pain relievers to fully restore the user's health.
  6. Navardan regenerator: an implant that could give the user incredible healing powers, allowing wounds and injuries to heal in mere seconds instead of days or weeks.
  7. Durability implant: regulates the electrical current running through the body in such a way as to improve the wearer's stamina. In addition, there was a side-effect in the form of an increased resistance to energy-related attacks.
  8. Lornan implant: regulated the body's electrical current, therefore it had the ability to protect the user's brain from energy surges caused by external electrical sources.
  9. Hi-Sense Enhanced Eyes: cybernetic enhancements allowing the recipient to view the world with increased resolution, enhanced color coordination, and ultraviolet, Infrared, and no light / low light illumination. In addition to these functions, the implants also provided the user with telemetry analysis, such as data on heat dispersion, and visual magnification. Hi-sense enhanced eyes completely replaced the original organic eye, however, many times the eyes could be disguised with fake pigmentation and eye color to disguise their synthetic nature.
  10. Cortical Datasplint: The datasplint was essentially "hard-wired" into the brain of an individual, allowing a being to place sensitive data in a secure location. The being could then literally forget it, knowing that they could retrieve it from the datasplint at a later time. Because the datasplint was accessed directly by the brain, it could be protected using memory encryption and trauma sensors. These sensors would trip if the being was interrogated or tortured, locking out unauthorized access without the user having to remember to encrypt it.
  11. Cybernetic implant comlink/pager: designed to serve as integrated comlink. The system utilized a vocalizer implanted in the throat and a short range transponder located on the neck to send and receive communications.
  12. Psicom 1260 interface: a cybernetic chip implant installed in a being's brain, which allowed for direct interface with droids and computers through the chips wireless user interface.
  13. psychic augmenter: enabled the user to enhance their latent mental powers, to the point where cunning con artists and criminals could use the device to mind control other beings.
  14. RiMPack: an extensive replacement of a sentients natural nervous system with a synthetic neural web, This neural net communicated with a sentients brain via a bio-interface implanted in the Bollen pattern of a sentients brain - and in turn allowed for exponential reaction time. When activated, the augment would send a users sensory system into overdrive, allowing them to process incredible amounts of sensory data at incredible speeds.
  15. Neuro-Shock Hand: a prosthetic limb that could be attached to a natural arm. It increased the cyborg's strength in that hand, and thus the damage of his punch.

His trusted medical droid, had implanted a cybernetic device in his body that would allow him to created simulated Force lightning.

Supplementary Skills

  • Noghri Stava: Stava incorporates joint-locks, pressure points, nerve pinches, takedowns, and quick and deadly strikes with the hands, arms, feet, and legs. Like the animal it is named for, Stava puts severe emphasis on speed and endurance, with Noghri practitioners being able to dodge blaster bolts with acrobatics, rolls, and sheer offensive prowess.


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Type: Blaster Blade

This was a modified Adumari weapon. About a meter in length, the customized blastsword resembled a long vibroblade with a curved metal guard protecting the hilt. The blade itself was sharp until it reached the tip of the sword, which resembled a flared nozzle rather than a point. The end of the sword contained an energy outlet which, when contacted emitted a blaster shot which could prove fatal to anyone on the receiving end.

G'nort used it as a status symbol. He practiced styles from the blastsword's prominence in years past, enabling him to defeat bigger, stronger opponents using contemporary styles.


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  • Big Shock: was a webbed lacing that could be applied to the surfaces of many types of armor suits. It created a shock field that was powerful enough to damage objects or beings that came into contact with the armor.
  • Jump servos: a repulsorlift-aided system designed to allow long jumps. They were often installed in bounty hunter's armor to aid in mobility.

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