Revisiting my first character idea before I started Rping

Before I knew the rules

Saiyan, Kryptonian, and Jedi, with all the basic training, gear, and powers. Retaining personalities and everything, just that character.


He cannot 'transform' as he does not know how do do that, and the emotional trigger is against his creed. One eye is lost because of a childhood accident, one that involves curiosity and a shard of kryptonite. In earth he is given the name Girault, and as such he spends most of his time in europe. Life is spent on the pasture as he tends to his farm, harvesting agriculture to feed the people and keeping out of chaotic urban landscapes.

As an adult Girault lives alone, no spouse and certainly no children of his own. Wherever he went his 'flashlight' is always by his side, as the village refers to him to fix their tools. To their small community he is the 'go to' person in terms of mechanical maintenance and repair. His birth defect is tucked around his waist, covered under farmer's overalls.

Giralt travels by his pickup truck that he bought when he was younger, it has good mileage and can cover plenty of miles under a liter of gas. Every now and then he visits America to see his friends from international farming competitions, more often than not he keeps naughty aliens away. Crop circles and cattle mutilations have reduced significantly during his presence.

He hates the military because he had lost his best friend because of a stray landmine, not the men using the pistols but rather the politics that dictate them to be. The man is no stranger to power as he is aware of his capabilities, but he does not intervene. Opting for more positive solutions, using his knowledge to promote better quality foods for the people.

When confronting his problems the farmer prefers to settle with reason, instead of force. Although when the push comes to shove he is experienced in some forms of wrestling and boxing, but instead of knocking out or snapping a limb Girault opts for persistence fighting. Wearing his foes down with superior conditioning, that while talking with them.

Socially Girault offers opportunities for wayward children who lost their direction in life, opening outreach programs to juvenile detention centers and orphanages. Letting them cultivate useful skills that they can use to benefit society. As a registered citizen he loves giving back to society, by manual labor or by offering other forms of contributions.

He does not have a rogues gallery because he takes the extra mile, rehabilitating them. His work is selfless, Girault never asks for credit or acceptance for his deeds yet they are given to him by his community. In essence he is their hero, but in reality he is just a farmer with a helping hand.

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