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Space Shaolin Monk infused with Crazy Wisdom


WIP ahead

In this day and age one cannot simply rely solely on their superpowers, there will be others equal or even superior in strength that will be problematic. Some of them has experience, some of them has creativity and some of them will even cancel superhuman powers. Most supermen are faced with death or worse when given the predicament, because they use their power as a crutch in their goals. But after aeons of studying human behavior, Nerx has found something interesting. There are rare accounts of saps seemingly defeating much more powerful adversaries by virtue of something called 'martial arts'. What sets these martial artists apart is their willpower, drive and heart. Usually reliant on motives such as love, justice or friendship. Nerx took notes and adapted his motives to hunger. Their will to protect is abridged with his will to devour. Since it relies on one's beliefs the potentials are practically endless, so long as its practitioner does not deviate from their set rules and kata. When in combat he uses a hodge-podge of techniques acquired from several masters that he has devoured, thus creating a hybrid system. To the foreign eye it is a blur of kinetic carnage that resembles poetry, with the alphabets replaced with blood and each word replaced with death. Emphasis on his physical faculties to overwhelm his opponents, utilizing sight vanishing speed and invasion of the opponent's space to prevent resistance. A form which was adapted from several war arts. Then with the knowledge of inner spirit (ki/qi/chi/reiki) which enables seemingly puny humans to combat magic by shimmering speed and mental fortification to strike the magi at their supply of mana, utilizing their anatomy in a similar way to pressure point manipulation to defang their jaws. He is an adept at utilizing the spear, using basic elementary moves which are based on practicality, when combined with his animalistic ferocity and his physique it can be adapted to accomodate several types of opponents to systematically break them down and go for the kill.

Brawling Techniques

Stockton Slap: It starts off with “pitter-patter” light punches then power shots are mixed in when they find an opening. Opponents usually get frustrated by the flurry and think of it mostly as an annoyance since the hits don’t do much damage at first... until they start getting rocked by the repeated hits and that’s when they leave openings for the true power shots. The KO is only moments away.

Casting Punch : a punch used in Sambo and MMA that starts with a forward motion of the shoulders, which causes the bent arm to whip forward to the opponent. This punch can often cause the opponent to be put in a clinch if it misses at close range Superman Punch: bringing the rear leg forward to feign a kick, then snapping the leg back while throwing a straight, resulting in greater power behind the punch. Spinning backfist: attacker swivels 360 degrees before landing the punch ( striking with the tops of the two largest knuckles) , adding extra momentum to the attack. Rape Choke: This is when the fighter on top position holds down the other by placing one hand on his throat.

Hammer Fist: A compacted fist is brought down upon the target, usually using the side of the hand or wrist.

Liver shot: is a punch, kick, or knee strike to the right side of the ribcage that damages the liver. Blunt force to the liver can be excruciatingly painful, and an especially effective shot will incapacitate a person.

Rabbit punch: a blow to the neck or to the base of the skull.

Anchor punch: a quick short chopping straight or backpedalling jab

Head kick: a kick to the head. If used correctly, it can be a vicious blow that can be used as a KO strike.

Soccer kick: a kick performed against a prone or supine opponent by a fighter who is in a standing or semi-standing position, specifically to the head of the downed opponent.

Flying Knee: knee strike very similar to a front knee, except that it is performed in stand-up fighting by jumping, and often by rushing towards the opponent.

Guillotine Choke: a chokehold in martial arts applied from in front of the opponent. The choke involves using the arms to encircle the opponent's neck in a fashion similar to a guillotine.

RNC: a chokehold in martial arts applied from an opponent's back.

Blood Choke: A blood choke or carotid restraint, also known as a sleeper hold, refers to a chokehold that compresses one or both carotid arteries and/or the jugular veins without compressing the airway, hence causing cerebral ischemia and a temporary hypoxic condition in the brain. A well applied blood choke may lead to unconsciousness in a matter of seconds.

Specialized Techniques

"most combatives are designed in according with the limitations of the human body, the limits of the human body does not exist on Nerx. His melee combat consists of his Super Strength; Super Speed; Nigh-Precog ( process his senses at super-human levels, giving him near flawless reflexes. With this ability, he is able to easily dodge bullets, and see through enemy attacks.); adequate regeneration; utilization pressure points on the opponent's body (a physical attack, combined with a little knowledge) and several properties inherent to his body that does not give them any other advantage than letting them physically attack more effectively (i.e. stretching, blades or other features that are part of the combatant's body, etc.)

Further advanced techniques include Energy blasts, projectiles, offensive telepathy, summoning, transmutation, telekinesis, external weaponry, flight, teleportation (to increase maneuverability), thunderclaps and the "negative touch" where he can inflict damage to an opponent by touching them (e.g. freezing, death touch, disintegration, paralysis, etc.).

He has superior physical built and capable of destroying a large house completely by his bare hands, or beating down a large gang of opponents with sledgehammer-like arms. He can deliver blows (chiefly punches and kicks) with superhuman might, and his martial proficiency is thus thought to be a superhuman power. Note that his strikes are enhanced . As can be surmised, he's amply capable of shattering stone and metal with his unarmed strikes, and he's well-known for delivering flying kicks that will carry him through a brick wall - or even some concrete ones. The Head-butts are particularly nasty - well able to smash through thick concrete. He has been seen kicking a door or even an old telephone pole into splinters with a savage jumping kick. Tyson Buffer can inflict fatal penetration wounds with his bare fingers (can rip steel with his fingers) - or render a man unconscious with a sort of "nerve pinch"

Vision of vivisection - some martial artists pride themselves in having an almost clairvoyant senses that can allow them to see their opponent's next move to plan ahead, Nerx also possess a vision that is passively activated when engaging opponents. It gives him a reductionist point of view of his target layer by layer, knowing their condition so he can monitor their vital signs at all times. His eyes function akin to a CT scan and a MRI, seeing his enemies for what they really are. Nerx can use specific hand-to-hand fighting skills, grabs and acrobatic moves to break the bones of his opponents. He later integrates a heavy emphasis on bone-breaking grappling. he can see the world in slow motion. allowing him to perceive the world as a super-rapid series of freeze frames - much like the bullet time effect. With this information, he can precisely study those images and analyze an opponent's combat style. After thus having watched and analysed somebody

X­ray vision precision striking

fight, he is particularly redoubtable, able to predict and counter most of his opponent's best moves. Because of this Nerx had the power to find the structural weakness in any object from up to one meter away and his skill in hand-to-hand combat is superhuman allowing him to simulate super-strength blows. He can severely damage extremely hard and strong materials — metals, stone, etc. — with a single blow.

Check & Wreck

That was a jab

Pistol boxing punch - some martial artists pride in their rapid punches, having the tenacity to knock out their foe in a blink of an eye. What about a punch that is faster than a bullet, stronger than a bullet train and can send someone flying over a building in a single strike? when speed, strength and overall density of the fist is combined the bonding of these aspects create a devastating blow that can either be used conservatively as a tactical attack or spammed furiously on a groggy opponent. He hits with literally bone-smashing strength, and his fighting skill and superhuman strength are sufficient for him to take on hordes of enemies and the like. He's trained to target weak spots, joints, accessible organs, etc. and break limbs in a relentless, brutal assault. his blows Have impressive power - presumably a combination of his strength (able to crush solid rock), speed and rock-hard hands. He can behead a normal man in a single punch, and has been known to kill bulletproof super-humans with a good punch to the jaw. Nerx has been known to position his fist in such a way as to have the bullet ricochet back at the firer or into another opponent and he's able to armor up at least his arm, extruding bony veins along his arm and fist, making it stronger and more durable.

Note: inspired from the boxing crab, boxer shrimp and the pistol shrimp

Who needs a guillotine?

Anti-materiel claw - some martial artists pride themselves with their knife hand that imitates a blade to cut objects, what is an imitation compared to a real blade that is given both proper function and technique. It can be used to cut, stab or even pry out small parts because of its sharpness. Its hardness allows it to penetrate objects deemed super durable, carbon tungsten titanium allow is just tin foil compared to the base power of the claw. a “neuroparalysis” pinch can also be performed using the claw. Increased penetration strength due the combination of materials ingested, added perk that is able to inject poisoning and with his strikes he can destroy the opponent's brain cells.

Did someone say bulletproof skin?

Cestus - Some fighters use fingerless gloves, others use wraps and like the ancient combatants of the gladiatorial spectacles. It will be based on a glove known for its ferocity rivaling the effectiveness of gas chambers. The fear of being perforated or severed however does not compare with the advent of firearms so in order to match with the times Nerx added a personal touch from the second world war. So far the gadget in itself is flawless , a gun that extends but can only be activated by contact making it useless at distance but what can normal bullets do to abnormal foes? A modification will

Puts them back in place

be further added to increase injury upon injury. So what is next? the firearm has been further specialized to accommodate close quarters use because of its push activation.

Stil unsatisfied Nerx deviates from the norm in choosing bullets then armed his piece with a bigger bang, namely something used to gib according to videogame terms. So the curious one tried it for a test run , so far results were pleasing. After its initial construction Nerx had enjoyed the overall capability of his handheld messengerof death , however one barrel felt missing and opting to maximize its destructive potential Nerx went on to find an upgrade to the construct. Before a device that would deliver a single payload of frag onto a target had just been doubled in its efficiency, Nerx envisioned it to be a monstrosity of metal that can only be conceptualized by a Liefeldian enthusiast and at its end result the piece did not disappoint. This weapon had now derailed from the original idea of a gauntlet and had swerved into the realm of nineties antihero's signature item, hell this thing could have its own name. Bloodgun , Scattersteel, Boomslang... well whatever it is it will have to be more blocky to be authentic . So far the parts have been working, the blade on the side for slitting throats and the nice little spikes to add insult to injury. In a fit of confusion Nerx finally got through the dilemma and decides to add in more firepower, but to make it cooler he decides to saw it off.

Weapon of choice: Spears (although his weapon mimics and enhances the gungnir, gae bolg, spear of lugh, longinus, valaska, ama nu nuhoko)


Barrier Break: the ability to break the barrier of his opponent, leaving them open for attack.

Sub-Atomic reconstruction (along with possible advantages e.g. teleportation , phasing & etc...)


The ability to reconstruct one's weapon after it has been destroyed. Later he mastered this aspect and can do it subconsciously

Stamina, Bio-electric and Psionic Vampirism ( for alternative sustenance and strength augmentation)

Subliminal Disruption ( motor systems and powers)

Mental Diminution ( affects bio-faculties, memories and senses)

also called Coordination Suppression or Clumsiness Inducing is the ability to psychically reduce the instrumental memory of subjects. One with this ability could decrease the amount of a subject’s skill in an area. This ability could decrease or delete memory of how to drive a car or how to hack the internet, and the like (even perhaps knowledge of how to use and control superhuman abilities). As the ability gets more and more advanced, it could even be used to delete rudimentary skills, like walking and speaking, making foes extremely clumsy.

Cause & Effect Dilation Field (lags and delays e.g Optics)

also called Effect Delay or Delay is the ability to psychically cause a lag in time between causality and the resulting effects. One with this ability could cause a gun to go off seconds, minutes or hours after the trigger is pulled, or could cause a bomb to go off far after the detonator is pushed (or delay an explosion after methane has been introduced to a flame). One with this ability may even be able to delay the reflexes of foes, and the like. This ability does not affect time entirely; it simply causes lag between cause and effect. § ability disrupt a subject’s optic temporarily and “rewind” the subject’s vision so he will see a few moments in the past. When used, it can prevent the subject from seeing things until up to a few second after it has happened, and so people can easily evade the subjects’ vision for a few seconds. This ability can affect more than one person at a time and lasts as long as the possessor of the ability wishes.

Immutability (Reality Warp Immunity)

Immutability or Immutable Pattern is the resistance to all external physical change. One with this ability cannot be transformed into another form, genetically altered, shrunk, expanded, weighed down or affected by decrescence (removed from existence) or Reality Bending, either based on their physiology or on their own will. However, they could still be damaged by normal changes (injury, disease, age, the elements).

Adaptive/Evolving strength (enhanced strength at base levels)

Ultimate speed (can be moved at any speed[enhanced speed at base levels]) Superhuman senses (Protected)

Shadow pinning: stabs his spear to the ground, preventing movement by pinning the

shadow of his enemy

Dimension Slash: Nerx unsheathes his sword and cuts through the very fabric of space. Distance is nothing in the face of this attack, whatever he sees is cut (for example if he attempted to cut a full moon he could very well do so, as what he sees is the whole) This attack bypasses any type of shield the opponent is using, so that Nerx can send his attacks directly to his opponent. [ultimate attack]

Oriental Arts

Ordinary blows such as kicks or punches can have devastating effects , and formidable martial artists can even project streams of energy at opponents to knock them down or stun them. The projection of these energy streams and their impacts can even lead to explosions. The focus is less on the basic moves and more on the special moves, he does not care too much about the martial arts and their, but he goes with the idea that at the higher level most Martial Arts are almost indistinguishable from each other. What distinguishes them at the higher levels is their special techniques and quirks.

" It's just like a musical but Instead of singing and dancing when you feel something, you

kick ass."

Martial arts (Kung Fu) - fighting techniques in a codified sequence called zhaoshi (Ä TM ), at lightning fast speeds where he would have the ability to withstand armed foeswhich are based on actual martial arts techniques.

That and more

Hu Zhua Jue Hu Shou (ı % 绝户> ) - Tiger Claws Ceasing Blood Lines Hand - i modified from a very powerful grappling technique within the Wudang called the Tiger Claws. The original Tiger Claws would be used to clamp down the opponent, however if the opponent's were advanced enough, he will be able to struggle free using their powerful energy reservoir. Therefore it will likely end up being a competition of inner energies. So, he created twelve new stances focusing on attack the groin and castrating the opponent.

Ling She Quan ( , y ) - Spirit Snake Fists - It was developed from the movements of venomous snakes. A snake seems to be boneless and could turn in all directions at will, so the main point of this stance is to be able to twist the arms unpredictably, so that when the opponent blocks the fists, the exponent would be able to throw out a punch from an unexpected angle at close proximity. Of course to expect the arms to move exactly like a snake would be unreasonable but in the eyes of the opponent, the movements of the arms greatly resemble snakes.

Shuang Zhang Yi Shan (ý Å À ̌ ) - Mountain Moving Double Palms - It's Zhang A'Sheng's martial art. A quick, powerful, and fast palms strike style and it used great external strength. One sample stance was "Opening the Windows to View the Moon" (S b # j )(Pinyin: tuī chuāng sòng yuè) where Zhang A'Sheng displayed to catch the vat filled with wine that Qiu ChuJi threw at him.

Ni Qiu Gong - Mud Loach Maneuver - Ying Gu created this martial art based on watching loach diving and moving around in the mud. It was a very effective defensive maneuver technique that made her body felt slippery.

Weapons and objects - combatants use a wide range of weapons in combat. The most commonly used ones are the saber, sword, staff, and spear. Improbable everyday objects such as abaci, benches, fans, ink brushes, pipes, sewing needles, or various musical instruments are also used as weapons as well and the adept use of assassin weapons (ànqì Ł P ) with accuracy

Man Tian Hua Yu Zhi Jin Zhen - Blossoms Rain From the Sky - Needles throwing style to hit simultaneously a person's vital areas.

Fu Gu Shen ( 5 针) - Bone Penetrating Needle - Once the needle entered a body, it will attach itself the bone and slowly dispenses poison. The poison will work after a year. 6 times a day, following the circulation of the blood, the poison will cause excruciating pain. But it will not kill the person immediately. It could take a person a year or two for that person to die slowly from the pain. If that person tried to channel his or her internal energy to counter the pain, the more he or she does so the greater the pain. A normal person would only grit his or her teeth when in pain. Using internal energy to suppress the pain

Even the traditional forms

would be like drinking poison to satisfy the thirst because the next attack would be more intense than the previous ones. There is no antidote for this poison and only Nerx will be able to neutralize it.

Qinggong (轻Ñ ) - literally means "the ability of lightness". Characters can move swiftly and lightly at superhuman speeds. They can glide on water surfaces, scale high walls and mount trees, making them seem as though they can fly. Qinggong is based on real

Chinese martial arts techniques. Some real-life martial artists such as those who practise Baguazhang, train in Qinggong for years by attaching heavy weights onto their legs. However, its use is to circumvent gravity and fly about with ease


Nei Jin (ã 劲) or Nei Li (å Â ) - the ability to build up and cultivate mystical "inner energy" (Qi) and control it for several purposes. Nerx use his inner energies for attack and defense purposes when combined with their martial arts. They may also use this form of energy to do things like suck an opponent inwards, throwing them, or forcing out poison from oneself, or use it to attain superhuman stamina. This kind of energy is a prerequisite for practice of qinggong, dianxue (dim mak) and other superhuman feats of speed and strength. The more neili one has, the better one can perform those mentioned feats. Neili is gained by many years of special breathing and physical exercises, consuming (sometimes accidentally or unknowingly) rare herbs, fruits or other substances of legend that are beneficial, or in some cases by deliberate transference from one to another, such as master to student. Neili can be used as a source of power for mystical skills such as projection of energy (i.e., energy blasts), toughening the body to take strikes, increasing physical strength to superhuman level, and other paranomal effects. Fighters who possess these powers draw them from the use of qi originating from the body rather than black magic and wizardry.

Ha Ma Gong (z Í Ñ ) - Divine Toad Stance, it uses absorbed poison to increase internal energy for lethal blows.

JiuYinBaiGuZhao(š è T 5 % )-9YinWhiteBoneClaws-Nerxlearnedthisskill without having a deep understanding from the first volume of . They followed the instruction of the second volume literally. The second volume only stated to concentrate

energy in the five fingers and firmly attack the enemy's head. He didn't know that in this case, the enemy's head means the enemy's vital points. Thus, he practiced this skill using real skulls.

Qian Kun Da Nuo Yi - < q ) À - Heaven and Earth Great Reversal. It's an internal energy that releases all of the inhibitors inside a person's body. It allows a person to use and exert all of the inner strength (Shen Gong) (/ Ñ ) and control the Yin (è ) and Yang (s ) energy. So that one can be as a powerful as a giant at any moment. It redirects and reverses opponents' attacks through uncanny manipulation of energy streams within the body. The principle of Qian Kun Da Nuo Yi is to manipulate the natural energy streams within the human body. The practitioner uses his own internal power to stimulate and manipulate the energy inside his body, breaking through various energy points. He or she needs great power to work with (channel) and great power to protect himself or herself (his or hers internal organs etc). In the 4th level, the practitioner will shift the natural energies around in his body, and his own blood flow be redirected, and his body will suddenly appear red or green. This continues up until the 7th level, in which the entire energy flow will be balanced again, and the practitioner will appear normal. As Qian Kun Da Nuo Yi practitioner manipulated, shifted and changed his or her energy in every way possible, he or she is able to see the energy fields and power generated by his or her opponents in action, and identify or pinpoint the energy flows in their movements. He or she then can use his or her own, energy to manipulate the power of his or her opponents.

Shi Zi Hou (狮Ä ( ) - Roar of the Lion. An extremely high-level martial art skill using internal energy. It could be used to frighten or to show respect.

Piao Lian Chuan Yun Zhang (飘æ c TM Å ) - Snowing Mist Penetrating Palm, it's one of Nerx's a Ying energy based very fast palm strike attacking opponent in a three consecutive attacks.

On Fishback

More than meets the eye

Dian Xue (T e f ) - based on real-life martial arts techniques such as dim mak (e ) and chin na (× • ). Nerx use these techniques to kill, paralyse, immobilise or control opponents by attacking their acupressure points (xué f ) with a finger, knuckle, elbow or weapon. A victim may be immobilized for hours after being hit on the acupressure points. Such techniques may be used for healing purposes, when excessive bleeding may be halted when certain acupressure points are pressed. Real-life martial artists do use such techniques in martial arts to paralyse or stun their opponents.

Lan Hua Fu Xue Shou (› z ¿ f > ) - Orchid Accupoint Brushing Hand - One of the martial arts which relies upon speed, accuracy, surprise and purity. Of these, purity was

Good as new?

the most important. It requires graceful execution and an easy, relaxed manner to execute properly, as if the person using it had not a care in the world. If it was executed with too much urgency or viciousness then it would lose its advantage in a fight.

Fen Jing Cuo Gu Shou - Disconnect the Muscles and Separating the Bones technique. Nerx's martial art. Zhuang Shi Duan Wan (Strong Soldier Breaks the Wrist) and Xiao Yu Jie Yi (Jokes Will Undo the Jaws) are some of the moves. It focuses on dislocating or breaking the opponent's bones using fast methods attacking opponent's limbs, skull, and neck bones.

Miao Shou Kong Kong Zhi Ji (é > z ) - Empty Magical Pick-Pocket skills - One of Zhu Cong's martial art skills that he could steal anything on intended person without that person knowing.

Always finding challenges

He has mastered several different forms of martial arts thanks to the sacrifices made by his masters. He doesn’t wait around – he goes for the instant kill as soon as possible. His hat can cut through human flesh, trees, pillars, massively sized giants, steel, etc. Nerx’s also no slouch in the strength, speed, and durability department. He has enough strength to destroy large boulders, enormous pillars, 24 inch-thick diamonds and rubies, and he can even strike with a force of 70,000 tons. Speed wise, Nerx is massively hypersonic, he can dodge bullets, lightning bolts, energy projectiles, arrows, and plasma rifles at point- blank. He has extremely impressive combat speed – enough to create multiple sonic booms and leave blurs . Nerx also possesses the ability to teleport instantaneously – he can even multi-teleport as well for evasion. He also has several decades of fighting experince of battling highly super-powered beings around his strength level. He can be very overconfident at times. He often goes easy on his opponents due to a code of honor. Will not attack a weakned or sick foe and will ot even bother fighting people he knows are much weaker than him (waits for people to challenge him).

These are not just sleights of hand or magic tricks; as they require talent and many years of study. These skills are attainable by anyone who is prepared to devote his or her time in diligent study and practice.The powerful skills must be trained and practiced with the purity in heart (can be pure evil). Impatience and improper control of the mind and qi during the training would result in bodily and/or mental injuries . lost control and fell to the dark side).

The details of some of the more unusual skills are often to be found in abstrusely written and/or encrypted manuals known as mìjí (a ¶ ), which may contain the secrets of an entire sect, and are often subject to theft or sabotage.

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