Philosophy of the Jaws

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"A screwdriver makes an excellent toy if you want to use it that way. So does a baseball bat or a claw hammer," Donner said, finishing his meal and putting down his fork and knife. "It's irrational to believe that if you ban certain types of knives, deviants will somehow stop being deviants."

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An ideal sovereign man that has no bounds or limitations in moral life, an ideal of absolute negation of others in order to fulfill ones own desires. This ideal, has at its most extreme the negation and destruction of the self. Striving for the lust to destroy, but not to be dependent on this lust. The ideal is to commit crimes against others as a total negation of the others and to do this in complete apathy. The apathy is necessary to avoid dependency of lust

Other items found in the past few weeks in his person include a hacksaw, a machete, foot-long screwdrivers, steak knives, switch blades, needle-nose pliers, tweezers, oven thermometers, darts, dumbbells, corkscrews, a railroad spike, 3-inch safety pins, Swiss Army knives, deep-sea fish hooks, wire and box cutters, potato peelers, pineapple- and plumeria-topped cocktail forks, and dozens of old-fashioned school compasses that hold a pencil on one end and rotate on a needle-sharp point on the other.

Libertinism is the conviction that one has to be liberated from moral restraints in order to be truly free. If one is to be a sovereign man one has to avoid being subjected to constraints, moral codes of any kind. This philosophical position gained much influence in the 17th and 18th century.

Nothing cheers him up more than somnophilia, erotophonophilia, lactophilia, haematomania, forniphilia, acrotomophilia, dacrylagnia, oculophilia, spectrophilia, algophilia, timophilia, piquerism, androidism, pecattiphilia, agalmatophilia, pyrophilia, odontophilia, odaxelagnia, voreraphilia, sitophilia, anophelorastia, biastophilia, bestial sadism, symphorophilia and gynophagia. Other pastimes include strangulation, drowning, and smothering.


the McDojo
the McDojo

He sells fast food yet he also endorses self defense (more akin to a cult than a martial art), albeit in a more comedic sense. Guaranteeing black belts within six months, awarding the Black Belt to people who can’t fight. Such as teaching knife defense. Giving them 'knife patterns' as a method of of mechanical training. Repetitive cliched patterns. They are supposed to react to attacks in this manner. He encourages positive thinking. In the streets. Results vary. It amuses him that some people have black belts.

Giving training that contains no conditioning and revolves around a point-score system. It is nowhere near as effective at keeping them fit mentally and physical compared to 'real' martial arts . It is watered down to make it far more entertaining. Filling his gym with kids (Starting at 5 years old), to retain individuals long enough to keep their payments coming in until he or she is around maybe 15 years old.

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Preaching to worried mothers that don’t want their children exposed in a world that seems out to get them. It’s these non-experienced parents that will be persuaded into believing anything the sensei has to say and when their children inevitably join the club the parents feel they’re doing good as the belts fold in and the cash fold out.

Any one can teach martial arts providing the can pass some basic child and vulnerable adult protection checks. They don’t even have to have a black belt. Inventing his own “style” of martial arts they instantly grading himself to 200th Dan. Focusing on success in tournaments is another specialty. The goal is often fueled by the Sensei Albert's desire for fame and/or money. Profiteering while providing information that can get people killed.

Dubbing himself as the ‘Real Human Stun Gun’, able to apparently knock people out without a touch. Claiming to be a Kiai master, who says that he can send a room tumbling with just a wave of the hand manipulating ‘invisible energy’ in the participants.

It's located in a shopping mall. The logo involves some sort of cartoon animal (a hippopotamus). It 'teaches' every martial art people can think of. Advertising children's birthday parties on the home page of their website. And demos that involve light shows and smoke effects.


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Extra-terrestrial aesthetes have no need for humanity. They have failed to offer anything of lasting artistic value to greater sentient civilization. However, a final hope remains: humanity's culinary prowess. However, it must first be tested in the most rigorous of crucibles—cooking battles against the universe's best.

In addition to the cooking contests themselves, they are required to gather rare ingredients, deal with unscrupulous foes, navigate through space intrigue, and heal the wounded hearts of those close to them with a blend of eye-opening flavors and fiery tenacity.


- Sunset Blvd


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Nerx had always had an eye for human developments, and to such he's made his own video game "Blank Lair". There are rumors that the creator will devour those who randomly play the game, so far only few disappearances have occurred. He preys upon his discs (back then it was cartridges, and it will continue to change as with the developments of technology.). The game combines theme of children's stories with ultra-violent elements. Many have tried to destroyed the disc, yet it reappears.

The game knows the name of the player upon switching on the program, it presents a different experience depending on the eye of the beholder. The BGM is generally pleasant to such a degree that it will lull people into hooking on. The disc will run when the electronic device is off or when it is unplugged. The volume adapts accordingly with certain elements of game-play. It is a relatively rare game, but available in context of a magical world. The experience will sometimes dictate the player to do certain activities to reach the completion of the game. The Avatar of the game will act on the well being of the player as the game drives deeper into chaos. It is sold at an astronomical price.

Dying in the game makes you die for real. But benefits from the game translates to real life, while several characters will mimic people known. Reflections will show the avatar as looking at character customizations reveal the self.


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Ruthless, arrogant, merciless,and insane, but brilliant in a twisted sort of way, Albert Donner is a one man nightmare. He's a good person to have on your side when you need something reprehensible, or immoral done quickly and quietly, but generally, he's a bad person the rest of the time.

He's good in a way that he chooses to refrain from using firearms to kill his enemies. Opting for a more hands on approach instead - for the reason of "intimacy". He flies solo - partly because he likes it that way - mostly because not many can stand him.


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There is a special place in the world for Albert's enemies, some are cherished as trophies while others are worn as clothes. Some of them however who do not deserve his respect are eaten then promptly excreted out to mold into bricks.

Both an ecological and economical solution of the Dung Brick was born. There's no visible difference between a traditional brick and the dung brick--and before you ask, there's no smell either.

Dung is abundant (and constantly being produced!). Using his own dung for bricks avoids the environmental damage caused by the traditional means of digging up clay. It is generally accepted and made to be 20% lighter and 20% stronger than the average clay brick.

Literally turning sh!t into sugar.

Close Quarters Engagements

Albert has a lean, muscular build befitting for a warrior. Albert is a fighter of average height, athletic, with fair skin and short, dirty blonde hair.

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He may be a monster, but to think that he can fight would be a very easy way to commit suicide. He has been on earth longer than most folk have been alive, he has seen, inspired and devoured several fighters over the course of history. Even when serving as the Bodyguard of @anthony_stark where had devoured members of Navy SEALs, Delta Force, SAS, SBS, IDF and Spetsnaz. To him it is one of his favorite methods of hunting, finding those who have honed their lives to perfect their skill and to defeat them with a relatively 'equal' body. Prior to events in Venezuela, Albert sets up his own mercenary team with the crew of his restaurant.

Along his journeys for the ultimate culinary thrill he has encountered and ate several long-lived 'immortals' who have had their claims of accumulating vast knowledge of martial prowess. World-class athletes, who are physically fit have met their end under the weight of his jaw. Men and women who are almost a superhuman unarmed combatant too became his assets. He had tasted millenia old beings, lets them age like wine and taking sips when the time is right.

Among the moves in his repertoire he has a death strike via a blow to the chest. When entering combat with his 'meal' in this context he will display no superhuman attributes to beat them in combat. He is an autodidact and is always refining his style, he mixes several schools of combat. Furthermore they are combined with his natural aptitude - Albert is bound to give his opponent the fight of their life.

He acquired the skill of how to anticipate his opponents attacks against various enemies and spiritual healing techniques. He has a natural genius for mastering combat techniques due to the great violent nature inside him. He can read body language which enables him to anticipate attacks before his opponents make them.

Once the Albert has learned an opponent’s physical movements, he can then predict his opponent’s next attack. By viewing an opponent in super-speed, he can learn to counter at superhuman speed. However, this can only be used for short periods of time.

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Albert is silent in his movements and is a fast and lethal master of assassination arts. He is also a hand to hand combat instructor. Donner is highly ingrained in their protocols and tradecraft. His skills include expertise in firearms, explosives, handling numerous vehicles, and speaking fluent in human tongue.

He has an immediate ability to utilize lateral thinking to solve problems. Using improvised weapons, for example using a fork to stab a special forces operative, utilizing a frozen side of lamb as a blunt object and using a book and a belt to kill an opponent. He is shown using tactical improvisation such as using an RFID, dog, and pergume to fake his location and aliminum, a microwave, and a leaked gas to cause an explosion.

He remains perfectly calm in any situation. Never showsing any signs of fear or anxiety even when completely surrounded by enemies. This trait allows him to effectively blend himself and enter restricted areas without raising any suspicion from nearby guards, even when they already suspect someone may have infiltrated their ranks. Whatever the odds, he never panics. He always keeps his composure and clear mind to the point of being perfectly aware of all his surroundings and constantly calculates his every action, never losing focus. He can think on the fly. When outnumbered, using his surroundings and figure out his opponent weaknesses.

One explanation for his fighting skills might have to do with his psychotic personality: Albert doesn’t really fear physical damage to himself like a normal person would, and even when brutally injured laughs at his own pain. His casual insensitivity to pain, and his extreme fearlessness, lets him take risks that a normal person wouldn’t even attempt, and so most people just don’t see his attacks coming.

Albert is a psycopath, who enjoys shooting people and torturing cops. He is a very dangerous man, with no compassion and has a casual attitude to killing. He is a typical, smooth-talking psycopath, who remains calm rather than displaying anger, but this makes him more dangerous. It is thought that while his psychosis and dissociative identity disorder is a handicap, it is also one of his assets as it makes him an extremely unpredictable opponent.

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He spots out elements or details that he's going to use to his advantage. Like a video game, but inside his eye. And all of the layers of the eye."

Albert knows he's going to grab a guy by his hair and this guy by the neck or he's going to take this bottle and smash it on this guy. So, that's what he does and then he executes his plan.


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Albert is able to keep his life-force from being connected with any one organ (even organs normally considered to be vital). He could be shot, hanged, stabbed or otherwise maimed horribly, and it will not kill him. He will simply continue with said damage to his body. Technically he has no need to eat, drink or breathe as one part of the his body can carry on the functions of any other body part. But he does so anyways.

He can use his mental power to increase his own muscle size, and thus one’s strength, endurance and stamina (and even the physical size). It provides a temporary adrenaline rush, except without the risks of adrenaline, as the mind is the “energy booster”. The power-up can be increased in duration based on how long the user of the power meditates to increase mental power, trains to increase physical power and exercises their ability.

His well being depends of the bodily health on his emotions. Being happy can keep his body in perfect homeostasis, or sadness makes him susceptible to illness (positive emotions such as confidence and satisfaction allow his abilities and stats to work at or above the norm, while negative emotions such as doubt and mistrust severely impair the his capability). At rare cases he may even change colors or gain abilities based on their constantly-varying emotions.

He has total awareness, familiarity and control of all of the motions that his own body makes. He swim through water at the same speed as he moves on land, and gain fine control over the movements of his muscles (so that if he is thrown onto his back, he can still move along the ground by flexing his back muscles, and the like). He can move with remarkable grace, and land from falls on his feet or on all fours as though the fall was much shorter than it actually was. While his mind could be dominated, his nerves are under his control alone (so his movement can't be dominated).

Body Works

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He can psychometrically align his movements to the movements of another. Doing any physical feat capable by another. If he was punched by a foe, he could deliver a punch to the foe at the same time. Similar to Photographic Reflexes, in that it mimics motion, but instead of waiting a while, he mimics the movement at the same time it is being done.

Albert can undergo a hypnagogic trance which sets the body on autopilot. Allowing the body to rest up, while at the same time not stopping to rest, but moving, or responding to one’s environment as though he were awake. As the user moves, he can function perfectly, but he would not remember what he has done or said while under this trance.

As an anomalous entity Nerx is resistant to the forces of fate. The user is unaffected by Tychokinesis (when touching a luck-manipulator, their powers of probability alteration are negated), and their moves cannot be predicted by Danger Sense, Precognition, Divination or Telepathy (even Combat Telepathy). The user is excluded from prophecies; his moves are hard to determine by Psychic Strategy, Imaginative Deduction, Quantum Deduction or any other psychic means, except Omniscience. By simply existing, he changes things that have been predicted or prophesied by others.

  • It cannot be negated, or stolen by Absorption or similar abilities


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Excited Delirium is used to explain away many taser deaths in the same way that Spontaneous Human Combustion could be used to explain away crispy-fried humans.

Self proclaimed ruler of flames and bonfires. Inspiration for the artillery and he has a ____ like a cannon. When he gets in a dispute revenge works by skull-_______ his victims to death. He has difficulty satisfying his urges when he is in heat, as anything he touches tends to be instantly rendered to ash by his body temperature. He has taken to preying on superhumans, as their bodies are sometimes strong enough to him to ____ them and eat their flesh before they are completely incinerated.


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Its body can literally “phase into” the body of another living being (taking control over that being's movements) without mental domination. One with this ability almost entirely overriding the host's conscious control of motion and can use this body to gain access to new skills and abilities for his own personal gain

Or for one's consciousness or physical body to enter into an inanimate object. Thus allowing possession of electronics (to control electronic functions like a technopath) or normal inanimate objects (like an animator, except using one's own mind/body as the animating energy). He still perceives their environment as though they were in a normal body

He can use this to change others into genetic near-replicates of oneself, via a bite, a scratch or bodily tampering. This ability can make it hard to be identified because the converted subject’s genetics ---and maybe their appearance--- matches that of the user of the ability. Not to mention, sometimes the conversion allows the Albert to mentally dominate the subject they converted.

Sometimes going so far as to convert physical matter (or consciousness) into thought waves, then transfer it into his own mind, where the subject is rendered under the control of the his imagination. Free to do whatever he wants to the subject that he has transported into his mind, yet the effects last after the subject has left the user’s mind.This may also include his transportation into the minds of others, to glean information about them or just interfere with/disrupt concentration.

Play Possum

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He can even cause his own body to appear as though injured or damaged. To such an extent of produce a smell and appearance as though he was dead. This could cause the body to limp as though one had a broken leg, or could produce temporary cataracts to appear blind, while seeing perfectly. He could appear to have the symptoms of any illness or ailment to frighten away foes or lure in foes to be their next victims.

He is at a level where he can give the false appearance of death. Psychically causing his body systems to shut down, with only faint activity in the brain (undetectable to pulse-readers, empaths and telepaths) that allows the body to function just barely pumping blood through the body, and the psyche recedes so deeply into the rest of the soul that the his life-force cannot be detected. The body can withstand having limited blood and oxygen pumped for a short while and can wake up from the false death at any time, so this entails nearly no danger.

The Heart

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He cab perceive emotions, but with the emotions expressed as though they were thoughts. He can read emotions of any kind, like a normal empath, but they must be expressed through verbal thought wave manifestations (the subject must think something like “I’m so mad!” or “I can’t believe she did that!”). He can project emotions in the same fashion; instead of projecting emotions (like normal Empathy) he can project thoughts which convey a certain emotion, and the like.

Tele-Empathy is the psychic ability to communicate with another subject via emotion instead of by thought. One with this ability could convey the same messages as one with the power Telepathy (including changing a subject’s mind by associating a certain emotion with a certain idea or opinion, receiving/transmitting emotions to communicate, overloading foes with emotions instead of thoughts, etc.), except the message is a bit more vague.

Upon reading or invading the Albert's mind, telepaths, empaths, possessors and other mind-intruding psychics become “infected” with the same frenzy instead of being able to calm the user down or otherwise dominate the subject

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He cab even emphatically pass on a character trait from himself to someone else. like his empathic projection where he projects emotion, but instead he pass on character traits, such as boredom, gloom, infatuation or even stupidity and vulnerability to sickness. Not to mention, the person to whom a character trait is passed onto can also pass on the trait to someone else (although the effect the trait has on anyone is only temporary).

Due to the open nature of empathy, he can even gain superhuman abilities based on the types of music that one hears. He could gain the ability Hypnotic Dancing just by listening to dance music or the ability to generate shockwaves by listening to hard rock. It is related to the type of music (like heavy metal giving Bestial Mind, or upbeat songs giving the power of superspeed), or simply manifested because of that type of music (forcefields from classical music, Invisibility from love songs).

It also allows him to psychically align his flexibility, stamina and movements to the rhythm of any song, so that it may assist the fluidity of athletic faculties such as dancing, gymnastics, fighting, etc. (Rhythmic Alignment)


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There is more to his pyrokinetic aura that meets the eye, his anomalous nature enables him to generate a field or aura which produces a certain effect. He can channel his odd-energy to provide him other perks, though only one at a time. They include:

  • Accelerator Aura, also called Acceleration Aura or Acceleration is the ability to generate an aura or field which accelerates anything within it. This can be used to accelerate a car which is low on gas, or to make a bullet even move even faster. One with this ability may even increase the speed of only one part of a system (such as increasing the speed of the heart to cause heart attacks or increasing the speed of the brain's activity to increase intelligence or comprehension).
  • The Blackbody Effect, also called Blackbody Aura or Dark Spot is the ability to psychically generate a black spot or other small mark on any given part of a subject’s body which slowly sheathes the subject in an aura of darkness. This aura is a nearly- perfect (or entirely perfect) absorber of light and radiation for a wide radius, thus rendering anyone within it blind and extremely cold (or freezing them), only allowing sound to escape the aura. Usually only the user of the ability (or those gifted with True Sight, ESP/Clairvoyance, etc.) is capable of seeing from within the darkness.
  • Degradation Field, or Degrading Aura is the ability to produce a field/aura which upon contact with biotic subjects, causes them to waste away until they get out of the field (only sometimes does the subject return to normal after leaving the field). If they entirely waste away, however, the effects are permanent.
  • Dilation Aura, also called Magnification/Diminution Aura is the ability generate an aura/field which enhances or decreases physical/mental faculties. It may an Intelligence Aura, an Agility Field, a Strength Aura, Aura of Enfeeblement or the like. If anything is enhanced or decreased within the aura/field, it counts as a Dilation Aura.
  • Disassembly Field or Analysis Field is the ability to psychically generate a field which disassembles any machine into all of its constituent parts (including living bodies) and suspends them in the air to be analyzed or otherwise dealt with. Sometimes the pieces reassemble after the field is dissolved, although this may be able to be specified by the user.
  • Distortion Field or Spatial Diversion Field is the ability to psychically generate a field of distorted space. Anything that tries to go into that field follows the path of the distorted space. If one used this ability on his head, for example, then one could shoot with any gun, but the bullets would all curve around the person's head. The same is true for projectiles or even energy attacks. The subject can only be touched directly when the field is not up.
  • Geriatric Aura is the ability to generate an aura in which the aging process is sped up, but motion is slowed down. This ability effectively causes foes to age far before they are in proximity of the user. This ability works on any subject, living or inanimate, to rust metals, wilt plants or make foes old and frail by the time they reach the user. This ability has no effect on time-defiers and people with Longevity.
  • Inhibitor Aura also known as Deceleration Aura or Deceleration is the ability to exude an aura which is so thick that it slows down even the strongest of foes. One with this ability does not slow down time, and usually cannot manipulate time in any way; they simply create an aura or field that is capable of slowing foes down at least until they reach the generator of the aura (if they have the patience to try); although, sometimes the field/aura will simply delay the reactions of foes.
  • Molecular Dissipation Field is the ability to generate a psychic field which reduces anything that enters into the field into atoms. It does not permanently damage the subject or object, it simply breaks them down until the object/subject exits the field, slowing down and disrupting the motor equilibrium of any living being caught in it (while turning them temporarily intangible
  • Morphic Aura is the ability to bend light around oneself in such a way as to appear different. Some might confuse this with morphing. There is no physical morphing that occurs with this ability and certain equipment (such as radar or sonar) can be used to "see" the real person behind the illusion.
  • Nightfall, also called Dark/Night Aura ,Field of Darkness or Dark Shroud is the ability to generate an aura of psionic darkness around oneself. This aura of darkness makes the area around it look like it would at night (hence the name), and psionically blinds everybody in the field, along with making anyone within the aura/field appear invisible to anyone outside of the aura/field. Not to mention, this aura also protects the user and anyone else within the field from intense light, as the field absorbs all ambient light within a certain radius. Only the user of the ability is capable of seeing in this field, as well as anyone with which the user has an empathic connection.
  • Personal Gravity Field is the ability to generate a field of intense gravity around oneself, with no harm to the body. One with this ability could use it to cause his personal possessions (or projectiles which head his way) to revolve around himself; or he could use this ability to make himself lighter or heavier. The user of this ability could even use it to shift his center of gravity (to walk up walls, fly, and the like).
  • Repulsor Aura, also called Repulsion is the ability to create a powerful offensive aura or energy field which pushes objects or people away from the user. The user can keep the repulsive field around them, or certain objects, to stop projectiles from approaching (almost like a reverse magnetic attraction, but it works on anything, magnetic or not) or it can be used to push foes into walls, knock them unconscious, and the like. The user can even use it to keep from hitting objects by repelling themselves up or away.
  • Restrictor Aura, also called Restraint or Restriction is the ability to generate an aura or energy field around subjects, capable of stopping them in place, or keeping them from potential movement. While it does not freeze the subject in time (it sometimes even allows movement of the limbs and the head) it pins the subject’s center of gravity in place (or sheathes them in zero-point energy), and renders them incapable of moving forward or backward until the aura is dissolved (even if the subject is in mid-air).
  • Tractor Aura, also called Traction/Attraction or Gravitation is the ability to psychically or psionically attract objects to oneself. One with this ability could draw foes into the line of an attack, or pull allies out of the way of an oncoming danger, or to pull oneself closer to a desired subject. This ability can also use gravitation on objects, to move them toward oneself or move oneself toward an object, if the object is sturdy enough to resist being pulled itself. It functions as the exact opposite of Repulsor Aura.
  • Vector Dilation Field, also called a Vector Magnification/Diminution Aura is the ability to psychically or psionically generate an aura or field which changes the force behind any object or subject. This field can make a speeding train hit an ally with the force of a paper ball, or inversely, make a paper ball strike a foe with the intensity of an impacting comet. One with this ability could also decrease the force that the object would exert, allowing them to lift very heavy objects (the weight depends on the strength of the ability) giving the illusion of superstrength.
  • Vector Randomization Field, also called Vector Redirection or Delocalization is the ability to psychically or psionically generate an aura or field around an object/subject (or in unoccupied space) which randomly changes the direction of anything caught within it. One with this ability could use it on himself to cause bullets to seemingly deflect off of him, or even rebound back to the foe. Not to mention, it could also be used on others to cause them to change the course of movement and the like. Sometimes the change in direction can even be controlled by the user.

Truth be told they are more of a trouble than they are worth, he prefers to use his heat aura to cook his opponents in the middle of a scuffle but when the situation calls for it he has options to choose. Sometimes they work against him, there have been cases where monsters can withstand everything that modern civilizations throw at them yet they fall at the notion of 'love'. As he is a being of anomaly, something akin to 'glitching' tends to happen. Humans have an assortment of gadgets to chose from, he has a variety of 'characteristics' at the beck of his call.


He is designed with the idea of 'One for all, and all for one' meaning that no hierarchy of power applies to him. Any character of any level can defeat him, yet he can do the same regardless of level. With Albert it is 50-50.


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He can psychically perceive any substance that the he would consider food. He can perceive the presence and specific type or brand of food that is in his’s proximity. It can be used when stranded in the middle of the desert, or just to find a source of healthy food. Albert can psychically perceive what goes into making different baked or fried goods, if one is allergic to a certain type of food (as well as its nutritional content and when the food expires) and the like.

Misc. Phenomenon [random occurence]

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Antithesis Inducing is the characteristic to induce the opposite of nearly any effect. He could jump off a building and instead of breaking something (or dying) he would be fortified against breaking limbs, or any already-broken bones that the user lands on would be healed. He could hold fire to a burn wound and the wound would be healed instead of worse damaged, and the like. He could even cause injuries to feel good or normally-pleasurable things to be extremely painful, and the like.

Induce paradoxes and contradictory physics. This can range anywhere from the highly improbable (like a prey animal eating it's predator) to the impossible (Fire "extinguishing" water, a small being with no superstrength beating a far larger being with extreme superstrength and durability, etc.). This ability is similar to Probability manipulation, but instead of simply increasing or decreasing the likelihood of an event, it makes the impossible possible, and the improbable quite likely. The only true limit to this ability is that it is very confusing, and he can't obtain certain things (manipulating the structure of matter, omnipotence, omniscience, etc.).

It can even invert the effects of a super ability. Like switching a foe's Pyrokinesis to Cryokinesis, or turn any other ability into its opposite (Teleportation into Summoning, Superhuman Strength into Superhuman Endurance and the like). It could induce abilities in subjects that they do not know how to control (as they are used to handling just the opposite), so long as the ability is the opposite (like Nigrescence and Focus).

Exchanging the abilities of any multiple subjects at random (sometimes even within an undetermined radius, and for an undetermined amount of time). To randomly give any super any of another's super abilities. Randomly switching the abilities of any two or more super beings (except the user), and thus can't be predicted (the only certainty with this ability is that the user cannot switch his own power).


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As an extension of his field and emotional body Albert has learned to psychically realize pantomimic gestures. With this ability, he could act as though he saw some horribly large object falling out of the sky, or headed in the direction of the subject, and the subject would momentarily be hit or struck, or zapped or otherwise affected.

He could do the ever-famous "box trick" to trap subjects, or lean on "nothing" or otherwise gesture occurrences and subjects into existence. He can attack foes by simply making the movements of attack. Hitting a foe simply by amplifying the kinetic energy and sending it in the direction of the foe.

A cast is molded from the kinetic energy as an attack motion is formed, so it appears as though an invisible arm or foot is flying at the foe to kick or punch him. This could even be used to do the infamous "double jump".

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