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Albert "The Epicure' Donner

"And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see. 4 And there went out another horse that was red (blood): and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another:(for food i.e. cannibalism) and there was given unto him a great sword."

(Rev 6:3-4KJV)

A relentless killer undeterred by death
A relentless killer undeterred by death


Identity/Class: Monster

Occupation: Cosmic Hijacker

Affiliations: None

Enemies: nameless billions of its victims

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Bogeyman, Darth Deinos

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout countless realities.

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Because one of his crimes involved him torturing, butchering, and eating a young woman while she was still alive. As in proper serial killer stuff, like dismembering people on the streets, cannibalism, etc. Albert went so far as to wear masks made of other people's faces, or even wear human skins as clothing or armor. It is not known what Albert truly looks like, as he appears in different forms during their encounters with others.

"Yes, people who can't think their way into this find it monstrous. But in principle I'm a normal human being,"

He is a simple man, who enjoys comfort, food, socialization and commerce. His fondness of food and drinks drive him to have about six meals a day (in human guise). If man is the most dangerous animal on the planet, then hunting man is the most dangerous game. He spends the bulk of his lives in human form, seeking out justice and punishing do-gooders to the best of its considerable abilities. Its typical mode of operation runs roughly along the lines of a sting operation: the monster will listen for stories of generous or good beings or persons, then reveal its true form and dish out punishment. They prefer to turn heroes over to law breaking if plasible, but will ultimately take whatever actions they deem necessary in order to see injustice served.

The monster there!

Vast as a rock he lies!

How angrily his eyeballs glare!

How flash his fiery eyes!

Come Sleep, come Sleep;

Let the slumberous spells be laid

In depths below, in depths below;

Let Sleep be as of night,

Like the Great Night,

The Long Night,

The Sleep-bringing Night,

Sleep on – sleep on!

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It is unknown when Albert Donner first developed his voracious appetite for human flesh. What is known is that he has consumed literally thousands of victims in a reign of terror that has lasted decades. Curiously, although Albert has satiated his appealing usance in virtually every country on Earth, he still has yet to stroke the Northern Americas. Some say that he fears the superheroes. Others are too overcome with terror at the mention of his very name to consider this. Some men keep their evil hidden from the world, while the iniquity of others emerges. In Albert's case, this is literally true. Security cameras have only ever captured the image of a ghostly shade at the scene of Albert's crimes, leaving authorities horrifying thoughts that this mass murderer could strike at any time, anywhere on the planet. Anyone could become the next meal for this rapacious ghoul. Nobody is safe. Nobody.

The Donner became so successful in his butchery that he cast unwanted limbs into the sea. These were washed up on distant and local beaches, much to the horror of the coastal communities. In time the areas reputation reached the ears of the authorities and, in these suspicious times, many innocent people were executed for Albert's crimes. The hardest hit were innkeepers as, more often than not, the missing person was last seen in an inn or lodgings: suspicion naturally falling on those who had seen them last. This happened on so many occasions that numerous innkeepers fled to take up other less risky occupations, and the area became a shunned and depopulated place.

Natives say he kills for fun, not just for food; that he kills several people in every attack, and then disappears for months, or even years, only to reappear later in another, different location to kill again. No one can predict when or where he will appear next. He is also said to have a monstrous appetite, and rumor has it that he killed and devoured an adult male hippopotamus.

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Albert's body carries countless scars made by knives, spears and even firearms. A dark spot on the top of his head is the only remaining trace of a bullet wound that was supposed to put and end to his reign. But all hunters (and even, a group of armed soldiers) have failed to kill him.

While he has a variety of magical powers, Albert is feared for his ability to consume those he slays and absorb their powers. Replenishing his energies (eating objects like rocks converting it into energy for the eatter); Regenerating lost limbs or healing by consuming matter,rocks and converting it into a limb; Evolve into a new lifeform. (By turning into the object eaten)

Albert is probably too experienced and smart to be fooled, so it seems likely that he will continue with his depredations and perhaps, soon, claim the title of the most prolific man eater for himself. He is a mastersof epicurean bliss, and it seems only fi tting that his warped body provides him with a mystical outlet for his gourmandizing sensibilities.

Prime characteristics:

“eats matter and spits energy”

  1. can eat people at super speeds and the possessed superhuman strength and speed, capable of moving faster than the eye could follow. Getting larger as he gets angrier.
  2. can consume and digest any substance without internal poisoning or organ tissue ruptures. It kills humans and animals with poison and consumes every part of its prey – bones, fur, hair, clothes, etc.; and his droppings are poisonous. For every person he eats, he grew larger, ensuring he is never full and must constantly engorge himself. It can also be handy for getting rid of evidence. Albert can also consume human beings, which means that he can access their DNA and shapeshift into them. He's able to take in some of their energy, enough to make him immune to their powers.
  3. can assimilate anything he eats into his physical structure. Albert possessed all the properties and powers of the lifeforms or mineral he mimicked.
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Albert Donner is one of the toughest creatures alive, possessing massive strength, incredible resistance to injury and hyperactive healing rate tough enough to stun, he's more than likely impossible to truly kill. He's also got claws and teeth for rending flesh and is able to track unlucky prey with little problem. He has paired hollow tongues, which can extend and penetrate flesh and/or chitin and siphon life energy and/or blood, upon which he feeds. The tongues can also grab and pull beings or objects toward its maw.He also cooked certain parts of his victims, ate the remains, and served the human meat to his friends at parties. His hair, pulled out from the roots, is strong enough to be used to cut through things.He has extremely thick skin, which is heat-resistant and enables it to thrive in extremely high pressure environments, as well as cope under heavy fire from human weaponry.

To my mind the only possible pet is a human. Humans love you…They will listen to your problems and never ask a thing in return. They will be your friends forever. And when you get tired of them you can kill them and eat them. Perfect.

The eyes are particularly interesting. Normal nocturnal creatures often have a mirror-like membrane in their eyes called a tapetum, which helps the retina absorb more light and which makes their eyes appear to glow when flashlights shines on them. But the eyes of Albert display clear ocular bioluminescence — a rarity among Earth’s natural animal species.

mmm... unicorn
mmm... unicorn

Being an omnivore in the truest sense of the word, it eats vegetable, animal and mineral material, making no distinctions or preferences. Due to his size and non-restrictive eating habits, he tends to simply cut swaths of destruction in areas, causing massive damage to areas.

In some traditions, Albert captured people and ate them. Occasionally, it was said that he would kidnap women to live with them as wives. Because of its size and strength, it is said that Albert is capable of tunneling through the ground, uprooting trees and overturning houses in the process.

These two problems, overpopulation and hunger, are two of the most devastating issues facing our world, but they could both be completely eradicated if everyone would just do their part and eat one other person. Not only is it entirely acceptable to practice cannibalism, but it is his duty! We must act now if we will save not only mankind, but also the delicate planet we live on!

Current Form

Mythical creatures have existed in the imaginations of mankind for thousands of years, in one form or another. Some of the creatures were benevolent, some were evil, and some were a mixture of both.

A myth is a story that was created in order to explain natural phenomena that ancient people didn’t understand. Many myths explain how the world and/or how mankind was created, and others might offer an explanation for volcanoes, floods, storms, rainbows, specific land masses, the changing of the seasons, or the existence of certain animals.

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Slashers, are former human murderers who have undergone a mysterious change that transforms them into nearly unstoppable killing machines.A Slasher looks the same as it did when it was a normal humanoid, except for a maniacal gleam in its eyes. A Slasher appears to have a pulse, to breathe and otherwise to be alive. A Slasher does not age, however, nor does one need to sleep, drink, or eat (although he consumes human flesh as a compulsion).

Every Slasher once experienced a trauma (such as a personal loss, or extreme abuse) that drove them mad, and turned them into a killer. The Slasher’s obsession with their past trauma ultimately costs him his soul, but binds his mind to his body. He becomes literally unable to die, and compelled to continue murdering. The first Slasher was a mortal whowas betrayed by his sweetheart. In revenge for the treachery he slew his love and ate her heart.

Unless a Slasher's body is completely destroyed (by fire, disintegration, or similar means), killing him simply causes his body to become dormant for a period of time. The period of dormancy can last anywhere from a few minutes to years, but the Slasher will inevitably return. Even such normally final deaths as beheading or the removal of major organs will not end a Slasher who retains his body otherwise intact. Such creatures have been known to survive explosions, electrocution, immersion in freezing water, and even baths in hydrochloric acid.

Albert’s body shows the evidence of many deaths and subsequent reanimation.

His fate is to wander the Earth feasting on human hearts. Human remains in the refrigerator, a frying pan full of cooked human flesh, and muscle tissue in a box of cereal. Cooking and eating humans with his homemade barbeque sauce, making ethnic dishes out of his victims. He would defrost them portion by portion and turned them into gourmet recipes: “I sauteed the steak of Man, with salt, pepper, garlic and nutmeg.


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Cannibalism, also called anthropophagy (is the act or practice of humans consuming other humans).

A growing body of evidence, such as piles of human bones with clear signs of human butchery, suggests cannibalism was widespread among ancient cultures. The discovery of this genetic resistance, which shows signs of having spread as a result of natural selection, supports the physical evidence for cannibalism, say the scientists.

For centuries in the Fiji Islands, tribal chiefs would bring out their best utensils for special people, not to serve them, but to eat them. The tribal chiefs were cannibals, and the special people were the meal. Fijians lived in the "Cannibal Islands" for thousands of years. Many ships had been lost, and many men had gone into lovo earth ovens before European settlers finally established a town at the site of Levuka in the 1820’s. Despite Fiji’s reputation for cannibalism, only one white person was killed and eaten in Fiji.

The cannibal fork, or iculanibokola, was used by attendants during ritual feasts to feed individuals considered too holy to touch food.

In the Nara period, magic called kodoku was used for curses, invoking the spirit of the last remaining creature among poisonous insects, snakes, foxes, etc., which were placed together in a pot.

In 18th and 19th century seagoing communities, it was pretty much accepted as something that happened from time to time as a hazard of the occupation and lifestyle. By the 19th century, sailors and fishermen had even worked out some general guidelines should the “custom of the sea” need to be performed. Straws were drawn to decide who would be killed and eaten and who would have to do the killing (usually the second shortest straw made you the killer, and the shortest made you dinner).

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He is confident he would not be discovered: the cave that he had chosen had kept them well hidden from prying eyes. The tide passed right into the mouth of the cave, which went almost a mile into the cliffs. Legend has it that once the Albert was finished consuming the more delicate portions of its victims, it would delight in a macabre game in which it would ignite the disembodied heads of the young girls who were sacrificed to it, and hurtle them from the mouth of its volcanic home, where it would roll down the rocky slope and land at the feet of the mortified mourners.

It lures unwary travelers into the desert wastes to slay and devour them and quench his insatiable sexual appetites on other beings and any humans he can get his hands on. (Yes, Albert does have particularly large, endowments.) He can absorb the memories of the dead, and take on their appearance. The creature also preys on young children, robs graves, drinks blood, steals coins and eats the dead, taking on the form of the one they previously ate. This gluttonous monster gobbles up anything it can. Whether it eats friend or foe, it grows stronger with each creature it consumes. Although this helps cut down on the number of enemies, it also gives his attacks a bigger bite.

Religious View

"God-like aliens! Man do I hate god-like aliens! I'll trade a critter for a god-like alien any day!"
  • Syncretism: the amalgamation or attempted amalgamation of different religions, cultures, or schools of thought.
  • Solipsism: the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist.
  • Misotheism:The word means literally God-hatred. This extends to GAPE' (Generic All-Powerful Entities). God is but a phantom of human hope.
  • Pantheism: a doctrine that identifies God with the universe, or regards the universe as a manifestation of God.
  • Animism: The belief in a supernatural power that organizes and animates the material universe.

A desperate need seemed to exist among these religious leaders to demonstrate that God was still in charge. When tragedies occur and no divine protection is forthcoming, human hysteria forces them struggle to restore their protective, parent God to believability. Many people pretend that they still believe those things, but deep down they know they only believe in believing them.


Albert is an durable and lightning quick cuisine creating monster. Made to be a guardian when not busy in the kitchen, he was also awakened with state-of-the-art biology and the instincts of a prime combatant. Approaches the relationship with mortals much as a rancher does his herd of prime cattle; proper care causes the meat to thrive, improving the selection to choose from for slaughter.

Albert's diet covers a large array of foods. The first hint at the monster's diet was when a photo of whales the monster had partially consumed appeared on the internet. Other amateur video footage of the his appearance reveal that the monster was also seen eating multiple horses at the same time. However, it also eats humans with its mouth, as it bit humans in half.

There is always a sacred agreement happening between the hunter and the hunted on a soul level.
There is always a sacred agreement happening between the hunter and the hunted on a soul level.

It was like good, fully-developed veal, not young, but not yet beef. It was very definitely like that, and it was not like any other meat I had ever tasted. It was so nearly like good, fully developed veal that I think no person with a palate of ordinary, normal sensitiveness could distinguish it from veal. It was mild, good meat with no other sharply defined or highly characteristic taste such as for instance, goat, high game, and pork have. The steak was slightly tougher than prime veal, a little stringy, but not too tough or stringy to be agreeably edible. The roast, from which I cut and ate a central slice, was tender, and in color, texture, smell as well as taste, strengthened my certainty that of all the meats we habitually know, veal is the one meat to which this meat is accurately comparable

Q:What did the cannibal get when he was late for dinner? A: The cold shoulder.

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A 50 kg man might yield 30 kg edible muscle mass if well and skillfully butchered, and 30 kg edible muscle would yield about 4.5 kg (4500 gm) protein, or 4.0 kg protein assuming 90% digestibility.

Assuming quality protein requirements as 1 gm per kilogram of body weight, this would provide one-day's protein requirements for approximately 60 60-kilogram adults. One man, in other words, serves 60, skimpily.

Reducing the man-a-day ration to a more realistic man a week, this would barely amount to 9 gm quality protein per day, which might still be viewed as a useful protein supplement in a one-cereal culture experiencing protein malnutrition.

Less than one man per week for a group of 60 would not appear to be nutritionally worthwhile, even as a protein supplement to a cereal or tuber diet with limiting amino acids.

The butcher will need a fairly roomy space in which to work (an interior location is suggested), and a large table for a butcher's block. A central overhead support will need to be chosen or installed ahead of time to hang the carcass from. Large tubs or barrels for blood and waste trimmings should be convenient, and a water source close by. Most of the work can be done with a few simple tools: sharp, clean short and long bladed knives, a cleaver or hatchet, and a hacksaw.

Gems are also eaten by Al. He can use jewelry for everything he needs, from furniture to toys or vehicles. Albert had a castle that looked rather like a city with spires until he became hungry and ate it.

DON’T Call him a big anthropofag. He hates that.


When hunting for victims, Albert actively go out into the world and search for them — stalking the mortal pulse through nightclubs, alleys, parking garages and the like.


  1. Brains: Slow-burning energy. Since the brain is high in fat and glucose (sugar), that makes it the perfect food. For a human with a limited food supply, the brain isn’t a bad choice, either.
  2. Liver & kidneys: there’s a ton of chemicals inside that won’t taste good
  3. Muscles (butt, biceps & legs): For humans, protein is a necessity. Start by eating the bigger muscle groups like the legs and glutes (butt) that will provide larger, meatier portions before moving to the forearms, biceps, or calves.
  4. P****: it’s porous tissue with little to no nutritional value; think of it like a sponge
  5. Eyeballs: Eyeballs are like candy to them, like a Cadbury Creme Egg.
  6. Fingers, toes & ears: These are basically like table scraps. Hands and toes are made mostly of bone. The ears are predominantly cartilage.
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For best results and health, freshness is imperative. A living human in captivity is optimal, but not always available. When possible make sure the animal has no food for 48 hours, but plenty of water. This fasting helps flush the system, purging stored toxins and bodily wastes, as well as making bleeding and cleaning easier. Under ideal conditions, the specimen will then be stunned into insensitivity. Sharp unexpected blows to the head are best, tranquilizers not being recommended as they may taint the flavor of the meat. If this is not possible without exciting the animal and causing a struggle (which will pump a greater volume of blood and secretions such as adrenaline throughout the body), a single bullet through the middle of the forehead or back of the skull will suffice.

An average freezer provides plenty of storage space, or build a simple old-fashioned smokehouse (just like an outhouse, with a stonefirepit instead of a shitter). Offal and other waste trimmings can be disposed of in a number of ways, burial, animal feed,and puree and flush being just a few. Bones will dry and become brittle after being baked an oven, and can be pulverized.

Everyone eats here on Earth and cooking has become a very delicate art in today’s society. Every recipe expresses an idea about the energy of the ingredients and also the energy and intent that the chef put into the food. When cooking, we usually change our emotional connection to the food based on how we feel that day.

Our food can have a good or bad kick based on a positive or negative emotion while cooking it or even the manner in which we farm the ingredients beforehand. With food, one can cook a high vibrational meal filled with vegetables and fresh herbs to bring physical body cleansing to assist emotional body cleansing within.

Whilst devouring a meal of human flesh Albert retains all of the etiquette of his table manners, eating from a monogrammed plate and become satiated and placing the knife and fork politely together, a polite sign of having completed the repast. Known as both an impeccably gracious host, and a horrifyingly gluttonous cannibal, Albert is a product of the voracious monsters of lore with aeons of culinary refinement. While others view his unique tastes for living, human flesh with disgust and utter revulsion, Albert view himself as merely the highest order of conniseurs, hungry for forbidden delicacies and thirsty for temporal power.

Power Foods

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  • Lollipops: Using special lollipops, Albert could gain a variety of powers. He was effectively invulnerable and had superhuman strength. Other abilities his lollipops gave him included talking to animals, walking on air and the ability to time travel.
  • Banana: F.I.S.S. power set
  • Super Cheese: Grants flight, and is superstrong and invulnerable. He has X-ray vision, and has occasionally demonstrated a form of super-hypnosis which allows him to control inanimate objects and turn back time.
  • Sauncha: He gets stronger every time he ate the alien vegetable called "sauncha."


Eating for nourishment of one’s body is an act of love, too.
Eating for nourishment of one’s body is an act of love, too.

No matter as how cruel or nasty humans like to see the natural eating rituals of monsters, for example, these moments are always happening in the name of love. Their limited way to see these moments is just another example of how arrogant they are as humans, judging the ways others live on this planet solely with their eyes and way too rational minds, not with their hearts. If they, for once, took the effort and looked and listened to these hunters, truly with open hearts, they would see and hear and understand that it is just love and respect and gratitude taking place in every hunt that ever happens out there, in the nature, or even in the barn yards.

Monsters do eat with gratitude and sometimes even sing to their prey, or bless their food, because then their prey/food nourishes their cells much better. Whereas humans like to name their precious food with negative words like junk food.

Original set of abilities - 'Splatterpunk'

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To fuse extreme violence and horror (the "splatter") with a confrontational social sensibility (the "punk") to provide a counter-cultural, more streetwise take on our collective fears at the end of the century. It was not just extreme violence and viscera and degradation - psychological insight into alienated characters was as essential as blood-on-the-walls-and-ceiling taboo-smashing. Albert has potentially limitless psionic powers of telepathy, telekinesis, and cosmic pyrokinesis.

  • Tactile Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with his mind but he has to touch them first. As to appear as though one had superhuman strength. One with this ability has nearly all the same faculties as super strength (hitting with phenomenal force, have an amazing grip, and easily manipulate tough materials). One with this ability, however, could only lift or manipulate objects based on the level of his telekinesis, which would have to develop over time. He manifests a "telekinetic sensitivity" to objects in his immediate environment that lets him feel the texture of objects, their molecular patterns, feel when other objects come into contact with them, and probe them at a molecular level. In ability to repel matter and energy away from him, and is able to change its force of velocity as well. His hair can be used as a garrote or whip.
  • Tactile Telepathy: The ability to make someone does what he wants by touching him/her. He can place his thoughts into another person's mind, whether they have the ability or not. He can invade countless people's minds at once making them think or see what ever he wants them to. Once He enters her target's mind she has complete control over them, being able to make them say or do what ever he wants them to. Albert is one of the few telepaths skilled enough to communicate with animals (animals with high intelligence, such as dolphins,dogs, and ravens). He can also telepathically take away or control people's natural bodily functions and senses, such as sight, hearing, smell, taste, or even powers. Albert has the ability to completely shut down someone's mind if he so chooses. Depleting, negating, or even destroying a target's mental faculties. This alters the target's personality, memory, thought process, and any Mental or Psionic Powers the target had. The target becomes forgetful or outright amnesiac and develops a bland personality.A side effect of his telepathy is that he is gifted with total recall - he remembers everything. Albert's mind has a self-replicating, parasitic ability to "lay eggs" and reproduce in other people's minds. Anyone who's been in any kind of close contact to him "probably is Albert Donner," not in outward appearance, but insofar as Donner is essentially sharing brainspace with them. Infecting others with a highly contagious psychic virus which causes utter devotion to himself, and channels a portion of the infected's energies into him.
  • Tactile Pyrokinesis: The ability to mentally control fire by touch, cook and/or heat: food, air, or objects around him. To control, ignite and extinguish fire, using the powers of one's mind. Note that his cosmic fire is not dependent on oxygen, which means that he can ignite it under seemingly impossible conditions such as the vacuum of space or underwater. His cosmic pyrokinesis derives from his ability to generate intense heat. His aura seems to have been transformed into a a plume of unknown energy that resembles plasma, like the surface of the sun. The aura may be able to fluctuate its' own temperature however, because if it was plasma, Albert would instantly burn through whatever he was touching. So it may be that as a precaution, his skin can decrease its' temperature immensely on whatever ground it touches. AIbert can create fire out of thought. Due to his natural temperature, Albert can manipulate the fire that comes off and out of his body. Useful for camping, survival and recreational BBQ’s
  • Digestive Adaptation: the superhuman ability to ingest and pass any substance through the body without the substance inducing bodily harm, even if it is corrosive like acid or sharp like glass or dense like titanium. Both his physiology is built for the ingestion of any material (pliable digestive tract, super-strong teeth), and he is capable of psychically rendering a subject harmless so that it is safe enough to ingest (the digestive tract may even reactively adapt). The digestive tract extracts useful materials and synthesizes new ones from the available material.People with this ability are immune to food-borne sicknesses like food-poisoning, alcohol poisoning or salmonella. He has the ability to eat materials and then convert their matter into energy . Ingest awesome amounts of matter, retain them indefinitely, and expel them with powerful force. The ingested matter is compressed, diminished in size, and displaced into a pocket dimension; this enables him to retain ordinary shape, a side effect of the power gives him internal invulnerability, preventing any internal damage due to ingested poisons or physically damaging materials.
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Albert's body constantly generates a pliant psionic-aura of nigh-impenetrable energy that permeates his molecular structure, granting his skin high durability. His skin deflects most physical or energy impacts, but Al still feels the force of such blows. Al's psionic-aura also protects him from temperature extremes. He has been dropped over 150 feet, hitting the ground without suffering physical damage. He did however suffer pain from the impact, but was otherwise unscathed. With his psionic-aura in place, such things as adhesives can't stick to him. His personal force field disperses energy assaults, reflects kinetic impact off itself, and even negates friction, making it impossible for anyone to hold on to him. Therefore, Albert cannot be grabbed or entangled and can move at moderate speeds by "skating" the surface of his force field across the ground. The aura absorbs energy and dampened inertia, but did not cancel it; Albert could be staggered by a sufficient impact. It has been shown to absorb EM energies (he especially enjoys absorbing the e-m fields of human brains, usually incinerating its victims in the process), ultrasound attacks, etc. This is performed by re-channeling the extra energy though his body and can be sent back to the attacker much stronger than the original attack.

Albert possesses the ability to generate and discharge his psionic energies through conductive media (i.e. he cannot discharge it through air or concrete) at sufficiently high amounts to kill or disrupt. Albert Donner uses his touch as he cooks fish. It makes him look like a fire elemental. But he still has a monster's appetites, and satisfies them with destruction, cannibalism and killing, which, in his case, are one and the same, thanks to his constantly superheated body.

He can channel his aura, with which he surrounds an object. This aura is able to be focused on anything through touch. He can for example use a wooden stick, when energized, to slice through any known substance. To imbue the structure of matter into different field signatures that can stun, kill, paralyze, explode or disintegrate on contact. He can stun, paralyze or kill living beings with these charged items.

Applications to this 'powerset'

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Psionic Spheres, Psi Balls or Psi Spheres- generation of spheres of intense psionic energy, which are thrown like projectiles (sometimes these spheres detonate like time bombs)

Psionic Furnace, Psionic-Energy Storage or Psi Furnace- generation and storage of psionic energy within the body (commonly the chest); this energy is released when the user is cut, opens his mouth or focuses it through his hands or eyes.

Psionic Shock or Psionic Shockwave- discharge of psionic energy, channeled through touch or just through the skin, to simulate an effect similar to electrocution or a power surge; if the user smashes the ground, it comes out as a shockwave

Psionic Rain or Psi Rainfall- launch of long bolts or rays of psionic energy, which disperse into smaller segments and fall on any subjects below as a dangerous rain of intense psionic energy

Psionic Wave, also called Psi Wave- exudation of an expanding ripple or wave of powerful psionic energy that, upon touching subjects, either puts them to sleep, stuns them, knocks them unconscious, or cuts through them like a buzz saw or guillotine but quicker and with much more power; effects vary with each user

Psionic Nova or Psi Nova- emanation of psionic energy from all parts of the body, similar to an explosion in the amount of light and concussive force, but it does not detonate user’s body

Psionic Shielding, Psi Shielding or Psi Barrier- generation of powerful shields which can prevent certain negative effects from other psionic attacks (put it around someone’s head, and it may prevent Telepathy, for example), or can hit with concussive force like blunt walls or platters


Energy Absorption or Energy Draining (when that part of the ability is used) is the ability to take a certain type, or multiple types of energy into the body without harm to the absorber of the energy. One with this ability can usually release it at will, sometimes amplified beyond the amount received (called Energy Backlash). The energy, however, can also be bided until it has gained enough power to strike a deadly blow to foes (called Energy Charging, Energy Biding or Charge Building) or the energy can be turned into metabolic energy.

Energy Activation, also known as Energy Boosting or Ignition is the ability to psychically increase the energy of any fire, electrical spark or other energetic faculty. One with this ability could psychically spark up energy to keep fires going underwater, or allow electrical appliances work in dead zones. One with this ability could even allow abilities to work when a power-nullifier attacks an ally.

Energy Channeling or Energy Shielding is the ability to endow objects (or subjects, including oneself) with a certain type of energy. This can be used to protect an object from being stolen by a foe by covering it in fire or electrical energy, or to form an offensive/defensive sheathe over one's own body to better handle attacks. The user first covers the target in psionic trails which are immune to these types of energy, so that any object or subject can be covered in electricity, for example (without the electricity being grounded or the object being shocked) or the like.

Energy Continuity, also called Energy Exhaustion or Flux is the psychic ability to continue any flow of energy at maximum capacity until the source of the energy taps out. This may seem useless, but one with this ability can keep a person in motion until they run out of kinetic energy, or keep a fire burning until runs out of fuel, even if wind is blowing or if one is underwater. One with this ability could even cause a person with powers like Quintessence Emanation or Laser Vision to keep emitting energy at full strength until they are so tired that they can't muster up the strength to emit any more energy.

Energy Conversion is the superhuman ability to physically absorb and psychically convert one form of energy into another form. For example, one with this ability could absorb sound energy and convert it into light energy, or absorb psionic energy and convert it into heat energy. One with this ability could even turn psionic energy into nuclear energy. This ability can be used to turn detrimental types of energy into harmless types, and vice versa (although one may only be able to convert one form of energy).

Energy Nova is emanation of intense radiation, light or cosmic energy from all parts of the body, similar to a normal explosion in the amount of light and concussive force, but said force does not detonate the user’s body. He is able to use this blast with a punch.

Energy Spheres, also called Energy Balls, Energy Plasmoids or Pyrotechnic Discharge is the generation of spheres or amorphous plasmoids of intense radiation, light or cosmic energy, which are thrown like projectiles or shot out like fireworks; sometimes they detonate like time bombs and/or move according to the user's will.


Kinetic Absorption- the ability to absorb the kinetic energy out of any impact; this can be used to slow down opponents, or absorb kinetic energy and slow down a fall that would otherwise kill you. One with this power could even lessen the blow of any object hurled at him and withstand the force of any blow, as it would provide no force after the kinetic energy has been taken from it. Sometimes that absorbed energy can even be sent back at the foe (called Kinetic Backlash) or converted into strength or sustenance (called Kinetic Conversion).

Kinetic Acceleration/Deceleration- the ability to accelerate and or decelerate the speed of an object or a subject; One with this ability could speed up an object's motion or slow it down by pure will. However, the only downside is that an object cannot be set into motion by this ability, only sped up or slowed down if it is motion prior to use of the ability.

Kinetic Activation, also called Kinetic Channeling- the ability to imbue objects with kinetic energy to set them into motion, regardless of whether living, inanimate or mechanical. One with this ability can cause rocks to start rolling or cause people to start moving, even if they don’t want to. This ability does not allow the user to control the motion, unless accompanied by Kinetic Redirection (which is common), although it may allow control over the speed of the motion (called Kinetic Boosting/Suppression).

Kinetic Concentration, also called Kinetic Focus- concentration of the user’s kinetic energy into one bout of extreme strength or extreme speed

Kinetic Mimicry- mimicry of a subject’s kinetic energy; allows the user to imitate the power, speed and strength behind any subject or moving object

Kinetic Negation or Kinetic Suppression- the ability to psychically keep any subject from moving by deactivating kinetic energy and converting it into potential energy; This can be used to prevent movement, stop anything that is currently moving, or even suspend something in its place by keeping it from moving forward, backward, side-to-side or up and down.

Kinetic Nova- emanation of kinetic energy from all parts of the body, which sets all things in the immediate proximity into motion or explodes them with concussive force; this ability temporarily paralyzes the user, but may force anything within his proximity to go flying back forcefully

Kinetic Redirection- the ability to psychically change the path of an object in motion; this ability can only affect an object in motion, and will be utterly useless otherwise. However, there are also some other restrictions. Some people with the ability have difficulty based on mass and can move lighter objects with ease, while other people have difficulty based on speed and can more easily move somewhat slower moving objects.

Kinetic Wave- the ability to send out a powerful wave of kinetic energy which jolts, shakes or fells any object or living subject within one’s vicinity; can be used to keep foes from getting their footing, toppling small-enough structures or making a slight tremor in the ground

Power(s) obtained from eating his superhuman victims

Q:When do cannibals leave the table? A: When everyone's eaten.

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"He sees feasting as a spiritual act, in which the spirit and strength of the consumed creature is given to the consumer."

  1. Insomniac Strength: The ability to become stronger and tougher by staying awake.
  2. Life force drain: The ability to suck the ability and life out of a person. He acts as a psychometric sponge capable of relieving living subjects of their spirits through physical contact. This ability can increase the physical and mental faculties of the user of the ability, as well as restoring vitality. The psionic energy it absorbs from human brains actually increases Albert's own intelligence, which is usually a limited approximation of human intelligence at best. Al can draw out the life force of an immortal, utterly destroying that immortal.
  3. Matter Absorption: the ability to absorb the structure of different materials. Albert can duplicate the chemical properties of any element or compound without his own body actually changing in composition. His flesh simply acts as if it were the desired substance. Obviously he retains his solidity, even when duplicating the properties of a liquid or gas. As an organism, it eats its prey by enveloping it with its cell membrane — a process known as phagocytosis.
  4. Object Absorption: The ability to absorb objects into the body. He permanently absorbs the technology he takes. The technology upgrades him.
  5. Organic Constructs: The ability to generate constructs from his body. Though the exact science behind it is near impossible to quantify, Albert's skin can be hardened and sharpened to the point where it is capable of cutting through practically anything. The hilts of his utensils are specifically engineered to withstand his gift, of course, and especially hardy metahumans or materials are not at risk of being immediately flayed by her touch, but all the same, it is a dangerous gift and he is adept in its usage.
  6. Osteokenesis: The ability to generate and(or) control one's bones. After practice, the user of this power can also use the ability to break bones in opponents, incapacitating them with broken legs, arms, ribs or even necks.
  7. Strength Leeching: The ability to absorb strength from others through touch.
  8. Transparent Vision: the ability to use psychic energy on the eyes to see through a subject as though it were invisible, no matter how dense the interfering subject is. One with this ability could see through to the bottom of the sea, by ignoring the presence of the water, or look entirely through vault to view its contents, depending on how hard the ability is focused. This ability even allows the user to see the color and definite shape of subjects viewed, as well as any other detail the user may value as important. This can be turned on and off at will. His talents also allow him to phase through walls. It also allows him to be fantastically violent when he's fighting. For example, when Albert throws a punch he has the predilection to phase through the skull and quite literally, punch someone's brains out.
  9. Affliction: The ability to induce wounds and injuries on foes. Old wounds are re-opened, all old afflictions return, and eventually the subject on whom it is inflicted will be dead, as the cells which keep repaired bodily materials together (bruises, scrapes, broken limbs) would be killed or even kept from healing damaged organs at a normal rate. This psychic ability can slow down the healing process, stop it, or reverse it completely.
  10. Black Blood: The ability to secrete his blood out of his pores, where it hardens into armor or claws. A single sting could cause the victim’s flesh to fall away from the bones.
  11. Bliss & Horror: The ability to induce either positive or negative sensations in other people.
  12. Chameleon: The ability to camouflage & blend into to the surroundings. The body's outline and contours are still detectable if the observer is very careful. It is most effective in low light or at a distance from the viewer.
  13. Conduit: The ability to channel energies or powers directed at him. He does not get to keep the powers, only channel them temporary. Al is able absorb and redirect tremendous amounts of various forms of energy. This Energy can be stored for a very little time before Al must then release the energy from his body. When redirecting energy, Al has shown the ability to exert some control over it.
  14. Corruption: The ability to release someone's inhibitions by touch. Causing dormant/latent mutations to surface in everyone he touched; this power was not blocked by normal clothing. The sudden change caused the transform into monstrous form and rampage out of control. Even mutants whose powers had already surfaced could be further transformed by activation of dormant mutant genes. From there it would first strike at those around its host, corrupting them as its powers grow. Worms in the cadavers of evil people literally grew up to become snakes and dragons. Each cannibal was once a person who, through the Epicurean's teachings, learned to gain power from eating human flesh. His strength increases with every cannibal thrall he creates, but is pained and weakened when they are killed.
  15. Xenoglossy: two fairly related faculties. The first is the ability to temporarily learn a language instantly when needed, allowing one to crack codes and understand languages as needed. This ability may work through intuition, or possibly an increased intelligence, although the language is not always retained after needed use. The second is the ability in which a person is able only to speak the language(s) of subjects present, whether you yourself know the language or not (this range only includes people). Either or both is capable of surfacing in one user.
  16. Healing Touch: The ability to completely heal anyone afflicted with any disease or injury. He can perform psionically augmented surgery on a subject. The hero can operate on, dissect, rearrange, and perform transplants without the need for normal medical techniques to ensure success. No matter how crude the conditions in which the operation is performed or how messy it proves to be, the subject's lifeforce is preserved. There is no major blood loss nor is there any need for extensive recuperation. This can be used to cure others of physical damage. He sees people as machines to be rearranged at their whim.
  17. Knowledge Absorption: The ability to drain or copy the knowledge of others.
  18. Size Manipulation: The ability to change the size of himself and objects around him. He can reduce the size of a target. The target must be in line of sight and within close proximity. Alternatively he can increase the size of any target.
  19. Metamorph: The ability to alter his own molecular structure at will, but is described with enormous teeth in a twisted mouth. But that it has three rows of teeth along each jaw. It does have serrated bony ridges in upper and lower jaws, allowing for the rending of anything it eats. The sight of a human with two heads, or an extra limb, or lack of limbs or countless other horrifying combinations can conjure up some pretty disturbing stuff with predictable reactions.
  20. Muscle mimicry: the ability to replicate any physical action after seeing it performed once.
  21. Physics Distortion: the ability to bend the laws of physics for a short while. He can alter his immediate surroundings to create a miniature climate around himself. The Micro-Environment always contains fresh clean air (or water or methane or whatever he breathes) at any temperature and pressure he desires.
  22. Black Box Effect: the ability to mentally generate random effects at will. This is achieved by bending reality to one's own will, similar to omnipotence or normal reality bending, but the effects are random and unpredictable (and usually still within the bounds of reality and logic), ranging from giving foes a paper cut to generating nuclear explosions and cosmic storms.
  23. Pyric Mimicry : the ability to assume a form composed of fire or biofire (a psionic form of fire which only affects those designated by the user). This form allows complete immunity to the effects of fire (even fire from the sun). One with this ability can even use his flaming composition to shoot powerful blasts of fire at foes, or to burn/ignite objects and subjects by touch. He can also teleport from place to place by appearing inside of any fire source, no matter how small.
  24. Acid Spit: He is able to spit acid. Albert uses his arms to capture and hold human prey. Once secured, he vomits a corrosive solvent over the squirming meal’s head. This is a form of external digestion. Once regurgitated, the caustic upchuck sinks in for a few moments, liquefying flesh right off the bone. Then he sucks most of the grotesque soup back up into his gullet for a tasty meal. He can also exhale a highly corrosive acid mist that ignites air, making him a fire-breather of sorts.
  25. Adaptive Metabolism: His body adapts to it's environment. This effect can be permanent or temporary.
  26. Bureaucratic Intuition: Can get a feel for the operation of a bureaucratic process.
  27. Death Simulation: Can play dead.
  28. Forgettable: This monster was never here. You've never met one. Have you? you'd remember if you did.
  29. Mechanical Intuition: With a little observation, he can figure out unfamiliar machines.
  30. Pouches: He can open pockets in their skin, hide things in there, and close the pouch back up.
  31. Psychometry: The ability to touch items, and perceive echoes of it's past. This can work on organics. He knows the objects basic uses and who had it last, what they did, and why they did it. He is veering into territory to learn of its initial creators and owners before the latest.
  32. Sculpt: Able to mold non living materials with their bare hands. Transforming energy into a matrix that simulates solid matter. This matrix can be of any complexity; even intricate machines can be created if the proper materials are available. The newly-Molded target can be Animated, even if the original material or the current shape is normally incapable of movement. This movement is accomplished by the simple act of continually re-Molding the target (think of it in terms of stop-motion animation).
  33. Second Skin: A second, hidden, internal skin that can harden like bodyarmor when needed.
  34. Spikes: He can grow spikes from various parts of their bodies. Pointy.
  35. Stench: When he wants to - he can emit a stinky stink that lasts. He could bestow this power to others.
  36. Toxic Metabolism: After eating toxic materials, he can try and poison others by touch.The poison is slow acting and nearly tasteless. It doesn’t kill the victim; it instead acts as a soporific, lulling the mortal into a languid, sluggish state. Once this happens, Albert can move in, slow and confident.
  37. Ventriloquist : This enables Albert to project hisvoice over a distance to either one person, or a small group.
  38. Super Breath: Ability to inhale/exhale with super powerful lungs. This can range from exhaling on par with a giant fan's wind current to inhalation on par with the power of a gravitational vortex. He can breathe any gaseous or liquid medium without harm. The lungs can extract required gases or even create them by converting available elements.

  39. Enhanced Marksmanship: The ability to achieve complete and utter accuracy on distant targets.

  40. Truth Serum: The ability to induce a truth telling chemical into a person.

  41. Sonic Scream: The ability to generate vocal sounds, and background music at extremely high and destructive amplitudes. It could attract its preys using a trilling song, the waves of which narcotized their will.

  42. Möbius Effect: the ability to mentally bend the space between two or more rooms to give the effect that one entering one room has traveled back to the beginning of the path again. One with this ability can let a person travel through any of two or more rooms, and they will end up back at that same room they were at to start with. This ability can be used with any path, so as to confuse navigation and possibly keep foes lost in one room for a long time.

Power(s) obtained from eating his supernatural victims

Q: What is a cannibal's favorite type of TV show? A: A celebrity roast.

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The ningyo is a fish-like creature from Japanese folklore whose flesh grants amazing longevity.

Albert Donner's method of eating is absorbing living beings (including Vampires) from any part of his body. He can also chain this effect, by fusing multiple beings together, simply touching one will absorb the rest and could merge with another being in a form of symbiosis. The effect is the same as if the targets were glued or welded together. In actuality, he has induced molecular adhesion. A submicroscopic examination would fail to reveal any foreign material (such as a glue) or disturbances in the normal arrangement of the target's structure (such as the distortion caused by welding).

Note that most of the vampire's powers increase with age and experience. The vampire is also immune to all the diseases that normally prey upon humanity. The vampire may also transform himself into a mist or dust motes drifting in the air. Vampire flesh can be consumed. Lupine meat is potent for Albert. The meat of a mage is no different than the meat of a normal mortal. Although fresh angel is still certainly at the top of its menu.

  1. Jararaca: Brazilian. Normally appearing as snakes, they do not drink blood, but instead drink the breast milk of sleeping women.
  2. Lobishomen: takes the blood, but also increases the sex drive, of women. The vampire does not actually kill its victims, but it draws small amounts of blood from the victims. After the attack, the woman would begin to show nymphomaniac tendencies.
  3. Şüräle: A forest demon in Tatar folklore who kills his victims by luring them into a thicket and tickling them to death. He has long fingers, a horn on its forehead, and a woolly body.
  4. Stymphalian Bird: large flying creatures with beaks of bronze and metal-tipped feathers that could they could fire at enemies. They are also said to have toxic dung, may have been man-eaters.
  5. Star vampires: Normally invisible. After feeding, it will become suffused with blood, and turn a reddish shade. At this point it will become visible as a huge reddish mass of jelly, tentacles, talons and feeding mouths.
  6. Trunko: A large sea creature which appeas to be elephant like. The creature has no visible head, but there is a long trunk that comes from its torso area. Aside from the weird trunk, the Trunko had a tail which was twice the length of its trunk. The tail seemed to look like that of a lobster’s. Despite the fact that it was assumed to be a sea creature, it didn’t have scales. Instead, it was covered with snow-white fur that was at least eight inches long. The battle of two whales and a very weird beast captured the attention of beach goers and locals of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. The epic battle lasted for as long as three hours. Though it seems that the weird monster overpowered the two whales.
  7. Talamaur — A living vampire found in Australia. This creature could communicate with the spirit world, making spirits its servant which it could then send among the living. Talamaur could send out its soul to drain the remaining life essence from a fresh corpse.
  8. Elemental Vampires: individuals that feed off the energies found in nature. Generally these are Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and Life/Spirit. Some Vampires feed off of storms (fire, water), Wind (air), Plants / Animals (life), the Sun (fire), Ocean, Earth, or anything else they can sense energy in. The technique is very similar to Ambient Psychic Feeding. Another method of feeding is through ritual and the raising of a cone of power, but instead of releasing it to the universe, he draws it into himself to replenish your energy.
  9. Salamander: The name 'salamander' is derived from the greek term loosely meaning 'fire lizard'; Salamanders have been said to be able to both create and put out flames, and in some cases are fire themselves. In faery legend salamanders are credited with having taught the first humans how to make fire; They are often described as small lizards, but have also been known to be depicted as small glowing lights, and on rare occasion traditional faery like humanoid beings.
  10. Impundulu: The impundulu, which translates as "lightning bird" takes the form of a black and white bird, the size of a human which is said to summon thunder and lightning with its wings and talons. The impundulu hatches from eggs laid in the scorched earth after a lightening strike. An unhatched impundulu egg is exceedingly rare. Finding one of the eggs ensures many years of good fortune. It is said to have an insatiable appetite for blood.
  11. Loups Garou: the Loups Garou is not one, not two, but three flavors of monster in a single perplexing package. A vampire, a warlock, AND a werewolf, this powerful, evil being is said to command its own army of giant bats, which carry it at night to drop it through the chimneys of potential victims. In true form as having the eyes of a human the teeth of a nutria, alligator, snake and wolf all in it mouth at the same time. Horns of a cow and a male goat and a armadillo plated like body with crawfish claws. Many old swamp tales tell that the loup garou was once a wizard or voodoo man and that he still stalks the world looking for human prey
  12. Al-Mi’raj: Al-miraj is a mystical beast that is shaped like a large rabbit-- like a really, really large rabbit. It has the horn of unicorn that has magical ability to defeat any adversary that may try to approach it. In fact, the only way to rid a town of Al-Miraj is to have it charmed by a witch.
  13. Varcolac: A vârcolac is a demon, which, occasionally swallows the moon and the sun, and is responsible for eclipses and it is said that the creature is so powerful that it can force the sun and the moon out of alignment, causing an eclipse (either of a lunar or solar nature). However, causing a solar or lunar eclipse would involve forcefully realigning the planets as well as the sun and the moon. If such folklore is to be truly believed, it would suggest that the Varcolac is a monster of truly immense power. According to legend, the Varcolac does this in order to feed on the moon's blood or to eat the moon itself.
  14. A-Virus: The Virus starts slowly turning demons into perfect physical copies of Albert (right down to his clothes for some reason) as well as changing their minds to start thinking and acting like him.

He is healed by moonlight like Ruthven and Varney. At night, when his powers are at their fullest, he is practically invincible.

Power(s) obtained from eating his alien victims

Q: What did the cannibal get when he was late for dinner? A: The cold shoulder.

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The world is under attack by a wide range of invasive extraterrestrials. Little green men, greys, reptilians, UFO's, and other alien species throughout the world are devouring the native plants and animals, pushing many to the brink of extinction. Albert Donner has a unique solution to the problem: Eat them!

A quest to hunt invasive extraterrestrial species and turn them into delicious meals, showing how anyone can eat while enjoying the thrill of the hunt and helping to protect and conserve the world.

  1. Nerdluck(s): the Nerdlucks have the ability to melt themselves and shoot into a person's brain to steal their abilities
  2. Gen'Dai: a rare species with an unusually long lifespan -- some Gen'Dai reportedly have lived for over four thousand years. The peculiar nervous and circulatory systems of the Gen'Dai makes them extremely resistant to physical injury. The Gen'Dai physiology boasts millions of nerve clusters throughout the body, and a vascular system that distributes blood without the need of a central heart. Lacking the vulnerable vital organs of most humanoids, a Gen'Dai could sustain multiple lacerations and even, it is rumored, complete dismemberment and yet still survive. In addition to these extremes of endurance, the distributed neural network gives the Gen'Dai phenomenal reflexes. Should a Gen'Dai sustain too many injuries, they are capable of entering into extended periods of hibernation, during which they can heal wounds, recover from disease, and slow the aging process.
  3. Feeorin: They were a warm-blooded reptilian species. The average Feeorin had thick tendrils hanging from the backs of their heads and much smaller and thinner ones hanging from their face. They also had mottled skin ranging from yellow to green and blue, with a few individuals even having jet-black or white skin pigmentation. The Feeorin could live for up to four hundred years, and due to a unique metabolism, they grew stronger with age rather than weaker. Curiously, some Feeorins had noses while others lacked any nasal openings.
  4. Clawdite: Clawdites are able to change the colour, texture, and shape of their skins, allowing a Clawdite to mimic the appearance of other humanoid species of the same general physical shape. This fine control can even be used to alter specific portions of their body. The ability to alter their shape allows the Clawdites to blend in to enemy camps, where they could gather intelligence or commit crimes.
  5. Codru-Ji: A race of four-armed humanoids that inhabited the planet Munto Codru. Born as six legged canines known as wyrwulves, they encased themselves in a cocoon at puberty, emerging weeks later as a humanoid child. Codru-Ji slept standing up, and communicated on a hypersonic level. With this the Darth Deinos persona is a four armed master swordsman. Alternatively he is a tri-wielding gunman and all the three weapons are slugthrowers.

  6. Stranger(s): an ancient race on the verge of extinction. The Strangers are unique among the parasitic types of aliens in that they seem to have unfathomable mental powers.They had mastered the ultimate technology - the ability to alter physical reality by will alone. They are telepathically connected to each other as they share one "group mind".In the original form, they are bluish gelatinous tadpole-like creatures. Across the body section they have a rounded mouth with lots of teeth and lots of tentacles. They usually don't use weapons, they can easily lift and throw a person several meters away with their telekinetic powers or make people sleep with telepathic ones.
  7. Mummudrai: creatures basically composed of energy lattices that meant focused EM pulses were able to scramble their forms temporarily. They were considered to be incorporeal parasites that were composed solely of emotional energy that were born from the astral plane of existence. They had the capacity to copy the DNA of sentient beings with exceptional members being able to construct physical bodies for themselves and manipulate this DNA to such an extent that they were able to create feats such as rapid healing or even phase through solid matter.
  8. Fear-Eaters: they exist entirely off of fear of other beings. They can phase extra-dimensionally, assuming an immaterial form, and merge with a host. Once merged, they can read the minds of their host, determining its greatest fears. The Fear-Eater than can generate hallucinations which cause the host to confront its greatest fear. The Fear-Eater draws strength from this and will continue to cause intense fear until its victim either dies or overcomes its fears. If a Fear-Eater is deprived of fear for too long of a period, it will die of starvation.

    The Fear-Eaters appear to be immune to any form of physical attack, and the only way a host can repel them is by overcoming its fears. The Fear-Eaters can survive in any environment, from the vacuum of space to the most hostile of atmospheric conditions.

  9. GenoHunters: The Genohunter is the ultimate adaptive warrior that can be deployed in any situation. The Genohunter adapts itself by absorbing enemies and then, after analysing their DNA, mutating itself to incorporate any useful abilities that the creature may have had. For example if a Genohunter absorbs a creature which has the ability to jump high it will mutate its own body and increase the size of its legs to emulate this ability.
  10. Scurge: an alien entity capable of rapidly adapting to and infecting biological, mechanical, and digital systems. A parasite which has the ability to transform various organisms and technologies into Scurge derivatives. It is capable of manipulating most biological, energy-based, or mechanical beings it comes across. Once an organism is assimilated, more hosts of that type can be spawned from the thick carpets of biomatter.
  11. Ship: a sentient, morphing starship that shared a unique bond with him. Ship had a female persona and was most definitely in love its former captain. Their conversations were quite humorous at times. Ship is a highly powerful sentient energy form. She has proven capable of creating a human form, which she can then animate and take as a host. Even if completely destroyed, she has proven capable of restoring her form, since her true form is her consciousness. In addition, she takes on a number of feminine characteristics, such as a mothering type instinct for those she is partnered with. She has also felt deeper attachments, and even lover for her partner(s). Ship can create Widgets--small, mobile droids able to scout out situations, gather information, and then return to her.
  12. Scuddedbum: Scuddedbum is a top-of-the-line, interstellar warship of Korbinite make. A fully sapient starship, its computers give Scuddedbum high intelligence and a humanoid-like, apparently feminine personality. Scuddedbum is heavily armored, armed with highly destructive weaponry and is extremely over-gunned for its size, can achieve FTL speeds after shifting into hyperspace, and can repair itself after being damaged. Scuddedbum's computers enables it to act independently when Al is absent or otherwise engaged. Scuddedbum can target a planet from orbit and act as a communications platform for other vessels. Skuttlebutt's weaponry is powerful enough to at least stun a Herald level for a few moments if all weapons power is diverted to the main guns.
  13. Acanti: huge, sentient beings that have roamed the spaceways since creation in the endless pursuit of knowledge. They have a "racial soul," a knowledge/religious existence that is within their leader, the Prophet-Singer. The songs he sings, and the Acanti repeat, over the vast reaches of space keeps their society alive. Acanti are massive, (size of small moons) space-faring creatures similar to Earth whales. Their ribcages can measure approximately 100 miles (160.9 kilometers) across, the top of the creature’s ribs extend beyond the breathable atmosphere, equal roughly the height of eighteen Mt. Everests, stacked end to end and their spines 1,000 miles (1,609.3 kilometers) long. They fly through the stars at Class 3000 speed. Monstrous combat speed. The Acanti (and their insides) are invulnerable to the cold and pressures of space. It is not known if they eat or what, but it is presumed that they somehow absorb cosmic or solar energy to sustain themselves.
  14. VXX-199: the VXX-199 exist in symbiosis with one another in a gigantic, living ship that roams the galaxy seeking nourishment. When a suitable race is located, the VXX-199 manipulate their culture from behind the scenes using genetic constructs. The goal is to create a unique social environment that creates psychic backlash in individuals that consumes them in a fiery explosion. Apparently there is a great amount of psychic energy discharged when this occurs, and it is this energy that nourishes the VXX-199.
  15. Organid(s): These genetically engineered vessels that were able to move through the vacuum of space and engage in faster-than-light travel through jump gates that were portals opened by them. Organid starships were grown from larger motherships and birthed from them where they later matured as well as grew to larger sizes in times. Once formed, they were completely unarmed and defenseless but in a blank state that allowed their controllers to mold them to their will. In time, they grew and changed during the course of their existence. The hulls of the spaceships were covered in a skin whilst their internal makeup consisted of "blood" that served as a vital building tool. They were capable of adapting and evolving independently through the accumulation of genes. Such samples were used at the genebank to mutate the vessel and develop new traits. As with organic beings, Organids were capable of being wounded and eventually killed with their carcasses capable of floating in space. Even these were able to hold a purpose as they were able to be harvested of "blood" and genetic traits by other Organid ships that extended a biological umbilical to gather these materials. New practices following the emergence of Organids included scavengers known as waste eaters that harvested the dead carcasses of Organids.
  16. A Carrier: A humongous derelict living (and sentient) pandimensional "shiftship" known as the Carrier. Powered by a caged baby universe. Existing everywhere on Earth at every time, allowing Al to open “doors” to anywhere he needs and capable of moving through every imaginable plane of existence. Originally it was a trade ship, designed to travel between parallel worlds but some unknown event occurred and it was abandoned. At the size of 50 miles long, 35 miles high and two miles wide, it had numerous cargo holds the size of large warehouses. Assisted by the Epicurean, The Carrier can instantly teleport any of it's crew to any point on Earth through it's nexus of doorways. Part of the beauty of being everywhere at once.
  17. org of Plasm: a world that is literally a living organism, with all of its inhabitants devoted to seeking out new worlds and new civilizations that they can feed to the “org of Plasm.” The world has its own strange culture and religion, where everyone seems to believe that murder and killing are all right, so long as the carcass is fed to the planet to keep it alive; Plasm even has its own bizarre conflicts over whether a “mulched” creature truly becomes one with the living organism.
  18. Cetacyborg(s): gigantic, space-going whale things that can destroy a planet.
  19. Solaris: a planet almost entirely covered by a living, sentient ocean. Solaris' ocean have the amazing ability of creating and/or controlling magnetic fields (and possibly gravitational fields), which enables it to stabilize the planet's orbit. Solaris' diameter is approximately 15,307.5 km – 1/5 bigger than Earth's. The ocean covers its entire surface, except for some small rocky islands, mostly located on the southern hemisphere. The atmosphere has no oxygen and is toxic for Humans. Solaris' single inhabitant weights seven-hundred billions of tons and is made of an amorphous organic matrix. The ocean is a completely nontraditional lifeform: it is not made of cells; it has no visible organs and no nervous system. For many years, Humans have tried to communicate with the ocean, with no success. It is still not clear if the ocean is sapient, nonsapient or semi-sapient. Sometimes it clearly shows curiosity towards Humans and their experiments, sometimes it completely ignores them. Solaris' ocean spends most of the time creating gargantuan and complex structures on its surface. Although scientists have studied and classified such structures for many years, the purpose of them remains unknown. Some of them last many weeks, others just a few minutes, but all of them are self destroyed at the end, and the material they are made of returns to the ocean's matrix. Solaris' ocean is not only aware of the Humans on its surface, but also indirectly interacts with them. Somehow it can read their minds and create a replica of a person that they remember well. The replicas look and behave almost exactly like a normal Human, even at molecular level, but they're actually made of neutrinos, giving them some superhuman abilities like regeneration and superhuman strength. Although neutrino groupings are highly instable, the ocean is able to stabilize them, likely using magnetic fields. The visitors, as they are called, are not aware of their true nature. Again, it is unknown why the ocean creates them.
  20. Uchuu Kaijuu: A group of galactic insects which have been living in the Milky Way considerably longer than humanity. They have the ability to track and engage an enemy fleet while under warp, which was once believed to be impossible. They procreate by laying their eggs into the nuclear heart of a star. The eggs then use this energy to their advantage to reach maturity, whereupon they hatch and leave the nest. The damage that is done to the star is noticeable, as it prematurely ages it.
  21. Faltine: A race of energy beings that live in their own pocket dimension. Energy based they loath all thing with matter. All Faltinians are made of, and control, vast amount of mystical energies in ways that are virtually incomprehensible for human minds; it was stated that the energy released by the materialization of a full-fledged Faltinian on Earth might incinerate half of New York City. A Faltinian can send projections of himself in lower dimensions, investing them with his awareness and a portion of his energies.
  22. Event Horizon: a ship that was possessed by an evil entity, now a self-aware, living, and malevolent ship. It was a ship that was capable of faster-than-light travel using an artificial black hole to open a portal from one part of the universe to another. In it's maiden voyage, the ship was thought to be lost. But in reality, it used it's faster than light engine to travel beyond the boundaries of our dimension to another dimension. One of pure chaos and evil. Some refers to it as Hell itself. the ship used it's telepathic abilities to use the crews fears against them, killing them in the process.
  23. Universal Scourge: The Universal Scourge was created millenia ago by what it described as a ancient selfless civilization that dedicated all its resources as well as its very life to the destruction of the Devourer of Worlds. This species existed long before other races evolved. For eons, this species followed the wake of Galactus's consumption of worlds where they collected the detritus that the cosmic being left behind on the planets he had destroyed. Taking all these samples, they placed it on a single planet where they cultivated the toxicity of the compound to create what would be the Universal Scourge. This action consumed the race and they became extinct but their legacy remained with the parasites venom being bred to be strong enough to affect a cosmic being of Galactus's stature. The Scourge was somewhat larger then a Human being and consisted of a dark bluish mass with a central circular body where a single eye rested along with numerous tentacles. It seemed incapable of motion and entered into the body by being consumed. It was capable of sending out a false energy signature that would invite others to believe that the planet it resided on was reach in life energy. To defend itself, the creature had numerous tentacles that were capable of leeching away the life of those that threatened. The creature was fully aware of its existence and history as well as being intelligent enough to feel hatred.
  24. Langoliers: medium-sized globular creatures consisting almost entirely of a huge sharp-toothed maw. They have been described as "time keepers" and inhabit a temporal realm usually unreachable by human senses, to which non-living matter drifts into as the linear timeline advances from present to future. This is fundamentally different from how most people imagine the past: in the Langoliers' world, when we move ahead in time as future becomes present and present becomes past, we leave behind a "past realm" which looks and feels like an uninhabited and used-up copy of the present world. The voracious Langoliers thrive there in huge swarms consuming all matter and allowing it to be recycled into the "future world" which is being created temporally ahead. Occasionally, a temporal anomaly might transport unfortunate citizens to the past and into the realm of the Langoliers, which will rapidly attempt to consume the intruders along with the entire "past world" around them. However, while it is possible for people to pass through the anomaly unharmed (as long as they are asleep, although the reason for this is unknown) the same is not true for the Langoliers, who dare not trespass into the present time themselves. This is a relief, because with their unsociable hunger for reality-consumption, chaos would ensue if they did.


  • Accelerated Metabolism: Because of his accelerated metabolism, he must consume a lot of food in order to keep his energy up.


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Using his trademarked illusionary magic, his personality are what most children would describe as " the boogie man." The way Albert feeds depends on nature, he can be sustained on generating fear, or small amounts of blood, but often times he will literally rip their victim to bite sized pieces. Albert's excel at causing trouble or fear, for it's the main objective of their existence.

The path of the flux adept is far more physical and bloody than most mages would ever want to experience. The creed of the adept is that the body is in constant turmoil, and that turmoil should be embraced and empowered, not overcome. Arcane magic opens the door to the true potential of what is usually thought as mere scaffolding for the brain: muscles, glands, organs. However, these systems, given their due, can turn any creature - mage or not - into an awesome force.

Blood and flesh contain power; Albert recognize this. Locked in the fibers of muscle tissue, hidden in the crimson depths of blood, flows the essence of the victim. He not only understand this, but have learned how to unlock that essence — and appropriate it for himself. After swallowing a mouthful of the victim’s flesh, he can use the victim’s power as if it were his own.

Auspice is the interpretation of the movements of animals (particularly the flight patterns of birds) or the perhaps the entrails of certain animals. One with this ability uses it to predict disasters, usually of a natural sort (storms, tornadoes, the outcome of wars, etc.).

Al can analyze technological devices from the simple to the advanced and, given time and favorable circumstances, stands a good chance of figuring out some basic uses at the very least. He could, for instance, figure out a television in very short order, or board an alien spaceship and get a good idea of where the engines were and how the main power source was routed through the vessel.

Tech Skill- the user is a genius when dealing with the functions of machines and technology. Although they don't possess Technopathy, it would be hard to believe because of the knowledge of schematics, gizmos, gadgets and computer programs that the user shows (knowledge of building machines, repairing them, sabotaging them, as well as drawing up and following schematics, different models of machines, which machines are best for which situations and the like)

Albert can devise and assemble any weapon that can be made with the available materials. Albert can even improvise a means of creating unavailable materials (adamantium, for example). Provided he has the resources, he can assemble a functional copy of any weapon.


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Melee: He can alternatively feed by way of the mouths on the palms of his hands. Mouths that can be added to his body by slightly modifying his form, his palm-mouth carries the same capabilities of his head-mouth; He would remove the skin and place his hands about a victim's body in a clutch, then use the fangs to gnaw and feed, leaving the victim's form horribly mutilated in the process.

These were were effective at parrying a blade. They were used for feeding but also for fighting to tear like that of a ferocious tiger or bear. Four sharp teeth protruded from the center of the palm. The mouthcould also be used to aid in climbing walls and trees. He uses these mouths in a style similar to the 'Tiger Fist,' the merging of Southern Shaolin fighting styles of Chinese kung fu. It is based on the movements of animals, such as the tiger and the crane. Heavily rooted stances and strong kicks and punches that evoke the mass and power of earth.

“Tiger style? I thought that clan was extinct!”

“That clan is extinct”

“*I* ate them”

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Ranged: He can fire bullets from his index finger as if his hand were a pistol and form his arms into various types of guns, such as automatic weapons (compact chain gun), sniper rifles, a photon weapon, micro-rocket launcher, a huge high-yield plasma-fusion flamethrower, grenade launcher and adjust the shape of his right arm to enable it to function like shotgun, firing blasts of highly concussive energy through the openings. He manages to load the weapons by swallowing ammo, such as bullets or flamethrower fuel. He is quite famous for various ricochet trick shots with these blasters.

Machine-Gun Effect: the ability for the mouth to spew small projectiles (pieces of food, any other small thing capable of fitting into the mouth, or perhaps some naturally-generated substance or energy) as though they were bullets being shot from a gun. One with this ability may spit projectiles in a way that is rapid and accurate like a machine gun, or shoot them in a way that is especially strong and concussive.

Support: Albert can spontaneously and harmlessly separate his body into independently functioning segments. If any detached part is damaged or destroyed his body reassembles immediately. With this he can create living matter and even complete bio-organisms from within. The new life can be of any nature, although it can only possess Powers that are intrinsic to its physical structure.

Spiritual: He can capture and indefinitely hold within himself any number of disembodied spirits. Such spirits find themselves within a pocket dimension of his creation; while within it, they retain a semblance to their original forms. This pocket dimension can have any appearance. This is a timeless space of near-infinite volume. He can shape conditions within the Internal space and create any environment he desires. He can freely communicate with any spirits held within. He can also control the basic attitudes and emotions of any being within this space. Everyone feels peace and happiness, even if they were vicious, violent people in the outside world. Conversely, he might modify his particular Internal space to terrify anyone he draws into it. He is immune to any attempts they might make to possess his body. He can capture disembodied spirits and merge them into new bodies. The spirits can be the newly-dead, ghosts, or free spirits . The bodies can be anything---newborn infants, clones, androids, robots, animals, or plants. The reincarnated person can be granted full memories and Mental Powers. The spirit is permanently bonded to the new body for as long as that body lives, unless the bond is deliberately broken by the spirit or by an exorcist.


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Albert's science is more advanced in the fields of chemistry and genetic manipulation than most space-faring races. Albert is also quite knowledgeable about materials science and the advances in the latter are often related to the former. Albert is able to take power from human torsos and used many biological systems wired directly into their facilities. He is able to power whole facilities using torsos, many of which were headless and regulated by a neural link that kept their body functions going. Others still had heads but showed signs of extreme intoxication. His combination of biological and mechanical systems is a defining characteristic about their technology since it is how their own bodies work. This has resulted in the creation of a wide array of organisms, many grotesque and highly unconventional, that fulfill a variety of functions. He can infuse their DNA with ectoplasm, converting them into half ghost organisms.

His starships are unique in that his ships are cybernetic organisms, living starships that can regenerate armor. Albert advanced towards more organic technology. Much of their biotechnological knowledge was gained by reverse engineering other Aliens. He is dedicated to capturing and experimenting on other lifeforms to benefit his own technology and investments. He has been building bioweaponry and manufacturing next generation weapons for thralls and associates alike.

He possesses his own laboratory, which has a very red-and-black color scheme and is organic-based. It also is sphere shaped. Turning to equipment that previously was only found in a laboratory to create new dishes that have the potential to revolutionize the concept of cooking. Universal superchef and inventor of eccentric and description-defying food, plans to post a daily recipe from the new research laboratory that is due to replace his older restaurant. Albert told an audience at the Negatice Zone, where he gave a lecture on the science of cooking, that his new laboratory would put the results of every day's experimentation on the neuronet in the evening.



While washing and preparing the meal, offer words of prayer and thanks. This helps shift the energies.
While washing and preparing the meal, offer words of prayer and thanks. This helps shift the energies.

A living idea that had turned into a ferocious parasite. It grew by hiring new employees and by devouring its rivals. It adapted quick to the needs of its target world and imitated what people wanted. It hypnotized them with advertising and then turned them into employees. He used custom made brain-stem parasites to gain obedience additional of his victims. He can punish his slaves any time by exciting the parasites that were placed on their necks into a feeding frenzy and could inflict pain whenever Albert wanted to.


  1. Cosmic Bananas: bananas sent into space. Once in orbit, the bananas were bombarded with cosmic rays and when they returned, the bananas displayed super-banana abilities. (akin to heroes/villains bombarded with cosmic rays)

Branch locations

It is most often not violent, but can become very dangerous both to the person infected and other people. It realizes their aims in manipulating others, taking control of their actions. Relatively new parasites, thus a stable, in ideal mutualistic relationship has not yet developed.


Living in darkness, making his homes in cupboards, under beds, and in closets. He appears as amorphous puffs of dust, perhaps having the ability of shape-shifting. He causes all sorts of mischief at night and have even been known to steal souls, but he is harmless during daylight hours.

There is love, respect and definitely gratitude.
There is love, respect and definitely gratitude.

He also hovers around a person's back, creating an aura of uneasiness, and is known to eavesdrop on conversations. When attacking lost children or sleeping humans, he would suck out the insides of anyone he catches.

The Manslayer

A MAN committed a murder, and was pursued by the relations of the man whom he murdered. On his reaching the river Nile he saw a Lion on its bank and being fearfully afraid, climbed up a tree. He found a serpent in the upper branches of the tree, and again being greatly alarmed, he threw himself into the river, where a crocodile caught him and ate him. Thus the earth, the air, and the water alike refused shelter to a murderer.

For countless generations children in the English-speaking world have been threatened into obedience by the Bogeyman who inhabits the darkness and can quickly materialize to snatch away naughty boys and girls if they aren't careful.

Raison d'être

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Every day over the course of several million years, our ancestors saw (and heard) living creatures being torn apart and devoured by hungry animals — with some victims still kicking as they were eviscerated and dismembered. No wonder our brains are wired to make us dread this awful fate, and that the stories we tell ourselves reflect this dread and attempt to express it — press it out.

The archetype of the monster is an expression of this primal fear writ large, exaggerated and intensified to an outlandish degree. But why does this primal fear take the form of a “monster,” that is, a predatory creature that grotesquely mixes animal or human-and-animal physical features? In what way did our experiences as a prey species contribute to the formation of the mythic monster ?

Albert's role is to police and maintain the World by eliminating potential threats to the stability of the system such as humans and defective entities. Nowadays the humankind -or rather the technological progression realized by it- is a parasite for the Gaia (for the Earth as a superorganism). The greatest challenge of the 21st century is the transformation of this relation between the parasite (tick) and host-organism into a symbiosis. Humans are destructive to Nature and so Nature, striving for balance, created monsters in order to "cull the herd". Seems fitting that it would be Albert, since he would be able to walk with humans without creating too much notice.

“I root for hurricanes. When, courtesy of the Weather Channel, I see one forming in the ocean off the coast of Africa, I find myself longing for it to become big and strong — Mother Nature’s fist of fury, Gaia’s stern rebuke.”

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When humans attack the Earth, an underground network of monsters honor an ancient code to maintain balance between man and the wild, by killing only what they eat, and eating all that they kill.

  • A monster is lurking in the depths of the darkness and is only in this world to bite into juicy and tender human flesh.
  • If a monster sees a human, it immediately goes into a feeding frenzy.
  • To get at human flesh monsters will even eat buildings!

Where the Abominations came from remains a mystery to this day. Many sages have theorized they were the unwanted offspring between roaming deities and demonic beasts. However what is certain is that the Abominations are unwanted offspring. They are misshapen, grotesque, and horribly marked from their godly birth-throes.

They however survive such a birth and live on, nurtured by their quasi-deific powers and pure, undiluted hate of their forebears and all naturally formed creatures. Rejected by both the heavens and the darkest of hells, they are usually sealed away for eons at a time however some tend to escape either by their own plans and design or accidentally freed by some wanderer. An abomination's appearance can panic nations, worlds, or entire planes of existence.

True Purpose [Secret]

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Albert is a cosmic parasite (a parasite is defined as the dominant partner in an unwelcome relationship of different organisms.), it seeks out cosmic entities rife with energy, which it then feeds off over the course of several hours. First, possession by the parasite causes a nervous breakdown, but eventually the host mind is erased completely, and the Parasite is in total control of his cosmic steed. Parasiting the persona and performing a perverse type of mind control. They can be guided to to travel through space, and they can be forced to fight against something or someone when its own life is threatened by said being. Eventually, it emerges, destroying the host in a catastrophic explosion, at which point it absorbs the host's powers through feeding, and then seizes its authority in the Cosmic Hierarchy. The creature then moves on to the next source. The Cosmic Parasite remains hidden waiting for the proper time to strike. Since then, Alwanted to go down in the Akashic Records as the most deadly cosmic disease in the omniverse and take down all of his victims through the psyche and storing them in his essence.

Their bodies can be used and abused by an intelligence not their own; that their bodies are viewed as a resource primarily as food by him. Assuming control of their physical selves, and replace their intelligence with his. He sees them, alarmingly, just as meat. Every time the host's immune systems get close to destroying the parasite, it escapes detection by rearranging its 'existence' and changing its appearance. During this cat-and-mouse game, the immune system never gains the upper hand and the victim dies.

Albert traveled the universe for years, relieving many other alien races from their gods, whether they wanted this or not. He can grow stronger if attacked, he becomes more entrenched and can take more dangerous, sometimes hardly recognizable forms, if they try to cast him out.


  • Raksasa knife: This knife was forged of Orichalcum (an arcane element) and offers great mystic powers to those who know how to employ it. Anyone who wields the knife has great physical and mystical might bestowed upon them. The blade is so ensorcelled as to cut through magic defenses as if they were air, and is itself unbreakable. It can break or dispel enchantments, magic shields, and barriers. Raksasa knife has allowed him to live an extended life, using the life force of those he kills. His skill is so great with the knife, he sliced a dragon into multiple pieces in "less than a second". It has been used to intercept attacks of cosmic power and could be easily hurled from orbit to a planet's surface (causing incredible devastation) and come through without a scratch.
  • Asura chopping block: Whether you've got a taste for meat, vegetables or human flesh, no kitchen is complete without a cutting board.
  • Titan fork & spoon: It enabled Albert to sunder the fabric of dimensional space, manipulate coordinates, and open doorways from one reality to another. They could also discern transfer coordinates of other portals and create a portal to the same location. It could be used as guidance through space/time and other no-spaces used as corridors by teleporters. Short distance teleportation worked as well as long distance teleportation throughout space. The creation of a portal required the utensils to be spun to cut open the substance of space revealing a pathway. It could map the dimensions of space/time and through hex-powers it could even reveal everything on the mystical landscape. It could scan many different things concerning their properties and detected any energy form it once encountered. They could also be used like a conventional weapon and the sharp blades could easily decapitate someone.

Artifact(s) Assimilated [Secret]

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  • A jewel in a necklace that absorbs a beings power when he kills them. Thanks to the jewel, Albert is "immune" to a gods powers. He can absorb them, redirect them, and even send them back to the sender. He has sent a Mjolnir careening off with just a wave of his hand. With each god he slays, he grows even more powerful. It is reasonable to assume that he gains their fighting abilities as well as their power. It is unclear whether he can teleport as well, or is just extremely fast as to appear to do so. He does travel from world to world and to other dimensions as well in his quest to slay gods. The ability to sense all aspects of godliness in a being and their level of power.

Carl - The Human Club

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A metahuman who is by all terms indestructible, and has been constantly tested to be so. He is Albert's toothpick and favorite bludgeon as he is virtually immortal (pretty much everything). As a blunt force weapon Carl is invulnerable to all forms of physical and mental attacks, but relatively mundane in terms of his physical capabilities. This human cudgel can move without breaking a sweat, even walk forever in infinite stamina.

  • Invulnerability
  • Regeneration
  • Reincarnation

Carl is completely indestructible and immortal, as well as being a mediocre fighter.

Giant Monster

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Height: 165'

Mass: 25 kt

No Caption Provided

Albert's long range attacks are tracking fireballs that reach a far distance and do good damage; excellent singing voice. Albert could animate and control the rock around him, which could be used to create multiple duplicates of himself (including a humanoid form). Due to its size, it was invulnerable to most known weapons. The flaming monster has a protective energy field and the power to incinerate.

Mankind falls to the threat of a ring of flames around the planet. This flaming tyrant possesses incalculable strength surpassing the 100 ton range and is capable of generating extraordinary heat and flame, including the creation of a flaming sword he used to bring down buildings and slay his enemies.


“terror from beyond the stars”
“terror from beyond the stars”

It steals or "jacks" other planets and throw them into the star like "firewood". It is shown to have advanced planet-moving technology. A giant robot ship, a planet-eating machine made by a long-dead alien race, is roaming the galaxies, consuming all in its path for fuel, including whole planets. It travels the galaxy searching for various alien races to maintain it. It also uses these races as food.

One of the biggest appetites in the Galaxy, Having spent ages living off unfortunate planets. Eating his way tasty solar systems, watch-out!