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Sorry Guys!

Hey everyone,

I've been extremely absent lately, and I apologize!

School has become intensely hectic, and my exams keep piling on due to a series of unfortunate events.

Before exams was a glorious round of final essay after final essay after final essay, endless articles and features and web projects.

Then exams - oh glorious exams. I spent this entire semester with my laptop open during class doing my best not to pay attention and this, kids, does not work well when exams finally do come up.

I have a loootttt to study.

Two more exams to go.


Then I'll be back :) I promise!

Who else is intensely excited for Amazons Attack? And 52 is almost over! Sheesh :) I'm going to be at my local comic book store bright and early tomorrow morning.


Hurrah and Huzzah!

Yay! I managed to get a new adaptor from Apple for free, so I'm back :). I think I was actually going into withdrawal.

This weekend LohGam, my friend Shaggy and I went to check out the new comic book store that opened in my area. As a general rule, I don't like to go into comic book stores I don't know well by myself, and it doesn't help that this one is in a basement. I'm a bit wary of going into stores that I can't see into, which only happens to encompass about 80% of all comic book stores.

Ah well. With my protectors in tow, we went down the narrow staircase and into the little shop. After looking around for about an hour, Shaggy picked out a million things to buy and had an extremely long conversation with the owner, who convinced him to buy a membership.

Shaggy doesn't live in my area, but the membership was a great deal so he bought it to save money and gave it to me! I was so happy, now I get 20% off anything in the store.

For my first purchase I bought the hardcover Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, which includes Mary Jane #1-4, Mary Jane: Homecoming #1-4, and Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #1-5. I really, really enjoyed it! I read it all in one sitting, and it really appealed to the teen-soap-opera-loving side of me.

It's obviously written for girls, but it's so much fun. It was definitely a good change of pace after reading only 52, Justice League and Wonder Woman for so long. While I love those titles with every cell in my body, they can get so bleak and depressing - it's great to see some good, fun titles for girls.

Generally I turn to shoujo manga to fill the void, but SMLMJ was a great alternative. I can't wait for the next hardcover to come out! I'm so excited I may just run to the store and buy all of the issues I'm missing. I'm such an impatient thing.

Twee~! The next issue of 52 is coming out tomorrow and I can't wait to pick it up. LohGam and I are going to see 300 (he already went to see it with his friends, but it'll be my first time), but hopefully I can pick it up beforehand. Last week Wonder Woman showed up again and it absolutely made my day.




I did it again.

All right. So as my last blog post indicated, my charger broke and my computer died and I was terribly distraught.

Well, today I trekked out to the Apple Store to see if they could help me, and they said I'd have to buy another one. I didn't have enough money, so my boyfriend LohGam loaned me $40 and I went back and bought the overpriced piece of shit.

Fast forward to 15 minutes ago. My laptop softly slid from my bed and landed on the floor. I ran over to see if anything was wrong with it but it seemed fine... until I noticed that the BRAND NEW power adaptor was once again BENT and BROKEN. The tip of the charger had broken off inside of my laptop.

I have the worst luck in the Universe. I really can't take it anymore. I give up. The people at Apple are going to force me to buy yet ANOTHER one now because the warranty does not cover accident or shitty product design.



The End of an Era

Well this just smells.

I've been so absolutely obsessed with this site that I've dedicated nearly all of my time to it. I woke up this morning, a day off from class, ready to write more 52 synopses until...

I realized that my Powerbook's power cord has bent completely out of commission. The idiotic little metal part that connects to the computer is all wonky and there's just no way for it to be fixed - and of course my computer's battery will die in precisely 9 minutes.

Someone out there hates me. Of course I don't have the $100 necessary to replace this piece of crap, and no one is willing to give it to me, so it looks like I'll be living at school from now on. And this thing could not pick a worse day to happen - I have a major assignment to write for tomorrow and nothing to write it on.

Maybe I'll just go cry in a corner and hope that everything rights itself.