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Astonishing X-Men #37 - Monstrous, Part 2 0

While the X-Men battle Fin Fang Foom in the streets of Tokyo, Mentallo reveals his evil plan. Can the team stop the machinations of the master mentalist?The Good:Armors character development is continued in this issue and it's good. Again, focusing on this character is great because she is a relatively new part of this team, so we need stories that show her growing and evolving with them. Like in the previous issue the layout of the book is nice, you get some big panels that really show off the ...

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Review: Astonishing X-Men #36 0

The Roxxon corporation have plans for Monster Island but so does the evil Mentallo. How will the X-Men and the monstrous inhabitance of the island factor into these plans?  The Good: We get some good interactions between the X-Men, specifically Armor and Wolverine. I like the attention being focused on Armor in this book. As a fairly new character I think it's important that she get stories about her, so that readers get to know her and hopefully like her. I feel like she is becoming more and mo...

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Not so astonishing. 1

We reach the end of Warren Ellis' Exogenetic story line. The X-men have infiltrated there enemies hideout and it's time to confront KAGA and stop his evil plans.  The Good: The art work is really nice, you get a cool splash page and the action in this book is detailed and looks good. Although I have personal issues with some of the X-men's uniforms (Cyclops and Storms), the team is well drawn. The dialogue for the X-men is mostly well written. When Cyclops and Beast speak to one another it feels...

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