New DC 52 Comics (are these comics any good?)

I need some help because I'm on the fence here. It's been 9 months since dc released 52 on it's titles and some were positive while others weren't that good or just okay-ish. I haven't bought most of these comics because there were too many of them for me to choose from and that some of them weren't interesting to me at the time. Lately, I've looked some interesting images and read some articles on some characters on their titles with crossovers and events. Now regretting it, I want to start getting into them but I don't know where to start.

Can anyone tell me if these titles are any good and worth reading? which one should I get? Give me your thoughts on them too? Thanks.

#!1 Action Comics - Only bought issue one

#2 Wonder Woman - Is she awesome here or not?

#3 Aquaman - Heard his a badass now

#4 Green Lantern w/ Sinestro -... Oh boy

#5 Red Lantern series - I want Hal as a RL

#6 The Flash - Only Bought issue one

#7 Superboy - Liked him in young justice cartoon, how is this series?

#8 Green Arrow - Never bought a GA comic in my life lol.

#9 Supergirl - same here with her lol

#10 Deathstroke - heard he's more brutal and Midnighter and Zealot had appeared in resent issues.

#11 Batwoman - I think I'm gonna like her more than Batgirl

#12 Batman and Robin - Scott Synder's run with Batman is great but how's this one?

#13 Red Hood and the Outlaws - I'm iffy on the series

#14 Captain Atom - was never into him before but how's his series?

#15 Batwing - bought first issue before dropping this. Is he better now?

#16 Birds of Prey - Liked Gail Simone's run but how's this one?