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A self reminder on the DCU Revamp

Just reminding myself that the DC Universe revamp comics is coming in September, which is just around the corner. So in case if I forget I'm writing down a list on what comics I'm getting.  Despite my mix feelings over the revamp, I'm curious on how good these titles will turn out.  
- Justice Legaue #1  
- Batgirl #1
- Batwing #1 (Maybe)  
- Batman #1  
- Batman: The Darknight #1  
- Nightwing #1  
- Detective Comics #1 (Seriously, how many Batman titles are there?)  
- Deathstorke #1  
- Grifter #!  
- Stormwatch #1  
- Men Of War #1  
- Superman #1 (Maybe)  
That should be it for now. If there's anymore titles I'm interested in I'll sure to add them on this list.

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