A Minor nitpick with Batman & GL 'pep talk' moment!

So I've recently watch DC's 18th animated original film, Justice League: War, which is by far superior from it's comic book, Justice League: Origins. For a while now I've been thinking on something that's got my attention which was present in the film, and in the JL: Origins comic too. It's a couple of years old in the comics so I'm sure that others have talked about it before and I know it was convenient for the plot and that it's no big deal compare to other ridiculous things, but it's still one of those moments where you want to scratch your head and say "WTF? Was this really necessary?"

So the League takes on Darkseid, we get a awesome moment with Flash and Superman evading the Omega Beams before Superman is sent to Apokolips, Hal trash talking and fights Darkseid head on before having his arm broken and tossed aside, The other Leaguers come out of the rubble and cannot stop the colossal God before them...everything was getting great. I like this intense scene here because a stubborn Hal won't quit and that Batman try's to get through to him that if he keeps attacking head on he'll get himself killed...

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...but it's up until the end of this panel and the last panel that got me to face palm and felt they could've handled it a lot differently...

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...so Batman takes off his mask, reveal's his identity as Bruce Wayne, talk some sense to Hal telling him to regroup with the others and to hold off Darkseid until he returns. He then takes off his cape and chest emblem - however, in the film he wears a hat and a coat as a disguise -- as though somebody took the time to throw their cloths on the ground before running away lol - runs off where an Parademon takes him and is sent to Apokolips to go save Superman.

Now I do know the point of the scene; it's to show that Darkseid is a greater threat than any one of the leaguers has ever faced and that this is much bigger than any of them can handle alone, so in order for them to win against someone like Darkseid they must work together as a team which forms the now established team the Justice League. It also shows that despise how powerful GL is, and the capabilities and equipment Batman has, without those weapons at their disposal their only human, and that they can get killed by any means, compared to the other supers who can pretty much survive half the things that can kill Bruce and Hal. I guess that's why Geoff Johns had this great idea of pairing up the two, showing the interactions between characters and so on, so forth. But for Batman to reveal his identity to GL out of the blue, and especially if Batman didn't prep on what GL capable of, is a big "no, no" and it's THAT moment which could've been handled differently. Like point to him the people who are dying from the rubble and the city being torn apart, stating that if they don't act with a plan that the whole world is doomed, or some generic heroic speech that only Batman can make it sound awesome. Actually, they could've still use that scene with him and GL, except not reveal his identity and vaguely tell his origin and why he does what he does. Any of those would've been fine. What if somebody was near by and recorded them on his iPhones? and is Hal really trust worthy to know his identity, what if he starts shooting his mouth off to people has a problem with Batman?

I partly blame Geoff Johns for this since he wrote the story. He also has a knack for writing a terrible Batman and doesn't seem to understand the character. This is probably why his Batman: Earth One story didn't hold up quite that well. Granted, there are concepts and ideas that I liked about it, and the story was okay, but man, his version of Batman was just bad. I could say the same thing for Wonder Woman in amazons attack. He's good for GL but can't do well with Batman, and he has to write several other characters in the same book?

When Batman mentioned that "he and Hal are alike" I thought that Batman was zapped by one of those Omega beams from off panel/screen that forced him to act in such a abnormal way that he reached some enlightenment saying nonsense things when in reality he really wanted to say was "Oh Gee, GL. You and everyone else here are sooo awesome. I know that I'm Batman and all, but I'm nothing compared to as great and powerful as you", and GL response was "what the hell are you doing you moron?" I know that wasn't the intention but sometimes I felt that's the case, especially since he is amongst the supers that are pretty much Gods. I found it even more hilarious when GL said (in the comic) that he didn't even know who Bruce Wayne was. Is it just Hal being ignorant, or that he's not too concerned about a rich playboy with his enterprise and focus his efforts elsewhere, like space?

Again, the comic was released a couple of years old, the adapt animated film is just following it's source material, and that it's not a big deal since we as comic book readers have witness ridiculous things in stories and characters acting out of character, but again, it's one of those things I just had to think "Why?"

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