The Blackest Night

Im not much of a DC man but I do love to read the occasional DC comics. One time some of my comic reasearch; in which I do to keep myself updated 
to the current comic events, I came across a storyarc that really caught my eye. No offense to DC but it has been awhile since Ive seen a DC comic storyarc 
that really caught my attention. 
The blackest night comic is really something, I thought it would be some type of joke story similar to the marvel zombies thing but this really has grown into
something potentially interesting. One of the things that really made this interesting is that it involves everyone and thank god it's not some crisis storyline 
again. Its good to see old people like Hawk and Dove, Psycho-Pirate, and many others to come out of the wood works and reappear for one last time. Its good
to know that such iconic characters are back and have not been forgotten about (event though they are kinda zombie-like). At least people of the newer generation get to see them.  Its kinda straightforward though, zombie meta-humans come up and everyone else rises up to stop the invasion. Maybe some of them are going to be reborn or something, to reuse some old character already dead. I'm excited to see what becomes of it.

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