My New Comic Zine is out

So I used to work at the comic shop Forbidden Planet NYC. Me and some of the squad there put together a comicbook zine called Perilous Journey. It's on sale there right now and will hopefully be retailing at other stores. I illustrated and wrote a 3 page comic in the zine so check it out. Sorry it's sideways.

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Shout outs... yes again

Shouting out the CV Fam right here

@epictayman the young homie doing his thing and making friends on the vine, keep doing you Tay-God.

@longbowhunter For always having an interesting bit to say in the the Off Topic Threads.

@god_spawn Cause Geezy's my homie.

@sc For looking out on the Threads and keeping the peace

@tazzmissionFor all the solid wrestling Drops.

@dragonborn_ct For always having the ladies on Deck

@raiiyn For just being her and being real.

@vance_astro for tumblr.

@riotsqrrl for the philosophical discourse

@farkam and @jeanralphio For #White tears.

@deathstrokergeist for being cooler than all the other Geists.

If I missed you this round my fault but the shout outs are back.


Help Support.

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So the kickstarter I was working has finally gone live. It's called GodCell: Gate of Gods and I wrote the third issue (out of 3 issues) so the finale is mostly mine. Show support anyway you can by donating or spreading the word. Thanks a-million.