Sentry vs Thor(not a debate but the actual fight that took place)

Well, a few weeks ago I read up on a what if comic that involved some avengers meeting up with the dark avengers and fighting. The name of the comic escapes me and I've noticed some people(and by some I mean a certain fanboy who's name I won't mention that and well other fanboys) claim that's how it'll happen cause thor is powerful and blah blah blah Superman beating thor was bad writing.

Bah.... now this is ACTUAL bad writing, not Superman beating thor but Thor snapping Sentry's neck and killing him.

If Sentry can survive being blown up, getting his head blown off, not to mention having ALL of his molecules be destroyed and reformed.... there's no reason why Thor should of killed him that easily.    THAT right there is a form of bad writing.

And that's all I got for this blog, the writer obviously didn't know how Sentry works(and btw I'm not a sentry fanboy before anyone jumps to that conclusion) and the ending was just BS.


Superman vs Hulk, Who would win? My Thoughts on this debate.



Ahh... yes, the one battle that's probably THE biggest crossover debate out there. 
Who would win in a fight, the man of steel or the gamma green monster? 
My answer to this is..... 
Superman and... fuck it could be a fact too. >:D 
Superman and the Amazing Spider-man: Pre-Crisis Superman was getting tossed around by Hulk but after getting his head into the game, HE OWNED HIM! >:D  


DC vs Marvel: Possibly one of the biggest hypes of the comic turned out to be dissapointing.... why? BECAUSE IT WAS TOO FAWKING SHORT!!! I mean really one of THE most look foward fight to happen and lasts maybe 3 pages long. Course Superman managed to own Hulk's ass again and this was Hulk's most powerful personality at the time Professor Hulk.  Course, this was Fan voted but they choose wisely. :P 
Superman vs The Incredible Hulk: There was no conclusion, because they didn't really fight each other and in the end just teamed up with each other to stop Ross and Luthor. 
Now the one thing I've noticed Hulk fanboys like to bring up with Superman vs. The Incredible Hulk is this image right here, of Hulk Breaking Superman's Grip: 


Now here's the problem. It's been said constantly that Superman holds back, that he never goes 100% because he's afraid of hurting someone if he does. So you can see Supes was holding back on his grip because he was concerned and didn't want to hurt Hulk too much.
Now do I hate the Hulk? BALLZ  NO! Hulk is one of my favorite Marvel characters if not THE favorite one but I felt like I needed to get his off my chest.

Doomsday, a Hulk Ripoff?

Sorry about some of this post being a image but my computer desides to stop my post and not work so just read from the image AND THEN the rest of the post will be done. If you're having a hard time reading it, here's the link to imageshack:    

and I should know he goes apeshit at times because when I first met him and we were enemies he proved that. I swear the guy has a hate fetish for Superman and you'd think I would be joking but I'm not. He happens to love all the Superman wannabes but just hates the man of steel. But that's another topic for another day. 
Now if DD was a ripoff he would have the same exact powers, appearance, and origin of Hulk right?  
Well, here's the Problem.... Doomsday powers consist of Super Strength which Hulk has (but really WHO doesn't have that power nowadays?) and regenative ability(But again, how many of these characters in comics have that ability? MANY!) But here's the problem..... Doomsday DIDN'T Start out that way because Doomsday's power work on Evolution, NOT Gamma Radiation. He'll gain a new ability or durability when he gets killed or when he's currently fighting in a battle, hulk doesn't do that. Hulk doesn't have Spikes that he can use, while Doomsday does and he can fire them off as a spear which I always thought was pretty cool. Another ability DD has that Hulk doesn't is the ability to fire a flame or something and when ever there's someone using a super sonic attack(Like Superman did in Hunter/Prey) all DD does is evolve so his ears can be blocked. And his duration is WAAAAAAAAAAY more powerful then Hulk's is and will probably will be. Has Hulk managed to be immune from an attack of a being far more powerful then Galactus? No. Has Doomsday done the same exact with only with Imperiex? Yes. If anything, Doomsday is more of a homage to Solomon Grundy then hulk and infact if I wanted to I could call Hulk a ripoff of Grundy. :P When Grundy dies, he gains a new power, when DD dies he gains a new power or ability and their appearance with each other actually kind of matches too.
So, we got Super powers out of the way so what about origins or stuff like that? I actually use that arguement on him and this is what he said: 

So with that kind of logic that would mean EVERY Superhero is a ripoff of Superman, but am I going to go there? No, because it's wrong and stupid to say that kind og thing. Sorry killer but it is.  
Hulk's origin is that he was born from gamma radiation when Bruce Banner went to save Rick Jones from the explosion and he gets his causing him to become the hulk. Hulk's powers are about Gamma Radiation and such. 
Doomsday's Origin is that he was created for one purpose, to be the ultimate form of evolution and to do that he must die. And his story begins on Prehistoric Krypton(Sounds like a ripoff yet?), where a group of scientist are planning on creating the ultimate life form(sounds like a hulk ripoff?) and they do this by experimenting with a baby with Krypton's environment(which btw was INCREDIBLY horrible, you'd die because of all the posion in the air, the extreme heat and etc.). Well, first time they put him in there, he dies. Second time he lives longer but the heat gets to him and he dies. After surviving that he can live in the environment.... until some prehistoric kryptonian creatures come around a rip him to pieces and he dies.... again. And this kind of thing happens over and over and over until he can finally survive that and managed to kill the beasts that were doing this to him. So.... that sounds like a hulk ripoff, write? WRONG! So what happens next is after surviving a year on krypton's surface(It could be less if I'm mistaken) he goes back to his place of origin, breaks in there, kills everyone including his father(as the guy calls himself) and then finds a ship and gets off the rock and starts killing other people/planets. He would later gain the name the Armageddon or Doomsday himself and boy does he managed to live up to that name. He doesn't die until much later when he lands on this one planet who's name escapes me and faces a being call the radient design with radiation or cosmic blasts of sorts to aid him in his battle with the monster fo the apocolypse and after a month or week of fighting Radient finally manages to kill him and sends him off to space, which we all know what happens next. 
So..... still think he's a hulk ripoff? Didn't think so. 
What about personality megas? Does DD ripoff of that? No, for you see Hulk's personality most of the time is that of an angry child with impressive strength who is having a fit, while Doomsday on the other hand only personality is to kill. Infact we learn that when he squishes a bird, strangles a deer, and destroys random trees(THE FIEND! THOSE POOR TREES!!!) and it doesn't matter where he lands if it has life, he'll kill it. Much different then the hulk. 
So, I feel that pretty much covers up that then. I discussed powers, personalities, and origins but aren't forgetting something? Oh right appearance.... 
 Yeah... just because Doomsday is muscle bound DOESN'T make him a ripoff and if you're going by that logic.... a ton of heroes/villians are ripoffs even Hellboy, but.... in that case I can just say Hulk is a ripoff of Grundy. :P And with hulk's first apperance.... he kind of was. KIND OF. And like I said Doomsday is more like Grundy then hulk. 
Okay, now that does it for sure. I hope you guys found this to be informative and I hoped you like it. This is my first blog post too. :D 
Well, Goodbye and Goodnight folks.