Highlights of 9/7/11

 Here begins my first attempt at doing a brief/mass review of the books I bought this week.
Batwing #1 
Definitely a pleasant surprise from the New 52.  I am really digging the art, sort of reminds me of X-Force (prior to Uncanny) and I'm very intrigued with the main character and also sporting a brutal new villain doesn't hurt at all. 
New Avengers Annual #1 
Okay I'll admit it.... I only picked this up because Anti-Venom is part of the Revengers, but it turned out to be fairly decent.  Furthermore..... I'll admit that aside from Wonder Man and Anti-Venom I have no idea who any of the rest of the team are.  Yes I know there was a Goliath but last I saw he was buried in a 60 foot grave paid for by Tony Stark.  Dell'Otto's is also a favorite new artist of mine so another plus!! 
Wolverine #15 
Jason Aaron continues to deliver with this Wolverine series.  It remains one of the last books I read in the pile...saving the best for last.  I loved Logan's attempt at some sort of retribution for his children.Unfortunately I am skeptical of the upcoming arc, I'm sure the story will be done well but Wolverine is too rooted in the Marvel Universe for this to last. 
Swamp Thing #1 
Woo Hoo!!!!!! My first venture into the swamp....thing...ahem.  Scott Snyder handles a great introduction for a character who's origin is murky to say the least....and the panels involving this horrifying and brutal new danger were pretty sweet.  I am done with the DC #1's...if they're all going to be this good let's get right to #2!!! 
Detective Comics #1 
Still pretty stunned by that last page...  Aside from that this runs like a pretty standard Batman story, Joker crazy, Jim Gordon good, Alfred snooty, Batman narrating...I guess if it ain't broke don't fix it.
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