Captain America Movie

So I just got back from the movie and have to say it was very enjoyable.  Very impressed by Hugo Weaving as Red Skull, enjoyed Stanley Tucci's Dr. Erskrine and of course Chris Evans as Cap.  I felt Evans didn't explode off the screen or steal the movie bt did the job of portraying the modest Cap and at no time did I even think about his prior roll as the Human Torch.  The movie is subject to some nonsense as with any, particularly Caps first "mission", but it is pretty brief.  Also enjoyed the fact that Marvel included a few pretty brutal moments for a PG13 film. 
One being the fate of Bucky, the other being the Hydra guard who caught it by the propeller.
I also believe Red Skull may be the best Marvel villain to date rivaled only by Loki and really hope he returns at some point.