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Things are back to Amazing, well kind of! 0

GoodWell after the “amazing” conclusion to last month’s issue I knew I was going to be happy with this book and I’m glad to say that it was an enjoyable read over all.Obviously with the Goblin Nation in full flow Peter had a lot on his plate, and this book does an excellent job at showing how “Superior” he is at dealing with threats. The way he quickly dispatches Goblin minions and Spider Slayers is extremely satisfying especially considering how low Pete&rsq...

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Sandman returns, late but better for it 0

GoodIt sounds as though I’m doing Neil Gaiman a disservice by calling this second issue, a “standard” Neil Gaiman story. This is not my intent, a standard Neil Gaiman story is a deep, well thought out piece of work that just get better with every read through. I love this story and it continues to introduce new head turning, imaginative concepts that I find myself wishing for more on the other aspects of Dream. There are so many fascinating ideas that seem to be mentioned and ...

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As we reach the Penultimate issue, Otto makes a huge decision. 0

This review contains Spoilers GoodTruly great work can makes you feel something. Well the hard work of Slott and Camuncoli really pay off here. The emotions I felt when reading this book were incredible. My heart pounded with excitement, I felt sympathy for a character I previously hated and finally I was left with a feeling on melancholy contentment that I really hadn’t expected. This issue was incredible!Slott shows in this issue how “The Superior Spider-Man” has failed. ...

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Sex Criminals #5 Going Down 1

GoodWell after what seems like a really long wait, Sex Criminals is finally out. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely it was. This book continues to be great a real pleasure, that I’m glad I picked up. Even if the concept does raise a few eyebrows when I explain it.The book continues to be really funny with its full on approach to sex and the bizarre power that our protagonists share. There’s just something about the concept that continues to be amusing. I actually laughed aloud at the ...

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Daredevil's got a new home and a new #1 0

GoodWell, after the thrilling climax to The Sons of The Serpent storyline, our swashbuckling hero has made his way across the great USA from New York all the way to San Francisco. So did our hero lose anything on the way? Well thankfully no, both Waid and Samnee continue to do superb work on this book and I can tell that it’s going to remain a firm favourite of mine.Now when I first heard that Daredevil was leaving New York I was a little sceptical. I’ve always considered the city a...

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Captain Marvel 0

GoodI’m pretty unfamiliar with Captain Marvel, outside of various event comics, I’ve not really been that exposed to her. But in an effort to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to comics, I’ve started to pick up books otherwise wouldn’t. With “All New Marvel Now” it’s an excellent time to jump on to some series that I otherwise wouldn’t, and I was drawn to this book because of the front cover.I liked this book over all. The mystery of Tic an...

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Batman #29 0

GoodA good book in my opinion is a combination of quality writing and quality art. This book has hit the perfect balance, I love it to pieces. I can’t think of how best to describe the perfect fusion of Snyder and Capullo, the pair play off each other so well that it’s just incredible. The reason I’m fawning like this is because of the opening and closing of this issue.At the beginning we see certain actions, that a young Bruce Wayne took, which led to that terrible event in C...

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Superior Spider-Man #29 0

Superior Spider-Man #29The goodThe Goblin Kings brutal and personal attack on Spock continues this issue, and we see quite how far The Green Goblin is willing to go to hurt Otto. It’s often said that good heroes are defined by their villains; well The Green Goblin proves quite how dangerous he can be in this issue. Slott is fantastic at capturing the sadistic glee that the Goblin takes in hurting Spider-Man and it’s really satisfying, in an odd way, to see the hero struggling to dea...

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Moon Knight #1 1

GoodI mentioned in my review of Magneto #1 that I hadn’t really read ay X-men books. Well when compared to my knowledge of Moon Knight I’m an absolute X-men expert. I picked this book up based on the pre-release buzz and I’m really glad I did because I loved this book. The story opens with an excellent break down on who Moon Knight is. He’s a crazy person and while I was initially worried that this would make him a “Deadpool-esque” character, he seems much mo...

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Magneto #1 0

The GoodPersonally I’ve never been that huge a fan of the X-men and everything I know about Magneto comes from pop cultural osmosis, so imagine my surprise upon reading this book and discovering how engaging a character Magneto can be. Colin Bunn does an excellent job at introducing the character to new readers, quickly establishing who Magneto’s personality and history without dwelling on it.The story itself is a basic one, but remains compelling. Magneto is hunting down humans who...

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What a load of monkey business 0

Synopsis Batman #23.1 or Joker #1 tells us the story we’ve all been clamouring to hear. It’s time for the origin of that monkey from Batman #666… brilliant.Ok. Several years whilst robbing Gotham City Zoo, The Joker steals a gorilla and raises it as his evil son. He calls the ape, “Jackanapes” and they commit crimes together… I guess? Oh, and in the end it falls out of a plane. I’ve tried to type a better synopsis for this issue but honestly that’s all that happens. To be fair we see flashback t...

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Spidey saves the day from Spidey? 0

SpoilersThe SynopsisSpider-Man 2099’s very existence is in trouble thanks to funky time shenanigans! But thanks to the whiz kids at Alchemax Spidey 2099 is hurtled into the distant past of 2013. Meanwhile Spock plays softball with the Horizon Lab staff when an ominous helicopter appears. As it turns out the US government isn’t best pleased with Max Modell and his lab for all the times they’ve put people at risk. (They don’t mention how these people also saved the world from Doctor Octopus, but ...

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As the Phil Urich's life falls apart, the Superior Spider-man finally ends the Hobgoblin! 0

Spoilers ahead. SynopsisSo after Spock publicly revealed Phil Urichs’ secret identity last issue, we now have to deal with the consequences. Phil’s hand is forced and he threatens the bugle staff when Spock arrives. After a bit of a tussle Spock captures Phil and he gets taken away to prison. Meanwhile Carlie and Wraith close in on Spidey's secret. Finally, The Goblin King adds a new and powerful member to his growing goblin empire.GoodI’ve got to say I absolutely love that this issue raises a ...

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