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Vamps Ain't Just for Twilight 0

Red Hulk is still tormented by the ghosts of his past, and to seek help, he enlists the expertise of the occult maestro Doctor Strange. And Doc Strange decides to send Red Hulk into a place no-one dares ever go. A place guarded by evil and surrounded by mystery and awe.   He sends our favorite red behemoth to....The Penance Pool!   While not as dark and creepy as the previous issue, Hulk #51 is spooky in a cheesy way. The dark figure hiding in the deep waters, just beyond the scope that we can f...

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Best Tale to Date 0

The ABC Warriors have gone through Hell an back (both figuratively and literally for some members), but their stories have always been cheesy and exciting. This holds especially true for the saga The Black Hole.   Set in between volumes 2 and 3 of Nemesis the Warlock, the warriors, lead by hardened soldier robot Hammerstein, and followed by the Frankenstein 'bot Mongrol, the deceitful Blackblood, too cool for school Joe Pineapples, dumber than a piston Mek-Quake , the mystical and nefarious dead...

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