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The Malevolent Seven

Shadow Warriors recruited to kick the ABC Warriors out of Mars and out of existence!

List items

  • Leader of the Shadow Warriors and preacher of the Church of Judas. Hates it that Blackblood, a fellow disciple of Judas Iscariot, is in leagues with the peace minded ABC Warriors.

  • Up-to-date war machine with bigger guns to match. Was able to wipe out singlehandedly a colony of zombies, blow up Mongrol and rip out his jaws before the beast tore him in two for insulting his "mother" Lara.

  • As insane as a robot can get. Enjoys killing humans to simply hear them scream. Eventually he implants robot snakes into Hammerstein, all the while claiming that Hammer is pregnant and is suffering from natal depression (I don't get it either.)

  • Leader of the Dogs of Gore, this mangy mutt wants nothing more than to use Joe Pineapples as a chew toy....oh, and his cut of 10 million bucks too.

  • A nameless robot from unknown origins. Likes to ride on Humpies (degenerated human pack-animals) and has bullets that can warp an enemy into an alternate reality (although Deadlock is slightly resistant to them).

  • The Ghost in the Machine. Able to plant bombs and hijack hightech weaponry and communications while wearing a super-advanced invisibility cloak.

    Spai sappin' mah weaponry!

  • A homicidal coward, he leads a horde of clones that are driven insane by him leaching out their cranial fluid for the marketed steroid Neuropeptide "A": Courage in a Can.

    Eventually, his clones get smart and use him as a bowling pin after Deadlock gives them back the souls that the LoveBomb stole from them after many years of systematic torture and betrayal.