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The Dark Genesis

While writing Geotrix, I'm at the same time writing a "gospel" of sorts that ties in to the overall universal themes that will play a significant part of the story. My Geotrix dialogue is crap, but my God my "Dark Genesis" is so good I need to share this!

And if it reads like The Bible, that was intentional. This is like the apocrypha version of The Bible.

In the beginning, there was darkness. But not of the darkness known to mortal man and his kind. This darkness engulfed all, ravaging time and space until nothing seemed to exist. Within this inky mass, great beasts filled with the desires of power dwelled inside. These where known as the Birthless, living entities neither born nor made that have existed through all time. In a variety of shapes and forms, they patrolled the dark kingdom they lived in, fighting amongst themselves with the only goal cemented in their grotesque brains. Power. For eons they ravaged an unstable universe of nightmares, neither killing nor creating but always at war. It was a horrid time, where it seemed destined to continue in a vicious cycle until space itself was destroyed.

Until the light came.

When the light arrived, the darkness fought against it. The Birthless waged war against this new force, but while one side was dominated by monsters, the other was ruled by power and will. After eons of battle, a cataclysmic impact sent the Birthless into a downward spiral, wiping out their dark legions and removing their grip on the control they once had over the universal expanse. With a blast of light, the Birthless where vanquished, reduced to mere shadows rather than any physical being.

The Eternal War, as it was later known, was as devastating as it was grand, but it did not end with tragedy. Rather, a strange new thing was at work, reshaping the empty wasteland that had once been the rule of the Birthless.

The Light had arisen in this new world, and thus was the promise of a new future.

Of a new beginning.

The Universe.

The Universe was made, and order seemed to be in control. But The Darkness still lingered, ever pressing despite its lack of power. The Light was all inclusive, but it could not protect everything that it formed from the aftermath of The Eternal War.

So it began to deal with the problem, through ways that The Birthless failed, or refused to accomplish during their eonic reign.

It began to create.

The Light bent the remnants of the battle into solid forms, harder than flesh, but all pulsing with internal life. These became the plants, each one a living life form made of rock and fire, rather than skin and blood. Worshiping the light that created them, they danced, forever entwined with another in a circular dance among the cosmos.

And The Light saw how good it was.

This is all I've written so far, but I'll write more. I probably won't post it all since I need to fix some ideas and finalize it, but let's just say the outcome of the Dark Genesis is the reason why Geotrix starts off in the first place. Alot of the monsters such as The Birthless will probably play a role in my future Splicer tie-ins, so be sure to read this to get a better understanding at the semi-mystical biology I'll be applying there later on.


Geotrix Rough Draft Sneak Preview

If there's one thing I love to do, is write. But like my art, my writing suffers from poor knowledge of how humans work and how to write dialogue and a story where even noobs can understand its significance (think Court of Owls and HP Lovecraft, but with more Michael Myers from Halloween).

So, I've been trying to write a brand new attempt at my character Geotrix, a creature of currently-mysterious origins who is more human than you might think. It's set in the Geo-verse, a universe I created based on multiple myths and reality, so it doesn't conflict with Marvel and stuff, outside of a few dimension jumpers like my OC girl Jessie Kit-Kat.

So, I'm trying to really write rough so as me and my Amiga back home can work out the kinks. But here's a chapter I am pretty pleased with, although I might push it farther back and edit it for content later on.

Noise. Only noise. Flashes. Pain. Stop, will it. STOP! The screeching, the screaming…it NEVER ENDED!

In a daze and weak from its encounter with the vehicle, the creature glanced around panicky, a clawed hand grasping its heart in a vice-like grip. Thick blood and ichor spilled through the gnarled nails, dripping like hardened syrup onto the dirt ground beneath it. Sounds bounced around its head, never stopping… NEVER CEASING!

The world flashed from full spectrum to blood red, screams from deep inside its shattered psyche erupting forward. Gripping its lengthy hair in its claws, it pulled hard, splitting its skin in an attempt to block the images coming forward.

It saw a rain of fire, rocks smashing into the Earth in a hail of carnage and death. Creatures bellowed in anguish, their flesh broiling and melting as they thrust their heads up into the air, beckoning the end with one last trumpet of pain.

It remembered running, its skin in a wave of complete and utter sense of torture as it tried to run from the attacking stones, lengthy trees the size of giants collapsing all around it. One barbed tree, ridged with spikes and ablaze in hellfire, collapsed onto it as it reared back, trying to avoid the sinister flames. The spikes drove into its leg, shattering it to the bone and pinning it to the superheated Earth.

In nausea it looked up, and it saw an orb blotting out the inky darkness that it was familiar to. The lit orb grew with every second, and time seemed to shift in paces as it descended onto the ruined planet. As fire crawled up its broken body, devouring it alive in a blaze of ash and smoke, the last thing it could see as it screamed was a light flash as the orb hit the ground, the floor beneath splitting into ravines as life forms wailed and where sucked into the gaping maw of the Earth’s core.

The pain was real, even now as it struggled to seal the wound with its hand. Already it could feel its thick and hardened flesh knit itself back together underneath the clamp it formed with its thick talons.

Struggling up an enclave of stones, it finally reached the top of the cliff it was climbing, hanging onto the twisted gnarls of an olive tree as it looked into the valley below. Underneath where it sat hunched was miles of trees and homes, most small and spread out with a few rows of large mansions sprouting between thick Eucalyptus and young red wood trees. In the distant was a series of lights, the lights dancing along the horizon in a gleaming city of glass.

The creature felt its face dripping and it brushed its eyes with a claw. Tears, thick as pearls gleamed back at it; it was crying, an emotional reaction foreign to it.

All it knew so far was anger and pain, but sadness…it did not compute in its primitive state of mind. But at it looked towards the expansive city decorated in lights, it could not stop itself from whimpering, as it started to remember. Its thin lips moved awkwardly, as it began to form words without realizing it.


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Red Hulk: Frozen Planet, Frozen Heart part 7

Sorry for the long wait readers, but it took a while to get a cohesive thought going (along with being out of the house for most of the day as of late :P). Hopefully by the end of my vacation I'll have enough room to write faster, along with my original story universe called Geotrix (probably done in a series of stories starting with Evolution, ending with Extinction and prequel it in Resurrection. Plus a bunch of side stuff I want to do, like time traveling, Frankenstein's Monster having a son built and zombie vampire werewolf Nazi monsters.)

But before I can do that, I need to continue on with this trip of mine (boo) before I come home (yay!) In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this newest chapter.


Flashes appeared before him, unfocused and rapid. Voices bounced in his head…he couldn’t even tell if they were real or not. All he could really feel was his body was on something soft and moving, the sharp jerks of wheels on a hard ground hard to mistake. He looked with unfocused eyes at his arms and saw tubes running from his veins and into a series of bags; his yellow blood being pumped with something that kept him in a lethargic state. Course fabric held his limbs tight against each other in a hug, and he weakly tried to pull, only to find the cloth wrapping tighter against his frame. As he felt himself being wheeled, a sinister laugh echoed inside his head, bouncing around his throbbing brain like a hyper active rubber ball.

Dear Thaddeus…all dressed up and nowhere to smash. Do not worry my pet, we’ll find someone else to do the smashing for you. Then you and him can get re-acquainted…in blood and tears.

Ross heard thick doors opening and the whirl of gears as the air around him chilled. Despite the drugs in his, his skin began to darken red instinctively, his eyes widening in fear.

“No…no please! N-not…not there….any place but there!”

He was wheeled into a heavy duty room, small in circumference but with a massive ceiling. Censor-filled tiles beeped with the pressure of the table and attendants. Ross began to shake violently, his muscles beginning to buckle and bulge despite the jacket holding him back. With the crack of his bones, the attendants panicked and ran out, fumbling the controls to lock down the door as the Red Hulk emerged from his puny human body, screams of rage and fear emanating from him as he struggled to tear himself free from his restraints. With a sickening snap, he managed to wrench his arms out of their sockets, effectively loosening the hard grip of the straitjacket. He then shimmied out of the restraints and popped back in his joints…before aiming strait for the technicians panicking at the door. Luckily for them, the strengthened doors locked in time as the red beast smashed into them. The hulk pounded into the steal with all of his strength, denting the metal. But it held firm, since its overlying structure was adamantium. A metal not even a raging red behemoth would be able to destroy. His howls sounded through the walls, sounds not or rage, but of fear and pain.

Above the viewing platform, hidden from sight via a one-way glass, was Captain America. Standing next to him was the original incredible hulk, however currently regressed into his civilian form. Both watched silently as the Red Hulk beneath tried to slam through the walls, his thick nails leaving claw marks in the areas weak enough to be penetrated into.

“He’s gotten worse Bruce. First threatening civilians, and then taking down Hulkbuster Mechs without even touching them. Maybe letting him out of the cage from the get go was a mistake on both of our ends.”

They watched as the Red Hulk began pacing, his hands hooked into his hair, his back shaking. The sounds of his footsteps reverberated throughout the area, even affecting where Cap and Banner where hiding out in. As the two talked, Red Hulk began pacing even more, his enlarged gamma charged heart beating faster and faster.

Oh Thaddeus. Scared of a little room are you? Why don’t you look in the mirror? The world is a lot bigger on the otherside.

Glancing at the reflective glass of the walls, Red’s heart stopped a beat. What he saw was himself, yet not himself. His face began to distort, his yellow pupils blackening into dots. His sharp teeth grew longer, yellow blood dripping from his gums. Suddenly, the reflection jumped and grabbed him by the neck, lifting the half-ton giant into mid-air, throttling him. Cap and Bruce saw Red Hulk being lifted up suddenly and they panicked. Banner grabbed the control panel for the room and tried to open up the doors, but the receiver was jammed. An unknown force was fusing the gears, keeping them from opening.

“Seraphic embrace!”

The glass cage holding Rulk blasted open and the giant dropped like a wet towel. Gasping, he coughed hard, sharp claw marks burned into his trachea and vocal cords as he struggled to gain back his air. Red She-Hulk and Doctor Strange materialized from the shadows, magic still bouncing around the two. Betty Ross ran to her father, hugging him tightly with worry as the beast managed to gain back his composure. Arriving downstairs from the loft above, Bruce Banner and Steve Rogers where shocked to see several of the Defenders team members standing there in the wreckage of an impregnable holding cell.

“Strange? Betty? What are you guys doing here? What happened?”

“We came here just in time, directly from Monster Metropolis as a matter of fact. What happened to the monsters there is directly connected to whatever has infected Big Red here. And I believe it has to do with the villainous newcomer that stole equipment from Michael Morbius and his cohorts.”

Bruce rubbed his forehead, trying to keep his nerves down lest he go green at the worst time possible.

“Hold on, back up. What new bad guy? What equipment? Strange, you aren’t making much sense!”

Doctor Strange went up to the winded Red Hulk, placing a gloved hand over the giant’s heart.

“Before I explain, I must ask a favor to your fellow radiation being here. Red, you must turn back to human. It will protect you for a time from the influences that have forced you to mutate.”

Red shifted his glowing eyes, baring a tooth. A deep voice hissed through his lips.

“Why should I listen to you? This all started back in my human form! How can it help my predicament?”

“It’ll show my how much damage has been created from your interaction with this thing. Also, it’s a lot easier to cage a human than it is for an angry hairless werewolf!”

Red shut up, but steam started filtering out of his nose as his anger grew. His body began to thin and shrink; his bones popping painfully back into their default positions as he reverted back into Thaddeus Ross. Betty gasped at what she saw emerge from her Hulk of a father. Instead of the aged general, a black haired man appeared, his eyes rimmed in gold irises. His skin was pale and his build was lanky rather than robust. Thaddeus looked at the shattered glass and saw himself different, almost completely changed. He lifted his hands, his nails a dark black/grey as they were in his transformed state. He looked back up, his yellow eyes wide in fright as he stared at the group.

“Wha? Wh-What’s happening to me? What’s GOING ON?!”


Red Hulk: Frozen Planet, Frozen Heart part 6

Since the system won't let me add in a new chapter, here's Part 6 for you guys. Read the others in the fan fic Forum if you like it. :P)

“It seems that the plan is coming to fruition. The white one is to gather the equipment, while the red one stays out of commission.”

“Yes, oh yes, it does seem like the plan is working. But, Sir, what happens if the Red one beats the instinct in him? Won’t it dawn on him that we are at fault for his troubles?”

Two men talked in the gloom of an expansive office, one standing and nervous, while the one sitting down was taller and more rigid. Behind them where screens of footage, one showing the Red Hulk rampaging in the canyons, while the other showed the white beast freezing huge expanses of area as he moved closer to one of the high tech laboratories deep inside New York City.

“You forget what the gamma creatures lack compared to the more complex minds of mere humans. Regardless of their true forms, they are nothing but animals.”

The smaller man shifted nervously.

“But why? Why now? Why HIM? And why the white one? Was it enough that his daughter was mutated no you have to find and bring another familial chain in-“

The man sitting down grabbed the smaller man, lifting him up easily into the air as if he was a mere toy.

“Why shouldn’t I add in a blood chain? If there is one thing I have learned through my life is that blood hits harder than strangers. For all the pain I endured at his hands, I dish back even more with the white one. Plus, while he is here and listening to me, I can use him to regain equipment for our experiments. And you know how much power those experiments bring in.”

The man’s fingers dug into the smaller man’s face. His nails started to crack and bleed as long claws grew out, piercing the smaller man’s cheek. The taller man’s eyes glowed electric blue, his pupils disappearing as he stretched his mouth into a hideous grin, his teeth and gums bleeding as they started to sharpen.

“Thaddeus Ross may have the power he dreamt of his entire life. But I have something even he can never win back to his side. And to top it off, how useful can he be to anyone when his subdued instincts start erupting? He’ll be locked way, driven mad. Then nothing will stand in my way for power. The power he took from me when we were mere children.”

The mutating thing dropped the small man hard onto the ground, his eyes slitting as they glowed.

“Fortunes turn every day. He lived his life of favoritism. Now….it’s my turn.”


“Steve! Can you see him yet? We’ve been following nothing but Tornado Alley for the past half our here!”

Several helicopters flew over the desert that the runaway Red Hulk was rampaging in. So far the creature hadn’t gone to any towns, probably a Godsend that his human half was able to prevent, but had no problem in demolishing millions of years of Geologic history. On the ground, a motorcycle revved at top speed, Captain America by the wheel. His stars and stripes shield reflecting the sun of the hot midday, letting the choppers follow his movements on the ground. A loud roar sounded and the ground below shook as a massive red blur blitzed past the group.

“There he goes! Looks like he’s heading to that alluvial fan on the other side of this salt bed! If we can pin him down there, we can keep him from freaking out and attacking Vegas!”

Suddenly, a missile shot past the helicopters, narrowly missing them and Captain America as it flew low. A loud explosion was heard less than a second later and a strangled howl of pain sounded. Annie, sitting in the front of the lead helicopter, grabbed the radio set from its handle, her artificial heart beating as fast as a running horse.

“STEVE! What was that?! Is he okay?”

“Thanks, I’m okay miss. Not too seriously hurt…..oh the Lord almighty. That was grade A military missile. Some idiot called in the air force; this has Reggie Fortean’s stench all over it, even after I told him that Red Hulk belongs to me and the Avengers.”

The rubble started to clear and Rulk crawled to his feet, yellow blood spurting from a gash in his shoulder that nearly severed his arm from his body. Before their eyes, his muscle began to thread back together, reconnecting the limb to the body in mere seconds. Cap pulled his motorcycle to a stop several yards away from the enraged Hulk, pulling his shield out for protection, his as well as the others.

“Soldier, stand down! This is your commanding officer speaking! We don’t want to hurt you, but you almost killed people back in town. Stand down and we can help-“

Suddenly, engines sounded loud behind the hills overlooking the Red Hulk. 2 massive robots descended from over the tops, their massive frames barely lifted off of the ground. All over their silver shone bodies where missiles and guns. A crackling voice from behind an intercom spoke, the sharp crackle enraging the beast even more.

“Captain America. We request you leave this area immediately; we have expert orders from General Fortean to bring the Red Hulk into army headquarters, dead or alive.”

“ Request denied. Nobody was killed, and as long as the ‘Rulk’ doesn’t attempt to kill or harm others out of spite, the army has absolutely no jurisdiction or authority to attack or handle him. He belongs to the Avengers, regardless of what your foolhardy General thinks.”

One of the robots landed on the ground, creating a shockwave.

“We are under authority by a member of the United States Army. You have no authorization over us, and we can override your orders. The Red Hulk belongs to us, and we’ll take him any way that’s easier to carry.”

Without warning, both robots sprayed bullets at the Red Hulk, not caring if any hit Cap or the helicopters. The bullets, instead of bouncing off his thick hide, penetrated deep, severing blood lines and organs, causing the behemoth to scream. Annie tried to land the plane to get to him, but was held back.

“NO! Red! They’re adamantium! It’ll kill you!”

Red started to pop the bullets out, his skin sealing the holes as the metal fell out of his muscles. Snarling, Red Hulk began to spin like a top, his body superheating in his rage to the point that every bit of exposed skin was alive in flame. One of the robots spoke, the crackling voice hard to hear through the wind generated by Rulk’s spinning.

“What is that freak doing? This is war, not dance recitals!”

But Captain America and Annie knew full on what was happening. Annie had the helicopters land farther back, as Cap moved far away. And with good reason. Rulk spun faster and faster, his form melding into a blur. The wind generated began to encircle him, forming a small dust devil. That grew. Bigger. And bigger. And bigger. The robots suddenly saw a massive tornado being formed right in front of them…and it was aimed for them. As Rulk span himself into a tornado, his flaming body engulfed the air inside, causing the wind tunnel to become enflamed. A fiery tornado was created, and it was ready to kill. The machines shot at the tornado with everything they had, but the wind just incinerated. The pull was so great that, before the machines could rocket out, the cyclone literally absorbed the mechs inside itself, spinning and melting the machines. After a few spins, the machines where thrown out and smashed against the mountain side, broken beyond repair in less than 30 seconds. Rulk ceased spinning and immediately jumped onto one robot that was trying to right itself, despite having a severed connection to its legs. Howling in rage, he began tearing out the cockpit of the Hulkbuster, grabbing the pilot inside and holding him up in the air. The red beast roared, louder than even the green Hulk dared to roar, shaking the man to the very core as he stared into the monster’s two glowing yellow eyes. A gunshot rang and a bullet pierced through Rulk’s hand, forcing him to drop the man with a dog-like yip. He beast turned, his teeth bared and massive canines sliding against his gums like those of a saber tooth tiger. Standing in front of him was Annie, a Gamma Base issue pistol in her hand, full of adamantium slugs. While small, these where the only metal that could effectively kill a high level regenerator, like a Hulk. Her hand shaking, she dropped the gun, slowly walking up to the beast.

“Thad…listen to me. You remember me, Annie. Your friend. Please, you’ve got to remember me. We’ve been through so much together…”

Red Hulk lowered his lips, a low moan emanating from him. Slowly, he stepped off of the wreckage, turning his head slightly at Annie. Tears ran down her face as she came closer, standing underneath the creature’s huge 9 foot tall body. Red lifted his massive hand, gently stroking her cheek with the back out his finger. His glowing yellow eyes started to recede back into blue, his skin fading its red slightly, his transformation back into human form starting. His voice started to come through his rage as well.


As Red reached to stroke her hair, Annie saw someone crawling out of one of the robots. Despite dirty with dust, he was unharmed, and in his hand was a large gun.


But it was too late. The gun went off, and a series of darts shot out, impaling the hulk in the back. The red behemoth roared, his skin flaring back into a bright red, his eyes flaring like living fire. He smashed the ground, ballistic with rage. The pilot of the Hulkbuster shot again and again, the gamma beast pierced with over a dozen darts. Slowly, the sedatives inside took effect. Red Hulk started to teeter like a falling log, swaying. Moaning, he tried to reach for Annie, but, blind with sedation, he tripped, landing on his back with a tremor. As his vision faded, he saw Annie crying, hugging him as the Gamma Base personnel surrounded the vulnerable hulk, edging closer. The beast faded away, feeling the bone crunch of his body as it started to shrink.

But in his head, he heard the same voice taunting him. The same one that drove the hulk instinct to take over.

My darling Thaddeus, you think a sedative will put us down? What you feel next will be Hell compared to the stint we pulled with you in the store. And why stop at transformation? The moment you wake up, be very surprised at what you find. Because you can never truly trust your reflection in the mirror, now can you?


Coping With the Blues: The *hopefully* Final Chapter

Hey ho guys, technically it's Saturday, but to me it feels Friday so meh. Friday morning I went to a doctor and the situation is graver than I thought (even though I shouldn't be surprised).

I have severe depression. Like major depression. It's now mandatory I take medication. I'm starting my meds in the morning to see how they work, and I'll be using them when I'm in Hell for several months. They're generic and have no harmful side-efects, so I'm glad for that. I just hope they really help me out to chill me down, cuz I'm sick of being at the bottom of the emotional well. I want to know happiness. I don't want to fake it anymore.

Oh, and to the guys angry at my "rant", that was me posting up info I heard and my thoughts on it. I may have stricter views than most, but that doesn't give people the right to start labeling me like the sickos that ran the south back in the segregation era. I try treating people I talk to with respect. I hope you learn to do the same.


Coping With the Blues part 3 (Better than Before TBH)

Sup sup sup yo. Last you heard me (like a day ago), I was really down. But now, I'm happy to say I'm doing okay. Not great, because great means what I feel after a successful comic haul on Wednesdays. But passable, although I feel everyone's walking on glass around me so as I don't freak out again.

Hopefully it'll last, because I don't want to be on "vacation" and feeling like I want to toss my butt into an active volcano rather than taking a swim on the beach and working on my pre-existing tan (so glad I was born dark; less sunburn for me woo!)

Wish me luck guys.

Oh, and a bit of news from the past few days and possibly for Wednesday.

The weird writing I put on my wall? Those are things that are connected to a story I want to write involving monsters and the LA area (since NY is overrated and I live in Cali). They might not be what I want to write, but the basic gist of it is in there. Call it weird advertisement or whatever, like those fake wanted posters for films.

To those who read my blog entry on OC character, you'll know one. But for newbies out there, I'll give you this hint: dinos vs. Frankenstein. Think on that for a while.

Also, I'll be heading out next Wednesday fora very LOOOOONG, very ARDUUUOUS "vacation" in Europe. I would be pleased if it was shorter and in Rome/Ravenna/Florence. Instead, I get stuck on a place I've been to too many times to count. Luckily this may be my last time, so I should now start shutting up about it, put myself in stasis and awake when I get back home (if only life worked like Battlestar Galactica. If only).

And furthermore, you blokes better be watching TEEN WOLF on MTV! Last season started fast and weak. This season is near perfection, although I wanted real werewolves and not wolfmen. (Alcide from True Blood does not count because he turns into a wolf, not a lycanthrope.)

But it BLOWS that I'm going to miss most of the episodes. D: I want to know what happens!

URRRGH! Anyways, catch you guys in a jiff.


Coping With the Blues Part 2

Thanks for all the comments yesterday; you guys rock. :)

So...I went to see my doc and vented like never before.

But low and behold less than 20 minutes ago I started freaking out. Literally freaking out. My stomach was bunching up and my arm started going numb.

This has never happened to me before.

But I think I know the reason. It's border-line hate. Or something like it. There's someone out there that has tormented me since she was a kid and enjoys seeing me squirm.

The awful thing? She's 4-5 years younger than me. Now I'm thrown into yet another situation where I yell "NO" and all people say is, "Eh. Deal with it."

I just want this to stop. I just want to stay home and not deal with this, but I have no choice in anything.

Chances are all this is hormones. Which I find very strange since at this particular time I should have low estrogen levels. Maybe I'm whacky or something.

Being a girl sucks. A lot. You guys out there are lucky.


Coping With the Blues

Nobody on this site knows me as well as the guys on DeviantArt, but I need to let this out badly or else I might explode.

I'm 20 years old and I'm just so far down in the dumps that I don't know how to get out. This level of anxiety should be for a mid-life crisis, not for a sprout like me. Yet it's all I can feel really; I literally do not know how to be "happy". I don't know joy in the sense that others feel it. I feel glad, but not the standard "happy". You wouldn't know it talking to me because I mask it, but it's there.

My comics and action figures really dumb down the fatigue, but only because I focus on them rather than myself. But it's so....difficult.

I need some help, so tomorrow I'm going to see what is going on. Maybe before vacationing I can get back to a semi-sustainable rythm (and possible get a new action fig before I leave)


New OC Designs....Sometimes I Wonder Why I Even Bother

Phew, need to update this, but I have legitimately been busy so I can use this as an  excuse. 
So, anyways, I've been trying to redesign a few original characters I have going on, mainly one that I've classified as my "hulk", although (outside of strength) he has absolutely nothing in common with him. Now, I'm playing on the "rage" factor common to all brutes, but rather than his building strength overtime, my brute Freakenstein has a set strength. 

The First Colored Pic of Freakenstein I Ever Did
The First Colored Pic of Freakenstein I Ever Did

It's just impossible to measure how strong he is. But his creator, The Doctor, put in a fail safe. In calm mode, he's relatively weak and unable to push more than Gray Hulk-base green hulk level. The angrier he gets, the more he loses control. At full rage and strength, it's all beast with no conscious thought. He'd be an animal that only listens to his programmer (up until the device controlling him is removed of course). 
Now my big issue is to keep him the same as he gets mad, or mutate him once he breaks full control and becomes pure feral beast. An idea I came up with is based on the Biblical accounts of the Anakim, a descendant race of the human/angel hybrids called Niphilim. The Anakim are well known for their long necks and battle skills, so I'm trying to splice the long neck and excessive size into Freakenstein. Then I look into bats for visuals. 
I want to give his wings from arms, but in doing so he'll look like a Prehistoric Dragon. 
So should I stick to the initial design I gave him, or have him mutate into something that looks more like this? 
Prehistoric Dragon from Dragon's World: A Fantasy Made Real
Prehistoric Dragon from Dragon's World: A Fantasy Made Real
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Real world scenarios suck, unless they're written with comics in mind. And even then they suck.
Oh, heads-up on the Incredible Hulk show by Guillermo Del Toro. It's on the kitchen counter getting built as we speak, although I am sad that it mans no new film for Hulk. :C Oh well, it gives Red Hulk a bigger chance of being part of it, since Guillermo's a huge fan of Fall of the Hulks. 

All Talk and no Action makes Rulk Want to Tear Junk Apart. 
All Talk and no Action makes Rulk Want to Tear Junk Apart. 
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