Top 10 Ancient Sith Lords

Top 10 Ancient Sith Lords

Before I begin, I need to clarify some important points. Firstly, this will serve as a prelude to my official Top 30 Sith Lords list that I will release at some point. The reason I'm doing this beforehand is because the placings of many Sith go up and down over the years, whereas most of the ancient Sith stay in relatively the same spot.

Secondly, I consider ancient Sith Lords any Sith Lord who lived prior to Freedon Nadd, as well as Freedon Nadd himself. The reason I do this is because most of these Sith Lords' feats are in ghost form, or they only have a lot of hype.

Thirdly, since the ancient Sith Lords are too ambiguous to rank in terms of skill and power, I will simply list who I think the top 10 are in CHRONOLOGICAL order (some of them might be out of place but they don't have specific birth dates so I'm just guessing on 4 being before 5 and 6).

Now, on to the actual list (which is all in my opinion)...

1. Ajunta Pall

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The first ever Dark Lord of the Sith. The reason I have him in the top 10 is because he wasn't the only Sith to go to Korriban after the Hundred-Year Darkness. XoXann, Karness Muur, Sorzus Syn, Remulas Dreypa, plus other Sith all arrived with him, yet Ajunta Pall was the one to become the Dark Lord. This would imply that he was greater than all of them. Additionally, he was skilled in Telepathy, Force Drain, Sith Sorcery, and Sith Alchemy.

2. Sorzus Syn

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Sorzus Syn is another member of the original leaders of the Sith. Although she wasn't the Dark Lord like Ajunta Pall, she was the greatest alchemist of her time. Some examples of her power in sorcery and alchemy include creating Sith Amulets and Holocrons, twisting and mutating creatures so they could serve the dark side, summoning Leviathans (powerful creatures of darkness), and summoning plagues. She, like Ajunta Pall, also had skill in Force Drain.

3. Karness Muur

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Karness Muur is...complicated. When he "reappeared" during the reign of Sidious, he was regarded as comparable, possibly even superior, to Darth Vader. Additionally, when he reemerged during Darth Krayt's reign, he was supposedly more powerful than Krayt himself. This is complicated because Karness Muur is implied to be weaker than Ajunta Pall, which conflicts with other levels of scaling. It is for this reason that Ancient Sith Lords are often not included in CV battles due to their inconsistency.

Anyway, Karness Muur has demonstrated a variety of force powers, including Sith Sorcery near the level of Sorzus Syn, Sith Alchemy (creating Rakghouls is his best feat in alchemy), Dark Side Healing, Dark Transfer, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Force lightning, Tutaminis, Force Maelstrom, and Force Drain (he performed most of these feats within Celeste Morne). He was also very skilled with a saber, as seen when he matched Darth Krayt after not practicing for thousands years (once again, in the body of Celetse Morne). On top of all of this, he possessed the Muur Talisman. So...he's very powerful.

4. Darth Andeddu

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Darth Andeddu has pretty much one feat, and it's a good one: contending with Darth Wyyrlok III. Although he lost in the end, contending with Wyyrlok, who contended with Krayt, is a good feat. Outside of his tremendous force knowledge (most notable is his essence transfer, in which he was able to return to life), he also utilized Telekinesis, Force Lightning, and Force Illusions.

5. Tulak Hord

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This guy was a beast. He is most likely the greatest duelist of all ancient Sith, and possibly even one of the greatest of all time. It is said that he single handedly defeated armies of all kinds, including Jedi. He also is stated to have pulled a massive ship from orbit with Telekinesis. Additionally, he was able to use a form of Force Drain on armies of Jedi which could essentially give him immortality. He is quite possibly the best all-around ancient Sith Lord, although much of his hype comes directly from Khem Val, so it could be biased.

6. Aloysius Kallig

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While he doesn't have that many feats to go off of, Kallig was supposedly a close rival of Tulak Hord, so much so that Hord decided to have him killed. Because of this, we can assume that he was relatively close to him in terms of power and skill. Kallig led Tulak's armies, so he most likely had a lot of battle experience. Additionally, Lord Kallig completely dominated a pre-prime Darth Nox as a Force Ghost with Telekinesis.

7. Marka Ragnos

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Marka Ragnos is another candidate for THE most powerful ancient Sith Lord. He has many statements proclaiming him to be the most powerful of ancient times, and his feats back the statements up. Although we never have seen him use Force Lightning, Force Drain, or Telekinesis in his life, we knew he was good at it because he was unchallenged through his entire reign, and most of his feats were in ghost form. His Force Corruption and Sith Sorcery were really high, and the fact that he could just come back as a ghost literally whenever he wants is pretty insane. His Scepter also had the power to blow holes in walls. Additionally, the Sith in Vitiate's empire studied his combat skills because he was said to be nearly "unwoundable" on the field. Oh, and he was really strong physically as well.

8. Naga Sadow

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Naga Sadow has some unique abilities. He was able to survive for six centuries due to his dark side power, and his corruption level was very high. Through his Meditation Sphere, Sadow was able to utilize Battle Meditation and Force Illusions. On the battlefield, Sadow can utilize Telekinesis, Force Lightning, Force Drain, Force Healing, and create Protection Bubbles, and his dueling skill was extremely high, as seen when he dueled Ludo Kressh, and when Vitiate's Sith Empire modeled one of their fighting styles after him, like Marka Ragnos. Naga Sadow's most notable feats are related to Pyrokinesis. He was able to generate solar flares from a nearby star to destroy republic ships and, with the aid of the Corsair, was able to destroy a star, causing a supernova. On top of all of this, Sadow's alchemy and sorcery were powerful, in which he created very powerful weapons and creatures. Most of his creatures can be seen on Yavin IV, with the Massassi warriors being the most notable.

9. Ludo Kressh

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Ludo Kressh is nigh-equal to Naga Sadow in terms of skill and power. He dueled Naga Sadow evenly, and he was able to smash one of the swords that they use (which can withstand lightsaber strikes). Additionally, when he was angry, Kressh clenched his hand and a huge statue was destroyed via Telekinesis. His most remarkable feat is his creation, the Gauntlet of Kressh. It was so powerful that "it would render its wearer incapable of being touched or harmed by all those he does not allow to touch or harm him." It could kill people with Lightning who tried to attack the wearer as well.

10. Freedon Nadd

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Freedon Nadd is an underrated Sith Lord in my opinion. Aside from becoming extremely skilled and powerful in such a short time (faster than any previous Jedi), he was confirmed to be more powerful than Naga Sadow, and he grew in power for over a century. He was extremely skilled in alchemy and was the greatest Sith sorcerer up to his time, outstripping the feats of Sorzus Syn, Karness Muur, and Naga Sadow. While the legendary Exar Kun struggled against the Massassi warriors, Freedon Nadd was able to best them in combat. One of his greatest feats actually regards a pistol: it is said that, with his blaster, he killed more Jedi than any other weapon prior to the discovery of this weapon in KOTOR II. This would mean, with his blaster alone, he was able to kill more Jedi than Tulak Hord, Exar Kun, and Darth Revan did with lightsabers. Freedon Nadd's Telepathy, Telekinesis, Force Healing, and Dark Spiritual Travel were considerably powerful in his Ghost form, in which he was able to block Vodo Siosk-Baas' attempts to help Exar Kun, steal Exar Kun's lightsaber and cause rock slides, heal Exar Kun after nearly dying from the rock slide, and teleport to any dark side planet. In his life, he possessed numerous other Force abilities. In addition to all of this, he had the ability to come back to life by having his spirit enter a worthy host body.


One more reminder that this list is in rough chronological order, and that these 10 being the most powerful is my opinion.

Special thanks to @wollfmyth209, @shootingnova, @darthant66, and @ct123 for their respect threads.

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Top 10 Most Overrated Sith Lords

This list is referring to people primarily OUTSIDE OF COMICVINE, but some Sith are universally overrated so I can't say that said Sith are overrated exclusively on one website. This list is based on @shootingnova's lists that he made, but mine is mostly referring to people who make Youtube videos, comment on said Youtube videos, or make their own lists on different websites.

This list is entirely opinionated. There's not a lot in Star Wars power rankings that is entirely factual (but then again, there is factual evidence as well).

Since this is my first blog, I want to keep it short, so I'm just informing everyone of the Sith Lords that are highly overrated on Youtube and personal lists made elsewhere. Let's begin.

1. Exar Kun

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Oh my God. This man inconceivably overrated outside of Comicvine. If you look up the top 10 Sith Lords or who is the most powerful Sith Lord of all time, this one ReelRundown list comes up every time with Exar Kun above Darth Sidious. Like what? I don't know if it's the fact that he created the double-bladed lightsaber or he became a ghost or what, but people love Exar Kun elsewhere.

2. Darth Bane

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Bane, Bane, loved you are. I had a very intense debate in Youtube comments about Darth Bane and how he's not that great, but people think he's so good all because he made the Rule of Two. That's great, but that doesn't make him more powerful in any way (and he didn't even come up with the ideas in the Rule, Revan did, so their argument is moot anyway). Definitely beware of debating about Bane on Youtube.

3. Darth Krayt

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For some reason, people on Youtube think Darth Krayt is the only Sith who can contend with Darth Sidious and "might even be better than him." I still don't understand why they think this because that would suggest Cade Skywalker could also contend with Sidious and that's just silly. Regardless, be aware of people saying he's the most powerful Sith on Youtube.

4. Starkiller

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I don't think I need to say why everyone says Starkiller is so great. "Starkiller pulled a star destroyer out of the sky! Darth Sidious hasn't even done that, that's how good Starkiller is.", no, no. Fortunately, most people on CV are beyond this early stage of Star Wars, but everywhere else....not so much. Hopefully they will come to realize that soon enough.

5. Darth Maul

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There's pretty much one reason for this, and it's because everyone thinks Darth Maul is cool. A mix of his appearance, his fight in TPM, and his lightsaber make him a fan favorite, so people put him in the top 10 Sith Lords of all time. I mean...I'm glad you guys like him, but he's not better than other Sith just because he's "badass."

6. Revan

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This is another no-brainer. Out of 11,000 voters, Revan ended up being the fan favorite. Although I can safely say that Revan's hype has decreased over the years, he was then underrated to the point of him being worse than Kit Fisto. Then he rose again and has now settled in a decent spot. Always remember that some people are going to say he's the most powerful Sith just because of his appearance.

7. Darth Vader

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In the same poll where Revan received the most votes for popularity, Vader came in a very close second. "Oh, but Vader is the main character in Star Wars, and he had the highest midichlorian count, and he had the highest potential of any Sith." Sure he did, but he never reached it, especially while he was suited. Vader, no matter what anyone does, is always going to be pretty overrated.

8. Vitiate

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The reason why Vitiate isn't in the top 3 is because he's actually pretty powerful. Sure, he approaches Sidious in terms of force power, but ummmm... where's his lightsaber skill? If he actually was a "nigh equal" of Sidious, he'd have to be the best in both skill and power, which he isn't. Oh yes, some people actually put him above Darth Sidious as well, which is pretty funny.

9. Darth Malgus

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I'd imagine this is a mix of his appearance and his The Old Republic videos when he duels Satele and kills a bunch of featless Jedi. Yes, Darth Malgus is good, but is he top 10 worthy? Unlikely. Darth Malgus also receives the Old Republic treatment where, like Vitiate, he is super overrated because he's a "difficult boss to fight." Yeah, that's not gonna fly.

10. Darth Nihilus

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Darth Nihilus is an interesting figure. He has pretty impressive feats, yes, but they were pretty circumstantial, and most of his great feats required his ship. I'd imagine he couldn't replicate many of his feats without the aid of his ship. Additionally, he has fairly limited lightsaber skills. And of course, he has a cool mask, so people gotta place him high because of it, right?

Special Mention: Darth Plagueis

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To begin, I am NOT saying Darth Plagueis is overrated. He's one of the most powerful Sith of all time. However, what people say on Youtube and on personal lists is, "Darth Plagueis wasn't that great in dueling or force power, but he was a scholar and knew a lot." This literally makes no sense. First off, Darth Plagueis is amazing at dueling and insanely powerful in the force. Secondly, you're going to put him in the Top 10 Sith because he's smart? That's it? Ok people.

Conclusion: Everyone is free to have their own opinion. Like I said before, my own list here is entirely opinionated. However, this is meant to address the non-CV users. Most of you have agreed upon who's powerful and who's meh, and outside of CV, people disagree with said agreed power levels. This is simply meant to inform you of who they think is really powerful.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments.