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Nate just flattened an entire X-Men team that included Storm, Jean Grey, Psylocke, and Iceman, without even breaking a sweat. He captured and contained Apocalypse, then went mind to mind with freaking Legion and crushed him. Legion lasted about five seconds. H'el, optimistically, would last about four.

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There's a Reddit respect thread which is pretty good, but it doesn't have his latest stuff.

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@cbishop: You mean, you'd like something like DC's Rebirth? I think that's the tone that they've been aiming for post Secret Empire. Only time will tell on that one.

That said, a lighter version of the Ultimate Universe would be nice.

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@cbishop: It's okay, man. As is, likewise, I'm surprised they waited this long. Though, personally, I kind of liked the modern ruthless General of the Mutants version of Scott. Adult Iceman's okay, adult Angel is more interesting than his teenage self (if only they could settle on one state of mind for more than five minutes...)... but adult Beast has turned into the absolute worst.

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Hmm. If we're talking up to date, it goes much like this:

R1: Dresden, handily. Pleasant's more flexible, but Harry's no slouch, an absolute beast, power-wise, and a nightmare in a stand up fight.

R2: Pleasant. Harry's a major league badass, and with the Mantle, he's a force of nature. But Lord Vile is something else entirely.

R3: Difficult. Pleasant doesn't strike me as a prep master, whereas Harry's developed into someone capable of pulling off plans that would impress Batman. Also, as he repeatedly remarks, his kind of wizard is at their best with prep time. If morals were off, I'd give it to Dresden every time - he can call on the Darkhallow, unleash the contents of Demonreach, and do all sorts of other horrifying things. However, broadly speaking, I'd say that it would go to the judges.

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@sirfizzwhizz: and Steve still has better strength feats. And I can't actually remember when Spike flipped a car in the show - he might have done something like that in the comics, but since they didn't have to worry about a special effects budget, everyone got a bit more impressive.

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@johnmountain, I saw it and posted before I saw how old the last post was.

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This is a spite thread and the OP's friend, and anyone else backing Vader, is an idiot.

Stripping away the Phoenix, non-Phoenix Jean has entered and exited Hyperspace, contained the blast of an out of control Binary (Carol Danvers, at the time a Silver Surfer level powerhouse), and performed the sort of feats that put her well out of even EU Vader's league. Hell, even Teen Jean is stronger than Vader, having gone toe to toe with Gladiator and drawn. She's fought psychics much more powerful than Vader for years and, for the most part, curbstomped them, so Vader's little neck snap/Force Choke isn't going to work. If she wants to kill him, well, Vader's only alive thanks to his life support system, so she can take that out easily - or just crush his brain/destroy his mind. If she wants to go for the non-lethal option, she can just blow up his cyborg limbs and leave him as a helpless mess on the ground.

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Hmm. A couple of points. First, your remarks about Nate's incompetence in hand to hand apply relatively early on. He could probably do with some refinement in that regard, but he did learn how to fight.

Second, I agree on the costume. He needs a new one, stat.

Third, he wasn't in complete control/mastery of his powers when he first turned up in 616. Early Nate was ludicrously powerful, but inconsistent, mostly because his powers kept switching off. He eventually got them stabilised, learned the techniques of the Askani from Sunspot, and learned a lot about how his powers worked. At the start, he was mostly justly lashing out with energy blasts. By later in his series, he was creating psionic armour to fight Thanos and the Hulk, stepping out of time at will and treating the Multiverse as his personal stepladder. The man knows what he's doing in that regard.

Fourth, Xavier did try to reach out to Nate. Unfortunately, his timing stunk and Nate was feeling particularly paranoid, so when he snooped around via his Astral form, Nate dragged him into reality and nearly beat him to death. After that Onslaught came into existence, in large part thanks to Nate unwittingly teaching him how to form a real body, and after what Onslaught did to him, Nate wasn't exactly eager to hang out with Xavier.

Fifth, Nate does indeed have the capacity to be a great leader. Dark X-Men demonstrated his insane skills as a strategist and tactician. However, point is, Nate's a loner, an outsider, and generally seems to prefer it that way. He doesn't entirely fit in with the X-Men or the New Mutants, being the misfit among the misfits.

Sixth, seconded. I'd love to see him hang out with his family, especially Rachel, with whom I think he has the most in common - before, for instance, are constantly watching for 616 to start the downward spiral into their world or something like it, and are determined to prevent it.

Personally, I think that a good route for Nate would be to go cosmic. It would be a good way to show him really cutting loose, with action on the scale of Annihilation, the Thanos Imperative, War of Kings, Infinity and Time Runs Out. Or, hell, show him exploring the multiverse again and finding to his shock how denuded it is, what's happened to it, and perhaps running into Franklin again.

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Nate, for the simple reason that even if the others are blood-lusted, he's the only who consistently uses his powers to their full potential. He's repeatedly come back from the dead, in one case literally willing himself back to life after being poisoned by a kind of super-anthrax, in another dissolving his body throughout every living thing on Earth (X-Man #75), then restoring his body through sheer willpower (Dark X-Men #1), then ripping psychic energy from Osborn's psi-corps to do it more permanently (Dark X-Men #3), then faking his death in the same issue, possessing Osborn, and doing it again (Dark X-Men #5).

He repeatedly shrugged off reality warping around him, tended to warp reality in his sleep, resurrected people subconsciously/with stray thoughts (in the case of AoA Gwen Stacy, he resurrected someone he'd never even met), shrugged off planet busting blasts, treated the Multiverse as his personal step-ladder, stepped in and out of the time stream at will, beat AoA Apocalypse to a pulp, went toe to toe with the Hulk and Thanos in psionic armour, was considered to be the equal of the Dark Phoenix at 17 (and he's only got exponentially stronger since)... honestly, there's a reason that he was repeatedly treated as Franklin's equal, even superior, stated to be 'the most powerful psychic in any reality'.

While Franklin might realistically have the edge for power, there's something else to take into account: unlike Legion and Franklin, he knows exactly what he's doing. If this was early Nate, inexperienced and with his powers repeatedly switching off at random, then one of the other two would probably win. But this is not early Nate. Early Nate could be knocked about by the Dark Beast fairly comfortably. The mere prospect of current Nate's return had the Dark Beast wanting to run for his life, screaming in terror, and for good reason. Current Nate is probably second only to Xavier and possibly Emma Frost in his mastery of his telepathic abilities, Cable (his counterpart) and Rachel Grey in his telekinesis - and in both cases, it's a very close second. In alternate dimensions/universes and time travel, he's the acknowledged expert, with enough practical knowledge to put him up there with Reed Richards.

He's also got his father's strategic brain - all the heroes in the Marvel Universe spent months trying to bring down Norman Osborn's Dark Reign. Nate nearly did it in the space of four issues, playing Osborn, the Dark Avengers and the Dark X-Men (including master schemers Mystique, Daken and Karla Sofen, as well as Ares, the freaking God of War) like a harp and only failing because he'd miscalculated the Goblin persona's capacity for rationality. All this, with a plan he came up with on the fly. And considering that Norman went barking mad shortly after that, the Goblin persona re-emerging spectacularly during Siege, it could be argued that Nate actually had the last laugh on that one.

To be honest, Nate would probably mop the floor with the lot of them.