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It would be interesting to see an "Ultimate" version of Green Lantern, Green Arrow, or any other B-List DC hero because they have better storie then Superman & Batman IMO so i guess it could work


Probably Norman Osborn, Beast, or Dr. Doom

based off intellect alone i would say one of those three. Because Beast is a genius, Dr. Doom is extremely intellgent & has created countless inventionds to prove his intellect & a very good strategist & tactian. Norman Osborn well he's a genius & has proven his ingenuity many times most recently by becoming the head honcho in  the Marvel Universe.


For A Long Time

Because with his Dark Illuminati by his side to help keep him in check I say it' will be a  very long time before Norman screws up plus if he Emma or Loki can just manipulate the public into believing the way he wants to think or believe. Plus you got to remember he's got the combined political knowledge of himself, Dr. Doom & Namor (both of which have their own countires & kingdoms). Plus if any of the heroes don't do what he wants he has the Dark Avengers waiting on his orders.

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 Look at the trend of Marvel's movies Iron Man was #1 for a long time until Dark Knight came out  & Ed Norton's The Incredible Hulk was #1 for a while too. So based off those facfs I think it'll be a box office hit because it has action, violence, a good story, a interesting villian, & it's from Marvel so I know it going to do well it's 1st week & should do well for a few weeks after that