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This is a good idea for a list, but it doesn't work because it does not differentiate between

those heroes who were intentionally created as joke characters (such as Arm-Fall-Off Boy or General Glory or The Dogwelder or Forbush Man),

those heroes who were intentionally created more for humor and light-hearted whimsy (such as The Fat Fury Herbert Popnecker or The Elongated Man or Bouncing Boy),

those heroes who were intentionally given seemingly useless powers as a means for exploring in the superhero genre how a person can accomplish great things with minimal resources (such as Cypher or later characterizations of The Wasp),

those heroes who made sense at the time but have not aged well over the decades (for example, Red Raven and Bulletman were both created for an era when very few superheroes could fly and when airplane travel was rare for most people, so the ability to fly would have been seen by comic book readers of the time as a fantastical ability, whereas it is a common superpower in modern comic books)

and those heroes who genuinely make no sense, such as Skateman or Captain Planet.