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Deadpool will rock you 0

Alright deadpool is kick ass yet again technically this takes place after kicking bullseye/Hawkeye ass with a meat hook. This issue is like so funny im really wishing the series does not end with this issue personally i wish i could read the other 11 issues to read what he says cuz this guy is hilarious i swear to god. I like how bullseye already knows deadpool well enough to know hes trying to play him into coming after him but hawkeye tries to make wade come to him instead and in the end of ev...

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Rulk needs a whooping 0

Ok my thought on this issue was it was good and yet the mystery remains unsolved. the story gets good as things run along but some people may not like this story i like the story cuz im more likely to accept a story when i see it but you guys may not like it since it has A.I.M involved even MODOK nobody likes MODOK cuz hes douche......head hes a floating head so instead of douche bag for him its douche head and it put a lump in my throat to see that Rulk sucked the gamma radiation out of banner ...

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A good story 0

As i see it now you won't get a better story in this as it starts out all nice as 2 friends meet and greet. a long time no see moment and then it goes to how they met and they dealt with something as i look at this comic. I say to myself they saw some very messed up things i gotta say. when you see joker doing his creepy stuff and supergirl was gonna throttle him and robin stopping her they totally captured that when a person is doing something rash you try to push them in the right direction to...

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