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This is more like it! 1

           The previous installment of New Mutants: Forever was simply abysmal, riddled with with Warlock's overly-technical, insipid dialogue.  The great characterization and high-octane action that characterized the first issue were no where to be found.  With its status dubious, this is the defining issue of the series.   Was issue 1 a misnomer among a collection of mediocrity or was issue 2 a small hiccup in an otherwise great title? Well, let's find out.    Summary:              Confronted ...

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He wants it all! 0

Summary:          The issue opens up with Daken atop a hill, watching Wolverine  through a sniper scope.  Through his inter-monologue, we learn of Daken's aspirations to be a good man.-the kind that people talk about with respect rather than pity.  He appears earnest in his desire to be a good man.  The one obstacle standing in his way, is his father, Wolverine.  Wolverine's mere existence fills Daken with a  fiery hate and fury that drives him insane.  Daken feels it's his destiny to give wolve...

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Watch out Wolverine 0

The last issue of Curse of the mutants provided some interesting prospects.  The first, that the x-men will attempt to resurrect the volatile Dracula.  The other, that Jubilee is now a Vampire.  I didn't love the first issue of the series, but this title's really growing on me.  I think it's the Storm and Gambit one shot that did it.  Anyway, now that Dracula's head has been recovered by Namor, and his body by Storm and Gambit, the X-men are going to bring back the Lord of Vampires.    Summary: ...

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Anarky! 1

Going into this issue, I was really excited.  Issue #15 had Tim Drake faking a paralyzing injury to stop Vicki Vale's prying into the identities of the Bat Family.  Unfortunately, this issue doesn't quite have the same momentum as the last issue.    Brief Summary:  In the beginning of the issue we get some background on Anarky, his history with Red Robin(the death of his brother and Sister in an explosion), and details about his own hit-list.  Later on, there is a press conference where Tim ann...

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Plain Dissapointing 0

After reading the first issue, I was pumped, eagerly awaiting for number 2.  Unfortunately, this issue doesn't have the same momentum and sense of intrigue as the first.    Summary:  At the beginning of the issue, we see Warlock and Sunspot in Rio, saving Roberto's mother.  This plot goes on for a while and is very heavily warlock-centric.  Occurring at the same time, Doug and Amara are in Nova Roma, locked in one of Red skull's holding cells, with power-inhibitor collar's around their necks.  ...

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One word: Mind Blowing 1

I've been reading most of the other x books for a couple months now, but this is the first issue of x-factor that I've picked up.  Th  Summary:   In the beginning of the book, there's a bit of verbal sparring between Layla and Monet about Layla's presence in X-factor.  When the tension between Layla reaches the precipus, Monet faints and falls into Layla's arms.  Aside from this small subplot, there are two larger occurences.  One is the returne of Rahne Sinclair and the other is the mission to...

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Good Issue 0

 Summary This issue essentially sets up the new story arc for the new mutants.  While not a lot happens in action terms, the character interactions are pretty interesting and it's nice to gain insight about each character's feeling following Bastion's defeat, the loss of Kurt, and a number of crippling injuries.  At the beginning of the issue, we are introduced to General Ulysses and Doc Noc, members of some secretive military organization that wants to get their hands on Illyana for reason that...

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Great 0

I'm fairly new to comics and have never read a Deadpool comic before in my life.  I went into this not knowing what to expect, and came out quite enticed.  Since I have never read another Deadpool title before, I can't compare the quality of this comic to other issues.  That said, the premise of the comic is what really piqued my interest from the get-go.  Deadpool interviewing directors for a movie about him- brilliant.  So, Deadpool doesn't like a director's artistic vision.  What does he do? ...

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