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Favorite street-levelers

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  • Great fighter, with great instincts; with Bruce Wayne gone, he's best detective in Gotham City.

  • A little luck never hurt anyone.

  • He embraces the shadows and instills fear in the criminal scum that plague Gotham City. Having millions worth in high-tech gadgets doesn't hurt either.

  • Nobody is a match for America's Hero.

  • One of the best hand to hand fighters in the DCU; watch out for the Canary Cry.

  • Fiery and tough; Helena Bertinelli doesn't take crap from anyone.

  • A nightmare for anyone who he comes across, Slade Wilson is the ultimate mercenary.

  • A great fighter with unmatched acrobatic finesse.

  • Tough as nails and impenetrable- what more is there to say?

  • Everyone's favorite blind superhe.... I mean villain.