Most Powerful Superhero Telepaths

Excluding good abstracts

Based mostly on natural offensive telepathy and some natural defensive telepathy

No assistance from magic or reality warping

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  • The undisputed telepathic champion of the DC Universe and arguably the greatest telepath in all comics. When it comes to a battle of the minds without the aid of reality warping or magic, very few can match the raw mental power that is J'onn J'onnz. He has effectively broken his way through the barriers that protect the minds of of gods, demons, cosmic entities, reality warpers, sorcerers regardless of how strong their defenses are and has defeated other powerful telepaths alike. Martian Manhunter is quite capable of mentally shielding himself and the minds of his friends as well as operating in spans of picoseconds while unconsciously tracking a Flash through multiple timelines. His telepathy has enabled him to achieve the impossible such as breaching the Spectre's mind on multiple occasions plus defend against the Wrath the God, gather all thoughts throughout the DC Universe to shield against Solaris as well as enter the Overmind of Heaven, a feat that has only been accomplished by the omnipotent Great Evil Beast the dark equivalent of the Presence.

  • Marvel's top telepath whose psychic abilities far exceeded that of other mutant telepaths. His psionic powers were said to match that of Phoenix Jean Grey and has read multiple minds from across other universes, hide from Cerebro and fend off the likes of Charles Xavier in a weakened state. Nate Grey has never been defeated so far.

  • The Hope of God scans the minds of the DC Multiverse and is virtually immune to telepathic attacks and possession.

  • The Wrath of God is powerful enough to simply erase the minds of everyone in the DC Multiverse as well as removing their identities. The Spectre can effortlessly resist the mental assault of Monsieur Stigmonus, the personification of all minds in the DC Universe.

  • On behalf of all those who wear the Helm of Nabu, the host is virtually immune to all forms of mental attack including that of Mordru who has enslaved entire dimensions. Using his magic he can casually dominate the likes of Martian Manhunter and Despero when he decides to get serious.

  • Coupled with his magic, Strange is one of the strongest non-mutant telepaths in Marvel whose telepathy allows him to communicate over light-years through dimensions and fend off illusions though it is likely empowered by his magic.

  • The Green Lantern of Earth 2 is as strong of a telepath as his will power takes him. He has been known to taken complete possession over the minds of Obsidian, Dr Fate and Miss Martian without a fight.

  • Sentry's telepathic defenses are enough to easily fend off mental assaults from Emma Frost. He could somehow break the Fourth Wall and communicate with his own writers.

  • When he first appeared, his unrestrained mental power quite easily took Martian Manhunter by surprise and dominated him. As an Avatar of the Source, he is practically immune to mind attacks.

  • With all his multiple personalities intact Legion can be one powerful telepath, probably second only to Nate. His psionic powers can be further enhanced by his reality warping.

  • Highly gifted telepathy at a young age. He is also capable of psychic constructs.

  • Powerful mutant telepath whose mental abilities surpass that of Charles Xavier.

  • One of the strongest cosmic telepaths in the Marvel Universe who has controlled a planet to prevent war as well as communicated across galaxies.

  • It can't be a list without Charles Xavier who holds the high standard for many Marvel telepaths. Being a strong telepath himself, Charles is highly skilled having helped other mutants with their problems. At a young age Charles was able to read the minds of the entire Earth.

  • Born with vast powers, Franklin is a gifted telepath thanks to his reality warping abilities.

  • A highly skilled mutant telepath, though not as powerful as Charles, she could give him a run for his money.

  • A strong telepath in his own right, Norrin Radd is capable of giving world peace to a planet though with much strain.

  • He is said to be an omniversal telepath, though outside of statements there isn't much to be show that.

  • His telepathic defense enabled him to resist the mental assaults of Mageddon.