Most Powerful Matter Manipulators

Excluding abstracts

Based on efficiency, effectiveness and degree of matter control

Minus magic or reality warping

List items

  • He possesses far greater control over matter than Darkseid, being able to command the entire planet of Apokolips to arrest his son despite the latter showing resistance.

  • Powerful enough to overpower Molecule Man at his own game. Sentry is one of the greatest matter manipulators in all of Marvel.

  • In his classic days, Darkseid was highly feared for his ability to turn Class A bricks such as Kalibak into ashes through a single touch. He has also pulled Firestorm out of the Firestorm Matrix, turned Cyborg Superman into scrap metal as well as bring the dead back to life multiple times including a whole army of Parademons.

  • Unlike Ronnie Raymond, Jason Rusch is able to control organic substances too. He has been known to give life to inorganic substances.

  • She is the strongest of the Eternals when it comes to matter manipulation.

  • Back during the Classic days, Owen Reece was top notch at controlling all sorts of matter from Captain America's shield, Silver Surfer's surfboard and even Thor's hammer. Nowadays while still powerful, he falls short to Sentry.

  • A true powerhouse when it comes to controlling and manipulating all forms of matter. This includes bringing the dead back to life.

  • When Ronnie Raymond merged with the Firestorm Matrix, he gained the main power of matter transmutation. Ronnie has been able to transmutate materials as durable as Promethium and even the armor of the Anti-Monitor. Only downside is he can not control non-organic substances.

  • You have to give credit to the one who can turn Thanos to stone.

  • Probably one of the reasons many consider the Silver Surfer really dangerous is his ability to control matter. He has shown capable of tearing a city apart from its own molecules and evolving a planet.

  • Turned a skrull into stone with the touch of a hand. He can also make a ginger bread house by waving his hand.

  • In the New 52 DC Universe, Captain adopted a Dr Manhattan role but with stronger displays of matter manipulation such as turning a plane into feathers, bringing the dead back to life as well as manipulate the molecules of the Speed Force.

  • As an avatar of the Source, Takion has control over all forms of matter at a very fine degree allowing him to manipulate the Quantum Field, the Speed Force and the Emotional Spectrum.

  • The evil opposite of Takion. Stayne is nearly as powerful as Joshua Saunders himself.

  • Using the Quantum Field, Major Force can generate incredible amounts of dark matter as well as manipulate it in conjunction with regular matter.

  • He recreated an entire solar system with his energy constructs.

  • Even without his reality warping abilities, Nate Grey can use his strong telekinesis to bring about the effects of manipulating matter.

  • While not used often, Thor was able to turn Absorbing Man into Helium. He could also generate alpha particles, though that was all back in his glory Classic days.

  • Using his special heat vision Mr Majestic was able to turn the gas giant planet of Jupiter into a complete solid. He can also recreate a star.

  • His matter manipulation allowed to take Superboy apart atom by atom.

  • He can disassemble a tank and casually disperse the molecules of people with the wave of a hand. As awesome as it sounds people don't respect him for it.

  • His martian vision has been known to atomize his foes such and rearrange matter from sand to glass.