Justice League of America News and 2 New Series for 2013

So today it was revealed on MTV Geek that two new series will be starting up in February for DC to help bring the number of titles that month closer to DC's favorite number 52. Both the series will be tying into the new Justice League of America title also starting that month and will feature one of the members of that new team. First up spinning out of the series Birds of Prey will be Katana. I have to admit that I don't know much about this character except that she believes her husband's soul is in her sword and she will end up being one of the most dangerous heroes on the new JLA team next to Martian Manhunter. The next series announced is a bit more controversial and features the newly introduced to the New 52 Universe hero Vibe. As I understand he is a bit of a laughing stock among DC fans from his very short life a while back. So needless to say people are already up in arms about this character getting a solo series over some other characters who they think are more deserving such as Cyborg or Shazam (formerly Captain Marvel). I have no problem if you personally just don't like the character but it is a little silly to be already condemning a book before it's even released. We haven't seen this character for a very long time and he's being really revamped by Geoff Johns and the series is being written by the creator of the new show Arrow on the CW. So how about we let them release it first and then condemn it if it's really as bad as everyone thinks it's going to be? The whole point of these three new series' is to showcase and reintroduce the underrated and obscure characters. The Justice League of America book itself that is going to be released will feature these two characters as well as Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Stargirl, the new Green Lantern Simon Baz, Hawkman, and Catwoman and will be controlled by the US Government through Steve Trevor. The team is meant to be a response to the Justice League of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Shazam, Cyborg, and Aquaman who are viewed as a little too powerful and out of control. For the first issue there is going to be a very cool 52 variant covers each featuring a different flag from one of the 50 states and Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. (if you've seen the awesome promo art for the series you can imagine the state flag behind the team instead of the American one). I'm really excited about this series and really really hope that at least the first few books will have to do with Trinity War. I'm trying to make sure that I get all of the seeds for the big crossover event next year. It was announced that the first story arc is going to involve the team going up against a secret society of super-villains whose members (like the JLA) are usually underrated characters. We've seen some hints at the existence of this secret society but I'm not sure if they are involved in the Trinity War. The JLA definitely is, however, so I will be keeping my eyes on this series. Until next time!