RPG Character Intro: Ares, the God of War

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Cocky, arrogant, and full of pride; Ares is a deity who represents both glory and brutality. Bored with simply observing humans and their struggles, Ares constantly reincarnates himself as important figures throughout the ages.

He has been everything from tyrannical warlord to hero of the people. To some, he is a symbol of power and authority; second, only to Zeus himself. To others, he personifies the worst aspects of human nature.



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As fellow outcasts, Pluto is one of the few deities that Ares respects. Pluto is also one of the few elder gods that do not treat Ares with immediate disdain. When bored with ongoings of the surface world, Ares will often aid Pluto in dealing with extra-dimensional threats to Olympus.

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Off and on lover, Aphrodite always manages to be at the center of Ares's conflicts with Vulcan.


Deimos & Phobos:

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Thousands of years ago, a mortal incarnation of Ares made a deal with the Outer God, Nyx, in a bid for power. Part of the bargain was to father two sons; Phobos and Demios, the lords of fear and terror. These are abstract beings who transcend space and time, making them simultaneously younger and older than Ares.

As the personifications of raw emotion, the mere sight of these beings can drive even the gods insane. Though Ares naturally draws upon their power, the two despise their father; as their link also makes them vulnerable. Not even Zeus himself is capable of slaying the two permanently. Ares however, has the potential to absorb their power and aspects into himself.


Note: This is not Vulcan's true form, but rather a suit of armor he possesses for warfare
Note: This is not Vulcan's true form, but rather a suit of armor he possesses for warfare

Whether in the role of hero or villain, Vulcan has been a consistent rival throughout the ages. Not only as rivals in love, but also due to their overlapping divinities. Both hold power over divine flames; not just as a destructive force, but as symbols of human ingenuity.


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Originally a mere mortal, Hercules ascended to god-hood as a reward for the completion of the 12 labors; and is perhaps the largest threat to Ares's position as a Dii Consentes.

Hercules is the god of strength and his raw physical prowess rivals even that of Zeus. As a deity, the Nemeon Lion has become his divine symbol, and he has gained many of it's attributes to a far heightened degree. As such, he has conceptual immunity to all bladed weapons; including those with the power to slay gods. It is said, that his power could stop even the Scythe of Cronus.


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Ares and Athena have perhaps the most complicated relationship out of all the characters on this list. On the one hand, they constantly at odds due to their overlapping status's and gods of war. On the other, out of all of his siblings, she is the one whose approval he often looks for the most.

Unlike the others, their relationship can fluctuate quite massively depending on his mortal incarnation. Indeed, some of his more heroic incarnations have even gained her favor.