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Myers Voorhees

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Bone....James Bone

Sherlock Bones

Heel Armstrong

Cal C. Iam

Sir Bone-Voyage

Bare Bones

Aliases: I don't like to hide things....except for when I do.

Age: I forgot.

Birthday: Well I wasn't born yesterday.

Height: 5'2"

Weight: Well that's rude, don't you know never to ask a skeleton his weight?


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Hey, that's personal :)


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I am the master of puns, and I make a some mean Baby-Back Ribs.


I hear I can drop a pretty mean beat as well.










Yeah, if you're still here, which I know you are, you're probably thinking this can't be it.

We both know this isn't who I really am.


But to be fair. Whoever I was before?

Died a long time ago.

The Kosmic Karma

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Name: Lost and forgotten to time

Aliases: The Moderator of Creation, The Keeper of Time, Master of Space, Warp-Seer, Kosmic Karma, Universal Wanderer, Duke of Dunking, Paladin of Puns, Quantum Archangel

Weight: Varies

Height: Varies

Age: From the beginning to the end

Species: My own

Alignment: Justice, vengeance, whatever you want to call it. Mostly I'm just here to help


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Origin? Heh, I've been around before that term even existed.

I'll tell you some other time.


Where do I even start? Through all my lifetimes, I've come across a lot of abilities. I guess I'll just get my most valuable ones out of the way.

The Code of Creation:

Trying to give an exact definition on this thing is a bit tricky, as not even someone like myself can completely comprehend what this thing is. What I do know, is that it has been around long before I came to be.

I also know that it is the source for everything that ever is, ever was, ever will be, and even that which is not. It is a series of 0's and 1's that defines everything, and I've have been studying it for several infinities worth of time.

Code of Creation
Code of Creation

Level 1: On the regular 3-Dimensional plane, I cannot create nor destroy. There are several reasons, one being that on this constricted level of reality, I can't change something without the possibility of altering something else. Think of it like a set code in the hardrive of a computer. If I changed something vital, something that's the baseline that everything else is built on, the whole things shuts down.

Now, I can tweak my surroundings a bit, alter the configuration of matter, space, time, and so on.

Level 2: This applies to higher level beings, those who would use, "magic," and reality warping. On this higher dimensional plane, I can start to influence some more abstract beings (ex. incorporeal entities). I can alter the composition of the beings around me, attempt to put more strain on their body through manipulation.

Level 3: This is some omniversal level stuff. I would only ever go here as a last resort, and only if there was another creature who also existed on such a level. Concepts can be changed, data can be erased in their entirety, nothing is safe, not even me. Reality is the figment of one's imagination from this point of view, and the ways of the universe are unfold before one's eyes.

Basically, for a short recap, Level 1 is for whenever I'm just being casual, it doesn't even have to be in battle. Level 2 is used only when necessary, and when things are serious. Level 3, despite what I said, should NEVER be used. The only reason I mention it is because if there was ever a threat of this magnitude, or whatever, it's good to know there's an option.

The code of creation is an endless sea of 0's and 1's, and trying to even understand a single digit can take an eternity. It helps that I've been studying this for so long, but I should still reiterate, not even I know the absolute depths of this thing.

The Quantum Fold (The Warp):

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This was the first thing I discovered when I came into being as I am today. When I awoke I was swept by a strange river. This river wasn't filled with water, but with images, memories of hellish nightmares that I'd never seen before, things I had no business of knowing. I couldn't comprehend what I was witnessing, and I quickly fell into a madness of sorts. I don't know how long I was like this, could've been a few minutes or several millennia, but it hardly matters. Where I was, time was a loose construct.

What I do know was that after some period of time, I saw through the horror. The images that I saw were of battles fought and lost, of things that had been and things that had yet to be. The first beings who came into existence, that had waged war throughout the realities that make up existence; this was where they had been birthed.

I was in, what I believe to be, the Primordial Ooze, often referenced as The Quatum Fold/Field/Some other third thing. I've become accustomed to calling it The Warp, it seemed appropriate. Anyways, once I figured out what the things I saw meant, I began to study it. It was here that I found The Code of Creation, but I already talked about that. The Warp itself is a sub-space realm that encircles dimensions, as well as separates them from one another. It has many different layers, mazes etc., and seems to be where many reality warpers and high tiered heroes/villains seem to draw their powers, whether or not they know of it. The multiple layers is more than likely the reason why many aren't aware of it's existence.

Drawing from it however, is completely different from mastering it. I don't try to sound pretentious saying that, but that's me putting it kindly. I've studied the place for a long time, and have managed to create a bridge between it and myself. It was the catalyst between myself and my KARMA.


Throughout the infinity that is existence, non-existence and so on, there's a saying that goes, "What goes around, comes around." This abstract force isn't magic nor is it a science. I wouldn't even call it supernatural. No, rather it is merely a way of things, a concept that is and always will be. It is incorruptible, for justice, vengeance, whatever you want to call it, is blind...but not heartless.

This force is something I've always seen and had this mutual symbiosis with. I never understood why until after my little "mishap" that's made me the Universal Wanderer. That is what finally made me understand the power I had within me.

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No matter who you are, whether that be a hero, villain, demon, or even a god, it doesn't matter. Everyone has to face their sins. And when that times comes, I promise you that I'll be there to deliver judgement.

Souls, Skulls and Bones

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Space and Time

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My real theme