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Like everyone else is saying, the just got bought out by a huge distributing company, not to mention Steve Rogers' return, Deadpool's rising popularity, and all this other 2010 business like Spider-Man and Fantastic Four.



Superhero comics are the ones that really fascinate me. I've read very few comics of any other genre though. Maybe it's time I start exploring a bit...


Amazing Spider-man

I grew up on this character, and he's still one of my favorites, so to go the rest of my life without his comic would be torture. Not to mention he has the best rogues gallery.

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Stan Lee: A Living Legend

     What if Stan Lee had never revolutionized the comic book industry? As a comic book fan, if that very question alone doesn't send chills down your back, God help you. If Stan Lee had never gotten into comics, most of us wouldn't be caught dead reading a comic book. Everyone would still think that comics are just for kids. Comics would still be what they were in the 40's and 50's. No emotion, no worries, just good guy vs. bad guy.
     What has Stan Lee done for this amazing entertainment medium? Obviously, everyone reading this should know the answer to this one. He's created magnificent characters like Spider-Man, the Hulk, and the X-Men just to name a few. All of these superheroes and villains have grown into much more than just characters though. They have become legendary icons, that go through everyday struggles, just like everyone else in the world. This fact makes us, as readers, be able to relate more to the character, and learn that we can always triumph over our problems, just like our fictional role models do.
     Just try to imagine all of the many, many lives that this man has had an impact on. To me, it's kind of scary to think of a world without the incredible man we know as Stan Lee. I watched the video where Babs interviewed him, and I got to say, the guy's crazy if he thinks he's not someone to be looked up to. Stan has been the guy I think of as my role model for so many years now. He's had such a long life, and has been through so much, but despite it all he still has that heartwarming smile we all love to see so much.

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For animated shows, I'd like to see
-Green Lantern
-Batman and Robin
-Superman [reboot]
-Green Arrow
And for movies
-Batman and Robin
-Nightwing [Batman and Robin spin-off]
-Green Lantern
-Green Arrow
-Superman [with Darkseid]
-Wonder Woman [I guess. Never really was a huge fan, but there's a lot of people waiting.]
-Justice League

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- Stop using Deadpool just to get money.
- Beg Stan the Man to come back. 
- Bring Carnage back.
- Bring Steve back as Cap, and have Bucky take up his own mantle.
- End Dark Reign with a big boom, killing Norman Osborn. [Eventually he would have to come back, though.]
- Have Iron Man, Cap, and Thor make up and bring the original Avengers back.

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Stan the Man

Definitely Stan Lee. He seems like such a cool and happy guy who loves and enjoys life. Not to mention he's created a large portion of the most popular characters today.

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