The RedRum App

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The Redrum App is an untraceable criminal app built on the blockchain augmented digital reality stream of the compromised S3 satellite. Secretly established by the capital minded Musa Bashir and created by Sequiter Crix in concert with the executive board of the Criminal Incubation, the app (among other things) opens up the digital criminal highway offering real-time job offers, crews squads and couriers looking for last minute replacements, dark-web content and solicitations from around the globe, live-streamed executions, the updated list of top ten intercontinental contract killers, and much more.

Impossible to trace, impossible to track, once downloaded the user is free to accept any level of open criminal jobs/employment offers currently in progress. The "Classifieds" is where you'll find a full list of open jobs in correlation with your current GPS location. Naturally the more extreme the job, the more $$$ in your account. Warring! The really heavy shit, is not for the faint of heart.