Criminal Incubation v5.0

Criminal Incubation

The Illuminati of the Dark Web

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What is Criminal Incubation?

On a global transnational level, the black market secretly influences financial losses, social change, governmental polices, and more. And much like a traditional venture capitalist, the criminal incubator provides the necessary capital needed to start up a venture or expand a pre-existing one. Ventures in the black market of course ranging from a wide and eclectic catalog of versatile vocation(s) and enterprising opportunists.

Sequitur Crix
Sequitur Crix

With the aid of a bright young statistical techno-mutant, Sequitur Crix; the Beast of No Nation is not only able to weigh and gamble criminal risks and 'ventures,' but also holds a secret position of powerful macroeconomic influence in the digital cyberworld. Where investment outcomes are a delicate alchemy of effective selection, careful investment oversight, and timely exits. Such alchemy is profoundly influenced by differences in the illegal environments and macroeconomic and sociopolitical conditions across the city's gang segregated areas, as well as international arenas of cyber anonymity.

The Fall of Ishmael Strix. The Rise of Musa Bashir

A man of enigmatic calculations and subtle manipulation, Ishmael Strix; the Ghosthell of Gothic, had attempted to cement a legitimate claim and inside track to the underground digital infrastructure of the black market cyberspace. Secretly watching over the Wall Street of illegal cyber activity with grand dreams of manipulating the market.

But the would be Kingpin had received a series of serious injuries during the Ethusalia Annihilation. And the Beast of No Nation was nothing if not the ever opportunist. Using the Strix's shady connection to an abducted child of the False Bay as his war-cry to properly motivate his people. Embarking on an intercontinental murder spree, the former child soldier coldly dispatched the enigmatic Strix and returned the stolen child to the Alcazar.

In doing so, not only has the King of Kings anchored the valuable loyalty of the young technopathic child, but he has procured the same digital network that had belonged to the original criminal incubator and the one of a kind product (Aethrium) in which to dominate the market with.

[Below are figures representative of the Black Market Place. It is not a financial account of the Musa's personal criminal earnings}

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The list below is a carefully compiled rank assessment of the top five countries currently at risk of security threats from the global black market. The estimated impact of various risks and threats have been stolen and collected overtime from security and intelligence agencies, corporate reports, and other risk assessment programs and fed into an algorithm created by Sequitur Crix
  • *Venezuela: $970,119 Billion (bypassed sanctions gaining control of black market vibranium trade)
  • United States: $899,754 Billion
  • China: $654,000 Billion
  • Mexico: $209,983 Billion
  • Spain: $126,700 Billion
  • Italy: $111,541 Billion
  • *The False Bay: $98,900 Billion (*reflective black market Aethrium trade)

General Overview

The Black Market

Vibranium $390 Trillion

Adamantium $298 Trillion

Aethrium N/A

Prostitution: $186 Billion

Marijuana: $141.80 Billion

Illegal Gambling: $140 Billion

Cocaine: $85 Billion

Prescription Drug Abuse: $72.5 Billion

Heroin: $68 Billion

Software Piracy: $63 Billion

Cigarette Smuggling: $50 Billion

Counterfeit Foods: $49 Billion

Counterfeit Auto Parts: $45 Billion

Oil Theft: $37.23 Billion

Human Smuggling: $35 Billion

Counterfeit Toys: $34 Billion

Human Trafficking: $32 Billion

Illegal Logging: $30 Billion

Methamphetamine: $28.25 Billion

Illegal Fishing: $23.50 Billion

Illegal Wildlife Trade: $19 Billion

Ecstasy: $16.07 Billion

Music Piracy: $12.15 Billion

Fake Shoes: $12 Billion

Counterfeit Clothing: $12 Billion

Waste Dumping: $11 Billion

Art Theft: $10 Billion

Cable Piracy: $8.5 Billion

Video Game Piracy: $8.1 Billion

Counterfeit Sporting Goods: $6.5 Billion

Counterfeit Pesticides: $5.8 Billion

Alcohol Smuggling: $5.0 Billion

Mobile Entertainment Piracy: $3.4 Billion

Counterfeit Cosmetics: $3.0 Billion

Movie Piracy: $2.5 Billion

Metals and Minerals Smuggling: $2.3 Billion

Counterfeit Aircraft Parts: $2 Billion

Counterfeit Weapons: $1.8 Billion

Kidnap and Ransom: $1.5 Billion

International Adoptions: $1.3 Billion

Counterfeit Watches: $1 Billion

Arms Trafficking: $1 Billion

Fake Diploma: $1 Billion

Book Piracy: $600 Million

Nuclear Smuggling: $100 Million

Fake IDs: $100 Million

Counterfeit Money: $81 Million

Organ Trafficking: $75 Million

Counterfeit Purses: $70 Million

Counterfeit Lighters: $42 Million

Counterfeit Batteries: $23 Million


Common & Uncommon Criminal Archive (w/profit $cale)

Illegal Jobs

Futball Match Fixing Syndicate $15 Billion per year

Oil Thieves – Nigeria $6,098 per day

Afghanistan – Taliban $200 Million a year from Opium

Spam Sellers – Russia $60 Million a year

Assassin – Mexico $3,000 to teenagers ($ growing due to the inactivity of the LoS)

Bride Trafficker Broker – Cambodia $1,500 per bride

Antique Looter 1 percent of final sale price


The Network (Dark Web Encryption/Security)

Hacked Source

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Early Warning (concept phase)

Terms and Conditions

  • Musa is highly protective of his criminal ties. As such he never works with non-vetted sources (any character under 10 IC story progressed interactions with Musa Bashir. No exceptions.