And then there was, Man?

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Cyberpharma, techno-pharmaceutical implants rumored to be based of the outdated technological schematics of the past, while drastically improved upon by using the Aethrium resources of the Bay in surgical coordination with the teenage technopath, Sequitur Crix's prodigious forward thinking.

Chest mounted integration bridge the gap and ease the fusion between machine and man. Boundary skating metahuman technology in the form of augmented cyberware. These implants elevate the stat lines through internal cables hardwired into the central nervous system improving speed, coordination, strength, endurance, or even the deployment of a second skin sheath of combat armor.

However the more implants and improvements the receipt receives, the more of their humanity they will lose. In time the unstable nature of the augmentations will lead to death, as the surgical process is far from successful. Making the procedure perfect for traitors, slaves and enemies of the False Bay. Expendable combat resources to employ in any and all many of subversion.

In time engineered in the militarized theme of urban pacification as the Rogue Nation expands. Bids for individual fabrications will be taken through the Incubation. One of a kind state of the art engineering-cosmetic integration constantly shaping never before seen techno-pharmaceutical augmentations.

And it all starts now....