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"Down wit Dee King"

The Beast of No Nation
The Beast of No Nation

Real Name: Musa Sani Bashir

Alias: The False Bay Farrakhan,The Nexgen Assegai, Crown of the Unbeaten, Beast of No Nation, Prince of Orphans, Optimus Khan

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 147 lbs

Age: 24

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Luminescent Gold

Species: Homo-Sapiens, Superior-Sapiens, Peak Human

Birthplace: Rooi-Els Western Cape, South Africa

Language: Xhosa

Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Family: Ali Sani Bashir (Father), Nia Bahati'Bashir (Mother-deceased), Ruba Bashir (great grandfather-deceased), Bundi Bashir (grandfather-deceased), Essya Bashir (grandmother-presumed-deceased)

Occupation: Revolutionary, Subversive, Lord Commander of the Black Sun Guard,Ambassador, Diplomat, Royal Delegate, Politician (Parliament of South Africa)

Affiliation: The Kwazulu, The Coda 4, The Den of Thieves, Sequitur Crix, Raysh Al'Shaytan, League of Shadows

Bio: (coming soon)

Physical Attributes


The Beast of No Nation fast twitch fibers produce an enormous amount of Adenosine triphosphates at a manufacturing rate well above the superhuman range. Boasting his melecular unit of currency of intracellular energy transfer to such a degree,that it has substantially inflated his external power-base. Granting Musa an uncharacteristic augmentation of the GDF-8 (Myostatin) which is an alteration encoded in a radicalized MSTN gene. Secretions, caused by growth differentiation factors that when coupled with a TGF beta protein, inhibits the myogenesis process. Effectively blocking the myostain process which has led to an over-developed cluster of varying muscle mass advantages. Natural mutations of the gene resulted in the stoic warriors significant increase in strength. Furthermore, blocked activity of the gene offer therapeutic applications in the treatment of muscle wasting diseases, such as muscular dystrophy. This exclusive Myotonic Hypertrophy is a genetic construct best characterized as a reduction in body fat and increased skeletal size. When observed in even the weakest of the False Bay refugees, this allows their baseline strength to comfortably rest inside the 20 to 30 ton bench mark. With physical discrepancies arranged from top to bottom in accordance with selective breading and incubated lineages. Such as the case with the Unknown Amiriyy , who, as a result of his fetal exposure is ranked somewhere along the 60+ tier line.

As a result of catastrophic lung damage during a confrontation with Hawkshade, Musa's physical strength now rests somewhere around the 2-5 ton mark.


Equally adept in the use of both left and right appendages, this self taught reward is a practiced gift the former child soldier has enjoyed since an unbelievably young age.

Martial Arts Darwinism

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The Beast of No Nation's concepts (of angles of attack, deflections, traps, passes, etc.) are applied to similar situations with different ranges. Making the understanding of ranges and how to bridge them very important. Thus allowing Musa to see situations and patterns and utilizing them to aid in his posture, positioning, and movements. As well as other integrated advantages associated with the ancient form of combat. Most if not all of the Prince of Oprhan's techniques emphasize circular line-cutting (a la, greco-roman wrestling and the Strixian trademark, Pankration). while others (like, Wing Chun), emphasize range. Others call for Musa to move inside his opponent as soon as possible. Both opposing dualities have been systematically melded into the Bashir heir's matured development in order to cultivate the exclusive trademark style. A style originally engineered by his father, the Great Panther; Ali Bashir.

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Stylistically, the Beast of No Nation blends his technique with a theatrical obsession of perfected dedication to unorthodox angles and precise aerial acrobatics. Breaking down the individual technique of each fighter in order to strip away the components he has deemed unnecessary. Or 'unworthy' before incorporating them into his own illustrious customization of martial supremacy.

As an authenticated child prodigy and martial arts adept, who's parental administration of nationalism forged the founding principles of his martial temple, ensured that by didactically perusing the physical mechanisms and techniques culturally intrinsic to a wide ranging list of international countries, Musa would ultimately discover and master a Darwinian martial discipline predicated upon the evolution of armed and unarmed combat. A walking weapon of advanced martial arts progression. Studying, assimilating, and re-engineering a complete list of the most exquisite techniques from around the globe creating an unparallelled hybrid amalgamation of variegated martial arts superiority that is impossible to duplicate. Impossible to read.

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In seamless stereo Musa employees an authenticated pedigree of perfection rooted in the established warrior societies of the ancient World. His Pankration technique is near flawless and his execution in many ways resembles a superhuman paradigm. Thanks in large part to his superior evolutionary advantage the self-anointed Superior Sapien has tailored this impressive art form to coincide with his physical attributes, as well as his mental machinations. Visualizing his counters and throws well in advance of his opponents initial striking. Crafting a style that is undeniably his, and his alone.

Because of his ritualistic and near fatal False Bay training, even if he had not been born blessed with the genetic amplifiers of the Kwazulu Kush, Musa; on skill and talent alone, would be capable of tangling (and defeating) meta, mutant, and superhuman foes far exceeding the expected range of a man his size. Exclusive and privileged mentoring and specific tutoring have advanced his mind to the point in which transitioning from a visual-spatial of working memory, to other forms of thought such as (body language, art, mathematics, reflexes, etc), have been anchored to a unique emotional disposition of prodigious and cognitive function.

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Raised with an obsessively disciplined regiment of traditional despotic demands, the Optimus Khan was baptized in the ways of ancient and secret tribal forms of martial machinations. Forced to rehearse single styles for a year or more before transitioning onto the next stage. Sculpting a masterpiece of combat precision seamlessly bleeding it into an ever expanding martial arts repertoire. Fortified by a comprehensive inclusion of technological techniques, styles and peripherals.

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This auto-didactic endowment allows, through perfectly placed strikes along the body, the ability to disrupt an opponents connection to his or her nervous system by rendering specific muscles useless. In other examples it has the capacity to disrupt meta-human and super-human abilities. Such as temporarily intercepting and preventing the use of one's bending. A master of this form is capable of going toe to toe with an opponent of far superior power and strength. Light finger tipped strikes can penetrate dense tissue, armor, scales, and even dense fur.

Afro-Futurism, Tech & Gear

Divination (by plant) - herpetologist shamans of the Kawazulu used esoteric alchemy and Botanomancy to create the ritualistic means of augmenting the Bashir line's genetic supremacy. Because of the floral based fabrications of the 'Kwazulu Kush' plant, the Bashir's hereditary line are naturally gifted with a physical graduation of reactionary refinement-linked to a prehistoric cognizance of fight or flight . Organic development and sharpened senses acutely calibrated to a near precognitive level of early warning exposure, manifesting various degrees of incoming danger as to notify the sub-conscious of not only a potential threat, but also from which direction. Making him nearly impossible to tag for anyone operating below an established level of superhuman speed and preemptive reflexes.
Masks & the Panther Habit; Optimus Khan
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Unlike his predecessors, extensive engineering expertise has allowed the Prince of the False Bay to forge not one, but several, ceremonial Habit(s)/Black Aethrium Armour(s). Honeycombing layers integrated with in-plane covalent bonds, stacked and rebarred, add varied levels of durability depending on the tactical model of the suit. With the elusive Aethrium mineral significantly woven into the very fibers of the uniform adding superior versatility and ultimate flexibility.

Additionally, an innovative layer of tactical thought induced nanite-second'skin significantly guard against radiation and static based dangers. A muscularly aligned matrix of crystallized iron enhanced by magnetic fields over a promethium sheath offers a secondary line of durability.

Musa's digital dexterity is also present in the form of an self-contained-closed circuit algorithm, acting as an operating system that provides strategies, tactical background information on opponents, and on his surroundings. Tuning them into the revolutionary's informational super-lenses.

The Optimus Khan suit has been engineered and tailored with re-purposed Aethrium nanites. State of the art bio-cosmetic integration allow the Bay born Bashir to ignite his panther habit from a digitally infused tribal Panther necklace. Stylistically, a one of a kind habit of unimaginable innovation and remixed reactionary-techo-based brilliance. Capable of perfect replication and martial fluidity through micro-nanites transformable state.

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Able to spread across massive areas of the body with the radicalized speed of a cybernetic pathogen, shifting the Aethrium nanites between modes through a manual movement of thought triggered motorization and reconfiguration of parts, involving no apparent alterations to their molecular structure in the manner by which Aethrium is shown to alter between shapes.

By contrast, the Beast of No Nation's exclusive second skin is pre- programmed to change its shape from necklace to Panther habit by imploding into a swarm of component based cybernetic fragments and reassembling in the programmed configuration with unimaginable speed and perfect precision.

  • Aethrium Claw based Anti-Metal Flickblades
  • Anti-Metal digital back-dock Katanas
  • Militarized memory metal tech plates and riggings
  • Full Omni-Universal connect to the S3 satellite
  • Explosive Nano Swarm
  • Ghosting Radar-Stealth sheathing

Similar to Vibranium, Aethrium is a metal whose key feature is it's ability to absorb energy as well as releasing said energy in a controlled manner. These properties are made possible by Aethrium's ability to store energy in it's bonds and release it as needed, rendering it an almost perfect material for a variety of different applications. Created by Sage, Aethrium is often used as a both a lightweight structural material (one which renders planes, trains and automobiles lighter and lessens the usage of fuel) and a near-perfect battery material for powering the world. As previously mentioned, the mechanism behind the metal's energy storing qualities is that it stores energy in it's bonds by 'damping'.

Energy has to go somewhere or change form, and this can be through sound, thermal mechanism, deformation or light emission, amongst others. Inherent to any material is its ability to damp, or absorb vibrations, in its bond structure or micro-structure. As an example, old car bumpers were made of metal, however newer bumpers are made from foamed polymers that absorb a significant amount of energy.

Aethrium however, not only damps energy, but stores and releases it as well. Unfortunately, Aethrium features an incomplete energy transfer efficiency, meaning that it can be overloaded as any material can. And though it's energy absorbing properties are otherworldly, Aethrium primarily absorbs kinetic energy, and because of it's array of energy absorption mechanisms, the force of kinetic energy, the momentum is not an issue, enabling one to wear a suit of Aethrium that can perfectly deflect bullets without even so much as a nudge from the bullets' momentum.

Because of it's properties and qualities, Aethrium has a variety of uses. For one it can be used for transportation where mankind is currently burdened by excessive weight. Because it is exceptionally strong and light, Aethrium results in greater fuel/energy efficiency and reduced wear-and-tear at no expense to the safety of the passengers. Additionally, it can be used in medical/prosthesis fields where people could be assisted by something that returns energy easily and is also incredibly lightweight.

-Aethrium written by Impero


Custom AR-15
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Two-tone customized Rifle with crimson Magpul CTR stock., retro fitted handguard & muzzle brake. Trijicon RMR Sight (adjustable LED) top mount along with a vert-grip. TTI Mag extensions (replacement PMAG baseplates) bumping capacity up from 30, to 35 rounds.

Tactical Gear

The Beast of No Nation wears (P12 armor destroyed - march on hell), covert camo BDU trousers with integrated knee pads and a sheer, form fitting top & mask. Equipped with a digitally enhanced optical scope (removable). Many of the deadly soldgers uniforms adhere to the widespread militarized adaptations of high tech athletic fabrics. Such as, but not limited to, Under Armour.

First Line KitSecond Line Kit
Riggers belt with duel drop down holsters and subloard smoke grenade pouch. Heckler and Kock Mk23 SOCOM .45 with silencer and laser aiming module. Back-mounted UnG Katana

Integrated extraction harness with chest rig and webbed belt. Mette black Aethrium chest pieces/segmented. Matching Aethrium belt and grommets.

9mm with side functions and removable LAMEbony sheen bandolier with machete, compass, C-4, and rifle ammunition.
Utility Belt
Constructed over time with additional elements surgically implemented through experiences and encounters, the Beast of No Nation's belt is a military style strap with gold inlays with no visible external pouches or buckles. However, internally, it houses numerous hidden cylinders and containment houses. The orchestra of munitions ranges from the traditional, to the digitally enhanced. Utilitarian tools as well as cybernetic roolkits for combating extreme superhuman foes and armies.
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Digital Shurikens - Aethrium based throwing blades made to resemble a crescent moons. Alternate versions of this weapon explode, emit electrical blasts, and sometimes come with detonators or even recall capabilities.
Grapnel - (hand-held version) for use of and on high locations. Capable snaring ledges as well as enemies.
Tracers - Small black circle shaped signal tracers that can adhere to most if not all surfaces.
Lock Picks - A sophisticated assortment of safe-cracking tools.
Bolas - Throwing Bolas for incapacitating an enemy.
Smoke Grenades and Pellets - Can be used for stealth techniques, distract an enemy, escape a situation, or buy time to plot the next course of action.
Sonic Grenades - Frequency based, they can disrupt electronics and disorient enemy senses.
Flash Grenades - Can cause temporary blindness.
Mini-Mines - Low-grade explosives. Optimal for covert confrontations.
Aethrium Knuckles - For that extra bit of power. Every little bit helps.
Aethrium Tactical Knife - Capable of cutting through nearly any source of durable or resistant material.
Mini-Computer - Operates as an extension of the Voice's digital-self. Connects to an unknown network keeping the Optimus Khan connected at all times to the cyberhighway of the online World.
First-Aid Kit - Used to aid in treating wounds.
Finger-light - A micro-fuel-cell powers this rechargeable light, capable of being worn on any finger of Musa's choosing. Red, infrared, and white redial LED's provides precision focus, or wide angle employment of 12,000 micro-candela beams via touch sensitive fingertip control