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Name: Paul Lucas Ruff 
Alias: Multiplus 
Identity: Secret  
Nicknames: One Teen Army, Multy, Plus
Age: 15 
Height: 5'5
Weight: 123 lbs
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas 
Hair: Auburn 
Paul Ruff was your run-of-the-mill teenager- Youthful, Obnoxious and still needed much teaching about life and responsibility. One day he convinced his best Kevin Sanchez to spend the whole day with him playing hookey. 
Of course Kevin wasn't too eager about skipping high school for the day, but Paul reassured him. They went from place to place hoping that nobody sees and knows them.  
Eventually they came across what seemed like an unused fallout shelter. 
However it was not quite unused. 
A team of scientists had installed a powerful machine. Their goal: To manipulate concentrated magnetism.  
The boys were caught in the middle of the experiment in which not a single scientist noticed them. 
Bombarded by the powerful magnetic waves, The boys just avoided being destroyed when the magnetic pressure shorted out the electricity, not just   across Fort Worth, but across Northern Texas as well. This would last up to 11 hours before electricity is restored.  
During which, the two numbing boys were still silent and partially blind made out to safety. 
After recovering and still not seen by anyone, the two swore to one another to never say anything to anyone about this incident.  
After the boys went home, faking their return from home, hoping not to be notice otherwise. 
They added fake sick notes as a backup. 
Paul's big problem with life is that he had to handle more than one situation. When that had stressed him, two clones warped out of him, scaring him at first.  
ATTIRE: A Red body suit covering all except the head. A Plus symbol on the chest area is white as well as lines across the wrist and tendons. 
The cowl is red like the body suit complete with white visor. The eyes are covered leaving only the chin exposed. 
Fact: The body suit is combined with unstable molecules, allowing Multiplus to duplicate easily without restraint. Several civilian clothes were also given the unstable molecule when Paul allow a DNA sample infused with the fabric. 
Of course, the first time was accidental, as a cut came into contact with the attire.

Duplication: Ability to manifest psionic-energy based clones (known as 'Copies'). Each one pocessing atheir own sentience and distinct personality. These duplicates aren't all flesh and blood as if one was badly damaged or mortally wounded, it would disintegrated into nothing. 
The full extent of this ability is uncertain, normally capable of creating an army of copies up to a few hundred or least as many enough to carry large heavy objects a single man could carry. 
Multiplus and the copies rely on teamwork when saving lives and fighting villains.  
Despite the copies having some independance, they appear to much stronger when nearest the original Multiplus. 
Too much cloning: Multiplus does have limits w2hen clloning over the few hundred mark. If that happen, the newer copies would be weaker and almost comatose. This also puts a strain on the original, forcing him to absorb all copies. 

Copy Connection: The connection between original and copies can become much more then mental.
Binding: Strong constricting items like ropes and cages interrupt the duplication, rendering the original temporarily powerless. Not a strong weakness, but can be effective. The death or injury of one copy would be physically painful to Multiplus, though not fatal. However, if Multiplus was badly hurt or unconscious, the copies will vanish into nothing.