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Age Of Ultron: Book Three 0

The GoodBryan Hitch's art in the series continuous to look superb. The huge, detailed landscapes look so great, you could look at them for ages. I love the fact that he puts so much detail into this comic, it shows he cares about it. The inks and colours are great too, the way they are used really add to how depressing this apocalyptic world is.The fight between Ultron(s) and Red Hulk (should i call him Dave?) are very enjoyable and entertaining, it isn't very long but you sure are given a wonde...

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The End. 1

The Good:Wow. The end has finally arrived and what an end it is. A totally shocking conclusion that i would never see coming. The pacing is set perfectly throughout and it really hits you when you witness the big shocks. The issue is ended greatly, nothing more is needed to say at the end even though you aren't told exactly what happens. John Acudi this was a masterpiece of writing, i loved this mystery. Oxel's monologue was an enjoyable read in this issue too. I enjoy the art in this very much,...

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The Beginning 0

The Story:First off i wanna say there was really not much need to release Avengers Vs X-men #0, the Scarlet Witch story was alright and a lot of the Hope story i have seen in previews of others comics. But this is the issue where the story properly begins.This issue starts with the Phoenix Force wiping out other planets, then it switches to the Avengers. Personally i didn't like how spidey was written even though he said quite little his jokes seemed forced. Also i didn't realise Thor was now th...

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