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Pretty Cool 0

I recently, in the last few months, have become a Hellboy fanatic. As an aspiring comics illustrator, Mignola is a god to me. As a huge fan of animation, it wasn't going to be long until I got my hands on this and it's sequel.  First off, Sword of Storms is great. It's dark, it's violent and it's funny. Great characters and some fairly decent animation. The scenes set in the ancient Japanese mystical world were very nice to look at and reminded me of Samurai Jack to a certain extent and the film...

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Zombies, Fire and Roger 0

I bought quite a bit today, and I don't really have the money to do it. But this was one of the thing's I picked up and it was certainly worth it.  I've only started reading Hellboy in the last few months with the first 3 trades. I couldn't resist skipping the next however many to read this. I really dug the cover.  The story is about Hellboy bringing Roger, the humunculus, into the BPRD as an agent. I loved the idea and the title 'Being Human' refers to him and how he thinks of himself througho...

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Full scope Incorporated 1

After the last issue I was really excited for this book for the first time sine before issue 1. This issue however left me underwhelmed. The Good: We see the whole operation here, which is pretty cool tbh. We see Bruce doing stuff and interacting with Dick and Damien among others. Also, some things have been setup here which I'm looking forward to and also Bruce confirmed that he and Tim are still partners :D The Bad: LOADS of information here. Possibly too much. There isn't a great flow to thin...

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My first "What If.." 1

This is the first time I've read a "What If..." and I wasn't disappointed at all. So What if Wolverine raised Daken.........  Well I really liked the art especially the cover but the twists and turns this tale takes are what's most interesting. I'm fairly up to date with what's going on  with both Wolverine and Daken so this was fun. However, Daken, the boy, turns dark for too little a reason. Maybe he has that evil streak in him to begin with but it seemed out place when it happened because he ...

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Murderball!!! 0

A lot better than the recent mixed bags and the final regular Prog of the year, I was left quite pleased with this purchase. A nifty one off Dredd tale about a futuristic branch of christianity  started things off and was quite good. It flowed well and had an interesting foible for the protagonist. Sinister Dexter, still looking to effect the mayoral debate, ran into some action finally in the back seat of a cab. My positive view on this arc continues. The one off Future Shocks tale 'Boxes' felt...

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A Double Decker Awesome Sandwich packed with Action 1

The cover is slightly misleading, but an outbreak has occurred on Utopia. The island is on shut down, no one in, on one out. Meanwhile, Emma Frost, Fantomex and Kitty Pryde  are off dealing with the secret that is the Sebastian Shaw, secret prisoner, situation. Elsewhere, some lab has concocted a mutant serum for your everyday regular folk who have paid to be part of this new mutant team. Copying the powers of  a certain famous team too, I may add.  Great Issue. Full of action and flows really w...

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Not good at all 1

6 issues in and not much has changed since the first really. Ollie is still in the forest, the Queen is running Star City and Queen Industries like a dictator, The White Lantern forest is still doing stuff and is as mysterious as ever.  To everyone who likes this run, don't be blinded. It's moving at a snail's pace and the metaphors are incredibly lazy. We all link Green Arrow to Robin Hood, but to blatantly remind us of this 'similarity' every issue and then add more connections every second pa...

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Yay Sláine!!! 0

A Sláine story finished up last week, it's brutal awesomeness oozing off the pages. I was a bit disheartened, expecting not to see another one for quite a while. Having to wait only a week makes me delighted. Great first part, with a few more ancient Irish nods than usual. Art is simply fantastic and epic yet again. One word, Murderball! That is all.  The second part of Judge Dredd's 'Doctor What?' finished here. With a promising start last week, the ending was a little shit and could have been ...

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Like an injection of pure Awesome 2

This is certainly the best of all brightest day runs. Not only does it keep getting better, but this one has set the mark. It's crazy how amazing this single issue is. incredible infact. If you're not reading Generation Lost, what's wrong with you.  To correct another reviewer, Captain Atom has absorbed the mass nuclear energy released by Magog last issue. As previously seen, when Nate went to a possible future with the moon missing a chunk, such an absorbtion causes him to be flung into the fut...

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Historically important? 2

I bought this on amazon for bloody nothing.  Delighted I was. Then I got into it somewhat. Firstly, these are all Judge Dredd's tales, this being the first of a million volumes. It's from the 70's, is in black and white and sometimes is a bit dated, which is to be expected. I got this to get more into Dredd but I think I should have gone with later volumes, something to do with Judge Death or something. By all accounts I hear volume 2 is the Shit, so I won't wait around for it, it's on order.  T...

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Doctor WHAT!!? 0

A new Dredd tale and, I admit, I was skeptical. With the previous poor 2 parter and the psychedelic art in this one, I wasn't sure what to think. However, I grew to love the art immediately  once I found the tale was a tongue in cheek parody of Doctor Who. Not only that but Dredd and a time travel menace seems cool to me. Thumbs up on that one. Looking forward to next week's.  This weeks Future Shocks reminded me too much of the previous week's Dredd tale, Futuristic aliens in a cook off. Wasn't...

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C'mon, liven up 0

Another mixed bag, but that's what you get with a weekly comic with five stories ranging from 4 to 6 pages each, i guess.   The four page strip was this week's Future Shocks. A pretty good one. "Self Inflicted" was able to convey so much character motive, plot and history into it's small segment that I was left staring blankly into the universe with the cool twist at the end (oh ya spoiler). It really got me involved straight away. Nice! Sláine again delivered the goods, both with incredible art...

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Okay, I Guess 0

This weeks issue was almost disappointing. Of course we have Judge Dredd in a new run titled "Come die with Me", parts two of Sinister Dexter and Sláine, a well worked Future Shocks one off and new thrill, Dandridge.  The Good:   Sláine again was the main highlight for me. The art is so dark and dirty yet almost realistic. Just amazing to look at and an interesting story too. The wrap around cover, in all it's epic-ness did stir some excitement in me towards this tale.  The Future Shock story (w...

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Fun and Promising 0

I've been collecting 2000 AD for over 20 issues straight now (impressive I think). This was one of the better ones. Included in this Prog is a fun and amusing "Judge Dredd" tale, begun and concluded here, the finales of "Low Life" and "Defoe" and new "Sláine" and "Sinister Dexter" ones.  The Good:  The art in Sláine is simply breath taking. Dark, gritty and beautiful. This is my first Sláine story and I'm excited about it. Very promising. Both Defoe and Low Life ended. Defoe left me liking the c...

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