DC Heroes Who Need Their Own Movies

Some of these are possible. Some of these have been attempted but are in urgent need of one of those fancy re-launches. Others will (sadly) never likely happen within our respective lifetimes. I chose some of these for what they could add to a DC cinematic universe, while others have the unique potential to build upon the universe, expand it or lay a strong foundation for it. Others may not work at all in the context of a DC Universe, but would make excellent stand alone films. Whatever the case may be, these are my choices for the top 25 DC heroes that need a movie franchise.

List items

  • A young Polish aerial ace puts up a strong resistance against the Nazi powers that be by putting together an elite team consisting of the best fighter pilots from every nation occupied or attacked by aggressive Nazi forces. With an expanding team that gains new heroes such as a young American ally and a Chinese cook who, after the team is able to move past racist tendencies and stereotypes, becomes an invaluable help to the team. They are a cast of different personalities with as many flaws as they have strengths, but courageous bravery makes uncanny heroes out of them all. Fighting not only great air battles but fighting on land as spies, saboteurs and even getting close enough to Hitler to punch him square across the jaw after shooting at him with his body guard's own gun (only to find out it was loaded with blanks by the always anxious Hitler's orders). None of them having any inhuman powers at all, this could be a telling of the framework for the DC Universe at the end of the War era, or a good old fashioned epic WWII franchise. With so much to work with, and so very much going for it, why on (52) Earths is there still no Blackhawk movie?

  • While Arrow has done a wonderful job so far on the CW (I highly recommend it) and has made great efforts to please fans and correct early on mistakes, Green arrow is one of DC's all time greatest characters and would be a huge crowd pleaser for fans. Quite frankly, it is a HUGE mistake on DC's part to not use this character for every cent he is worth (which is many, MANY cents) and start a huge trilogy + inclusion into Justice League that could easily counterbalance both Iron Man and Hawkeyes on the Marvel side.

  • The Batman trilogy is over. The next Batman will premier against (or with?) Superman, but an immediate origin re-launch is unlikely, and unwise, especially after the success of Nolan's trilogy. Instead? Skip forward 30 years to the near future where Terry McGinnis discovers Bruce Wayne's secret and takes on the mantle to avenge his father's death under an elderly (and way more brooding than even we are used to) Bruce Wayne's guidance, eventually gaining Bruce's blessing, equipment and schooling as the Batman of Tomorrow.

  • An Amazonian Princess come to man's world to encourage his virtue and curb his vices, not to mention kick butt just as well (if not better) than any other man out there! She is the quintessential feminine heron which is something desperately needed in the cinematic superhero universe. Pit her against Ares himself for what could only be an epic clash to say the very least.

  • Super Strength. Trained combatant. Founding member of the JLA. Daughter and (by some tellings) adopted son killed by his enemies. Low level magic capabilities. Smoking hot red-headed wife with amazing magical capabilities. Arrogant, high-minded, proud and quick to fight and bicker with heroes and foes alike. Ruler of an ancient, advanced and high-tech civilization thought lost for ages, but rather seeking their solitude and privacy away from "Man's world," leading to severe mistrust and racist ideas on both sides after their "discovery." Recognized by UN as king of roughly 70% of the world. And, okay, he can talk to fish.

  • The number of reasons Captain Marvel/Shazam needs a movie could fill up a small book. Seriously, if you aren't well versed on the history, both fictional and the real-world stories that went on in the comic book industry involving the character, please look it up RIGHT NOW. And yes, this is where SHAZAM comes from. It's an acronym. A really, really AWESOME acronym. Most of all however, it is 12 year old Billy Batson who after saying the magic word (SHAZAM!) gains the power of not one but 6 gods, but while retaining the mind, heart, soul and innocence of Billy Batson.

  • Remember the whole kick-ass women needed in superhero movies thing I mentioned earlier? Okay, take the daughter of a classic super team's key female member (Black Canary of the Justice Society), have her trained by all of the greatest heroes of that era from the time she can walk, make her one of the world's single toughest and most skilled fighters, pit her in Batman's home city against some o the worst villains the world has ever known, make her a classic JLA member, give her Green Arrow as a boyfriend (while she is anything BUT a mere love interest or damsel in distress, then finally, give her a super sonic scream just for good measure.

  • Another JLA staple with a great backstory. Think Man of Steel with him as both Clark and Jor-El. He wins the war, is the sole survivor of his race, as part of a religious ceremony is responsible for setting a funeral pile for EVERY MEMBER OF HIS ENTIRE RACE including his wife and child, a task so traumatic he has a severe phobia of fire of any kind from that moment after (mind you- this is after winning a war he fought the entire end of on his own). He then flees to earth, unable to find peace on his home planet of Mars after the horrible things he has had to witness/partake in/lose everyone he loves and cares about. He vows to find new meaning in his life by fighting alongside the JLA in defense of Earth with his powers of super strength, telepathy, flight, phasing through solid objects, transforming into other people, dragons, monsters and aliens from his home planet, ect. all this while working as a normal detective by day and struggling to embrace humanity despite all his flaws. Damn.

  • Ok, merciless bounty hunter? Check. Rough and tough cowboy? Check. Chip on his shoulder (and his face) ? Check. Checkered past? He defected from the ?Confederate Army for God's sake. Add a unique opportunity to further build a foundation for the future DC Universe and possible cameo by Amadeus Arkham and you have the makings for one hell of a film. forget that crap with Megan Fox and this one could make True Grit look a nick Jr. made for TV special.

  • A possible OCD schizophrenic completely obsessed with conspiracies but with the superb detective skills to bring the house of cards falling down on real conspiracies? The watchmen character was loosely based on this guy, but has enough differences to warrant his own film. Shoot this one in a old school detective noir fashion and you have a very unique, engaging and extremely exciting movie from start to (no doubt) surprise finish.

  • The original Flash. Original and very necessary part of the JLA. Perhaps even a trilogy with Wally brought on by end of first movie. Kill off Barry in a Justice League movie and have Wally take over by Flash 3? Maybe. One thing is for sure, The Flash needs to happen- and FAST! (Sorry, I really couldn't resist.)

  • A franchise that DC really made their own with a animated series after purchasing the rights in one of their many comic buy-ups. A young boy living in the tough city of Dakota (think Detroit) with his cop father and older sister. his mother is dead, shot years back by a simple stick-up. Far from Batman-esque, he reels on the edge of becoming another statistic when pulled into a gang war. Handed a gun by a psychotic bully with no respect for human life, he reconsiders and tosses the gun away, intent on leaving the fight before it begins. However, too late, the local chemical factory's toxin tank gets hit, setting off a chain reaction that sends the toxin all over the area. Over the next few weeks, everyone doused by the airborne chemical develops mutated powers. Dubbed "Bang-Babies" by the local press, most of the newly mutated are teenage gangbangers, low-life criminals, people in desperate situations, you know- basically anyone who would be in the worst part of a bad city in the middle of the night. And Virgil. The one "good guy" who happens to be there. He decides to turn dream into reality into self-appointed duty to become the hero Static Shock. Heck, they even did an episode where Lil' Romeo (or Lil' Bow Wow?) plays him in a movie! Add his best friend Richie who in the show gains super intelligence, mostly tech stuff, later on from 2nd hand exposure to the chemical and in the comics is befriended by Virgil after being bullied for being gay and you have one hell of a powerful franchise on your hands!! (seriously, watch this show!)

  • Yes, this one is a villain. I get that. but far from your run of the mill one. Arguably the world's greatest assassin (sorry Deadshot), military trained, one of the world's foremost martial arts experts, extremely deadly with all sorts of pistols, machine guns, rocket launchers, knives, explosives and, his personal favorite, swords he is a force to be reckoned with. Oh, and with a great mutated healing factor and use of up to 90% of his brain power (we use, what? l0? 15?). Seriously, this guy is a real bad-ass with a long history. Heroes only found out about him at all after his son turns assassin and botches a contract against the New Teen Titans. His son, Ravager, dies and Deathstroke takes over the contract to avenge his son, eventually losing his secrecy, his reputation and his other son's life as a cost. Nightwing later takes his daughter away as well by turning her against him and bringing her to fight for the side of justice A truly unique mindset and moral code, he is just TOO COOL. An origin movie of his own would really be the best and an epic and door-opening way way to introduce this character into the DC Film Universe as a recurring baddie to end all baddies.

  • Ok, even after Deathstroke the word "hero" is a stretch for this one. Lobo is a mercenary. A near unbeatable, un-killable, unstoppable superhuman, alien mercenary who is basically last of his race, because he killed them all. It's his demeanor and composure (or really lack there of) that makes him such a cool prospect for a superhero film that will completely redefine "superheroes" for movie goers everywhere and flip the whole genre flat on its f#@%ing head!

  • See #8. Then think of a Shakespearean coming of age/ defining your own self apart from your father's shadow epic in which Dick Grayson sets himself apart by moving to a corrupt city all his own and waging a war against police corruption and an unbelievably ferocious and terrifying brute of a big boss bad guy (Block Buster) who runs this whole disgusting city and almost everyone in it. A really great way to expand the Bat-Family into its very own mini-universe.

  • Ted Kord was just another kid growing up reading comics and idolizing his favorite hero (Blue Beetle). As he grows up, he is brilliant techno-wizard genius, incredibly intelligent and successful in his own right, being the very young CEO of his very own corporate giant, Kord Industries. He tracks down his childhood hero, aiding him until his death in the line of duty. While dying in Ted's arms, he entrusts his duty and mantle to Ted Kord. With his hero's blessing, Ted uses his bravery, determination, intellect and variety of self-made technology and gizmos, which are truly something incredible and futuristic, to make up for his complete lack of superpowers or training. An underdog story that almost any life-long superhero fan could totally relate to.

  • Jason Blood, royal knight of King Arthur's Court. the one you never heard of because he betrayed Arthur to his enemy and, as a result, was shunned and cursed by the wizard Merlin to be forever bonded to the demon Etrigan and taxed with eternal life, something Jason Blood considers to be the heaviest of all burdens or curses. He today lives in Gotham city where he works as a specialist in the occult and supernatural, fighting off evil magician, demons and black magic. When the proverbial poop (sorry guys, trying to keep this PG) hits the fan, Blood transforms by (dramatically) shouting the magical spell "GONE, GONE THE FORM OF MAN! RELEASE THE DEMON...ETRIGAN!!!" For movie purposes, Etrigan's whole rhyming thing is optional, especially since it was only gained after he gets promoted among the ranks of hell.

  • Again, see kick-ass females. A somewhat distant member of the Bat Family, Helena Bertinelli's mafia parents were killed by a rival mafia. Bloodthristy for revenge or vengeance, or most likely both, she trains hard as both an expert fighter and criminal detective. She becomes The Huntress, eventually being tolerated if not accepted by Batman and co. Frankly, they find her to be too violent and aggressive (even by Batman standards apparently). Interestingly enough, she is roman Catholic and proudly displays a large cross with her outfit at many times, is teacher by profession and eventually has to struggle with forgiveness, acceptance and the idea of true justice when she finally has the opportunity to kill the man responsible for her parents' deaths.

  • A college football star in the 25th century, he gets caught betting on games and loses everything. He winds up working in a museum and steals a time machine, a variety of future technology and a robotic museum guide/archive with a mind and personality all his own named SKEETS, he travels back to the greatest era of heroes ever known to man, our time. Intending to fight alongside the likes of Batman and Superman, he is in it for basically all the wrong reasons: fame, fortune and girls. He is a continual screw-up and gets very little of any of those three. He even botches his own name. Intending to fight as Gold Star, he instead announces himself to the world as Booster- his college football nickname, and so becomes Booster Gold. He later becomes a member of the JLA and best friend to Ted Kord, but his very un-heroic manner and attitude could make him a truly entertaining breathe of fresh air in the often redundant superhero genre.

  • See #s 8 and 16, but with a dark anti-hero twist. Jason was the 2nd Robin, a troubled street kid turned superhero who then is killed by the Joker while disobeying Batman;s direct orders. Later mysteriously returned to life and trained by the League of Assassins, his mind is very badly damaged. Twisted anti-hero at best and psychopathic tornado of destruction death and mayhem at worst, a solo film would be an incredible journey of action mayhem and, let's face it, very emotional feels. Another huge point in favor of a Bat Family mini-verse.

  • Okay, maybe not a huge grossing star in a solo-adventure, but there are several interesting plot lines this one could take, even introducing Hawkgirl as well, while providing a strong conservative figure to balance out the always liberal Green Arrow. The banter alone in a justice League film may make this one deserving of a low-budget solo adventure.

  • A lesser known hero of the Justice Society of America, pre-curser to the JLA. Basically, he invents a dangerous drug he hides from his company and refuses to release to market that gives you increased human endurance, speed, strength, agility and even increased thought processing for exactly 1 hour (He formulated capsules with exactly enough for an hour, believing that it was just enough to control without sending the body into a severe crash). If you can get past the PR nightmare of "drugs give you superpowers" by making this a darker, more adult film series than the superhero genre is used to, it could make for a real hit. Think superhero meets Limitless, minus the suck.

  • A Batman villain staple who actually is sometimes much more anti-hero than villain. The idea of a Catwoman film revolving simply around her in one of her more heroic adventures between pulling jewel heists is a great one, if you just simply don't do absolutely everything the Halle Barry movie did (I'll spell her name right when she doesn't completely desecrate a Batman comics legend).

  • The Zeta Project was a little gem that came as a direct result of a Batman Beyond episode. The spin-off version (shown here) doesn't look nearly as cool as the Batman Beyond version, but a good film could make use of the original's look and attitude with the plot line of the spin-off. Created as a weapon by an un-disclosed government agency (probably Cadmus or Star Labs), the Zeta Project was a robot that was skilled in combat, assassinations, weapons handling, cyber hacking- you name it, even the very handy ability to copy the image files of any person he had on file (in other words, any picture of anyone ever put on the internet, cell phones, ect.) and he even learns to morph images together, making it near impossible to track him. Most importantly, he can think on his own. He is independent. Of course, he gets away and rebels because apparently Cadmus has never seen a zombie movie. So he is running around in the near future (same time as Batman Beyond takes place) on the run from the government and trying to track down the men who created him in order to fully erase his primary objectives (war) and the systems that help the government to track him so that he can finally be free. Meanwhile, he meets a young teenage rebellious runaway who makes herself a government target by helping Zeta and accompanying him as perhaps his only friend, attempting to give him a purpose to go along with all that freedom. Part i-Robot, part Fugitive, this one is just destined for Summer Blockbuster glory.